Alexander Volkanovski Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Alexander Volkanovski Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Alexander Volkanovski Biography tells you facts about his Childhood story, Early Life, Parents (Tony and Mary Volkanovski), Family, Wife (Emma Volkanovski).

Moreso, the athlete’s Children (Ariana and Airlie), Siblings, Personal Life, Lifestyle, Salary and net worth.

To make short our Biography, we present you an overall picture of the Life history of Alexander Volkanovski.

He is an Australian professional mixed martial artist. Our Biography begins from his cradle moments. Then, until he becomes a force to reckon in the Octagon.

To whet your Biography appetite, we present a gallery pathway of events surrounding Alexander Volkanovski’s life. Undoubtedly, the pictures you see below summarise the MMA Star’s history.

Alexander Volkanovski Biography - Behold his Life from early career to his Success.
Alexander Volkanovski Biography – Behold his Life from early career to his success.

Yes, we know he has a vicious reputation as a striker. He could also be on his way to becoming the first Aussie to be a global sensation in the sport. Despite his admirations, only a few have read a concise memoir of him.

Therefore, we have deemed it perfect; you know the thrilling story of Alexander Volkanovski. Also, the breakdown of his athletic experience so far. Without further ado, let us begin.

Alexander Volkanovski Childhood Story:

To start with, Alexander Volkanovski was born on the 28th day of September 1988. He was born to his father, Tony Volkanovski and mother, Mary Volkanovski.

Our Australian profile was born in Warilla, a seaside suburb of Shellharbour, Australia, within the Wollongong urban area.

Alexander Volkanovski was birth among his elder brother. The two of them came from the union of their parents (Tony and Mary Volkanovski).

Early Years and Growing-up years:

Alexander Volkanovski has been a sports lover right from childhood. He began training in Greco-Roman wrestling at an early age. The game was unlike other forms of wrestling. It forbids holds below the waist.

An outstanding Greco-Roman wrestler, he won a national title at 12. As a teenager, he also watched Ultimate Fighting Championship events. He would often rent UFC VHS tapes from Blockbuster. Then he as well purchased UFC pay per views.

However, at 14, he gave up wrestling. Instead, he focused on playing rugby league football. Two teams of thirteen players play the sport on a rectangular field. Alexander Volkanovski played the game as a front-rower.

Alexander Volkanovski Family Background:

The Australian athlete belongs to an average earning home. His father was a concreter. He mixes, compacts and finishes concrete for building works. Meanwhile, his mum took care of the home. So they had just enough to survive.

Alexander Volkanovski Family Origin:

Now, let us move on to his ancestry. Alexander Volkanovski is of Macedonian and Greek descent. His father was birth in Beranci in SR Macedonia (now North Macedonia).

On the other hand, his mother is from Greece. However, Alexander was born in Shellharbour suburb, New South Wales, Australia.

As a result, we can say he is of mixed ethnicity. Notwithstanding, he is Australian. We displayed a photo below showing Alexander Volkanovski’s family roots.

A photo showing Alexander Volkanovski's Family origin.
A photo showing Alexander Volkanovski’s Family origin.

Alexander Volkanovski Early Career:

The Macedonian descent played semi-professional rugby league. He played for the Warilla Gorillas in the South Coast Rugby League. After which, he got awarded the Mick Cronin Medal in 2010 as the league’s best player.

Alexander Volkanovski also played a crucial role in Warilla’s 2011 Premiership. He received the Man of the Match award for his team’s victory over Gerringong. Nevertheless, Volkanovski then quit rugby league at 23.

How The Macedonian descent played semi-professional rugby league briefly.
How The Macedonian descent played semi-professional rugby league briefly.

Alex began training in MMA at 22. He quit rugby to pursue a professional career in MMA. But then, he continued Greco-Roman wrestling to keep fit during the rugby league offseason.

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Soon enough, his passion for MMA grew to become a career path. Volkanovski turned a good counter striker.

He had a powerful overhand right and was a fantastic offensive wrestler. See how the rugby league paved way for Alexander’s MMA career.

Alexander Volkanovski Education:

Volkanovski attended Lake Illawarra High School through his teen years. The School is a government-funded co-educational comprehensive secondary day school. It was in Reddall Parade, in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia.

Despite his passion for sports, he refused distraction. He graduated with a good grade. But then, he had to join his dad as a concreter.

Volkanovski attended Lake Illawarra High School through his teen years.
Volkanovski attended Lake Illawarra High School through his teen years.

Alexander Volkanovski Biography – Road to Fame:

The Australian sports competitor started as an amateur at middleweight. Alexander Volkanovski fought in various MMA organizations in the Oceania region. He fought from 2012 to 2016 before signing with the UFC.

He emerged winner at the Pacific Xtreme Combat (PXC) title. Following, was two Australian Fighting Championship Featherweight titles. Volkanovski amassed a record of 13–1. He had ten straight wins before joining the UFC.

Volkanovski made his promotional debut on the 26th day of November 2016. He increased his win streak to 11 with a second-round TKO. The fight was against Yusuke Kasuya at UFC Fight 101.

Volkanovski made his promotional debut.
Volkanovski made his promotional debut against Yusuke Kasuya at UFC Fight 101.

He made it known that he would drop from lightweight to featherweight at the post-fight press conference for his next fight.

So, on his return to featherweight, he won his fights against Mizuto Hirota, Shane Young, and Kennedy.

Alexander also won Darren Elkins, Chad Mendes and then José Aldo in 2019. He won most of his fight via a unanimous decision.

Alexander Volkanovski Biography- Rise to Fame:

The MMA Athlete made his first title defence in a rematch against Max Holloway on the 11th day of July 2020 at UFC 251. He won the scuffle via split decision. He emerged as the first Australian-born and second Australian to win medals in the UFC.

Nonetheless, the outcome was controversial among media outlets. Moreso, MMA personalities, as the UFC president Dana White, former referee.

Also, the creator of the rules system John McCarthy, and multiple mixed martial artists. Alexander Volkanovski still hung in doubts for his controversial wins against Max Holloway.

Subsequently, in April 2021, it got announced that Volkanovski, together with Brian Ortega, would act as coaches at The Ultimate Fighter 29 at ESPN+. The show will feature contestants at bantamweight and middleweight.

Shortly, Volkanovski faced Brian Ortega in September 2021. The Fight took place at UFC 266 for the UFC Featherweight Championship. Behold, he won the fight via unanimous decision. 

Alexander wins UFC Featherweight Championship.
Alexander wins UFC Featherweight Championship against Brian Ortega.

With the UFC Featherweight win, Alex joins the likes of Khabib Nurmagomedov, Anderson Silva, on the elite list of fighters to start their UFC careers with an undefeated 10-0 record.

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Another fighter on the list includes current welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman.

The Fight earned him the Fight of the Night award. So far, he has fought 24 matches, won 23 games, and lost only one game by knockout against Corey Nelson. Watch highlights in the clip below.

Who is Emma Volkanovski Alexander Volkanovski’s Wife.

Outside the Octagon, Alex has a beautiful wife at home. His wife, Emma Volkanovski, is one of his biggest supporters. She also attends many of his matches and shares his upcoming events on Instagram.

The duo tied the knot on the 21st day of October 2012. Alex and his wife, Emma, are the parents of two daughters, Ariana and Airlie. He often shares glimpses of his beautiful family on Instagram, enjoying dinner together as a family.

Alex has a beautiful wife, Emma at home.
Outside the Octagon, Alex has a beautiful wife, Emma at home.

More about Emma Volkanovski:

Emma Volkanovski is a fitness freak. She has a Bsc. in psychology from the University of Sydney.

Also, the young lady has three sisters. Emma comes from a modest background. The fitness Lady was born in Shellharbour City Council.

However, she grew up in Sydney, Australia. Her father, John Harris and mother, Rose Harris are farmers.

Additionally, she spent a happy childhood with her younger sisters, Jessica and Carmela Harris. They all attended Cheltenham Girls High School.

The UFC Champ with his alluring wife and two kids.
The UFC Champ with his alluring wife and two kids.

Emma and Alexander’s love for their daughters are profound. Her keen interest in the human brain prompted her to study at the University of Sydney.

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She takes to social media platforms to profess her love for her family.

There are a series of bright, glowing, and happy pictures ruling her profile. Her Two kids are two completely distinct personalities. Ariana loves a good pose. Meanwhile, Airlie wants to do the fist up like her daddy.

Emma and Alexander's love for their daughters are profound.
Emma and Alexander’s love for their daughters are profound.

Alexander Volkanovski Family Life:

The UFC Featherweight Champion sees his family as his motivation. Alex loves his family so much. He would do his best to know that they were comfortable.

Alexander would not have made it without the support of his parents, brother, and relatives. Now, let’s take a stern look at each member of his household.

More About Alexander Volkanovski Father – Tony Volkanovski:

Tony was born in Beranci, North Macedonia. He is a Concreter. Alexander Volkanovski’s father creates decorative surfaces on the concrete before sealing. He does this aside from the finish of concrete for construction work.

He is an ardent supporter of his son, Alexander. Before Alexander moved from Rugby to UFC, Alex had to convince his father that UFC was, in fact, safe when compared to rugby.

Tony shared, “But he told me the sport is safer than rugby league. You have a referee watching two people the whole time, while in rugby league, you have 26 people and only three referees.”

Now, he is a big supporter. We once saw him celebrating his son’s victory at the local bar, as seen in the photo below.

Mr Tony celebrating his son's victory at the local bar.
Alex’s dad, Tony Volkanovski celebrating his son’s victory at the local bar.

More About Alexander Volkanovski Mother – Mary Volkanovski:

Tony Volkanovski got married to Mary Volkanovski for over two decades now. The duo has two kids together. They include Alexander and his brother. Alexander Volkanovski’s mum, Mary, has been a very supportive wife and mother.

She has shown concerns over her son’s welfare. Once, the champion’s mother, Mary Volkanovski, stood up for her son in a Facebook post. she commented about the protocols the UFC took to ensure the safety and well-being of their fighters.

The mother of the featherweight champ shared her worries that her son has caught the dreaded virus and is in a different country. Mary is always on the lookout for her children. However, she maintains a quiet life.

More About Alexander Volkanovski Brother:

Alexander Volkanovski has an elder brother. Interestingly, he is also a fighter. Alex’s passion for wrestling grew through his brother. The UFC Champ reports how they used to beat everyone during childhood! We were the kings of arm-wrestling; he reports.

He says that power and strength are within us. As such, his Macedonian relatives say it’s their Macedonian heritage. However, his Greek relatives say the same thing.

Alex refers to his elder brother as a solid and hardworking person. Both of them share a strong bond. He is always present, to show full support for Alex whenever required.

More About Alexander Volkanovski Relatives:

The Australian UFC Champion has relatives. Aside from his father, mother, and sister. Alexander Volkanovski has a few extended family members. He has uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

Alexander Volkanovski loves his Macedonian and Greek relatives. He shares ample time with them. His in-laws are not left out. Alex’s father-in-law is John Harris, while his mother-in-law is Rose Harris. In addition, he has sisters-in-law, namely Jessica and Carmela Harris.

Personal Life:

Besides being a fighter, Alexander Volkanovski is also passionate about cooking. He frequently posts recipes for some delicious cuisines. Moreover, he spends quality time with family despite the busy schedule of a UFC champion.

Moreso, he enjoys rugby football league, video games, boxing and working out. From his social media, it’s clear that Volkanovski tries to be a good father and husband.

The Australian wrestler takes advantage of social media. The platform helps him to bridge the gap with his fans. He shares photos from his training, snippets of his racing match, and upcoming updates.


Alexander Volkanovski Lifestyle:

Volkanovski falls into the celebrity category of UFC Champions. Though he tries to remain unnoticed. Conversely, we are aware of this lavish lifestyle of most MMM professionals.

Purchasing private jets, five-star dinners, luxury apartments and fast automobiles are not a big deal. Some of Alex’s bigger name competitors, such as Conor McGregor, own $300,000, Rolls Royce.

Nonetheless, Volkanovski drives a Mazda CX-5. The car is worth $25,500 with two child seats in the back. After winning the UFC title last year, Volkanovski bought a new $1.2 million home. It was a reward for himself and his family after years of sacrifices.

Volkanovski drives a Mazda CX-5, worth $25500.
Volkanovski drives a Mazda CX-5, worth $25500.

Salary and Net Worth:

According to the media referee, the Australian UFC fighter Alexander Volkanovski is to have a net worth of $2 million. They offered him at least $1,500,500 per fight. Also, the fighter earned a whopping $390,000 for the rematch against Max Holloway.


Apart from his octagon career, he also endorses brands such as CMBT, Blessed CBD, Sportsbet, and Atheltikan.

Alexander Volkanovski Untold Facts:

Besides the details above, below are a few impressive facts that would tickle your fancy about Alexander Volkanovski.

Fact #1: His Tattoo:

Before he had Kids, Alex had gotten his first tattoo. The inscription reads “FAMILY”. I just wanted something with the personal significance he reports. Besides, he takes pride in being a family man.

A photo showing a part of Alex's tattoo.
A photo showing a part of Alex’s tattoo.

Fact #2: His Nickname:

Alex uses the nickname “The Great” regarding Alexander the Great. Guess it’s because of his paternal Macedonian and maternal Greek heritage. He believes that Alexander The great also had a Macedonian father and a Greek mother just like him.

Fact #3: A Coach:

In Malaysia Invasion, Alexander Volkanovski appeared as Coach. It was an Amateur Mixed Martial Artist reality show.

Alexander Volkanovski Biography Summary:

We hope you have savoured Alexander Volkanovski Biography so far. The Champ initially competed in multiple amateur fights in the middleweight division. He then adjusted from his rugby weight before turning professional.

Alexander Volkanovski moved down to welterweight, lightweight and ultimately silenced critics to become featherweight GOAT. However, for a glance, use the table below to discover concise information about our MMA fighter.

Biography Inquiries: Wiki Answers
Full Name: Alexander Volkanovski
Nickname:The Great
Date of Birth:28th Day of September 1988
Profession: Professional mixed martial artist
Weight Class:Featherweight
Pro MMA Record:25-1-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
Education: Lake Illlawarra High School
Father: Tony Volkanovski
Mother: Mary Volkanovski
Siblings:Brother (name unknown)
Spouse: Emma Volkanovski
Children:Ariana Volkanovski and Airlie Volkanovski (girls)
Sun Sign (Zodiac):Libra
Hobbies: Mixed Martial arts, boxer, NFL, working out.
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.68m)
Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)
Salary:$390,000 USD
Net Worth: $2 million (2021)
Residence: Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia
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In wrapping off Alexander Volkanovski’s Biography and Childhood Life Story, We hope you learned a few lessons. Whatsoever one engages in; there is room for passion. It is the passion that creates a drive for greatness.

Volkanovski played rugby at the outset. Then he realized his passion for MMA. Eventually, he emerged as a proficient offensive wrestler. He had a power pack, a right-hand punch, and a diligent counter strike. Sometimes referred to as The Machine that kills Legends.

Today, he is famous for his fighting style. His fights include a combo of Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. However, he is recently getting noted for winning the title for the Featherweight champion.

Moreso, his focus and determination played a huge role. Well, thanks also for the full support from his family, especially his dad and elder brother. Alexander Volkanovski could learn in no time what would take others a long while.

We appreciate that you have found this memoir engaging. Subscribe for more biography facts with first-class quality.

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