Zayn Malik Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Zayn Malik Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Zayn Malik Biography tells you facts about his childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Yaser Malik (Father), Trisha Malik (Mother), Family, Girlfriend, Child, Personal Life, Lifestyle and Net worth.

In a nutshell, it portrays an in-depth analysis of the singer’s life history from his early days to when he became famous.

To whet your autobiography appetite, here is his cradle to fame gallery, a perfect summary of Zayn Malik’s Bio.

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Zayn Malik rise photo
Zayn Malik’s Biography: Behold the summary of his life and rise photo.

Yes, everyone knows of his belting and falsetto singing techniques as well as his habit of hitting high notes with his vocals.

However, only a few music lovers have read the concise version of Zayn Malik’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Zayn Malik’s Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname “Bradford bad boy”. Zain Javadd Malik was born on the 12th day of January 1993 to his mother, Trisha Malik and father, Yaser Malik in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

Zayn Malik is the second child of four children born of the union between his parents, pictured below. Behold, Zayn Malik’s Dad and Mum.

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Zayn Malik parents
Meet Zayn Malik’s father, Yaser Malik and mother, Trisha Malik.

The young lad showed a great affinity for music during his childhood. Moreso, he occasionally listens to the songs that were bought by his father at such tender age.

Zayn Malik Growing Up Days:

The young superstar was raised in East Bowling, Bradford. As a little boy, he enjoyed the companionship of his sisters, Doniya, and Waliyha.

Back in the good old days, young Malik was inseparable from his toys. He would always stick to them, even when taking pictures with the rest of his family members.

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The singer's siblings
An adorable photo of the upcoming singer and his siblings.

Aside from centring his life around his loving menage, Malik also mingled with friends who had the same interest as him.

Do you know?… The upcoming entertainer had an unfathomable interest in English literature. This led him to read so many books and novels in his childhood days.

Zayn Malik Family Background:

The upcoming artist grew up in an average household. His dad was always looking after the kids.

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While his mother worked as a halal chef in a local primary school kitchen, making meals for Muslim children.

Though they didn’t have enough money to build their own house, Zayn and his siblings lived in a rented apartment.

Thanks to the hard work of his parents, his entire family did not lack the necessities of life they needed.

Zayn Malik's parent.
Behold little Zayn with his parent Yaser and Trisha.

Zayn Malik Family Origin and Ancestry:

Moving on to his ancestry, Malik’s mother is of English and Irish descent, while his father is of British and Pakistani heritage.

Sadly, the artist has gone through lots of hardship because of his Islamic Family roots.

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During the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict, he became the target of many anti-Muslim attacks. Do you know?… His paternal place of origin (Pakistan) is the only Muslim country that has nuclear weapons.

Zayn's origin
Yes, Zayn’s ancestry is from Pakistan, but he grew up as a United Kingdom citizen.

Owing to Islamic family roots, he became fluent in speaking English and Urdu, as well as in reading Arabic.

Zayn Malik Education:

The superstar attended Lower field primary school and Tong High school. As a student, he took performing arts courses and appeared in several theatre productions at his phrontistery.

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Zayn Malik high school
Behold the photo of Zayn Malik’s high school.

During his early days at the phrontistery, Malik did what most celebs did in their budding stage. Like Lil Uzi Vert, he wrote Raps and learned the lyrics of popular songs.

Following Jay Sean’s (a famous English songwriter) visit to his school, Malik got the privilege to perform for the first time on stage.

When music didn’t seem to work out, he decided to try boxing. Perhaps he thought it was easier to make it like Mike Tyson than Jennifer Lopez.

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For two years, Malik struggled with his new career path and realised it was yielding no result. Hence, he quit boxing at 17.

Zayn Malik Early Life – Career:

After high school, the thought of proceeding to college didn’t cross his mind. Rather, the 17-year-old Malik auditioned as a solo contestant in the British musical competition “The X Factor” in 2010.

On D-day, he was reluctant to go for the program but had a change of mind due to his mother’s advice.

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Although he was eliminated before the last round, his talent and voice left a lasting impression on the judges.

During the audition, Malik sang “Let Me Love You” by Mario to get past the first round. Can you still say he is a natural singer after watching his performance in the video below?

After the competition, two of the judges brought back Malik alongside four other contestants to form a Boy Band and named it “One Direction”. In no distant time, the band gained popularity throughout the United Kingdom.

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Zayn Malik's boy band.
Here are all the band members of One Direction. Can you spot Malik in the picture?

Zayn Malik Biography – Success Story:

Interestingly, the reputation of ‘One Direction’ attracted renowned record labels who wanted to take them under their wings.

With no hesitation, Malik and his crew signed a contract reportedly worth £2 million with Syco Records.

Furthermore, their popularity in North America earned them another contract with Columbia Records. It didn’t take so long before they released their group’s debut studio album – Up All Night.

His crew's first album
The cover photo of One Direction’s debut studio album – Up All Night.

The Album paved a way for so many music tours embarked by the crew in 2012. Moreso, it recorded tremendous success by topping the charts in sixteen countries (including the US and UK).

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The Break Away:- A Quest For Self-Discovery:

For about five years, Malik remained with One Direction and had a great time with the group. Together, they produced four albums and released four successful books, which earned them millions of dollars.

However, the rising celeb felt his activities with the crew didn’t give him the opportunity to live like a normal 22-year-old.

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Hence, he left the group in 2015 to break out of its creative constraints and establish his mark as a solo artist in the entertainment industry.

Zayn Malik Bio – Success Story:

During one of his interviews, Malik stated the restrictions that led to his sudden decision to leave the group.

He explained that he wasn’t allowed to keep his beard, neither is he allowed to dye his hair. However, standing on his own has lifted such curtailment.

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In his quest for success as a solo musician, he signed a contract with RCA Records in July 2015.

Finally, in 2016, Malik releases his first debut album, “Mind of Mine”. The album’s lead single (Pillowtalk) recorded a meteoric success and topped the chart of many countries.

Zayn Album
Zayn’s debut studio album- Mind of Mine

Fast forward to the time of writing this Bio, Malik has collaborated with many renowned musicians like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.

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Malik has won several awards since his rise to fame. Listen to his beautiful speech when he won the 2016 New Artist of the Year awards in the video below.

Zayn Malik Girlfriends and Wife To Be:

Between 2010 -2015 Zayn Malik underwent what we best describe as short hook-ups with several notable female personalities.

They include Geneva Lane (2010-2011), Rebecca Ferguson (2011), Stephanie Davis (2011) and a few more, as seen in the picture below.

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Zayn Malik girlfriends.
A glimpse of the beautiful ladies he has dated in the past years.

In December 2011, Zayn finally fell in love with an angel – Perrie Edwards from “Little Mix”. The couple took their relationship to a whole new level following their engagement in August 2013.

However, the love story which many fans thought would lead to marriage ended on a sad note in 2015.

Relationship with Gigi Hadid:

Do you know?… Zayn Malik found love again and started dating the American model, Gigi Hadid, a few months after his previous breakup. He was able to sustain a long-term relationship with his newfound girlfriend, who starred in his music video “Pillowtalk”.

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Zayn's girlfriend.
Behold the handsome celeb and his pretty girlfriend turned baby mama.

Though the two couples aren’t married, they took a big step in their tie-up by welcoming their first child named Khai Hadid Malik in September 2020.

Zayn Malik Family Life:

It was never a simple path to achieving success as a vocalist. Thankfully, the challenging path he threaded was made bearable because of the support of his family.

In this section, we bring you facts about Malik’s dad, mother, relatives, and siblings.

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About Zayn Malik’s Father:

Yaser Malik is the singer’s dad. As earlier mentioned, Yaser is a British-Pakistani who lives with his family in Bradford, West Yorkshire. He is responsible for raising Malik with a high class of morality.

Thanks to his collections of popular R&B, hip hop, and reggae tracks, his son got to develop a profound love for music.

Perhaps you never knew that Malik’s father accrued about 66,000 followers to his Instagram account by just posting his son’s photos.

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Zayn Malik's father.
Young Zayn and his dad having a beautiful snapshot together.

About Zayn Malik’s Mother:

One of the great pillars of the vocalist is Trisha Malik, his mom. Back in the good old days, she raised her children in a more religious manner.

Mrs Trisha was not a Muslim at birth. She only converted to Islam after she got married to Malik’s father.

Zayn's mom.
Meet his cute mom, Trisha Malik. No doubts, he has inherited a fraction of her beauty.

Of course, the artist shares a great bond with his mother; she was part of everything in his life. He wouldn’t have made it to his auditioning in the X-Factor without her.

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About Zayn Malik’s Siblings:

One of the unique gifts he had in his life is the existence of his siblings. Apparently, they are the reason he never had to feel alone while growing up.

Funny enough, he is the only male child in his family. His elder sister is Doniya, while his two younger siblings are Waliyha and Safaa Malik.

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Zayn Malik's sisters.
The looks on his sisters’ face show how much they were delighted to see him.

About Zayn Malik’s Relative:

Moving on to his ancestry, his maternal grandparents are Dean Brannan and Walter Brannan. Some of his relatives include; Lesley, Ronnie, Philip, and Chris.

There has been not much information about his paternal ancestry. All we know is the fact that his paternal grandparents came to the United Kingdom from Pakistan.

Zayn Malik’s Personal Life:

What makes the talented vocalist thick?… To begin with, Zayn Malik’s persona is a blend of the Capricorn zodiac trait. He’s one of the optimistic and disciplined entertainers you would ever meet.

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Aside from his singing endeavours, Zayn is also a fashionista. Moreso, he and his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid are part of a new generation who do not see fashion as gendered. Some of his hobbies include dancing, drawing, and reading (his favourite book is Harry Potter).

Zayn Malik clothing brand
His sense of fashions led him to wear special brands of clothes with an Urdu inscription.

Zayn Malik Lifestyle:

As an ambitious and hardworking entertainer, Malik has amassed lots of luxuries and fame. With his estimated Net Worth of $65 million (2021 stats), there aren’t many exotic rides he can’t afford.

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He has stocked a Bentley Continental GT, Black Audi R8, Ferrari 458 Italia, a Black Range Rover, Mercedes, and a Cadillac Escalade in his unique car collection.

Zayn's cars
A glimpse of some of his luxurious rides.

Furthermore, the entertainer owns a farmhouse in Pennsylvania, where he spent most of his time with his partner. He also owns a house in Hertfordshire.

Zayn Malik Untold Facts:

To wrap up the vocalist’s life story, here are some interesting facts that would help you grasp his biography adequately.

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Zayn Malik’s Religion:

The famous songwriter was born in an Islamic family and was brought up as a devoted Muslim. He adopted the religion from childbirth and often frequents the mosque when necessary.

Following his rise to fame, Malik no longer identifies himself with the religion of his upbringing. Thanks to his Islamic background, he can read the Quran and has a perfect understanding of Arabic.

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Zayn Malik Eating Disorder:

While the singer was still in the boy band “One Direction”, he suffered an eating disorder that made him lose weight. His condition came with a critical repercussion of consistent illness.

Malik did not tell the group about his disorder and anxiety until he left them. Thankfully, he recovered from such a depressing experience after he built his confidence as a solo artist.

Zayn Malik’s Tattoos:

Do you know?… the music icon has inked over 46 tattoos on his body. Each of his tattoos has its meaning.

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To mention a few, the tiger inked on his upper right arm represents strength, power, and force.

In a feat of showing his profound respect for his father, he had the name “Yaser” inked on the backside of his right ear.

Zayn Malik tattoos.
Yes, he loves tattoos and sees them as an expression of fashion and art.

Zayn Malik Biography Summary:

The table below summarizes the Childhood Story of the famous superstar.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Zain Javadd Malik
Nickname:Bradford bad boy
Age: 30 years and 2 months
Place of Birth:Bradford, West Yorkshire
Father:Yaser Malik
Mother:Trisha Malik
Siblings:Doniya, Waliyha, and Safaa (sisters)
Girlfriend/ Wife To Be:Gigi Hadid
Net Worth:$65 million (2021 stats)
Height:1.75 m(5 feet 9 inches)
Hobbies:Dancing, drawing, and reading
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One striking fact about his Bio is his ability to stand out for himself. Over the years, he has shown that he’s not a failure.

His absolute commitment and hard work towards his career have propelled him to a great height of success.

It behoves us to appreciate his family for standing by him throughout his moment of challenges. Also, remember that his parents and siblings are his number one fans.

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Asides from Zayn Malik’s Bio, we have other great Celebrity Singers’ stories for your reading pleasure. The History of James Blunt, Nick Jonas, and Luke Combs will interest you. Thanks for reading our Zayn Malik Childhood Story and further breakdown of his Bio.

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