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History as we know it, is full of untold stories & significant events in the lives of humans. What We Do is to help you tell stories. ChildhoodBiography understands the importance of untold events or lesser-known facts in the lives of notable people and makes conscious effort to ensure that they don’t pass out of knowledge.

CB captures lesser-known events in the lives of notable people from their childhood till date. Credits: CB.

CB achieves this by including such lesser-known events underneath progressive headings when writing biographies as exemplified below.

Early  Life  and  Family  Background

Untold events under the headings of Early Life and Family Background are significant. Beyond the well-known details of early life events and family background, the heading presents gripping lesser-known facts that make our audience appreciate a profile’s age-long journey.

Take for instance the case of WWE superstar John Cena who was born with an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. John’s birth was, in fact, one of the scary situations that could lead to birth complications. However, he survived and lives to share his “never give up mantra” to the world.

Not many know that John Cena was born with an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. Credits: TheAsianParents and CB.

Education  And  Career  Buildup

Underneath headings of Education and Career Buildup, CB makes it a point of duty to go beyond giving details about profiles education background and events that led them to tread a specific career path.

While researching and writing about profiles during this stage of their life, we dig deeper to present lesser-known facts like in the case of American billionaire Jeff Bezos whose first business endeavour was establishing a summer camp during his high school days.

Do you know that Jeff Bezos was a high school student when he started a profit-oriented summer camp called “Dream Institute”. Credit: FamousBio.

Early  Career  Life

In order to aid our audience grasp lesser-known facts in Early Career Life, events are presented as significant furtherance of an already initiated activity or important transitions along a career path.

A good case in example is American tech billionaire Larry Ellison who unlike most tech inventors did not embark on or complete any significant tech project in the entire course of his formal education. Instead, he became a self-trained tech geek after dropping out of school.

Larry Ellison became a tech geek after he dropped out of school. Credit: TheIndependent.

Road  To  Fame  Story

Arguably one of the headings with a plethora of unknown facts, Road to Fame headings present lesser-known facts in manners that make our audience identify with or relate to how challenges became turning points to stardom.

An example is Drake whose debut album “Thank Me Later” had flaws that bordered on rush work. Correcting the ills, he named his next album “Take Care” and has continued to take appreciable care ever since.

The turning point in Drake’s music career started with discontentment over hurriedly produced album. Credit: Genius.

Rise  To  Fame  Story

Behind every specific event that helped a profile achieved fame is a more specific event that is often untold or least talked about. As you already know, CB does not shy away from highlighting such events even in headings titles Rise to Fame Story.

Naomi Osaka is a professional tennis player who at some point of her career lacked progress. Addressing the issue, she hired a new coach who used to be Serena Williams hitting partner, the rest, as they say, is history.

Naomi Osaka recorded success in leaps and bounds after hiring Serena Williams’ former hitting partner, Sascha Bajin (pictured with her) as her coach in 2018. Credit: USOpen.

Relationship  Life  Facts

Speak of Relationship Life Facts headings, they are special and uniquely take a more forward approach in giving Untold Facts when presenting a comprehensive history of profiles love life till date including facts about their offsprings.

Do you know? Media Mogul, Oprah Winfrey is yet to be married at the time of writing. On the flip side, American actress Angelina Jolie has been married thrice. In a rather sympathetic situation, British politician Theresa May has no child with her husband due to medical reasons.

Theresa May and her husband have no child due to medical reasons. Credit: Mogzanews.

Family  Life  Facts

Make no mistakes, in Family Life Facts headings, we still deliver untold or lesser facts when giving details about members of a profile’s family and the relationship that exists between them.

Celebrity boxer, Floyd Mayweather has a half-brother, Justin Jones who was for the better part of his teen years oblivious of the fact that he was related to the boxer. Interestingly, Justin who grew up practising boxing had friends and admirers who made him aware that he shared a resemblance with Mayweather. He went on to have a DNA test and presently lives as a confirmed member of the Mayweather family.

Floyd Mayweather was united with his half-sibling Jonas (pictured left) when the latter was 16 years old. Credit: CB.

Personal  Life  Facts

Taking a good observation of Personal Life Facts one cannot help but notice that each facet of the heading including core details about profiles personal lives, hobbies and interests are products of Untold Facts.

Not Many know that Elon Musk is unemotional, self-driven and self-motivated to achieve his goals. The aforementioned traits make him work for insanely long hours and by extension accounts for his little known unbalanced life.

Elon Musk works no fewer than 80 hours a week. Credit: CNBC.

Lifestyle  Facts 

Not a heading to be left out, Lifestyle Facts also contain or possess elements of Untold Facts when information about profiles worth, assets and spending pattern are being presented.

No profile makes a more perfect example like American billionaire, Warren Buffet who ranks among the richest men in the world but lives a lifestyle that portrays him as an extremely frugal person. Do you know that he resides in a $31,500 home at the time of writing and acquired a Cadillac XTS for use in 2014.

Warren Buffett acquired a $45,000 Cadillac XTS for personal use in 2014. Credit: CNBC.

Untold  Facts 

Last but definitely not least is Untold Facts. The heading itself is an attestation of efforts geared towards ensuring that our audience get a complete picture of a profile through lesser-known facts that could not be comfortably placed in any of the afforelisted 9 headings.

Listed with bullet points under the catchphrase “Do you Know”?, the facts are fascinatingly straight to the point like exemplified below.

Do you know?

  • Mark Zuckerberg has red-green colour blindness, a development which accounts for Facebook’s blue colour because Mark sees blue more clearly than any other colour.

A pictorial depiction of what Mark Zuckerberg’s eyesight makes of red and green colours. Credit: CB.

  • Celebrity basketball player LeBron James shoots with his right hand but eats and writes with his left.

LeBron James and the different uses of his hands. Credit: CB.

  • Celebrity singer Keith Urban trusts his fans a lot that he would often select a few to come on stage and sing the lead or play the lead guitar.

Keith Urban invite fans on stage during his performances and trusts them with lead roles. Credit: CBC.

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