John Cena Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

John Cena Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our John Cena Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In the nutshell, this is a Life Story of the WWE Legend. Also, to whet your autobiography appetite, we have a perfect summary of John Cena’s Bio – from his boyhood days to when he became famous.

Yes, everyone knows about his persevering disposition in the wrestling ring. However, only a handful consider John Cena Bio which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

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John Cena Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

John Cena was born on the 23rd day of April 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts, U.S.A. He was born to his mother, Carol Cena (half English and French-Canadian), and to his father, John Cena Sr. (of Italian descent).

According to John Cena Sr, Baby John’s birth was one of the rare occurrences which happen when babies are delivered with umbilical cord wrapped around their necks. In case you are not aware, Ronda Rousey was also born that way.

This is a scary situation that could likely lead to birth complications. However, John survived birth in one piece and by extension, won his first fight in the natural ring.

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Speak of his much later fights in real rings, it was an acquired taste for Young John as his father’s favorite activity was taking his sons to watch World Wrestling Federation Matches at Boston Garden.

Although Young John enjoyed the fights and mimicked WWF stars (as pictured below), he had no aspiration of being involved in a live contest.

His lack of interest in the sport made him differ from John Cena Sr who did not only loved wrestling but wanted to be a part of the action.

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Schooling played its role in exposing Young John who was raised Catholic to aspirations other than wrestling.

On completion of his basic education, he was enrolled in  Central Catholic High School in Lawrence where he developed an interest in Baseball.

Thereafter, he was transferred to a boarding school, Cushing Academy where he did not only developed skills in Baseball but was in search of a higher purpose that best suits his aggressive nature.

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To that end, Young John secured enrollment into Springfield College in Massachusetts.

There, he did not only acquire a degree in studying how to harness his aggressiveness to healthy endeavors (exercise physiology) but was greatly involved in the college football team as pictured below (3rd from left at 2nd row).

In addition, he steadily developed a passion for bodybuilding.

Fresh out of college in 1999, John’s survival instincts kicked in alongside a strong desire to become someone. Consequently, with just $500 in his pocket, he set out for California to pursue his passion for bodybuilding but went broke two weeks after.

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His dwindled finances made him consider earning a living by taking up a job at the store area of the famous Gold’s Gym in Venice where Arnold Schwarzenegger used to have workouts during his prime.

It was at the same Gym young John met a bodybuilder who talked him into taking training at Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW), a former World Wrestling Entertainment developmental company.

John Cena Biography Facts – Success Story:

After series of training at the Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW), John was given an in-ring role which saw him assumed a semi-robotic character known as The Prototype and clinched the UPW title in 2000.

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In the year 2001 he signed a contract to work at Ohio Valley Wrestling where he captured the OVW heavyweight title in February 2002, before making his WWE debut that June.

Two years later, he took the United States Championship. Since then he has notched many wins and titles as well as made his father become a part of the action he always wanted. The rest as they say is history.

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John Cena Relationships:

Between the year 2002 to 2018, John had stints with a number of interesting female personalities including, American Wrestlers;  Mickie James, A.J. Mendez, Lisa Marie Varon and Barbie Blank.

Indeed, John is one who not only loves his career but knows how to have a fling with his female professional counterparts.

His career-centered life led to the fallout of his first marriage to his High school sweetheart and not so agressive ex-wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau. All seemed well before and after their marriage (held on the 11th of July 2009).

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However, the couple filed for divorce 3 years later In May 2012 which was finalized in July 2012.

Commenting on reasons behind the divorce, John subtly revealed that his loss at the WrestleMania at the hands of The Rock accelerated processes which led him to file for divorce from his first wife.

“That match sent my life into a tailspin, both professionally and personally, because I could not get over my obsession with the fact that I had failed,”

John moved on that same year to a career-centered relationship with another female professional counterpart, Nikki Bella whom he had gone down on one knee and proposed to after Wrestlemania 33.

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At the time of this post, Nikki and John are engaged and would be married soon though the exact wedding plans are unknown.

John Cena Family Life:

John Cena was raised catholic in a family of 7. Sit back as we bring you factual details of his family.

About John Cena Father:

John’s father, John Cena Sr also known as Johnny Fabulous is an announcer for Chaotic Wrestling (CW), as well as the commissioner of East Coast Championship Wrestling (ECCW).

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John experienced a much closer bond with his father when he resolved to build a career in wrestling. The two have been close ever since and support each other.

At some point, John designed a health plan to help his father lose 50 pounds of weight.

About John Cena Mother:

John’s mother; Carol Cena is of half English and French-Canadian ancestry. Although she did not fancy the idea of John becoming a professional wrestler, she however supported him and they got along well.

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About John Cena Brother, Stephen: 

First thing first, Stephen Cena is John Cena’s elder brother. He is openly gay and operates the Twitter handle: @thatstevecena.

About John Cena Brother, Matthew: 

Matthew Cena is John’s younger brother as well as a bodybuilder. He attempted to tread the path of John by giving wrestling a shot but was unsuccessful at it.

Others: The rest of John’s younger siblings (brothers) include Daniel Cena and Sean Cena. There’s really been not much information about the duo who have decided to live private lives.

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John Cena Facts:

John Cena has had outstanding success in his wrestling career since his professional debuts in(1999–2001, 2003). We bring you some of the untold outstanding successes.

  • He held the OVW Heavyweight Championship for three months IN 2001 after which he signed the WWF and was assigned to its developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW).
  • In 2006, John participated in the main event of Elimination Chamber match at New Year’s Revolution which he won after a bloodied fight.
  • Between  2008–2010, John participated in the World Heavyweight Champion and made a surprise return as the final participant of the Royal Rumble match, winning the match by last eliminating Triple H.
  • John Cena is now at par with Ric Flair for the most World Title victories in WWE history with 16 reigns.
  • He has won the WWE Championship 13 times and the World Heavyweight Championship 3 times.
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Other  Facts:

  • He has no children because he is not sure of being a good dad.
  • He writes left-handed.
  • “Never give up” as well as “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” are his moral codes.
  • John Cena is not just a wrestler. He has at some points of his professional career taken time out of his busy schedules to feature in movies including “The Marine” (his debut) among over 10 other interesting movies.
  • He is a gifted rapper whose  2005 album “You Can’t See Me” debuted at No. 15 on the Billboard 200 charts.
  • He is extremely involved in charity.
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