Robert Pattinson Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Robert Pattinson Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Robert Pattinson’s Biography gives us details about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family Background, Parents- Mother (Clare Pattinson), Father (Richard Pattinson), Sisters (Elizabeth Pattinson and Victoria Pattinson), and so forth.

Aside from providing Facts on Robert Pattinson’s Ex-Girlfriends (Kristen Stewart, Nina Schubert, Ffk Twigs), Current Girlfriend (Suki Waters), Lifestyle, Personal Life, Net Worth, Family Origin, and Religion.

In a nutshell, this article discusses the Life Memoir of Robert Pattinson. This is the story of the British actor who overcame his shy nature to become one of the most paid Hollywood stars.

To whet your autobiography interest in reading Robert Pattinson’s Biography, we have put together a gallery that illustrates the actors’ growth. The evolution of Robert’s career, from his early childhood to his prominence in Hollywood.

Behold Robert Pattinson's Biography- From when he was a kid to an Award Winning Hollywood Star.
Behold Robert Pattinson’s Biography- From when he was a kid to an Award Winning Hollywood Star.

Yes, everyone knows Rob as the vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight series movie. In addition, Pattinson is the recipient of 11 MTV awards, besides other trophies he has in his honor. Moreover, the actor is famous as he makes his debut as the Chapel Crusader in Batman.

Despite all the achievements, only a few movie lovers have read Robert Pattinson’s Biography. Hence, we have prepared this article for your consumption. Please sit back and relax as we take you on the career journey of yet another superstar. Without wasting more time, let’s begin.

Robert Pattinson’s Childhood Story:

For biography starters, he bears the nickname Rob or Spunk Ransom. Robert Douglas Thompson Pattinson was born on the 13th of May 1986 to his parents, Richard Patterson and Clare Charlton.

The actor is the last child of three kids in the Marriage of his parents. Robert has two older sisters, and they are Elizabeth and Victoria. Here is a photo of Clare and Richard.

Meet Robert Pattinson's Parents- (Father) Richard Pattinson and (Mom) Clare Pattinson.
Meet Robert Pattinson’s Parents- (Father) Richard Pattinson and (Mom) Clare Pattinson.

Growing Up:

Robert Pattinson, as a kid, grew up in Barnes with his family. He had two older sisters, Elizabeth and Victoria Pattison. Besides, Rob is the last son, which means that all the household members approve of his “baby of the house” status.

Behold Robert Pattinson as a Kid.
Behold Robert Pattinson as a Kid.

Rob was raised in a Christian family. Together with his household, they attended Catholic mass regularly. In addition, Robert was a very shy child who was always alone rather than playing with others. But it doesn’t hinder him from engaging in several exploits as a kid.

Although the young boy, Robert, was very timid, his older sisters kept him company. In a nutshell, the family was like Halle Bailey‘s, with siblings to fill the house and make fun memories. Both his parents and siblings were always there to care for their last son in the household.

Robert Pattinson's Family Cares for Their Last Child at all Times.
Robert Pattinson’s Family Cares for Their Last Child at All Times.

You could say that Robert Pattinson grew up in a family filled with love. The parents, Richard and Clare, are a hardworking couple and do everything to care for their children. What more can a young boy ask for in such a household?

Early Life:

Robert Douglas Pattinson’s parents were not singers or actors. Instead, the young man started learning some instruments in his spare time. And before the age of four, Rob could play them perfectly. And by the time he was an adult, the guitar and piano were easy for him.

Robert Pattinson in his Younger Self Playing his Guitar and Piano.
Robert Pattinson in his Younger Self Playing his Guitar and Piano.

After finding his skill with his hand, Spunk Ransom soon discovered that he could also act. It was amazing that the young man was full of this talent. But the question is, where did Robert get his genius mind from?

However, Rob was the only one with entertainment skills in his family. His sisters, Elizabeth and Victoria, were not interested in being actresses. But it didn’t stop him from going forward with his passion.

Robert Pattinson Family Background:

What do his parents do for a living? Firstly, his father, Richard Pattinson, works as a car dealer. In addition, Rob’s dad is an importer of vintage vehicles.

While Clare Charlton had a job as a full-time model, she started working as the head of a modeling agency. So together, the couple was making some fortunes. And it was enough to care for her family.

Robert Pattinson Family Origin:

Where is the actor from? Firstly, Robert Pattinson’s blue eye color and brown hair make him look like a Scottish native. However, Rob’s birthplace is in Barnes in London, United Kingdom. The map shows the location in the world.

The map shows Robert Pattinson's Hometown.
The map shows Robert Pattinson’s Hometown.

In sum, Robert Pattinson’s Nationality is British. But what do we know about Rob’s town? Barnes is in the southeastern part of London. Moreover, did you know famous people like Queen Elizabeth II, Will Smith, and Brad Pitt are from London? 

Robert Pattinson’s Ethnicity:

According to various findings, it is revealed that Rob is the distant cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry. This relationship is from the British royal family of now King Charles III. Undoubtedly, this means that Robert is from the white ethnic group.

Robert Pattinson Education:

Rob attended the Tower House School for his elementary level. It was a primary school in London that was only for boys. It is located in East Sheen near Richmond Park. Here is the photo of the learning center.

Tower House School is the Alumnus of Robert Pattinson.
Tower House School is the Alumnus of Robert Pattinson.

However, when Robert Pattinson was 12 years, he changed to Harrodian School. During his days of learning, Rob was involved in minor acting roles. And he was in plays like Macbeth, Guys and Dolls, and Anything Goes.

Although Spunk Robert was a shy child, he was very involved in school activities. But as the young boy tried his acting luck, his teacher told him he should quit because Rob wasn’t good enough.

Career Build-Up:

However, it is shocking the reason Robert joined acting. In one interview, the actor revealed that his career didn’t come because of his parents. But then it was because of a girl he wanted to impress.

That’s not the only reason. Rob’s elder sister, Lizzy, was a singer. Hence, it was another cause to drive or improve his career. In addition, Robert Pattinson’s father also encouraged him to pursue his passion.

Let’s not forget Rob’s minor roles in school also helped him polish his acting skills. However, in a word, Pattison was a genius who was a model and an actor. But the question is, which of them did he later choose to settle for?

Robert Pattinson Biography- Career Story:

Spunk Ransom got his first supporting role in 2004 in the film Ring of the Nibelung. But it was a minor role that was only in the DVD version. In 2005, Robert played Cedric in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which made him the British Star of Tomorrow,” to The Times.

Robert in the Film Harry Potter with Daniel Jacob Radcliffe.
Robert in the Film Harry Potter with Daniel Jacob Radcliffe.

In 2008, Pattinson was cast as Edward Cullen in Twilight three years later. And after the film’s release in November, the young actor became a star overnight. Well, it received favorable criticism, praising him for his skills. This role gave him the best actor of the year in 2009, besides 11 other MTV awards.

One of Robert Pattinson's MTV Awards.
One of Robert Pattinson’s MTV Awards.

It had a ground-breaking record following the sequence in the Twilight New Moon. Robert became one of the paid actors in Hollywood. In 2010, Pattinson also got the role in “Remember Me”. And one year later, he got the EDA Special Mention Award and the Hollywood Film Award for New Hollywood.

The young man had settled fully into his career as an actor. Although he still had a lot of time to diversify his workload. Read on to the following sections to see how he ends.

Robert Pattinson Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Robert Douglas had some obstacles in his early career. Firstly, he was a shy young man. And his first modeling audition was because his father encouraged him to attend the competitions. So, coming into the limelight was a bit challenging, and it wasn’t easy to adapt to being famous.

Another problem was combining the different talents. At first, it didn’t seem to be an issue, but the saying says jack of all trades becomes a master of none. Thus, Pattinson had to choose which career part would be better for him. And that was how he became a full-time actor.

In addition, Robert Pattinson had some teenage problems when he was growing up. Some teenagers start with a rough life and carry it over to adulthood. But it was not the same for the young lad. However, we will discuss the problem in the following sections.

Robert Pattinson Biography- Rise to Fame:

Returning to the big screen in Hollywood in 2014, Thomas Douglas was in the movie “Rover and Maps to the Stars”. The now professional actor was awarded the Hollywood Rising Star Award in 2015 at the American Film Festival.

And only three years later, in 2018, Pattinson was featured in the film “High Life”. His role was that of Monte as one of the criminals on a spaceship. It was a great performance, and critics tagged it as another great act of his character. Some months later, in July, Robert won a trophy at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Robert wins a Trophy at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
Robert wins a Trophy at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

2020 Thomas Douglas marked his return to high-budget films with his character in “tenet”. And two years later, Patterson started 2022 with the superhero film “Batman”. Although it was supposed to be played by Ben Affleck, after his departure, Robert took up the role. And it was a splendid performance in the movie.

Other Ventures:

So far, in Robert Pattinson’s biography, we learn he is a multi-talented artist. Although he focused more on acting, Thomas Douglas did not forget his singing skills. For the Twilight movie, the actor sang one soundtrack, “never think,” and co-wrote “let me sign,”. And that was why in 2010, the actor won Hollywood’s Most Influential Top Unexpected Musicians award.

On the other side of his multi-talent is his modeling. In 2013, Pattinson became the new face of Dior Homme fragrance. He also became their menswear collection’s first brand ambassador in 2016. By 2020, Robert has appeared in over three advertising campaigns with this brand, including almost a decade-long collaboration with the house of the Dior.

Pattinson is the Face Model of Dior Homme Fragrance and Men's Collections.
Pattinson is the Face Model of Dior Homme Fragrance and Men’s Collections.

The shy boy that grew up in London has become one of Hollywood’s finest actors. Also, Robert Pattinson holds records as the youngest paid British actor in 2022. And one of London’s most influential people in the world. The rest is history, they said.

Robert Pattinson Lovelife- Inquiries About his Girlfriend:

Since gracing our screens as Edward Cullen in Twilight Saga, the actor has not failed to give his best in his roles. Apart from his acting skills, there is no doubt that Thomas is a good-looking man. So it is unsurprising that fans are eager to know his heartworm and Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend list.

Nina was the first girl Rob had a romantic relationship with. They were both neighbors and lived close to each other. Schubert is a professional model who started at the age of 17 years. And worked for over six years in the beauty world, catwalking on runways. Here is the photo of Nina.

Nina Schubert is Part of Robert Pattinson's Lovelife.
Nina Schubert is Part of Robert Pattinson’s Lovelife.

However, the relationship between Robert and Nina doesn’t last long. And it was because Pattinson moved from London for his career on a full-time basis. In their case, distance did a lot of damage to the blossoming sweet love. But they are both fond of each other and remain friends.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s relationship:

Kristen Stewart is a native of Los Angeles and was born on the 9th of April, 1990. Her parents are John Stuart, a stage manager, and her mother, Jules Mann-Stewart, a filmmaker. Besides, the American actress has various honors in her name.

Kristen Stewart is Robert Pattinson's Ex-Girlfriend.
Kristen Stewart is Robert Pattinson’s Ex-Girlfriend.

Stewart and Pattinson started dating in 2009 after they met on stage for the movie Twilight. They both hit off great chemistry and moved from acting as Bella and Edward to being lovers. The relationship lasted for over four years before they broke up.

But, the love affair ended up, and that was because Kristin accused Pattinson of cheating. The actor alleged the actress cheated on him with director Rupert Sanders. And in one interview, Stewart said the relationship was foolish, young, and never meant to be.

FFK and Robert Pattinson:

Tahliah Debrett Barnett was born on the 16th of January, 1988. She is popular with the alias Ffk Twigs. The singer is a native of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Here is the photo of Ffk.

Meet one of Robert Pattinson's Girlfriend- FFK.
Meet one of Robert Pattinson’s Girlfriend- FFK.

After meeting at one of her concerts, Robert and Twigs began dating in 2014. But the relationship lasted for three years, although it wasn’t made public. And they called it off in 2017. However, there was no reason for the breakup.

Robert Pattinson’s Current Girlfriend:

Suki Waterhouse was born on the 5th of January 1992 in London. But the actress was raised in Chiswick and is the daughter of Elizabeth, a nurse and plastic surgeon. Besides, Suki has a brother, Charlie, and two sisters, Madeline and Imogen.

Meet Robert Pattinson's Current Girlfriend, 2022, Suki Waters.
Meet Robert Pattinson’s Current Girlfriend, 2022, Suki Waters.

After the failed relationship with Robert Pattinson’s ex-girlfriends, the actor was reluctant to bring his new girl to the public. Suki and Thomas were seen in 2018 on a date. They both look so good together, and we may probably get to see them make a debut on the red carpet.

Robert Pattinson’s Personal Life:

There is a reason why stars like Cardi B are so excited to see this Twilight actor. In addition, other celebs like Shakira and Ryan Reynolds find him very friendly. And that is because of Robert Pattinson’s Zodiac sign, Taurus. Taurean men are hardworking, committed, ambitious, and very loving. And it is who the MTV 2011 award winner is in summary.

After a great time hanging out with friends, Rob chooses to work out on the beach. And Pattinson isn’t on the sands. He uses the gym for his routine. Nonetheless, how else would Robert become one of the sexiest men alive if not by working out?

Behold Robert Pattinson's Workout Routine on the Beach.
Behold Robert Pattinson’s Workout Routine on the Beach.

What does Rob do outside his acting skills when he isn’t working? Let’s take a look at his affairs. Firstly, Robert Pattinson’s hobbies include listening to music and playing soccer and instruments.

Robert Pattinson’s philanthropy:

Thomas Douglas spent another part of his life helping very helpless people. Pattinson promotes the campaign to stop human trafficking. And in 2009, the model raised $56,000 for that cause.

In 2010, Robert also gave out his artwork to help an organization that helps in the case of missing children. On another occasion, Pattinson gave $80000 for earthquake relief. It shows the loving and compassionate side of the actor.

Robert Pattinson Lifestyle:

Rob is generally a simple-natured, shy man. Most of the time, Robert is always in a sweatshirt and plain jeans with sneakers unless he is modeling. But on the red carpet, the Edward Cullen actor dresses the part. So we can conclude Pattinson isn’t a showy but quiet and classy actor.

Robert is Always Dressing Simple and Classy.
Robert is Always Dressing Simple and Classy.

But what does he do with the money from his multiple skills? Firstly, Robert Pattinson’s house is worth over $2 million. And the property is breathtakingly beautiful with mind-blowing features. But first, feed your eyes on the image here.

See Robert Pattinson's House as Nature surrounds it.
See Robert Pattinson’s House as Nature surrounds it.

Roberts’ condo is a beauty of nature and simplicity. It is filled with Mother Earth’s trees and flowers on a 10 sq. ft compound. Besides, the Hollywood property is filled with his guitars and piano instruments. The mansion is worth every penny Rob spent on it.

Robert Pattinson’s Net Worth:

The next mind-boggling question is Robert Pattinson’s salary. The star was the highest-paid actor in the Twilight Saga movie. In the first series, Rob got $2.5 million, and in the “New Moon”, he was paid $12 million. And on the last film, “Breaking In,” Thomas received over $25 million for his role.

The actor has worked to receive such a massive budget for his presence in films. Thus, it isn’t surprising that Robert Pattinson’s net worth is $100 million. In addition, he receives pay for his modeling and songwriting talents.

Robert Pattinson Family Life:

Meet Robert Pattinson's Family- his Older Sisters and his Parents.
Meet Robert Pattinson’s Family- his Older Sisters and his Parents.

This legendary actor would not have gotten to the limelight without his family. Rob’s father, mother, and two sisters have been the bedrock of the Dior model’s career. Thus, let’s find out more info about the household members.

About Robert Pattinson’s Father:

Richard Pattinson is an excellent example of a hardworking parent. A skill that his son, Robert, learned very well from him. The businessman was a former importer of vintage cars before retiring.

Meet Richard Pattinson, the Father of Robert.
Meet Richard Pattinson, the Father of Robert.

Robert Pattinson’s dad did everything to make his son and his other two daughters comfortable. To put it simply, Richard set a role model for fathers to care for their kids. But the finances in the family aren’t the only thing Mr Pattinson was good at doing.

The head of Pattinson’s home noticed his son was a shy person. And that was why he took the liberty of looking for competitions for Robert when he was younger. It was a way of reassuring his only male offspring that he would always look out for him.

About Robert Pattinson’s Mother:

Clare Pattinson is the lovely mum of the Twilight star. And she makes a living working as a broker in a modeling agency. Probably, it was from her work that Robert wanted to be a model. Here is the photo of Richard’s wife.

Here is Robert Pattinson's Mother, Clare Pattinson, as she Enjoys the Company of her Only son.
Here is Robert Pattinson’s Mother, Clare Pattinson, as she Enjoys the Company of her Only son.

Robert Pattinson’s mother sets the standard of being a faithful woman to her husband. Moreso, with more than 20 years of marriage with Richard, Clare has taken good care of the household. And today, she is the mom of one of the MTV awards actors in Hollywood.

About Robert Pattinson’s Sisters:

The Tenet actor has two lovely sisters, Elizabeth and Victoria. They are the older siblings of Robert. And they made a great deal caring for their little brother, just like Madison Beer. Here is the image of the girls.

Here are the Beautiful Sisters of Robert Pattinson- Victoria Pattinson and Elizabeth Pattinson.
Here are the Beautiful Sisters of Robert Pattinson- Victoria Pattinson and Elizabeth Pattinson.

Elizabeth Pattinson is a singer. Besides she even sang a track in the Twilight movie. So you can see Robert isn’t the only character from the family in the film. Lizzy also performed at the UK X Factor in 2014.

On the other hand, Victoria Pattinson makes a living as a business salesperson. Robert’s older sister worked as a channel executive with BSkyB company. And years later, Victoria left that role as a marketing manager at WPP.

Untold Facts:

The life story of this English musician has been so far inspiring. Robert Pattinson’s biography shows the extent of his hard work and career growth. But, there are still so many facts about the actor that remain undisclosed. Let’s get to know more about the Twilight Star.

Robert Pattinson’s Religion:

The actor is a Roman Catholic member. However, he doesn’t regularly go to mass or service. It is sometimes impossible to keep his faith alive with his busy schedule as an actor or for his modelling gig.

What is Robert Pattison famous for?

The London-bred actor is famous for his character as Edward Cullen in Twilight movie. The vampire star has graced the screen and thrilled his fans with the role of Bella’s lover. Rob was the main cast in the three series of the film and even one of the highest-paid men among other members.

Robert Pattinson’s Kids:

The English actor has always expressed his desire to be a young dad and start a family. Finally, his dream came true in the film Water for Elephants. In the movie, Rob gets five kids to play alongside him. At least since he doesn’t have biological children, he gets to act as a father.

Robert Pattinson’s top 5 Movies:

Batman is one of Robert Pattinson's Top Five Movies That he has Acted.
Batman is one of Robert Pattinson’s Top Five Movies That he has Acted.

This English actor isn’t popular for nothing. Here are the five top performances: Twilight Saga (Breaking in and Out, New Moon and Eclipse), Batman, Tenet, Lighthouse, and Lost City. Robert gave his best in these different films, which turned out wonderfully well.

Robert Pattinson’s Tattoos:

The 2011 MTV award artiste does not have tattoos like Lil Nas X. But, there are many reasons why people ink themselves. They see it as an art or enjoy drawing on themselves. Yet Pattison doesn’t share in any of the above reasons.

Some of the Robert Pattinson's Tattoos That are Fake on his Body.
Some of the Robert Pattinson’s Tattoos That are Fake on his Body.

However, like many other actors, most tattoos on Robert’s body are fake. Either he uses it for his role in a movie or just for a photo shoot. Most likely, Pattinson doesn’t want to join Johnny Depp or Ariana Grande.

Robert Pattinson’s Quotes:

Rob is known for his funny side and very wise sayings. And it is also the same way stars like Mohammed Ali and Jennifer Lawrence have words of comfort for their fans. After all, that is one way they show how much they care for those supporting them.

Some of Robert Pattinson's Twilight and Funny Quotes.
Some of Robert Pattinson’s Twilight and Funny Quotes.

Most of Robert Pattinson’s quotes are also from the popular film Twilight. But it isn’t all the time the speech actor gives only encouraging words. The English singer also makes funny quotes that make his readers smile.

Wiki Summary:

This table gives details about Robert Pattinson’s Biography for you to take a glance at.

Full Name:Robert Douglas Thompson Pattinson

Spunk Ransom
Date of Birth:13th of May 1986
Place of Birth:Barnes, London
Mother:Clare Pattinson
Father:Richard Pattinson
Sisters:Elizabeth Pattinson

Victoria Pattinson
Education:Tower High School
Awards:11 Mtv Awards
Current Girlfriend:Suki Waters
Ex- Girlfriends:Kristen Stewart
FFK Twigs
Nina Schupert
Age:37 years and 11 months old.
Eye colour:Blue colour
Hair colour:Brown
Net worth:$100 million
Height:6ft 1inches
Hobbies:Reading, playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and playing instruments.

End Note:

Robert Pattinson was born on the 13th of May, 1986. His parents are Richard Pattinson and Clare Pattison. Besides, the singer has two older sisters, Elizabeth and Victoria Pattison.

Rob is famous for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. Apart from that, the English actor is a singer, guitarist, and model. The young man is also the face of the Dior Homme fragrance, including their men’s wear collection.

And most recently, Pattinson has been popular for playing the Batman character. Besides his career, Rob was in love with former colleague Kristen Stewart and FFK Twigs. But currently, his girlfriend is Suki Waters.

Thomas Douglas Pattison comes from a very hardworking family. His father, Richard, is an importer of cars, while his mom, Clare, works with a modeling agency. And lastly, Elizabeth and Victoria Pattison are singers and business managers.

The 11-time MTV award winner is a simple man with the Taurus zodiac sign. Robert’s hobbies are playing his guitar and piano and soccer as well. The actor is one of the most desirable Hollywood stars so far.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for reading about Robert Pattison’s Biography. We talk about a celebrity who deeply fears humiliation when selecting movie roles.

ChildhoodBio is always one step ahead in bringing concise facts about your favorite Hollywood star. Stay tuned for more Celebrity Stories from us. The Life History of Noah Centineo and Phoebe Waller-Bridge will interest you. If you note any incorrect information, let us know via comments.

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