Gilbert Burns Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

The Biography of Gilbert Burns- UFC Fighter.
The Biography of Gilbert Burns- UFC Fighter.

Our Gilbert Burns Biography details his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family Life, Love Life (Wife), Children, Brother, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life. In a nutshell, we provide you with an interesting outline of his Life Story from when he was a kid to the time that he became popular.

Yes, you probably got to know him when his path crossed with that of Kamaru Usman. However, not many have read our Biography of Gilbert Burns which is quite interesting. Without wasting much time, let’s begin.

Gilbert Burns Childhood Story:

For bio starters, he has the full names Gilbert Alexander Pontes Burns and he is nicknamed ‘Durinho’. The UFC fighter was born on the 20th day of July 1986 at Niterói in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Burns is the second of three children born out of the union between mother, Tania and to his father, Herbert Sr.

Gilbert Burns Family Origin:

Yes, the three-time World Champion is a Brazillian national but do you know about the extent which the tentacles of his household roots stretch? The result of research into Gilbert Burns family reveals that has Portuguese and African roots.

Growing up Years:

The World Cup gold medalist grew up at his birthplace in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro alongside his older brother, Frederick and his younger brother, Herbert Jr. Did you know that Gilbert was only six months old when he began battling with pulmonary disease?

Young Gilbert was not alone in the struggle. His younger brother did suffer from the disease too and they both had to be taken to a hospital several times for shots of adrenaline.

Gilbert Burns Family Background:

Here, we’ll make you get acquainted with his Durinho’s mum and dad. When a doctor suggested that Gilbert Burns parents should sign him and Herbert Jr for sports in order to help with their condition, his middle-class parents immediately thought of enrolling them for swimming classes.

It wasn’t long before a Karate teacher reached out to Herbert Sr and Tania with a view to renting their backyard as a site for karate classes. Thus, the parents had a change of mind and decided to enrol their kids for Karate.

Gilbert Burns UFC Story:

The future submission grappler was only 4 years old when he began training in Karate. However, his training didn’t last long. Seven years later, one of Gilbert Burns parents (his father) – who ran an upholstery business – was working on a customer’s car when he saw his sons passionately playing with a Karate gi that they found inside the car.

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The year was 1998 and Gilbert Burns family was short of money. Instead of getting paid for the job, Herbert Sr asked the client – who turned out to be jiu-jitsu coach – if he would give his sons a jiu-jitsu scholarship. Carlos agreed and gave the lads three months free of charge.

Gilbert Burns Early Years in Combat Sports:

One month into jiu-jitsu, the UFC star and his brothers were already competing in local tournaments and earned a transfer to Associacao Oriente (an affiliate of Nova União) after Carlos’ gym went bankrupt.

In 2007, Gibert was already a promising brown-belt such that people began investing money in his prospects and took him to California to compete for an IBJJF medal. It wasn’t until 2011 that the combat sports prodigy got to the highest point of his early career as he won the gold medal during the 2011 World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

Gilbert Burns Biography – Road To Fame Story:

Upon winning the Championship, more opportunities came knocking at his door. Gilbert made the decision to delve into the world of MMA as an amateur fighter while waiting for the call to enter the Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC.

The promising fighter eventually came aboard the UFC in 2014 and made his debut on the 26th of July that year in a winning effort against promotional newcomer, Andreas Stahl. He went on to win two more fights before suffering his first defeat at the hands of Rashid Magomedov in November 2015.

Gilbert Burns Life Story- Rise To Fame Story:

Picking up from where he left off, the submission grappler continued fighting. Gilbert had a mix of wins and losses but more of the former with a resultant rise in rankings for defeating some of the promising names in welterweights division.

Fast forward to the time of writing his bio, his professional fighting records stands at 19-3 and he is set to face Kamaru Usman for the Welterweight Championship on July 11 at UFC 251. Maybe Jorge Masvidal in the future. However, whichever way things turn out for him, the rest, as they say, would always be history.

Love Life – About Gilbert Burns Wife and Children:

Whenever the fighter hears the name Bruna, he smiles and thinks of one person. It’s not his girlfriend but no other than his lovely wife. They’ve been together for quite a time. Truth is, not much is known about how the couples met, began dating and officially became husband and wife.

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Notwithstanding, we do know that Gilbert and Bruna are enjoying a happy marital life and have children- two sons together. Their names are Pedro and Josh. Gilbert is no doubts training them in combat sports as evident in the numerous Instagram photos which shows the kids in GYM.

Gilbert Burns Family Life:

Everyone has got a household. They are the most precious thing in life. Here, we bring you facts about Gilbert Burns Parents, Siblings and relatives.

About Gilbert Burns Father:

To start with, the figurehead of the house is his dad Herbert Sr. The father of three is known to have ran an upholstery business during Gilbert’s early life. Asides from business, the supportive father has a thing for schooling and he is reportedly close to graduating from law school as of July 2020

About Gilbert Burns Mother:

Great mums have produced fighters and Tania isn’t an exception. She is unarguably the least known of Gilbert Burns parents. The mother of three also had a late start in studying for a professional career as she is close to graduating from nursing school as of the time of writing.

About Gilbert Burns Siblings:

As you already know, he has an older as well as a younger brother who became great in their little way. The eldest Frederick, he is a NAVY seal and black belt in jiu-jitsu. The youngest – Herbert Jr is a world champion in the UFC. Aren’t they wonderful siblings?

About Gilbert Burns Relatives:

Moving on from his parents and siblings, not much is known of his ancestry particularity as it relates to his paternal and maternal grandparents. Similarly, there are no records of his uncle, aunts and cousins while his nephews and nieces are yet unknown.

Gilbert Burns Personal Life:

Away from his in-net and gym endeavours, the fighter has one big personality that exudes the sophisticated, smart, hard-working and generous traits of individuals whose zodiac sign is cancer.

What’s more, Gilbert is emotionally intelligent and rarely reveals facts about his private and personal life. He loves travelling, watching movies, swimming, spending good time with his family and friends among other interests and hobbies.

Gilbert Burns Lifestyle:

Did you know that he has a net worth of approximately $5 million? Contributing streams of Burns fast-rising net worth are revenue generated from endorsement deals as well as his earnings from winning bouts.

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As a result, the MMA star doesn’t need to break banks in order to live a luxurious lifestyle. Although the value of Gilbert’s house in Brazil is yet unknown, he does have exotic cars produced by the big names in the automobile industries.

Gilbert Burns Facts:

To wrap up our childhood story and biography facts, we present little known or untold facts about the mixed martial artist.

Fact #1 – Religion:

Gilbert has not been expressive about his religion in the fighting cage and on social media but the odds are in favour of him being a Christian because one of his sons bears a Christian name (Josh).

Fact #2 – Trivia:

Did you know that Gilbert shares his birth year 1986 with other celebrities like Lady Gaga, Usain Bolt and Emilia Clarke? It was the same year which Argentina won the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Musicians that were relevant in the same year include Lionel Richie among others.

Fact #3 – Reason Behind His Nickname:

Gilbert’s name “Durinho” dates back to his teenage days when he and his brothers Herbert and Frederick started training at the Nova Uniao HQ in Rio de Janeiro. At that time Gilbert’s older brother was nickname was “Todo-Duro”, meaning “Hardman”, in recognition of his tough-guy demeanour. Being a smaller version of his brother, Gilbert teammates began calling him “Durinho”, a humorous way of saying hardman – as in “tiny tough guy”.

Biography Summary:

Wiki InquiriesWiki Data
Full NameGilbert Burns
Date of Birth20th day of July 1986
Place of BirthNiterói in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
ParentsTania (Mother) Herbert Sr (Father).
WifeBruna Burns
ChildrenPedro and Josh
HobbiesTravelling, watching movies, swimming, spending good time with his family and friends.
Net worth$5 million
Height5 feet, 5 inches.
ProfessionMixed martial artist and submission grappler.


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