Noah Centineo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Noah Centineo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Noah Centineo Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents -Gregory Vincent Centineo (Father), Kellee Janel (Mother), Family Background,  Girlfriend Anastasia ‘Stassie’ Karanikolaou,  Sister (Taylor Centineo), Ernest Richard Andes (maternal grandfather), Anna Marie “Ree” Andes (nee Kriebel) (maternal grandmother), Joseph D. Centineo (paternal grandfather) Uncle (Bobby Centineo), etc.

This article about Noah Centineo also explains his Native American Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, Education, etc. Also, we will provide the Italian  Net Worth, Zodiac, Personal Life, Tattoo, and Salary Breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the full history of Noah Centineo, a Hollywood rising star. This is the story of a boy who once traversed through a particularly challenging period in his life.” Although he has a good family who always supports each other, this has made him achieve what he has always wanted.

Childhood Biography gives you the full story of a famous actor who is very popular among teenagers and has also secured significant parts in several TV productions.


Our version of Noah Centineo’s Biography begins by unveiling notable events of his boyhood years. Next, we’ll explain Noah Centineo’s early career highlights. Finally, we’ll tell how he rose to become one of the most famous actors in the Hollywood industry.

Childhood Biography hopes to whet your autobiography appetite as you read this piece of Noah Centineo’s Biography. To begin going that,

Let’s show you this gallery that tells the story of his boyhood days to rise as the Amateur James Bond. Indeed, Centineo has come a long way in his amazing Life journey.

Behold Noah Centineo, from his Boyhood to the moment he became famous.
Behold Noah Centineo, from his Boyhood to the moment he became famous.

Although he might not be at the level of Ben Affleck or Jim Carrey, everyone knows Noah is rising. Noah Centineo for his lead roles and wonderful performance in the movie industry. He is a Celebrity who has never given up on his dreams.

Though he has been acting for most of his youth, his star flew to greater heights in the past year due to his roles as the ideal leading man, and many People see him as a cool, relaxed, and put-together guy.

Noah Centineo’s Childhood Story

For Biography starters, the young actor bears the Full Name Noah Gregory Centineo, who was born on the 9th day of May 1996 to his Mother, Kellee Janel, and Father, Gregory Vincent Centineo, in Boca Raton, Florida, America. He is of half-Italian, German, and half-Dutch descent.

Noah Centineo arrived in the world as his parents’ second child and son. Noah is one among two (himself and a sister) born into the marital union between their Dad and mum.

Now, let’s introduce you to Noah Centineo’s Parents. Gregory Vincent Centineo and Kellee Janel have brought him up with lots of love and support and have been a source of inspiration to him.

Meet Gregory Vincent Centineo and Kellee Janel, Noah’s Parents.
Meet Gregory Vincent Centineo and Kellee Janel, Noah’s Parents.

Meet Noah Centineo’s Parents. His Father’s name is Gregory Vincent Centineo, and His Mum is Kellee Janel.

Growing-Up Years :

Gregory and Kellee successfully raised their two children in  Boca Raton, Florida. The first child of the family is Taylor Centineo. She is a good older sister, and credibly, she made Noah’s acting career come true.

Noah Centineo, during his soccer days. Credit: superstar bio
Noah Centineo, during his soccer days. Credit: superstar bio

Growing up in  Boca Raton, Florida, the actor played soccer and had a passion for the sport. At the age of eight, his sibling, Taylor, tried out for a talent agency located in West Palm Beach. Unexpectedly, he found himself auditioning as well; after discovering he had a passion for acting, he left his studies behind in 2012 and relocated to Los Angeles with the ambition of pursuing an acting career.

 Noah Centineo Early Life:

Noah Centineos was Raised in Boynton Beach, Florida; he lived with his elder sibling, Taylor, and his parent. He was interested in soccer while in high school. The youngster was never interested in acting. His aspirations were set on becoming a pro football athlete and a drummer.

Meet Noah's elder sibling, Taylor. Credit: Pinterest.
Meet Noah’s elder sibling, Taylor. Credit: Pinterest.

When Noah was 8 years old he accompanied his sister, who auditioned for a Robert Powers talents agency located in West Palm Beach, Florida. While waiting for his sister at the anteroom, an agent approached him and asked him to audition, seeing he has the physique but he refused and after being convinced unexpectedly, he found himself auditioning, despite not having any initial intentions.

When Centineo was offered a role in the ‘Disney Channel series Austin & Ally after a series of acting classes, he decided to leave his studies. Subsequently, in 2012, he convinced his parents to relocate to Los Angeles with the ultimate goal of establishing his acting career, and he made them understand that it was something he has always wanted.

Noah Centineo Family Background:

Gregory Centineo is a businessman, former pastor, and also a producer Recognized for his works like Art Story and his mother, a yoga instructor. They worked so hard in training their kids, seeing them through education, and supporting their careers.

Meet Hunter's beautiful family.
Meet Hunter’s beautiful family.

Noah’s parents, despite facing a lot of challenges on how being the parent of a renowned celebrity has affected them, and they never gave up on their son. From our research, it indicates that he originates from a reasonably well-off upper-middle-class family. Unfortunately, at the age of 15, his parents got divorced, which led to the separation of the family.

Career Buildup:

Noah Centineo was a student at BAK Middle School of the Arts and later Boca Raton Community High School until he relocated to Los Angeles in 2012 when he was just sixteen. His first acting role was portraying Josh Peters in the family-oriented movie The Gold Retrievers, released in 2009.

Launching his career at 15, the young actor made his debut in ‘The Gold Retrievers.’ He went on to build his filmography with roles in movies such as ‘Turkles,’ ‘SPF-18,’ ‘Can’t Take It Back,’ ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,’ and ‘Sierra Burgess Is a Loser.’ His TV credits also grew impressively, featuring standout performances in shows like ‘Austin & Ally,’ ‘Shake It Up,’ ‘Newsreaders,’ and ‘The Fosters.’


Noah Centineo pursued his early education at BAK Middle School of the Arts, followed by Boca Raton Community High School for his freshman and sophomore years, where he was a part of the football team. Upon his family’s relocation to Los Angeles in 2012, he joined Agoura High School.

Boca Raton Community High School is the High School Noah Centineo attended. Credit:
Boca Raton Community High School is the High School Noah Centineo attended. Credit:


He is mainly Italian and Native American, but he also has some Puerto Rican and Dutch family background. He spent his childhood in Boynton Beach, Florida, where he lived with his family.

Noah Centineo Bio – Road to Fame Story:

In 2009, when Noah was just 15 years old, he landed a pivotal role that marked his career’s turning point.

In the family-friendly drama ‘The Gold Retrievers,’ he landed the lead role as ‘Josh Peters.’ The plot follows a young boy who sets off on a treasure-hunting expedition with his dog.

Noah Centineo as Josh Peters in The Gold Retrievers Credit:
Noah Centineo as Josh Peters in The Gold Retrievers Credit: Rarefilmfinders

Noah Centineo initiated his professional journey through TV performances, playing a significant character in the TV show The Fosters between 2015 and 2018. His popularity broadened after landing lead roles in Netflix’s romantic comedies, including To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018), Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018), and The Perfect Date (2019)

Noah as Dallas in 'Austin and Ally' on Disney Channel.
Noah as Dallas in ‘Austin and Ally’ on Disney Channel.

He is known as Dallas from the famous Disney show “Austin and Ally.” Movie buffs remember him as Peter Kevinsky from the sensational Netflix film  .” He has also landed key roles in a number of T.V., which gave him favorable critiques and emerged as an icon among teenagers.

Noah Centineo Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

After appearing in a number of roles on Disney and Nickelodeon, Centineo clinched a career-defining role in The Fosters. With Jake T. Austin’s exit from the ABC Family series, Centineo stepped up to take over the character of Jesus Adams Foster, a central figure in the show.

A mere two months after The Fosters concluded, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before made its debut on Netflix, and all of a sudden, everything changed.

Noah Centineo as Atom smasher in the movie Black Adam. credit:
Noah Centineo as Atom smasher in the movie Black Adam. credit: IMDb

All of a sudden, my name was recognized after what, doors I’d never imagined opened,” he shares. “I was also lucky to have been given some time to adjust, so it wasn’t excessively daunting. It was intense for about 20 minutes, and then I thought, ‘Okay, I can handle this. This is positive.'”

From that point forward, his career has been a continuous journey, initially securing one Netflix romantic comedy after another. Eventually, he partially shelved his romantic hero image and transitioned into more formal roles, as symbolized by donning a suit or two

In 2018, Noah received recognition from the IMDb awards as one of the Top 10 Breakout Stars. His performance in the film To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before garnered him an MTV Movie and TV award. Further, his portrayal in The Perfect Date led him to secure the Teen Choice Awards in 2019.

Noah Centineo’s Love Life

It is widely speculated that Centineo is in a relationship with Anastasia ‘Stassie’ Karanikolaou, a well-known personality on social media, YouTube, and the modeling industry.

Rumor had it that Noah Centineo and Stassie Karanikolaou’s romantic involvement began in June 2020 when the two engaged in playful banter on one of Stassie’s Instagram posts. In the photo, Stassie was seen wearing a large jacket, prompting Noah to comment, “Give me my damn jacket back, woman … PLEASE.”

What began as dating speculation unexpectedly grew into marriage gossip, with various accounts claiming that Noah and Stassie had eloped to Las Vegas for a secret wedding. Noah chose to remain silent on the matter but promptly dismissed the rumors, asserting that they had not tied the knot.

About Noah Centineo (Girlfriend):

Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou, who hails from Los Angeles, California, was born in June 1997. Now aged 25, she has spent her life growing up in a well-off, upper-middle-class environment.

Our research shows that Centineo is currently in a relationship with 23-year-old Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou. The romance between Centineo and Karanikolaou began in the latter part of 2020, and they’ve maintained a relatively quiet presence regarding their relationship on social media.

Meet Noah's girlfriend Anastasia "Stassie" Karanikolaou
Meet Noah’s girlfriend Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou

Stassie Karanikolaou boasts an impressive 11 million followers on Instagram, with influencer earnings believed to exceed US$40,000 per post. However, her initial rise to fame can be attributed to her association with the Kardashians.

Angeline Appel

Noah Centineo enjoys considerable popularity, particularly among a large base of female fans. Initially, he refrained from discussing his personal relationships, sparking a slew of speculation regarding his sexual orientation. In time, he clarified in a press interaction that he is heterosexual. He is in a relationship with actress Angeline Appel, renowned for her role in ‘Step Up Revolution.’

Meet Noah's Angeline Appel, Noah's Former Girlfriend.
Meet Noah’s Angeline Appel, Noah’s Former Girlfriend.

Angeline frequently shares snapshots capturing their joyful times together. Noah was in a relationship with Disney actress Angeline Appel for a duration of two years, from 2016 to 2018.

Personal Life :

Away from his career, the gifted young celebrity is passionate about fitness and maintains a consistent routine of yoga, meditation, and physical exercises to ensure his health and well-being. The skilled performer is quite proficient in taking selfies and enjoys capturing his own images. He frequently posts these captivating self-portraits and snapshots on Instagram to the delight of his followers.

It might surprise you that Noah Centineo doesn’t smoke, drink, or use drugs. Instead, he engaged in playing with pets. He loves pets, especially dogs. Even though he was once bitten by a dog, he still loves them and enjoys having pets.

Noah Centineo Lifestyle :

When discussing his lifestyle, one can characterize the youngster as an absolutely modest person with lavish expenditures.

Noah Centineo identifies as an ESFP personality type. He exudes a friendly and warm demeanor and thrives when he is the focal point of attention. Being an ESFP, he infuses vibrancy and energy into any gathering. The famous actor’s Preferred Vehicles are BMW 7 Series and Ford Mustang.

Noah Centineo Family Life :

Centineo was Born into a blue-collar family and has a supporting family. His parents were the first ones to inspire him to venture into acting. He also has a sibling, an older sister named Taylor Centineo, who took part in his career. In this segment of Noah Centineo’s life story, we delve into his family background, beginning with the family’s patriarch.

About Noah Centineo Father:

Gregory Vincent Centineo is the proud parent of the renowned American actor Noah Centineo, born on the 11th day of December  1963 in the United States of America. He is a businessman, former pastor, and also a producer Recognized for his works like Art Story. He has always been a good father to his family and a source of inspiration to his kids.

Behold Gregory Vincent Centineo, Noah’s father. Credit: Fansided.
Behold Gregory Vincent Centineo, Noah’s father. Credit: Fansided.

Gregory Vincent Centineo has shown a significant presence at public gatherings. On March 5, 2014, he participated in a session at the Winston Baker Film Financing Forum in Los Angeles. He conversed with John Live about his journey of raising his son, as well as the impact of being a celebrity’s father on his personal life. Gregory Vincent Centineo expressed.

It’s quite a journey. At times it feels unreal, other times, it is completely ordinary. People often ask me, “How has your life transformed?” Not much, it mostly seems pretty usual. Except for some instances when I see him appearing on shows like Jimmy Fallon or Kimmel, things are relatively normal.

He further added, “When you’re casually browsing through Netflix and stumble upon your son’s movie, or when you step into a Starbucks and suddenly find a throng of people surrounding him – these are the changes I regard as peripheral. However, our day-to-day existence largely remains unchanged.”

Greg further elaborated, “Watching someone pursue their dream and actualize it has been a remarkable experience. That’s the thrilling part, and it fills me with pride to see him accomplish this. It’s not a stroke of luck. It was planned – both he and we strategized, he pursued it and put in the hard work. So, it’s truly rewarding.”

About Noah Centineo Mother :

Known to the world as Kellee Janel Centineo, Kellee Janel gave birth to Noah Centineo, an incredibly talented and handsome individual. Besides her identity as a mother, Kellee herself earned acclaim for her acting prowess, which she demonstrated splendidly in the 2011 film, Turkles.

Born Kelle Janel Andes on November 21, 1969, she hails from the Andes family and grew up in a Christian environment. She spent the first ten years of her life in Australia alongside her six elder siblings. After that, the family made a significant move to the United States.

Meet Kelle Janel, Noah's beloved mother. Credit: Teenvogue.
Meet Kelle Janel, Noah’s beloved mother. Credit: Teenvogue.

About Noah Centineo Sister

Taylor Centineo is the older sister to Noah; she was born on the 20th day of December 1994. Interestingly, it was Taylor’s childhood aspiration to be a model that eventually paved the way for Noah’s career in acting.

Though Taylor isn’t significantly older than Noah, he acknowledges her as a maternal figure, attributing her with nurturing him in a manner akin to a second mother. Additionally, his sister has always showered him with affection, often treating him like a younger child. The bond between the siblings is solid; they share a deep love for each other and currently reside together in Los Angeles.

Meet Noah's sister, Taylor, A Strong Sibling Bond and Maternal Nurturing in Los Angeles. Credit:
Meet Noah’s sister, Taylor, A Strong Sibling Bond and Maternal Nurturing in Los Angeles. Credit: Distractify 

Taylor, primarily recognized as Noah’s sister, is neither an actress nor a TV personality. She possesses a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Pepperdine University and contributes as a development assistant at Centropolis Entertainment and Matt Tolmach Productions.

Additionally, she is gradually garnering attention for her relationship with the baseball player Brandon Caruso.

Untold Facts:

As we near the conclusion of our exploration of Noah Centineo, we will devote this part to revealing some more fascinating information about him. So, let’s delve in without any further ado.

Noah Centineo leads a clean lifestyle, abstaining from alcohol and drugs. His preferred method for mental clarity is through practicing yoga. Among the emojis he frequently uses, the bespectacled nerd face with buck teeth stands out. In his leisure time away from his acting career, he indulges in activities like hiking, meditation, reading, playing with pets, taking selfies and strumming the guitar.

"Noah Centineo's Off-Screen Life: Healthy Habits, Favorite Emoji, and Fun Activities"
“Noah Centineo’s Off-Screen Life: Healthy Habits, Favorite Emoji, and Fun Activities”

Noah Centinoe Salary:

Celebrity Net Worth estimates the actor’s net worth to be around $2 million. His impressive achievements in Hollywood in just a few short years are worth mentioning. His steadfast dedication promises to lead him to even greater success, recognition, and financial prosperity in the coming years. Currently, Centineo’s main source of income stems from his acting career, spanning both films and television shows. Moreover, his considerable Instagram following of 16.3 million allows him to earn additional income through brand collaborations and promotional endorsements.

 Noah Centineo Tattoos:

According to pictures sourced by the Daily Mail, a surprising new tattoo seems to depict a bear alongside two cubs. It’s unclear if the tattoo is a permanent addition or if it was inked specifically for a character in an upcoming movie or series.


In a 2019 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Noah shared a peculiar pledge he made to himself about tattoos. He said, “I decided I would only shave my head or get a tattoo when one of my movies gets into theaters.

In another series of photos from early August 2022, it appeared that Noah was also sporting some ink on his neck. However, it’s unclear if this tattoo is real or fake. Other than that, it looks like those two are his only possible tattoos — Noah has spoken about his recent physical transformation in a 2020 interview with Harper’s Baazar, though!

Noah Centineo Religion :

Born into a blue-collar family in Miami, Florida, Centineo is a proud American who follows the Christian faith. His diverse heritage is a blend of Dutch, Puerto Rican, and Italian ancestries.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down the content of Noah Centineo’s Biography.

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Noah Centineo, a TV and movie actor, was born on May 9, 1996, in the United States. He grew up in Miami, Florida. His dad, Gregory Vincent Centineo, worked as a filmmaker and director, while his mom, Kellee Janel, was a homemaker. From a young age, he always wanted to be an actor. He is best known for his parts in movies like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Perfect Date.

Noah received his high school education at BAK Middle School of Arts before advancing to Boca Raton Community High School for his senior studies. He embarked on his acting career by landing the lead role of Josh Peters in the family film series The Gold Retrievers in 2009.

Taylor Centineo holds the position of being Noah Centineo’s older sister, making him the youngest member in their family. It was through his sister he got into the movie industry and became famous.

Superstar Noah is currently in a relationship with Stassie Karanikolaou a well-known personality on social media, YouTube, and the modeling industry.

In 2015, Noah got his first regular role on a TV show. He took over the role of Jesus Adams Foster from Jake T. Austin, a former Disney Channel star, for the third season of The Fosters on ABC Family. He stayed on the show for three seasons until it ended in 2018.

During this time, he was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer TV Star: Male. In the final year of The Fosters, Noah also played the character Hawk in the second season of the go90 show Tagged, which was renewed for a third season.

After that, Noah became more popular on Netflix. In 2018, he was the main male character in two romantic comedies where he was the guy a girl liked. These were Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

The second movie had two more parts: To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020) and To All the Boys: Always and Forever (2021). He also acted as Brooks Rattigan in another Netflix comedy movie, The Perfect Date (2019).

When he’s not busy with work, Noah likes to indulge in activities like singing, reading, and visiting the beach. He also takes pleasure in practicing yoga and engaging in martial arts.

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