Aaron Donald Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Aaron Donald Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Aaron Donald Biography tells you facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents (Archie Donald and Anita Goggins), Family, Relationships (Jaelynn Blakey and Erica Sherman).

Moreso, the athlete’s Personal Life, Lifestyle, Siblings (Archie Donald III and Akita Marie Donald), net worth and Salary.

To make our Biography short, we present you an overall picture of the Life history of Aaron Donald, an American football player for the Los Angeles Rams in the National Football League. Our story begins from his cradle times till he becomes a force to reckon in the NFL.

To sharpen your passion for our Biography, we present a gallery pathway of events surrounding Aaron Donald’s life history.

Certainly, the pictures you see below summarises the athlete’s life history.

A gallery pathway surrounding Aaron Donald's history - from cradle to fame.
A gallery pathway surrounding Aaron Donald’s history – from cradle to fame.

Yes, you should know him as an NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award. He is also the AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year three times.

Despite his accolades, only a few Sports lovers have read a concise piece of Aaron Donald’s Biography.

Therefore, we have considered it perfect to serve you the thrilling story of Aaron Donald. In addition, the breakdown of his athletic experience so far. Now, without delay, let us begin.

Aaron Donald Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, Aaron Charles Donald arrived on the earth on a happy Thursday on the 23rd day of May 1991. He was born to Anita Goggins and his father, Archie Donald.

Our American profile was birth in western Pennsylvania in the US City known as Pittsburgh.

Again, Aaron Donald was born among his two siblings (Archie Donald III and Akita Donald). They were all taken from the union of their father, Archie Donald and mother, Anita Goggins, whose photos we display below.

Behold Aaron Donald Parents - mother, Anita Goggins and father, Archie Donald.
Behold Aaron Donald Parents – mother, Anita Goggins and father, Archie Donald.

Behold Aaron Donald Parents – mother, Anita Goggins and father, Archie Donald.

Aaron Donald Early Life and Growing-up years:

His parents brought him up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aaron Donald, Archie III, and his older sister Akita lived together with Archie Sr and their mother, Anita. They were together until their parents divorced when Aaron was 8.

His journey in football began as a child. Aaron Donald’s mother, Anita Goggins, separated from his dad, Archie Donald. She then moved to Duquesne, PA, where she found a job. But then, Aaron overate, and so was Chubby.

An early photo of the chubby Aaron Donald.
An early photo of the chubby Aaron Donald.

He, in addition, worked too little. He was admittedly a lazy child. Nonetheless, his father, Archie, strove to change his attitude.

He lit a fire under Aaron at 12 by introducing him to weightlifting. Aaron Donald would work out for two hours with his dad every day at 4:30 am.

They had a makeshift gym in the basement of their house. The father taught Aaron and his siblings the importance of hard work and consistency.

As a result, he inspired his kids to work out and lift. See how the workouts transformed Aaron Donald in the clip below.

Aaron Donald played the sport for fun. Subsequently, he became enthusiastic about football. Besides, his skills improved. He took football more seriously on getting to school.

The family still owns the modest two-story house on Churchland Street. The basement still contains the gym. It is in the Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar neighbourhood in the northeast part of Pittsburg. See the photo below.

A photo of the modest two-story house on Churchland and the basement with the gym.
A photo of the modest two-story house on Churchland street and the basement with the gym.

Aaron Donald Family Background:

The NFL star was born in the house of a working-class family in Pittsburgh. His father, Archie, was also a former football player in college but had to retire from sports after injuring his knee cap.

Though unable to fulfil his dream, Archie would always motivate his children to become successful, as they are today.

Aaron Donald Family Origin:

The football Star is a native of Pittsburgh. Moreso, his dad, Archie Donald, was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he married and later raised his three children.

The region has seen a large migration of Africans in the 90s. Though Migrants going to Pittsburgh faced racial discrimination, they got involved in unskilled labour, construction, music and Sports.

Today it boasts of the likes of Christina Aguilera, Wiz Khalifa even Aaron Donald himself. Pittsburgh is now the most livable city in the United States.

Since Aaron Donald is of African Descent, we decipher he is African American. Moreso, he hails from Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, US. The picture below gives more detail.

A photo that shows Aaron Donald's Family origin.
A photo that shows Aaron Donald’s Family origin.

Aaron Donald Education:

Donald attended Penn Hills High School. There he played school football for head coach Ron Graham. It is a public secondary school located east of Pittsburg. Aaron’s seriousness in football started after he joined the football team in school.

Unsurprisingly, with his background of hard work, Aaron did so well. They selected him first-team All-State Class AAAA in each of his final two seasons.

The young chap compiled 63 tackles, 15 losses, and 11 sacks as a senior. Moreso, he started at offensive guard.

Donald attended Penn Hills High School where he played school football.
Donald attended Penn Hills High School, where he played school football.

Rivals.com considered Aaron a three-star prospect. He became rated as the 37th best defensive tackle in the US.

Still yet, Donald remained committed to his hometown, Pittsburgh. However, he had offers of scholarship from Toledo, Akron, and Rutgers.

He has a first degree in Communications. On the 27th day of April 2020, Donald revealed he had graduated from the University of Pittsburgh.

Aaron Donald after a collegiate match in Penn Hills.
Aaron Donald after a collegiate match in Penn Hills.

Aaron Donald Bio – Early Life (Career):

In the season of 2010, in his first year, Donald started his career as a substitute on-guard tackle and didn’t feature in many games. However, by 2011, he was no longer a substitute but the team’s leading defensive person.

He had 47 tackles that year, 16 losses, 11 sacks, and one forced fumble. In his Junior year, he rose to 64 tackles, 18.5 loss and one forced fumble. These incredible stats have set him up in his college career.

In his senior year, he had recorded 59 tackles, 28 losses, and four forced fumbles. Donald’s outstanding performance led him to receive various awards.

The awards include the award for the best defensive player in the National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA.

And then, ACC defensive player of the year. When he finished college, Donald became drafted to the NFL as the 13th pick of the 2014 NFL selection.

Also, a Unanimous All-American. The St. Louis Rams selected him for a four-year rookie contract that could extend to the fifth year. 

Donald is at his best - defensive tackle mood.
Donald is at his best – defensive tackle mood.

Aaron Donald Biography – Road to Fame:

The “cheat code” made his first NFL debut on the 7th day of September 2014 against the Minnesota Vikings.

The game finished with a loss, but he made four tackles. Other games soon followed, and he displayed his skills.

After the 2014 season, he got named the NFL All-Rookie Team. It is no surprise to anyone following Donald’s career closely.

When they saw his zest for football. He soon geared to be the best defensive tackle in the NFL. See his best sacks in the video below.

In the 2015 season, Donald became the Rams defensive starter. His first match was against the Seattle Seahawks.

After which, he emerged the NFC Defensive Player of the week twice in the 2015 season. He bagged the Rookie defensive player of the year award.

Aaron Donald Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Notwithstanding, Donald yet received The NCC Defensive player of the week twice. He was fined severally for his unsportsmanlike behaviour in his 2016 season.

The Rams extended his rookie contract to the five years when the 2017 season ended.

He made his first Superbowl feature in 2018 in the Superbowl LIII. Nevertheless, he lost 13-3 to the New England Patriots.

The Rams then renewed his contract for a 6-year. The agreement made him the second-highest-paid defensive tackle sportsman in the History of the NFL after Khalil Mack of the Chicago Bears.

In January 2019, he became named the AP All-Pro First Team. By February, Aaron Donald won 2019 PFF Defensive Player of the Year. Two weeks later, he recorded two sacks on Josh Allen. He became named the NFC Defensive athlete of the week for his performance.

Yet again, three weeks later, Donald recorded a strip-sack on rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Donald recorded his first sack of the 2020 season on Dak Prescott during the 20–17 win. Two weeks later, he recorded two sacks on Josh Allen.

He became named the NFC Defensive athlete of the week for his performance. Yet again, three weeks later, Donald recorded a strip-sack on rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. It was Tagovailoa’s first career passing attempt during the 28–17 road loss.

Moreover, in 2021, Donald got selected for the Pro Bowl. Donald sacked Russell Wilson twice during the 30–20 win in the Wild Card Round against the Seattle Seahawks playoffs. He achieved the NFL Defensive sportsman of the year for the third time in four years.

Donald achieved the 2020 NFL Defensive sports competitor of the year for the third time in four years.
Donald achieved the NFL Defensive sports competitor of the year for the third time in four years.

Who is Aaron Donald Dating?:

Jaelynn Blakey is Aaron’s longtime girlfriend. She is a mother to two Kids. So far, the duo welcomed a beautiful daughter named Jaeda in April 2013. Meanwhile, Aaron Jr. arrived three years later on the 6th day of April 2016.

Donald and Blakey both grew up in western Pennsylvania and appeared to have been high school sweethearts. She attended Penn Hills High School likely where she met Donald. Jaelynn Blakey graduated in 2010.

Blakey Doesn’t Appear to Have an Instagram, But She cheers Donald on Via Her Facebook Account.

Donald’s Children got seen cheering Him on more than one occasion. Aaron enrolled the kids in school in the Ohio township in Pennsylvania.

Aaron Donald with his two kids, Jaeda (2013) and Aaron Jr.
Aaron Donald with his two kids, Jaeda (2013) and Aaron Jr. (2016).

Conversely, Aaron is no longer in an affair with Jaelynn Blakey but is currently engaged to Erica Sherman.

Donald met Erica while she was working for Los Angeles Rams. So, they became friends and started dating shortly after.

Aaron and Erica do not have any children of their own. They are currently engaged, and they plan to get married soon. 

The NFL champ with his girlfriend, Erica Sherman at an awards.
The NFL champ with his girlfriend, Erica Sherman, at an award.

More About Aaron Donald Girlfriend – Erica Sherman:

Aaron Charles Donald’s fiance is a Community Affairs Manager. She mainly works in the sports industry. Moreso, Erica previously worked for the Los Angeles Rams team. She is also the marketing manager of her fiance, Aaron Donald.

Erica Sherman attended Louisiana State University. She does not have any kids. However, the duo has hinted to get one soon after their marriage. The pair live together in Calabasas, California.

Aaron Donald Family Facts:

Donald’s father and brother were instrumental in Donald’s future success. He acknowledges his parents, especially his dad, who gave him the best training. His parents have a serious work ethic. So they were instrumental in Donald’s future success.

Despite his parents’ separation, a cordial relationship exists among them. Aaron Donald’s Biography would be incomplete without them. Here’s a look at the lives of each member of his household.

About Aaron Donald’s Father – Archie Donald:

Aaron’s dad, Archie Donald, grew up in the southern part of Homewood. The town is historically the most violent area of Pittsburgh. He once won a weightlifting event by bench pressing 405 pounds.

Archie eventually became the subject of folklore for the vicious hits he delivered. Some of which allegedly broke helmets. Archie took part in football until his freshman year at Norfolk State. Unfortunately, He broke his kneecap and never returned.

Archie grew up without a father. But he vowed to be an enduring presence in his children’s lives. He also once ran a commercial cleaning company for a while, but it faded after the 11th day of September 2001, terror attacks that destabilized the economy.

See the smiles of a fulfilled dad, Archie Donald Sr.
See the smiles of a fulfilled dad, Archie Donald Sr.

Archie later worked in construction and delivered phone books. He recycled tires, and pieced together odd jobs to meet. Though unable to fulfil his dream, Archie would always motivate his children to become successful as they are today.

When Aaron emerged the Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2014, he surprised his dad with a pickup truck. Furthermore, for his 53rd birthday, he again bought him a $40,000 Rolex Sky-Dweller watch.

Weeks after he signed the extension, Aaron’s parents, his financial advisor, presented a portfolio promising $1 million for each — taxes all paid. And a brand-new home of their choice. They both retired immediately.

The father taught his children the importance of hard work and consistency. His family is a supporter of the Steelers. They were all raised in Pittsburgh. Nonetheless, they still support Aaron and the Rams anytime he is against the Steelers.

Aaron Donald Mother – Anita Goggins:

Donald’s mum, Anita Goggins, initially stayed home to care for her three children. However, after she left them, she began a transportation business.

Goggins often picked routes that passed through the family’s neighbourhood so she could check on her children. If she were at work during her sons’ games, she would choose a path by the field when nearby.

After Donald signed his mega-deal last year, he immediately phoned his parents and told them to retire. Now Goggins helps look after eight grandchildren.

Retired Aaron's mum, Anita Goggins helps look after her grandchildren.
Retired Aaron’s mum, Anita Goggins helps look after her grandchildren.

Aaron Donald Brother – Archie Donald III:

Donald’s Brother, Archie Donald Jr., was a Successful Collegiate Football sports person. He was a star linebacker for the University of Toledo. He bounced around the NFL as an undrafted free agent until retiring in 2012.

The brothers, who shared bunk beds in their childhood, frequently thought about helping their parents retire one day.  According to Gonzalez, it became one of the driving forces in Aaron’s career.

Archie Donald Jr., was also a Successful Collegiate Football sports person.
Archie Donald Jr. was also a Successful Collegiate Football sports person.

Aaron Donald Sister – Akita Donald:

Akita Donald was always in the limelight as an elder sister of famous Aaron Donald. She has been an influential supporter throughout Donald’s career. In addition, Aaron and Akita share a very close relationship.

After their parents separated, they both, including their elder brother Archie Donald Jr. have been there for each other. Akita Donald is a well-educated person. She has a Bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in psychology from Carlow University.

Undoubtedly, Akita is a very successful woman. Along with her profession as a mental health specialist, she is also helping Donald with his charity foundation in Pittsburgh. Akita is married with children. Since her marriage, she is now Akita Marie.

A photo of Akita Marie Donald with her two brothers.
A photo of Akita Marie Donald with her two brothers.

About Aaron Donald Relatives:

The trailblazing NFL sportsman has relatives. Aside from his father, mother, and sisters. Aaron Donald has a few extended family members.

He has uncles, aunts, nephews, brothers-in-law and grandparents. As such, Aaron Donald has relatives and shares ample time with them.

Aaron Donald Personal Life:

Our Biography would not be complete without talking about his lifestyle. We know Donald for being a friendly, humble guy. But a gladiator on the field. You could see the drive and the part of him that refused to be calm. Donald is from a close-knit family.

He enjoys spending time with his family, parents, and siblings. Aaron is a man with a massive physique. He has so far maintained a hard work ethic. Donald’s body is a plus point for being a defensive tackle. And Aaron focuses on his health habits.

Aaron is a fitness geek. The Pittsburgh native is always busy with his games and fitness. So, he spends a pretty lot of moments in his gym. Conversely, he rarely takes a vacation. The NFL Star has proved a lover of Ping pong.

Aaron is a fitness geek and so, focuses on his health habits.
Aaron is a fitness geek and so, focuses on his health habits.

Not since Forrest Grump has anyone made the game look fantastic. Ping pong is one of Donald’s passions. He has honed his skills since the years. Furthermore, Aaron Donald takes advantage of social media.

Rams Start is quite regular on his social handles. The platform helps to bridge the gap with fans. Moreso, he posts about his workout routines and his sturdy body often. Aaron Donald is active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

Aaron Donald signing autographs for his loving fans.
Aaron Donald, signing autographs for his loving fans.

Aaron Donald Lifestyle:

With his accolades, the NFL champ deserves the best of life. Donald gets named to the Pro Bowl in each of his seven seasons. In addition, Donald has also got named a first-team All-Pro six times, with his rookie year the lone exception.

He is also a three-time defensive athlete of the year. As such, they can afford a luxury lifestyle. Even though he has proved not to be a spendthrift. Did you know he bought his dad a truck after winning the Rookie of the Year award in 2014?

They recorded him as the 10th highest paid footballer in the history of the NFL. Aaron is very generous to his family and friends. He has bought their childhood apartment and an extra mansion for his parents. Again, he also retired them from their jobs.

Aaron Donald has a Villa in the Oaks and comprises even a gaming area, patio, fireplace, sports court, besides several bedrooms and foyer. The Villa is worth $4.7 Million.

Aaron is famous for cars. Obviously, buying a luxury car is not a big deal. He owns a Karma Revero in his collection, worth about $130,000. It’s an electric car.

Donald with Karma Revero electric car, worth about $130,000.
Donald with Karma Revelo Electric car, worth about $130,000.

Salary and Net Worth:

According to Celebdoko, Aaron has an impressive net worth of $60 Million. First, in 2014, he signed a four-year deal worth $10.14 Million with St. Louis Rams. Furthermore, Aaron signed a six-year extension with the LA Rams in 2018, worth $135 Million.

Meanwhile, the average salary of Aaron Donald is about $22.5 Million per season. And it is the highest amount ever paid to the defensive NFL athlete. 

In 2019, he was the top 28 Highest paid athletes. His salary in 2020 was $17 Million, about two times his previous year’s salary.

This current salary makes Donald the highest-paid defensive sportsman. It also puts him in the grade that only elite quarterbacks have achieved. He is now on the list of The World’s highest-paid athletes, according to Forbes.

Endorsements and sponsorships:

Aaron endorsees a lot of products. A lot of them are vivid in his social media posts. He earns a lot from the endorsement as well. Meanwhile, his earning rose to $800,000 from his endorsement deals in 2019. Likewise, he endorses brands like Panini, Electronic Arts.

Also, he earns well through supporting Dick’s Sporting Goods, which has a stock market value of around $82. Moreso, he earns through sponsorships and endorsement of famous brands like Pizza Hut, Dr Teals, and even his vehicle, Karma Automotive.

As Obvious, Ready Nutrition is his Venture. Finally, he also earns through advertisement. Recently, he did Hulu Commercial, where he took part in tennis.

Aaron Donald Untold Facts:

As one of the more formidable defences in the league, Our Biography team expects Donald to make big plays for the Rams. Besides the aforementioned details, below are few facts that would tickle your fancy about the three-time defensive sportsperson of the year.

Aaron Donald’s weight:

Donald used to weigh far more than 128kg. Nonetheless, he lost some weight after they drafted him into the National Football League (NFL). But then, he still maintains that no matter what he weighs, he will always do his thing.


He started the “AD99 Solutions Foundation” to provide opportunities for underprivileged children in Pittsburgh. It aims to provide academic tutoring, athletic training and mentoring, and leadership support. His sister is the executive director of the foundation.

The non-profit foundation once selected an inaugural class of four scholarship recipients. Additionally, Donald is completing construction on a downtown condominium project as his home base during the offseason. The project is a Football Performance Centre.

A photo at the inaugural launch of Aaron Donald Football Performance Centre.
A photo at the inaugural launch of Aaron Donald Football Performance Centre.


Despite Aaron Donald being a world-class athlete, he often faced criticism for his aggressive behaviour in the field. In fact, in 2016, he was thrown out of the game and penalized for his unwelcome attitude. Conversely, he patted one of his opponent’s helmets. 

Rams’ Aaron Donald once attacked and punched a man, breaking his nose. He showed aggressive behaviour towards the referee by throwing him a penalty flag. Also, he threw his helmet aggressively while getting out from the field.

Finally, for his misconduct in the field, he got penalized around $21,270. Furthermore, he paid the penalty of $18,230 to the NFL because of his non-fair game behaviour.

Recently, in April 2021, he became accused of Assault, and the attorney will put on criminal charges against him. The investigation is on, and if found guilty, Aaron will face action as a penalty or other sorts.

Aaron Donald Biography Summary:

Aaron made the Rams win two Super Bowl Championships. So, they nicknamed him “Cheat Code.”

Nevertheless, for us, he is the defensive tackle of all time and is a well-known face in the football world. Use the table to learn more about our NFL trailblazing Biography.

Biography Inquiries:Wiki Answers
Full Name:Aaron Charles Donald
Nickname:Cheat Code
Date of Birth:23rd Day of May 1991
Place of Birth:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Profession: American football Player (defensive tackle)
League:National Football League (NFL)
Jersey Number:#99
Education:Penn Hill(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) and University of Pittsburgh.
Father:Archie Donald
Mother: Anita Goggins
Siblings:Archie Donald Jr. (Brother) and Akita Marie Donald (sister).
Girlfriend: Jaelynn Blakey
Children:Jeada (b. 2013); Aaron Junior (b. 2016)
Sun Sign (Zodiac): Gemini
Hobbies: Gym/fitness, Ping pong and spending time with family.
Height:6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight: 127 Kg (280 lbs)
Salary: $35.5 M (forbes)
Net Worth: $60 M (2021)
Religion: Christianity
Ethnicity/Race:African American
Residence:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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We hope you learned a few lessons in wrapping off Aaron Donald’s Biography and Childhood Life Story. Aaron Donald and his elder brother Archie spent much time together. The thought of helping their parents retire was a constant topic of conversation. 

Apparently, over the years, the convo strengthened into a dream that drove Aaron. The plan pushed him through the early morning workouts.

It also sharpened his focus in the wake of persistent double-teams and triggered the aggression that made him unstoppable.

Despite his impressive career trajectory, he has maintained a sense of Focus par excellence. He has followed through with that standard of excellence via his hard work. He continues to do so via his training. Well, thanks to the support from his dad.

The good news is that today, those little dreams have become a reality. Donald is one of the best defensive sports competitors to grace the surface of the earth. He is named No. 1 in the ‘Top 100 Players of 2019’ countdown.

We appreciate that you have found this Biography appealing. Subscribe for more biography facts with first-class quality.

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