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Every human has a Childhood Story. We are ChildhoodBiography and we help you tell that story. Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) in the grand finale of the HBO hit series “Game of Thrones” made a strong case for stories that anyone can relate to. He quizzed:

“What unites people? Armies? Gold? Flags? (long pause)….Stories!. There is nothing more powerful in the world than a good story. Nothing can stop it, No enemy can defeat it…”

Childhood photo of Peter Dinklage long before he became Tyrion in the hit series “Game of Thrones”. Credit: Gawker.

Childhoodbiography (CB), agrees with Tyrion’s soliloquy for it communicates makings of our stories/biographies. At CB, we understand that every human has a childhood story. Thus, we strive to be the one-stop factual custodian of such stories. To achieve this, CB deploys extensive research methodology in connecting the bits of notable events from one’s birth to date with links to their childhood or early life.

In other words, our biographies begin with childhood stories while subsequent gripping, surprising and fascinating headings/facts complement early life events of any profile being written about.

Childhood Biography gives a full account of notable events from profiles childhood time till date. Credits: CB.

Please find below headings contained in our biographies in order to better understand and appreciate our unique style of writing biographies.

To start with is: Early Life and Family Background

Early Life and Family Background extensively present facts revolving around a profile’s early life and family background as they give insights into a profile’s humble beginning like in the case of British Formula 1 racing driver, Lewis Hamilton who started out his legendary career by navigating race tracks with a radio controlled car during his early childhood.

Lewis Hamilton started out with toy cars. Credit: CB.

This heading also gives insights into how family background subtly informs life decisions and career choices. The makeups of family background range from extended and immediate family influences, family economy class and dysfunctions like in the case of  Barbadian singer Rihanna who turned to singing as an escape from her parents’ marital problems.

Next is: Education and Career Buildup

Education and Career Build-up comes immediately after Early Life and Family Background. Under this heading, information about a profile’s education background is given right from his/her childhood days while purposeful events that led to career decisions are identified.

A good case in example is American rapper Eminem who loved studying the dictionary as a high school student. Thus, he discovered the power of words and their melodious symphony which he deployed in rapping and never considered any other career path.

Eminem began rapping in high school as a 14-year-old. Credit: Youtube.

Moving on to: Early Career Life

In Early Career Life, we provide a comprehensive outline of the most significant starting points or early years of a profile’s chosen career path. However, cases occur in which a profile’s childhood interests and early career life does not translate to professions that they are known to practice in the long run.

Only a few fans know that Will Smith’s (American actor) early career life documents his exploits as a rapper. Fast forward to date, he is popularly known for his engagements as an actor with Hollywood.

Will Smith used to be a rapper. In fact, a Grammy award-winning rapper. Credit: TrackRecord.

Under: Road To Fame Story,

Here, we detail challenges that a profile had to overcome before attaining fame. Also known as the turning point to stardom, Road to Fame Stories are relatable to life struggles and underscore the maxims that speak of dawning after the darkest hours.

Phil Mickelson is an American golf genius who started playing golf as a child but was seemingly destined to never win a major title in his golf career. Although he did win many PGA tours, his inability to clinch a major saw him labelled “best player never to win a major” by the press. Little did they know that Mickelson was at the turning point to stardom!.

Phil Mickelson was unable to win a major title in over a decade. Credit: DailyMail.

At the peak is: Rise To Fame Story

Also known as breakthrough story, here we give details of a specific achievement or an outline of achievements that aided a profile to achieve his/her childhood dreams as well as pushed them from the realms of relative obscurity to stardom.

Arguably, no profile is a perfect embodiment of Rise To Fame heading like the Mexican-American boxer, Andy Ruiz Junior. Prior to his historic victory over Anthony Joshua, Ruiz was far from a household name. Even after securing a bid to face Anthony Joshua, the Mexican was least talked about because the odds were greatly in favour of a “Joshua Victory”. The rest, as they say, is history.

Andy Ruiz Jr became a household name after defeating Anthony Joshua. Credit: WorldBoxingNews.

Of equal importance is: Relationship Life Facts

Stepping away from a comprehensive early life to breakthrough story, we venture into Relationship Life Facts where information pertaining to a profile’s childhood sweetheart, dating history, life partners and offsprings are provided.

More interesting is the fact that this heading captures dilemma in relationship timelines as evident in the case of Danish tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki whose ex-fiance and Irish golf player, Rory McIlroy called off his proposed marriage to her in just few days to the event.

Caroline and McIlroy were close to getting married before they went separate ways. Credit: Independent.ie.

Exploring: Family Life Facts

Family Life Facts serves the purpose of providing extensive information about a profile’s family members by giving detailed descriptions of notable events/travails in their lives. It also identifies the existing relationship between a profile and members of his/her family.

The relationships could be heartfelt like in the case of American Tennis player, Sloane Stephens whose father abandoned her when she was an infant. It suffices to note that, he was absent for the better part of her childhood. However, they connected when she was a teenager and had a close father-daughter relationship like they were never separated before until his death.

Sloane Stephen and her father John have one of the best family separation-reunion stories. Credit: SportsonEarth.

To help you get complete picture is: Personal Life Facts

Under Personal Life Facts, we step into the intricate complexities part of a profile’s life. Here we talk about hobbies, interests and the inner life of a profile that fans/admirers or our audience may not know about.

For instance, Russian politician, Vladimir Putin grew up as the only child of protective parents that felt he had high chances of outliving them when confined inside the “four walls of safety”. As a result, he developed loner tendencies that manifested in his choice of childhood sports Judo (Non-team sport) and excellent execution of military/political functions that required little or no collaboration.

Beyond his calm exterior, Vladimir Putin is a loner but an efficient one. Credit: RockCafe.

Second to the last is: Lifestyle Facts

Make no mistakes, contents under the headings of Lifestyle Facts have links to a profile’s childhood story/interests. Although they often seem to veer off target by discussing a profile’s net worth, house, cars and spending patterns, it might interest you to know that they are all connected to childhood interests.

Evan Spiegel is an American billionaire whose exotic collection of expensive cars are a reflection of his childhood yearnings. As a teenager, Evan wanted to own and drive a BMW but was denied of such possession by his wealthy father. However, his mother leased him the then $75,000 car. Therefore, it is not surprising that the billionaire now indulges himself with any expensive car he wishes to own.

Evan Spiegel’s taste in exotic cars dates back to his childhood days. Credit: CB.

To wrap up is untold facts: Untold Facts

Though Untold facts come at the tail end, it is definitely not the least as it provides information regarding a profile’s religion, factual controversies, tattoos and a host of other facts that could not be directly infused under the aforelisted headings for finesse sake.

Do you know that American Billionaire Warren Buffet used to be terrible at public speaking? he only became exceedingly good at it after taking a Dale Carnegie course on how to speak in public. That’s an untold or lesser known fact about Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffett owes his public speaking prowess to a Dale Carnegie course that he took many years back. Credit: RolexMagazine.

Summarily, we have: Video Summary

Beginning from the first quarter of the year 2019, CB made it a point of duty to provide her audience who love videos, a comprehensive summary of any profile we write about. Please Visit and SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube Channel for the videos.

Please do well to keep visiting ChildhoodBiography as we strive to give reasons that would push you to acclaim that CB has the best story about famous people from their childhood time to date.