Timothée Chalamet Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Timothée Chalamet Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Timothée Chalamet Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Marc Chalamet (Father), Nicole Flender (Mother), Family Background, Girlfriend (Kylie Jenner), Siblings – Sister (Pauline Chalamet), etc.

This article about Timothée Chalamet also explains his Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, Education, Tattoo, Net Worth, Zodiac, Personal Life, and Salary Breakdown.

In a nutshell, This article tells the story of Timothee Chalamet, a rising Hollywood star. Who was eager to succeed, worked hard to reach his goals, and aimed to make his family proud, 

Childhood Biography gives you the story of an American and French actor  

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Our version of Timothée Chalamet’s Biography begins by unveiling notable events of his boyhood years. Next, we’ll explain Timothée Chalamet’s early career highlights. Finally, we’ll tell how he rose to become one of the best actors in his country.

Childhood Biography hopes to whet your autobiography appetite as you read this piece of Timothée Chalamet’s Biography. To begin going that, let’s show you this gallery that tells a story – of his boyhood days to rise. Indeed, Timothée Chalamet has come a long way in his amazing Life journey.

View Timothee Chalamet's entire life, from childhood to his rise to fame.
View Timothee Chalamet’s entire life, from childhood to his rise to fame.

Yes, everyone knows Timothée Chalamet is making his name in acting, like Denzel Washington and Javier Bardem have done. He is an American actor who is famous for playing complex characters in both small and big movies and for his clever humor in group comedy films.

Timothée Chalamet Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, Timothée Chalamet bears the Full Names Timothée Chalamet. He was born on the 27th day of December 27, 1995, to his Mother, Nicole Flender, and Father, Marc Chalamet, in New York City, United States.

Timothée Chalamet arrived in the world as his parents’ second child and son. Timothée is one among two, himself and a sister(Pauline Chalamet), born into the marital union between their Dad and mum.

Now, let’s introduce you to Timothée Chalamet’s Parents. Father (Marc Chalamet) and mother (Nicole Flender)

Meet Timothée Chalamet Parents Marc Chalamet and Nicole Flender
Meet Timothée Chalamet Parents Marc Chalamet and Nicole Flender


 Growing-Up Years:

Timothée Hal Chalamet was born on December 27, 1995, in New York City. He grew up in a place for artists called Manhattan Plaza in Hell’s Kitchen. He has an older sister named Pauline Chalamet, who is also an actress.

The brother-sister duo share a strong bond, frequently seen backing each other at movie debuts. These two performers are rapidly making their mark in Hollywood.

Since he was a kid, Timothée Chalamet’s parents have supported his dream to act, and his mom would even take him to auditions. Now, Timothée Chalamet is one of the most skilled and hopeful actors out there.

Timothée Chalamet Early Life:

Chalamet grew up in Manhattan, sharing an apartment with his mom, who used to be a Broadway dancer and actress; his dad, a Frenchman working in publishing at UNICEF; and his big sister, Pauline, a ballet dancer and actress who became famous in 2021 when she was cast in an HBO series called The Sex Lives.

Young Timothée Chalamet featured in Beautiful boy: Credit
Young Timothée Chalamet featured in Beautiful Boy: Credit Rottentomatoes.

Before Timothée Chalamet found his passion for acting and film, he played soccer as a child on his school team. He even became a coach for children aged 6 to 13 during his summers in France.

Timothée has mentioned on multiple occasions that soccer has always been a significant part of his life, and he has a deep fondness for the sport.

Growing up in a creative family, Chalamet began acting in commercials and theatre in New York. He went to LaGuardia High School of Music, Art, and Performing Arts, where he was friends with actor Ansel Elgort. Since he was young, Chalamet loved performing arts, and you can see his passion for acting in everything he does.

Chalamet Family Background:

Meet Timothée Chalamet beautiful family, Marc Chalamet(Father), Nicole Flender( Mother) and Sister (Pauline Chalamet) Credit:
Meet Timothée Chalamet beautiful family, Marc Chalamet(Father), Nicole Flender( Mother) and Sister (Pauline Chalamet) Credit: Chicksinfo

Chalamet comes from a family with an interesting and impressive background. He grew up in Manhattan with his mom, who used to be a Broadway actress and dancer. His dad, from France and working for UNICEF, and his older sister, Pauline, a ballet dancer and actress, also lived with them.

His parents, who are successful in their jobs, and his talented older sister are all part of a family that has done a lot for the entertainment industry. We can say Timothée Chalamet is not from a poor family, considering their status and how successful all his family members are.

Timothee Chalamet Family Origin:

Chalamet’s parents carry French heritage; his father originates from French and Swiss lineage, while his mother comes from Russian Jewish and Austrian Jewish ancestry.


Born in Manhattan, Timothée Hal Chalamet is the son of Nicole Flender, a former dancer who now works in real estate, and Marc Chalamet, an editor at UNICEF. His mother hails from New York and is of Russian and Austrian Jewish heritage; his father, originating from Nîmes, France, has French and English roots.

Timothée Chalamet has a diverse ethnic background; though his first and last names are notably French, only a quarter of his heritage is French. He also has a quarter of British Isles ancestry, and half of his lineage is Ashkenazi Jewish.

The renowned actor from Hollywood is American; however, as his name implies, there’s French lineage in his family. Specifically, his father is French, but he grew up in the United States.

Timothée Chalamet Education:

Chalamet attended PS 87 William T. Sherman School for his early education and then moved to the selective Delta program at MS 54 Booker T. Washington Middle School. He found it miserable because the school focused heavily on academics and lacked creativity.

He sought admission into Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. His acceptance marked a pivotal moment in his developing passion for acting.

Enrolling at the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts marked a significant shift in his perception of acting; upon entering high school—LaGuardia, he encountered exceptional teachers and truly developed a deep affection for acting.

Chalamet recognized his potential and the necessity to be treated with diligence. After his graduation in 2013, he featured prominently in school productions, including roles as Emcee in Cabaret and Oscar Lindquist in Sweet Charity, among others. Chalamet is also a distinguished alumnus of Young Arts.

Timothée Chalamet Career Buildup:

As a teenager, Chalamet started his career on TV in the 2012 drama series Homeland. He first acted in a film in 2014, in a comedy-drama.

Chalamet first acted in several TV shows like Homeland. His first big film was in Jason Reitman’s “Men, Women & Children”. His breakthrough came with his role in Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi movie, “Interstellar, a film about space explorers with stars like Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway.

He played Tom Cooper, McConaughey’s character’s son, and had a key part in a moving scene where McConaughey watches Tom’s old videos before leaving for space.

In 2015, Chalamet played the role of Zac in Andrew Droz Palermo’s fantasy-thriller “One & Two.” Zac, a curious boy, finds a magical way out of his gloomy family home with his sister when their mother gets sick.

Later that year, Chalamet played a young Stephen Elliott, James Franco’s character, in “The Adderall Diaries.” The movie is about a troubled writer discovering a new interest in storytelling.

Timothée Chalamet Bio – Road to Fame Story:

From a young age, Chalamet nurtured a passion for acting and has steadily climbed the ladder to become one of the most in-demand actors today.

He embarked on his acting journey as a teen, featuring in TV productions such as the 2012 drama series Homeland. Chalamet transitioned to the big screen in 2014 with his initial role in the comedy-drama Men, Women & Children, followed by a part in Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi masterpiece Interstellar.

Meet young Timothee, featured in the homemade series as the worst character. Credit: BuzzFeed.
Meet young Timothee, featured in the homemade series as the worst character. Credit: BuzzFeed.

Chalamet became famous for playing a teenager in love in the movie Call Me By Your Name. He had supporting roles in Lady Bird and Little Women and was the main actor in Beautiful Boy, Dune, and Bones And All, which he also helped produce.

His great acting has gotten him many award nominations, including an Academy Award, two Golden Globes, and three BAFTAs.

Meet Timothée Chalamet, featured as Laurie in Little Women (2019). Credit: IMDb.
Meet Timothée Chalamet, featured as Laurie in Little Women (2019). Credit: IMDb.

Chalamet’s biggest breakthrough was in 2017 when he was featured in the movie (Call Me by Your Name), making him the youngest person to be nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards in nearly 80 years. He also got praise for his acting in Beautiful Boy and Lady Bird.

Timothée Chalamet – Rise to Fame Story:

Chalamet became famous in 2017 when he starred in “Call Me by Your Name,” a movie based on André Aciman’s 2007 book about first love. He played Elio, a teenager in Italy in the 1980s who falls in love with his dad’s summer helper, Oliver. His acting got great reviews, and he gained a lot of fans.


He also became the youngest actor to get an Oscar nomination for best actor in 80 years. He quickly did more movies like “Lady Bird,” “Hostiles,” and “Hot Summer Nights” in 2017. Chalamet later acted with Steve Carell in “Beautiful Boy” in 2018, a movie based on real-life stories of a father and son dealing with drug addiction.

His subsequent film, “A Rainy Day in New York,” directed by Woody Allen, was initially slated for a 2018 release. However, due to the resurgence of the Me Too movement bringing old sexual abuse allegations against Allen back into focus, the film’s release was postponed.

During that period, Chalamet pledged to donate his earnings from the film to three organizations: the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, the New York LGBT Center, and RAINN, a group dedicated to aiding sexual abuse survivors. The film eventually premiered in Europe in 2019 and in the United States a year later. This made the film largely receive favorable feedback.

 Love Life:

Timothée is already a successful actor, and because he is so famous, it is certain that lots of female fans will want to be his wife, girlfriend, or even the mother of his future kids.

Upon some factual investigation, it turns out that  Timothée Chalamet has been in different relationships, and the most recent one is that of Kylie Jenner; which is unclear if the two are seriously dating. According to many sources, it said that Chalamet and Jenner are dating. Right now, it’s not serious, and Kylie likes spending time with Timothée.

They two met at a Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show in January, and a video of them laughing was posted by Deuxmoi, a gossip Instagram page. In March, both were at Vanity Fair’s 2023 Oscars party, but there are no photos of them together. Kylie is having fun because this relationship is different and more exciting than her past ones.

About Kylie Jenner:

Kylie Kristen Jenner is an American celebrity and businesswoman born on the 10th day of  August 1997 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

She was on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians from 2007 to 2021 and started her own makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics.

Meet Kylie Jenner Timothée Chalamet Girlfriend
Meet Kylie Jenner Timothée Chalamet Girlfriend

About Lourdes Leon Timothée’s Ex:

Lourdes Maria “Lola” Ciccone Leon, who is popularly known as Lourdes Leon, is an American fashion model, singer, and dancer from the United States. Born on the 14th day of October  1996 in  Los Angeles, California, USA.

When Timothée was 17, he reportedly dated Lourdes Leon, daughter of Madonna and Carlos Leon, whom he met at LaGuardia High School in New York City. He briefly mentioned this relationship in a 2017 interview and said he discussed his role in “Call Me By Your Name” with Lourdes.

E! News published pictures in 2013 showing Timothée and Leon walking hand in hand, yet they were quite reserved about their relationship details. By 2017, when asked about Lourdes, it appeared they had parted ways, though the reasons remained unclear.

In September 2021, she was on a Vogue cover with a group of people. By August 2022, she started releasing music under the name Lolahol. She attended the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance from 2014 to 2018.

Leon’s modeling career began with her appearance in a fragrance advertisement for Stella McCartney’s “Pop,” where she was featured alongside celebrities like Grimes, Amandla Stenberg, and Kenya Kinski-Jones.

Timothée's Ex-Girlfriend Lourdes Leon Credit: Today.
Timothée’s Ex-Girlfriend Lourdes Leon Credit: Today.

Lily-Rose Melody Depp Timothée’s Ex:

Lily-Rose Melody Depp, a French-American actress, is the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, born on the 27th day of May 1999. She embarked on her acting journey with a small part in Tusk while also modeling. She featured in historical dramas like The Dancer, Planetarium, and The King, as well as the rom-com A Faithful Man.

Timothée's Ex-Girlfriend, Lily-Rose Melody Depp. Credit: official.
Timothée’s Ex-Girlfriend, Lily-Rose Melody Depp. Credit: official.

Lily-Rose Depp and Timothée Chalamet were seen together on ‘The King’ red carpet at the 76th Venice Film Festival. Depp met Chalamet in 2018 when they worked together on the Netflix movie ‘The King’.

The model, who is Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’ daughter, became famous for her relationship with Timothée Chalamet, which started in 2018. They broke up after dating for two years in 2020.

Eiza González Timothée’s Ex:

Eiza González Reyna is a talented actress and singer hailing from Mexico. She was born on the 30th day of  January 1990 to her parents, Glenda Reyna, Carlos González and sibling Yulen González Reyna.

She first captured public attention with her role as Lola Valente in the Mexican musical drama Lola, érase una vez. Following this, she took on the leading role of Clara Molina in Sueña Conmigo, a teen drama aired on Nickelodeon.

Meet Eiza González Reyna Timothee's Ex: Credit imagedesi.
Meet Eiza González Reyna Timothee’s Ex: Credit imagedesi.

Merely eight weeks after concluding his biennial romance with Depp, images of Chalamet getting cozy with Mexican star Eiza González were made public by The Daily Mail. They were observed holidaying together in Cabo. Unfortunately, their relationship was short-lived, ending just five months later in October 2022.

Personal Life:

The stylish Chalamet often jumps over barriers to say hi to fans and sometimes gives out bagels on the red carpet. Fans and co-stars really like the famous actor because he’s open, dedicated, and tends to squirm during interviews.

Apart from acting and film, Timothée has a passion for fashion and anthropology,

Timothée Chalamet Lifestyle:

The renowned actor indulged in opulence, a lifestyle often associated with celebrities. He had big houses.

Family Life:

Timothée Chalamet’s family isn’t just limited to his parents and sister; he also has an uncle and aunt. Now, let’s tell you more about members of his household.

About Timothée Chalamet Father:

Marc Chalamet is a writer and editor from America and France was born in the year 1953

Marc Chalamet is mostly known as the father of Timothée and Pauline Chalamet. Additionally, he has a career as a journalist, contributing to a number of newspapers and magazines. Marc Chalamet, unlike his family, hasn’t worked in show business. He’s also not really active on social media, except for sharing stuff about his job.

The freelance journalist was born in the Nimes area of France to His parents, Jean Ashworth and Roger Jacques Chalamet; Marc got a political science degree from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lyon in 1976.

About Timothée Chalamet Mother:

Nicole Flender was a dancer and a teacher before. Now, she works as a real estate agent at the Corcoran Group. When she was younger, she danced with the New York City Ballet and acted in famous Broadway shows like Hello Dolly and Fiddler on the Roof.

Meet Nicole Flender, Timothee's beautiful Mom.
Meet Nicole Flender, Timothee’s beautiful Mom.

She also wrote a book in 2002 called “Cool Careers for People Who Love Movement”. She wanted to teach people about the entertainment industry with her book.

About Timothée Chalamet Sister:

Pauline Hope Chalamet is a French and American actress, Born on the 25th day of  January 1992. She also writes and directs movies. Also, she first acted in a movie called “The King of Staten Island” by Judd Apatow. Pauline played Kimberly in an HBO Max comedy show called “The Sex Lives of College Girls.

Meet Pauline Hope Timothée's Sister Credit: the place.
Meet Pauline Hope Timothée’s Sister Credit: the place.

She has a close bond with her brother and sees him as her little brother. “Seeing him in movies is just part of his job to me,” she said to W Magazine in 2021. “I don’t really get caught up in the hype around him,” she added.

About Chalamet’s aunt:

Amy Lippman is an American  producer and television writer

Chalamet’s aunt, Amy Lippman, who co-created the well-known ’90s series Party of Five and its reboot, also frequently comes into the spotlight.

Lippman, a writer-producer, has had her hand in renowned programs such as L.A. Law, In Treatment, and Masters of Sex. Nonetheless, it’s critical to acknowledge that Chalamet’s accomplishments in the entertainment field aren’t entirely due to his familial ties.

About Chalamet Uncle

Rodman Flender, who is an American actor and also directed ‘Leprechaun 2, is the uncle of the actor Timothée Chalamet, who is his sister’s son. He was born on the  9th day of June 1962 to a Jewish family in the city of New York and was married to Amy Lippman.

Meet Rodman Flender, Timothee's Uncle Credit: eprechuan
Meet Rodman Flender, Timothee’s Uncle Credit: eprechuan

Untold Facts:

In the concluding section of Profile Timothée Chalamet’s Biography, we’ll unveil more facts you might not know about him. So, without further ado, let’s begin/get started.

Timothée Chalamet  Salary:

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chalamet has a net worth of $30 Million and a Salary worth $3 million +. This Franco-American actor embarked on his career at a young age, beginning with advertisements and minor parts in TV series and short films.

Timothée Chalamet Religion:

Timothée Chalamet hasn’t shared his religious beliefs publicly. He’s of mixed French and American Jewish heritage. However, many people, including celebrities, keep their religious beliefs private. So, while we know about Chalamet’s cultural background, we don’t know his personal religious practices or beliefs.


Timothée was born on December 27, 1995, in New York City to his mother, Nicole Flender, who used to be a Broadway dancer, and his father, Marc Chalamet, who worked as an editor for UNICEF. He also has an older sister, Pauline who was a ballet dancer and actress. Chalamet grew up in Manhattan with his family, and he caught the acting bug early, starting with roles in commercials and short films.

Timothée Chalamet is a well-known American actor who first became famous for his main role in the popular film “Call Me by Your Name” in 2017.

The famous actor is currently in a relationship with an American celebrity and businesswoman, Kylie Kristen Jenner. Although some sources claim it’s not serious, the two have always been seen together having fun.

His performance was so impressive that it earned him an Oscar nomination, making him one of the youngest Best Actor nominees ever.

He loved theater and went to LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York to improve his acting skills. His first major TV role was in the series “Homeland” from 2012 to 2013. However, he became a real star in movies, following “Call Me by Your Name” with key roles in “Lady Bird” in 2017 and “Beautiful Boy” in 2018, earning more praise.

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