Carson Wentz Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Carson Wentz Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Carson Wentz Biography tells you facts about his Childhood story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Wife (Madison Oberg), Daughter (Hadley Jayne Wentz).

Moreso, the quarterback’s brothers (Zach Wentz and Luke Wentz), Personal Life, Salary, net worth and Lifestyle.

The duty here is to portray a detailed overview of this American football quarterback in the clearest of terms. Our story started when he came into this world until becoming a household name in rugby football.

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To tickle your fancy on our autobiography, behold the images of happenings around his life from the very beginning.

Carson Wentz Biography - Behold his Life and Success Story.
Carson Wentz Biography – Behold his Life and Success Story.

Yes, we all know him because of his game-changing capacity and defence as a quarterback in the NFL. His charisma and dogged disposition have left many in amazement while at play.

Irrespective of his achievements, we noticed many people do not fully grasp his life story.

Therefore, we have thought it wise with all pleasure to bring you the thrilling tale of Carson Wentz and a breakdown of his rugby events. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Carson Wentz Childhood story:

Before we begin, let’s talk about his birth history. Carson Wentz came into this world on the 30th day of December 1992 to his mother, Cathy Domres and father, Doug Wentz, in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC), USA.

The quarterback prodigy was born as the middle child among his two brothers (Zack Wentz and Luke Wentz).

Carson Wentz and his two brothers were born of the union between their parents (Doug Wentz and Cathy Domres), whose picture is below.

Behold Carson Wentz's parents - his mother, Cathy Domres and father, Doug Wentz.
Behold Carson Wentz’s parents – his mother, Cathy Domres and father, Doug Wentz.

The Early Life and Growing-up Years of Carson Wentz:

Despite being born in Raleigh, the rugby star with his family moved to North Dakota (ND), where he aged.

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Carson Wentz was three when his Dad, Doug Wentz, had the family move. As a result, most of his school training took place in ND.

An early photo of Carson Wentz.
An early photo of Carson Wentz.

In fact, during his childhood, he had a passion for basketball and baseball successfully, along with American Football.

However, rugby football took the better part of him. Carson Wentz was skinny and possessed a fragile stature.

A photo of Carson Wentz after a baseball game.
A photo of Carson Wentz after a baseball game.

He never shied away from contact but played whatever position presented to him. It became known later that he wrote about how he wanted to be a football player during his second grade at school.

Growing up moment in North Dakota.

His competitive nature would drive him into excellence. So, he was an avid Minnesota Vikings fan. In addition, he idolized former Green Bay Packers legend and 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee QB Brett Favre.

Carson Wentz Family Background:

Welfare has a lot to do with one’s ability to achieve dreams and aspirations. Carson Wentz’s household had no issues in providing basic needs for the running of the home.

They had an average income and just enough to cater to members of the house.

Carson’s father, Doug Wentz, was a linebacker at Northern State and his brother was a baseball-starting pitcher for North Dakota State University (NDSU).

The presence of his father (Doug Wentz) and his elder brother (Zack Wentz) as athletes also was only a boost for the National Football League(NFL) player. Meanwhile, his mother (Cathy Domres) also gave moral support.

A photo of Carson's first push; his father (Doug Wentz) and his elder brother (Zack Wentz).
A photo of Carson’s first push; his father (Doug Wentz) and his elder brother (Zack Wentz).

Carson Wentz Family Origin:

Our ancestry, they say, defines our unique inherited sense of identity. So, tracing family roots and ethnic origin exposes values, traditions, culture, and artefacts handed down by previous generations.

Even though Carson Wentz aged in North Dakota (ND), his birthplace remains Raleigh in NC, sometimes called the City of Oaks.

His dad, Doug Wentz, has German ancestry but has long settled in the US. So, both of his parents are full-blood Americans. 

As such, the NFL player is, therefore, an American with white ethnicity. Beneath this write-up is a picture that grants details of the footballer’s roots.

Map depicting Carson Wentz’s family roots.

Carson Wentz Early Career:

As an avid sportsperson, Wentz played football, baseball, hockey, and basketball from an early age. By senior year, he was six feet and five inches tall. His fast growth gave him an advantage on the field. But, if he wasn’t the best, he wasn’t good enough.

As time went by, football became his choicest sports. His football career began in college with the ‘North Dakota State Bison football team, with whom he won five consecutive “Football Championship Subdivision” (FCS) titles. See what Carson Wentz looked like during that time.

A picture of Carson Wentz at the onset of his football career.

Carson Wentz Education:

As a young chap, he attended ‘Century High School’ in Bismarck. While in high school, he played as a quarterback and a defensive back for his school football team.

Carson was good in academics and graduated as a valedictorian of his class.

The Century High School Hall of Fame, where Carson Wentz is featured plus the pitch.

In 2011, he then joined the NDSU. By 2015, he finished his college career ranking third in school history with a 4.0 GPA. Carson graduated with a degree in physical and health education.

A graphic vision of the young champ while at NDSU.

On graduation, he earned the awards as the “Academic All-American of 2015,” conferred by the “College Sports Information Directors of America.” Carson Wentz won that 2015 award twice.

Carson Wentz Biography – Road to Fame Story:

Shortly following graduation, Carson secured a place with the ‘Philadelphia Eagles’ for the first NFL Draft’ as the second overall pick in 2016. Then, he got signed on a four-year contract with the team.

Carson secured a place with the ‘Philadelphia Eagles’ for the first NFL Draft’ as the second overall pick.

During his first week of professional football, he got officially named a starter and received the ‘Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week.’

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In addition, Carson Wentz also won the NCAA Division I Championship Game Most Outstanding football Player in 2015 and 2016.

Carson Wentz winning the NCAA Division I Championship Game Most Outstanding football Player in 2016.

Carson Wentz Biography- Rise to Fame:

During the National Football League (NFL) season of 2017, Carson Wentz had impressive stats with his team in Philadelphia Eagles. He had 265 completions, 440 passing attempts, 3, 296 passing yards, and 33 passing touchdowns.

A gallery of events in 2017.

As a result, he won the NFC Offensive Player of the Week and the month, respectively. The team also saw history when Wentz emerged as the first quarterback to throw for over 4,000 yards in 2019.

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On the 6th day of June 2019, Philadelphia Eagles had Wentz’s contract extended through to 2024.

The Star quarterback has since remained a progressively impressive and Charismatic sports person, setting the pace for others to follow.

The win before Carson Wentz’s contract extension in 2019.

Melissa Uhrich Carson Wentz Love Story:

The athlete got involved in a relationship as early as his college days. He had a long affair with Melissa Uhrich since his high school days. The ties looked blissful as they got seen spotted together in public places.

Carson with his college girlfriend, Melissa Uhrich.
Carson with his college girlfriend, Melissa Uhrich.

Contrariwise, they broke up in 2017 for reasons best known to them. However, it seems the break-up was mutual.

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On a lighter note, Wentz shook off the beast and refused to relent on finding the love of his life. So, he met and began dating Madison Oberg in 2017.

Carson on a date with Maddie Oberg.
Carson on a date with Maddie Oberg.

She is the daughter of Lisa Broughton and Brian Oberg and hails from Lexington, Kentucky.

Wentz announced his engagement to Maddie Oberg after the team’s victory in the Superbowl game on the 6th day of February 2018.

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Photo frenzy with the love of his life, Maddie Oberg.
Photo frenzy with the love of his life, Maddie Oberg.

After dating for over twelve months, the football champ married Madison Oberg on the 16th day of July 2018. The duo has a daughter to show for the marriage.

About Carson Wentz’s Children:

Two years after Carson had tied the knots with his wife, Madison Oberg had a baby girl and their first daughter named Hadley Jayne. The baby was given birth on the 27th day of April 2020.

Carson, Maddie and their first daughter named Hadley Jayne.
Carson, Maddie and their first daughter named Hadley Jayne.

Excitingly, the couple has announced that by June 2021 that they were expecting another child together.

Carson Wentz Family Life:

No doubt that the peaceful and warm atmosphere at home encouraged Carson Wentz’s consistent success.

The bond between members of the household was thick and is worthy of emulation. As such, let’s take this moment to talk more in details about each of them.

More About Carson Wentz Father:

The Rugby football prodigy must have developed his chief interest and passion for sports by watching and being around his dad (Doug Wentz).

Carson Wentz father was once a banker at Bismarck. He also had a college career as a linebacker at Northern State in Aberdeen.

A pix of Carson Wentz's dad; Doug Wentz.
A pix of Carson Wentz’s dad; Doug Wentz.

Doug Wentz would have been robust for a linebacker and fast to get around the outer area and then to the quarterback. The goal is usually to provide extra run protection or pass as a means of defence.

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Though he was once married to Cathy Domres, the union never lasted. However, Doug Wentz got remarried to Laurie Wentz, but they have no child together.

An early pix of Doug and Laurie Wentz.
An early pix of Doug and Laurie Wentz.

More about Carson Wentz’s stepmother:

Laurie Wentz is an Office Manager at Quality Title Incorporation in North Dakota.

She has always been a businesswoman and once worked in the bank at Bismarck, N.D, United States. She has a daughter from her former relationship called Bailey.

The office manager; Laurie Wentz.
The office manager; Laurie Wentz.

About Carson Wentz’s Mother:

Cathy Domres, now Cathy Anhalt, is Carson Wentz’s mum. However, separated from Carson’s father, she has always been of full support to the Star Quarterback right from childhood.

Meet Carson Wentz with his Mum (Cathy Domres).
Meet Carson Wentz with his Mum (Cathy Domres).

She was the one who found outlets for Carson to channel his energy after discovering that he had lots of power as a result of his hyperactiveness. She works with the American Heart Association. Cathy got remarried to Kevin Anhalt but has no child for him yet.

About Carson Wentz Siblings:

Just like we stated earlier, Carson Wentz is the middle child with a brother ahead of him named Zack Wentz. In addition, he has another brother named Luke Wentz. Let’s take a look at both of his brothers.

About Carson Wentz Brother – Zack Wentz:

The Bison baseball alum, Zach Wentz, is Carson Wentz’s eldest brother. He is also a player and gets poised to be one of the greatest athletes out of the city of Bismarck, being a three-time All-State athlete for Century High School.

Carson Wentz's elder brother, Zack Wentz.
Carson Wentz’s elder brother, Zack Wentz.

Shortly after graduation, Zack tried his hand at professional baseball. It was an expected move by those who watched Wentz play.

However, Wentz had a unique vision for his life. He set the game aside and began a service life, both his family and Carson’s foundation.

About Carson Wentz Brother – Luke Wentz:

We know that Last borns tend to be able to charm and disarm better than older borns can.

They tend to be funnier, more intuitive and have a greater likelihood of being comedians, performers just because they learn soft power skills in the playroom.

Now, this is the lot of Luke Wentz. He is Carson Wentz’s youngest brother and the last born of the house.

Even though Luke Wentz is still in school at the time of this writing, a report has it that he has been touring different places, catching fun for himself.

Carson Wentz's younger brother, Luke Wentz.
Carson Wentz’s younger brother, Luke Wentz.

About Carson Wentz Relatives:

The rugby prodigy certainly has cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, and grandparents. But, unfortunately, little information is available about them. Contrariwise, he has a step-sister named Bailey.

Carson's stepmother; Laurie with his Stepsister, Bailey.
Carson’s stepmother; Laurie with his Stepsister, Bailey.

Carson Wentz Personal Life:

A closer look at rugby football prodigy exposes traits you would never have thought about; his popularity persuades many fans that he is 100% perfect. However, Carson, just as a popular song goes, is perfectly human.

The Capricorn zodiac is a Christian and enjoys hunting, going to lakes, relaxing with friends, and spending time with his golden retrievers’ dogs (Henley and Jersey). He has a sizeable growing fan following on social media.

fun time hunting with his dog.
fun time hunting with his dog.

Many of his fans compare him with the QB Dak Prescott, but he has proved they are not the same. He prefers most open-air exercises and training in the Gym.

More so, Reading magazines, watching TV series and playing video games is not also left out. When I think of the two Superstars, I remember this video clip.

Carson Wentz Lifestyle:

According to CBS Sports, he ranks No1 in terms of the Biggest individual dead money charges of all time. For an athlete with many accolades and corresponding cash benefits, luxury is so affordable.

Wentz loves lavish automobiles; his garage gets littered with few beautiful rides like the Cadillac, Range Rover and Corvette.

Carson Wentz with one of his luxury cars and expensive dogs.
Carson Wentz with one of his luxury cars and expensive dogs.

He has a Lamborghini worth $450,000. In addition, he also has a luxury home in Philadelphia. We estimate the estate to be worth about $6 million. The Rugby football player once possessed a Salem County home in South Jersey.

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Salem County home in South Jersey.

Salary and Net Worth:

Carson Wentz is among the most successful American football players. The primary source of his finances comes from his successful career in the NFL. According to Sportrac, he has a net worth of $45 million as of 2020. In addition, his annual salary is approximately $1.3 million.

Thanks to his outstanding performances, the NFL player signed a four-year rookie deal worth $26.67 million in 2016. However, the contract from the eagles got extended in 2019, now worth $128 million.

So, Carson would therefore earn $32 million annually from the contract till the 2024 season. It is an enormous amount ever guaranteed for a player in NFL history.


Carson Wentz has a robust endorsement portfolio with notable accomplishments in his career, earning $5 Million annually. He has signed deals with some companies: Nike, Bose headphones, Bobcat, Amazon, Scheels and Philadelphia based energy supplier NRG.

Carson Wentz Untold Facts:

Asides from the info stated above, here are essential facts about the football quarterback that will amaze you.

Fact #1: Tattoo on the wrist:

The rugby star has inscribed on his body various patterns of tattoo. For example, on his wrist, he carved a tattoo that reads “Audience of One,” this motto, he says, has shaped his life. While on his arm is one that reads ‘Agape’.

A picture showing just one of his many tattoos.

The wrist tattoo means “living for the Lord as my audience, trying to glorify everything.” while that on the arms means Unconditional love.

Fact #2: First job as an umpire:

For a sports competitor like Carson, he mastered most of the ball games he played. This knowledge and experiences availed him the opportunity of being an umpire at youth baseball games. That was his very first job.

Fact #3: Service to humanity:

Without being affected by his success, Carson Wentz still loves to share back to his community. He engages in several charities and organizations. Wentz has also raised funds through charity softball games.

He launched his foundation, the AO1 Foundation, to improve underprivileged youth, physically disabled people, and military veterans. 

The NFL player has also begun a project together with the mission of hope Haiti. The mission plans to open a new sports centre for teenagers in the country.

A snapshot with the mission of hope Haiti on a giving Tuesday.

Fact #4: A striking resemblance with Prince Harry:

If you have seen one of Queen Elizabeth II’s grand Sons (Prince Harry), we trust you to believe that the British royal blood is related to Carson Wentz. 

The identity is so striking, looking at their physical traits from hair colour to hair shape, eye colour, complexion, nose, smiles, and so much more. The picture below of Prince Harry and Carson Wentz would surely amaze you.

The uncanny resemblance between Carson Wentz and Prince Harry.
The uncanny resemblance between Carson Wentz and Prince Harry.

Fact #5: Farming Experience:

Since he grew up in the countryside, farming is not new to him. During the pandemic in 2020, the Star quarterback got involved in clearing his new farm to build food plots on his new farm in Texas. See below a picture of him with his Bobcat compact track loader.

Carson on his farm with a tractor plus stump grinder attachment.

Fact #6: Delayed Quarterback play:

Did you know that Carson Wentz had to wait three years to play quarterback in high school, then three more in college.? He was content to play any position assigned to him in the midst of all these and did each part excellently.

The quarterback champ at his best.

Carson Wentz Biography Summary:

To get a quick summary of his life history, Use the table below to get concise information about the renowned quarterback player.

Carson Wentz 's Bio Data

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name: Carson James Wentz
Nickname: TQC (Three-Quarters Carson)
Date of Birth: 30th of December 1992
Place of Birth:Raleigh, North Carolina, US
Profession: American football Player
Education: Bismarck (ND) Century High School and North Dakota State University
Wife/Spouse: Maddie Oberg
Father: Doug Wentz
Mother:Cathy Domres
Siblings (Brothers):Zach Wentz and Luke Domres
Sun Sign (Zodiac): Capricon
Height:6 ft 5 inches (1.96 m)
Net Worth:$15 million approx
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Carson Wentz Biography and Childhood Story is a call to duty for any emerging player or wanna-be champion athlete. He got involved in various sporting activities before finally deciding to settle for American Football.

It was his passion rather than fame or fortune that kept him at the edge of his game. His availability led to honing his quarterback skills till he made history.

We hope you found this write-up revealing and full of lessons. Do well to stay connected for more Biography facts about NFL Stars with top-notch accuracy. You may find some interest in the childhood story of Odell Beckham Jr, Davante Adams, Tom Brady and Antonio Brown.

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