Dak Prescott Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Dak Prescott Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Dak Prescott Biography portrays Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Parents – Nathaniel Prescott (Father), Peggy Prescott (Mother), Lifestyle, Girlfriends, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In simple terms, this article gives you the quarterback’s life history, from his childhood moments to when he became famous.

To hone your autobiography appetite, here is his growing-up days to adult gallery — a perfect summary of Dak Prescott Bio.

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The ssportsman's life story
The Biography summary of Dak Prescott. Behold his life and rise.

Yes, we all know that his incredible passer rating of 97.3 makes him one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL as of 2021. However, most football fans know only a fragment of his biography.

Hence, we’ve prepared a detailed piece of his engaging memoir, which you would find interesting. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Dak Prescott Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he is known by the nickname “Dak”. But his actual name is Rayne Dakota Prescott.

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The American football quarterback was born on the 29th day of July 1993 to his father, Nathaniel Prescott, and mother, Peggy Prescott, in Sulphur, Louisiana.

The quarterback came to this world as the youngest of three boys born of the union between his parents, pictured below.

However, he has two other siblings who resulted from his father’s previous marriage.

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Dak Prescott parents
Meet his father, Nathaniel Prescott, and mother, Peggy Prescott. Obviously, he inherited his dad’s complexion and his mom’s smile.

Back in the day, Prescott was a normal kid whose love for toys was unfathomable.

As the last-born son of his home, he enjoyed so much affection from his elder siblings. Thanks to them, his childhood did not catch a glimpse of loneliness.

Dak Prescott childhood
His childhood revolved around his brothers and cute toys.

Do you know?… The athlete and his brothers were single-handedly raised by their mother.

This is because his parents divorced when he was a kid. The entire ordeal created lots of challenges and mounted pressure on their finances.

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Moreso, it thrust his older brother (Tad) into taking up the responsibilities of an adult quite too early.

Growing Up Days:

Being a little child came with its own unique packages for the budding star. First, he never had to worry about the complexity of adulthood.

Second, his schedules were narrowed down to playing football in a balloon swimming pond, as seen in the image below.

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The quarterback growing up days
Those days when little Prescott often plays with water and football simultaneously.

Growing up with Tad and Jace (his brother), Prescott had a tough time adapting to their sports practice. He often joined them in their regular football training and would come back home worn out.

There were times when he would compete with his brothers, whose physique far exceed his own. The result was always a painful defeat.

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Notwithstanding, Prescott’s mother often encouraged him to never back down. She would tell him:

“‘If you can not hang with the big dogs, then you should stay on the porch.’ So I wasn’t going to stay on the porch and see somebody else do what I love to do.”

Dak Prescott Family Background:

Sadly, he does not come from a household that could afford him a luxurious life. However, Prescott was fortunate to have a hardworking mother.

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Yes, he spent his childhood in poverty. Back then, his family lived in a three-bedroom white trailer.

However, they soon moved out and started spending their nights in a motel because they could not afford the electric bill.

What baffles us the most is the fact that his mother also cared for other kids in their neighbourhood despite having so little.

Dak Prescott Family Origin:

There has been some varied opinion about his ancestry. One big possibility is that Prescott might be of Mexican and Spanish heritage.

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More details about his Origin shows that his maternal grandfather (Glyndell) was a native of the Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb.

Do you know?… The Choctaw-Apache Tribe is the second largest amongst all eight American Indian communities officially recognized in Louisiana.

During their festival, they often adorn themselves in different colourful attires, as seen below.

The athlete's place of origin
A glimpse at the festivity attires of his family origin

Dak Prescott Education:

Despite his family’s financial status, his mother had him enrolled at Haughton High School while working as a manager of a truck stop.

Aside from his academic activities, Prescott played football for the Buccaneers.

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Dak Prescott Education
A rare photo of the athlete doing what he loved to do most in high school.

His performance was so fascinating that it got his coaches talking about him. There was a time in his sophomore that Prescott scrambled in the backfield and fired a pass that flew about 65 to 70 yards downfield.

According to his coach, it was the farthest he has ever seen a high school kid throw. In no distant time, Prescott led Haughton into becoming the 2010 District 1-AAAA Champions. The video below is a classic display of his superb passing skills.

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Dak Prescott Bio – Early Career Life:

Following his graduation from high school, the budding quarterback redshirted with Mississippi State University (MSU) as a true freshman in 2011. His first two years in college football lacked enough opportunity for the athlete to prove himself.

Back then, he started as a substitute for Tyler Russell, who was in full form. Suddenly, a chance for his college career breakthrough came after Russell suffered a concussion in 2013.

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This time around, he became a starter and cemented his slot in his school’s first team. Our boy was part of the team that won the 2013 Liberty Bowl.

Moreso, his unfathomable prowess even won him the Most Valuable Player of the tournament that year.

Dak Prescott early career life
One of the most joyful moments of his college career. See how his teammates celebrate winning the Liberty Bowl.

Dak Prescott Biography – The Road To Fame Story:

Subsequently, the talented athlete continued to impress fans and scouts alike. His fame began spreading like wide fire as he broke many records and received honorary recognition for his contribution to his team.

Dak Prescott awards
There is no explanation for the overwhelming joy he felt while receiving this award.

Do you know?… In 2015, Prescott became the first sportsman to throw for over 300 yards and rush for about 100 yards in the same game in his school history.

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Also, he became the only athlete to be named SEC Offensive Player of the Week four times in MSU history. It would interest you to know that he concluded his college career with 38 school records.

Dak Prescott Biography – Rise to Fame Success Story:

In the 2016 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys selected Prescott as the 135th overall pick. As expected, he started as a backup player in the professional league.

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Dak Prescott in the NFL draft
His emergence in the NFL marks the dawn of a new beginning in his career life.

Despite being a rookie, the quarterback displayed an outstanding potential that got fans talking about him in the NFL. His biggest chance for a breakthrough came in his first season after some veteran players were knocked out of the gameplay by injury.

Prescott ensured he made the best use of such an opportunity to seal his spot in his team. As I write this Bio, the quarterback has outperformed many veterans and won lots of accolades in the NFL.

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The quarterback's success story
Behold the rookie who ended up playing better than many veterans. Of course, it is difficult to catch him when he takes off.

Even the Cowboy acknowledges his rare talent and has no intention to let him go. Hence, they had Prescott sign a four-year extension contract worth $160 million in 2021. The rest, as they say, is history.

About Natalie Buffett – Dak Prescott Lover:

Aside from sports, the athlete takes his relationship life very serious. However, he has made a lot of efforts to keep his love life a secret. In 2019, it was revealed that Prescott was in a romantic relationship with Ireland Borba.

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Sadly, the love birds went their separate ways that same year. About a few months afterwards, Prescott started dating Natalie Buffett, a social media influencer and model. His beautiful celebrity girlfriend majored in civil engineering.

Dak Prescott girlfriend
Meet his exquisite girlfriend, Natalie Buffett. Indeed, the couples are well suited for each other.

Yes, Natalie is the definition of beauty and brains. Dak Prescott’s girlfriend has an estimated Net Worth of $1 million at the time of publishing this Biography. Many fans are hoping that the quarterback and his girlfriend tie the knot as husband and wife, eventually.

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Dak Prescott Personal Life:

What makes the talented player thick?… To begin with, friends and foe have seen how tough the player can be when faced with challenges. Yes, Prescott is not good at giving up. Hence, he confronts his fears and uses decisive methods to solve his problems.

Interestingly, he’s got a humble personality that makes him look at people with an optimistic mindset. You could tell that he has exhibited the characteristic of the Leo Zodiac traits.

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Do you know?… Dak Prescott is actually a talented fisherman. He learnt the art of fishing while growing up in Louisiana. There was a time when Prescott skipped a chance to appear on late-night TV for an endorsement show just to go fishing.

Dak Prescott Lifestyle:

The year 2021 has seen the Net Worth of Prescott skyrocket beyond the imaginations of fans. Of course, his enormous earnings are a guarantee that the NFL star can afford an exuberant lifestyle.

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According to Forbes, the Quarterback is the highest-paid player in the NFL and the fourth highest-paid athlete in the world.

Dak has amassed about $50 million from endorsement deals alone. Hence, his estimated Net Worth at the time of writing this Bio is about $40 million.

Apparently, Prescott is big on his spending. Like Antoine Dupont, he has purchased many exotic cars which includes a Tesla.

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His 9,000 sq. ft mansion worth $3.3 million in Prosper, Texas, is quite a beauty to behold. You wished you were leaving with Prescott after watching the video of his house below.

Dak Prescott Family Facts:

There is nothing as special as a household where every member is concerned about ensuring the success of their breadwinner.

These are the Prescotts. This section of our Bio tells more unique facts about his family members, starting with his father.

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About Dak Prescott’s Father:

It is quite sad that the sportsman did not enjoy much of a fatherly comfort in his childhood. Of course, his dad (Nathaniel Prescott) had a divorce from his mother, which kept him out of the picture of their survival.

In 2018, Prescott’s father was arrested for a class B misdemeanour. Back then, the police found marijuana in the driver’s side door of the car he was driving. As of 2020, Nathaniel has finally developed a close bond with his children.

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Dak Prescott dad
What a hearty moment of reunion between the player and his father, Nathaniel Prescott.

About Dak Prescott’s Mother:

The most influential person in his biography is his mom, Peggy Prescott. She worked long hours managing a truck stop before rushing home to the Pine Creek Mobile Estates to cook dinner.

Thankfully, she was always an encouragement to her son, who kept her words imprinted in his heart. Prescott’s mother was excellent at giving him a review of his performances, both in practice and competitive games.

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Funny enough, Peggy even timed his runs on his return trips home from college. Sadly, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer during his freshman year at Mississippi State.

After battling with her illness for a while, Peggy Prescott gave up the ghost on the 3rd day of November 2013.

Dak Prescott mom
Behold his late mother, Peggy Prescott. She was the powerhouse of the entire family.

About Dak Prescott’s Siblings:

Prescott shares a close bond with his two immediate older brothers, Tad and Jace. However, he’s got two other siblings from his father’s previous marriage. They are Elliott Prescott (his half-brother) and Natalie Prescott-Smith (his sister).

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Dak Prescott brothers
Those unforgettable moments spent with his siblings. (L-R); Jace, Dak and Tad.

As a young boy, the NFL player relied on Tad, who fulfilled all the paternal duties of his father. In 2020, another tragedy befell his family as his brother Jace took his own life.

After the entire ordeal, Prescott and Tad disclosed in an interview that their mom’s cancer took a heavy toll on Jace. Regrettably, they didn’t know his depression would cause his sudden death.

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About Dak Prescott’s Relatives:

His maternal grandparents were Glyndell W. Ebarb and Margaret Ebarb. They have showered their love on the sportsman, as all grannies would do. No wonder Prescott often makes out time to enjoy a wonderful meal with them since his career breakthrough.

The quarterback's relatives
One of his memorable dinner with his grandfather and grandmother.

Dak Prescott Untold Facts:

To wrap up the NFL player’s biography, here are some lesser-known truths that would help you get a perfect grasp of his Life Story.

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A Chihuahua Cured his Asthma:

Back in his childhood days, Prescott suffered from asthmatic attacks and allergies. His ailment was quite severe that it often got him hospitalized. This entire ordeal made his family’s schedule revolve around his care.

However, his battle with the chronic disease came to a close after drinking just a few teacups of Chihuahua. See how his family members testify about how a Chihuahua solved Prescott’s asthmatic condition.

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Prescott’s Jersey Number:

Being drafted by the Cowboys, the athlete was handed jersey #10 because his college #15 was already occupied by the wide receiver, Devin Street. It didn’t take so long for Prescott to switch into wearing #4 in honour of his mother, whose birthday was the 4th day of September.

Dak Prescott Pets:

Yes, he’s got a two-year-old pit bull named Legend. Apparently, his love for his dog is quite unfathomable. There were times when Prescott would post their videos on Instagram.

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Also, the sportsman previously had a white lab which he eventually gave to a family friend. He had earlier on named the dog; Tibeaux in homage to quarterback Tim Tebow.

Dak Prescott Tattoos:

Despite his love for inking, the Louisiana born celeb can’t compare the number of his tattoos with his compatriot Lil Wayne. A look into his Life Story reveals Prescott has only inked only 15 tattoos thus far.

To mention a few, he had the letters TJP and JMP inked on the backside of his left and right arm, respectively. The letters are simply the initials of his brother’s name.

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The sportsman's inking
He loves his brothers so much that he had their names inked on both arms.

Similarly, Prescott had his first name, ‘DAK’ with a crown on its top and a rugby ball under it, inked on his back. This tattoo clearly represents his sheer passion for football.

The quarterback's tattoo
His back tattoo proves his inseparable love for football.

Dak Prescott Biography Summary:

Before we conclude the athlete’s biography, take a quick look at the summary of his Life Story in the table below.

Biography Inquiries Wiki Answers
Full Name:Rayne Dakota Prescott
Age: 29 years and 6 months
Place of Birth:Sulphur, Louisiana
Father:Nathaniel Prescott
Mother:Peggy Prescott
Siblings:Tad, Jace, Elliott, and Natalie Prescott-Smith
Girlfriend/Wife To Be:Natalie Buffett
Ireland Borba (ex-girlfriend)
Net Worth:$40 million (2021 Stats)
Height:1.88 m (6 ft 2 in )
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While writing this biography, we realize that the quarterback had a family that is committed to seeing him succeed. Sadly, his caring mother and brother are not alive to enjoy the reward of his achievements.

To date, Prescott still has the memory of his deceased family members at heart. They were part of his biggest motivation to aim for the stars.

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Their death was the primary reason Prescott and his father became closer once again.

Asides from Dak Prescott’s Biography, we have other NFL stories for your reading pleasure. The Life History of Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan and Antonio Brown will interest you.

Thank you for reading our Dak Prescott Childhood and Biography Facts.

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