Luke Combs Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Luke Combs Biography Facts.
Luke Combs Biography Facts.

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Our article gives you full coverage of Luke Combs Childhood Story, Biography, Family Facts, Parents, Early Life, Lifestyle, Personal Life and other notable events right from when he was a child to when he became well known.

Yes, you and I know he is one of the Best New Country Artists in the United States. Despite that, only a few have read Luke Combs’s biography, which is quite impressive. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Luke Combs Childhood Story

Starting off, his full names are Luke Albert Combs. The rising American singer-songwriter was born on the 2nd day of March 1990 to his Mother, Rhonda Combs, and father, his father, Chester Combs.

Luke was born in Asheville, North Carolina, United States. Now here’s how he looked like during his childhood years which was teddy bear ridden.

Where Luke Combs Parents comes from- Family Origin and Background

The country singer and songwriter hails from an American family origin of white ethnicity. More so, Luke has some Scottish and German family roots thanks to one of his parents.
As regards his family background, Combs’ parents weren’t that wealthy during his childhood. His dad was a maintenance officer all his life while his mum, probably a housekeeper.

Luke Combs Early Life- What was it like

First and foremost, the country star grew up as a happy child in Asheville city, North Carolina. This is a city (see map below) known for a vibrant arts scene and historic architecture.
Luke spent his early childhood years playing football with friends in his neighbourhood. Football and not singing was the hobby he chose as a child.

Spending his childhood in a music city, the future talent learned to love and play songs. Discovering their son’s talent, Luke Combs’ parents ensured they bought him necessary music toolsets, which enabled him to function as a young vocalist.

Luke Combs’ Education – Primary and High School

Like every dedicated parent, Rhonda and Chester ensured their son receives the best education. Around age six, Luke had already begun his primary school located in Asheville, US.

After the usual six years of elementary school, Luke Combs’ parents further enrolled him at A.C. Reynolds High School. This is also a public secondary school located in Asheville, North Carolina.

As expected, the young singer greatly harnessed his music talent while at Reynolds High School. At school, Luke sang with various music groups. At this time, he began to learn how to perform on stage, a feat not limited to playing solos in the renowned Carnegie Hal.

Like every bright student, Luke was able to multitask both his hobbies and education.

Luke Combs University Days

After his secondary education, Luke got an admission to study Criminal Justice at Appalachian State University located in Boone, North Carolina. No thanks to music, he was less of a focused student while in Uni.

The beautiful University offered Combs the opportunity to study. But instead of devotion to studies, he preferred using most of his time to play the Guitar.

While at the State University, Luke nailed Luke Bryan’s 2011 hit “Luke Bryan – I Don’t Want This Night To End.” He did that very well to the amusement of his few school mate fans, and this made them immediately see his future.

After so many praises, the young music star got motivated as he began making several concerts, which led him to become a popular figure on campus. It was at this time Luke knew he was going to make it big in music.

Luke Combs Early Career Years

Having confidence he would make it in music and wouldn’t disappoint his parents, Luke decided to drop out of school. This decision came less than a year of rounding up his education. Combs did that in order to pursue a music career.

After dropping out of school, he decided to move to Nashville, the home of American Country Music. At Nashville, Luke kept up the vision of actively involved in playing country music and entertaining people, especially at the Parthenon Cafe.

Becoming a Bouncer

Early on his career, music wasn’t enough to keep him Combs surviving. Did you know?… Luke Combs previously worked as a bouncer before being given stage time, still in that bar.

As a bouncer, Luke took whatever opportunity he had, all in the name of making more monies to keep his dreams alive. Even in the midst of multitasking, the youngster released his first EP “The Way She Rides” in 2014.

Luke Combs Biography- Road to Fame Story

The turning point to Luke’s career came when he released his first hit single “Hurricane,” which sold 15,000 copies in its first week. It didn’t just stop there, it debuted at number 46 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.Did you also know?… Hurricane reached number one on the country radio airplay chart, holding that spot for two weeks. This success also paved the way for a deal with Randy Goodman, who signed Combs into his Sony Music Nashville music label.Agreeing to sign for the Sony Music Nashville music label was a good decision as it marked a turning point in Luke Comb’s biography story.

Luke Combs Biography- Rise to Fame Story

The country singer gained a huge career momentum around May 2018, thanks to the ballad “Beautiful Crazy.” This song (see below) became a smash on the radio reaching number one on the Country Airplay chart.


Did you know?… Luke’s Beautiful Crazy success was the main reason for him receiving a Grammy Nomination for Best New Artist in 2019.Fast forward to the time of writing Luke Combs’ Biography, the singer has made history on the Billboard country charts. Records have it that he is the first artist (since Johnny Cash in 1959) to have five songs simultaneously in the Hot Country Songs chart’s Top 25.Luke’s No1 gesture in the photo above sums up his rise to fame biography story. At the time of writing, the country star rates number 1 on the Top Ten Rising Country Artist in the US. The rest, as we say, is history.

Luke Combs Relationship Life- Girlfriend, Singe, Married with Children?

In this section, we’ clear the air on Luke Combs’s relationship life. Since becoming successful, lots of country fans have pondered, asking if Luke Combs has a girlfriend or if he is married, meaning- there is a wife.At the time of writing Luke Combs’ biography, the country star is romantically linked with Nicole Hocking, an American and a native of Fort Myers, Florida.Born on July 22, 1992, Nicole is a Florida Gulf Coast University Alumna, where she earned a bachelor’s degree. Prior to her graduation in 2014, she worked at a local bar to earn additional income.Both Luke and Nicole Hocking began dating in early 2016, a time when he was still finding his place in the music industry. The country star engaged his girlfriend in November 2018.

How Luke Combs Girlfriend (Nicole Hocking) changed him

Nicole has been instrumental in Luke’s success over the years. Did you know?… Nicole was one of those who contributed to helping Luke find his place in the music world. The super girlfriend introduced him to some successful music stars managed by her workplace (BMI). They all achieve success by bonding together.Luke once admitted that there have been significant changes in his life since he met his girlfriend. Peharbs, you never know, it was Nicole who helped Luke drop his habit of dipping (tobacco intake).

Getting to know Luke Combs Parents and Family Members:

The back-to-back success Luke has achieved since his childhood days wouldn’t have been possible without family. In this section, we throw more insight into Luke Combs’ family members, starting with his super proud parents.

About Luke Combs’s Father, Chester

The proud dad was born in the mid-60s. Chester kept his family going diligently in his trade. As a maintenance engineer, he specializes in optimizing equipment to achieve better reliability and availability.Right from the onset, Chester had always trusted his son’s instincts and talents. He wasn’t the kind of dad who would go on to disown his son for dropping out of school. Presently, Luke’s dad enjoys all the pride of having the US best a successful artist as his son.

About Luke Combs’s Mother:

Rhonda Combs, the mother of Luke, was born in the mid-50s. She is the kind of mum who prefers to live a private and quiet life. Ronda only mostly appears on Luke’s wall during Mother’s day celebrations.

Who are Luke Combs’ Relatives and Siblings?

First and foremost, Luke Combs has a cousin named Clayton, whom he is very fond of. Also, his is grandparents have lived to see the success of their grandson. Luke Combs’ maternal grandfather is James Andrew Frasure, while his maternal grandmother is Margaret Ann Hasty.

Luke Combs Personal Life

Starting off, he is individually friendly and loves being in the company of very different people. Luke is a selfless person, one who is always willing to help others without hoping to get anything back. He portrays the attributes of Pisces zodiac.In his leisure time, Luke loves watching basketball, and definitely, his favourite basketball team is the Miami Heat.

More on Combs Personal Life

We have photo proof that the country music star loves fishing. The favoured musician loves taking camping trips to Ozark, Missouri, where he does catch the biggest of fishes. If Luke wasn’t into country music, maybe he would have become a fisherman. thoughts?

Luke Combs Lifestyle

First, let’s talk about his net worth. According to WealthyPersons, Luke Combs estimated to have a net worth of $6 million. The origin of the singer’s wealth comes from the sale of Albums, with the highest-selling approximately over 670, 000 records.The country star, who big in size sure loves big cars. Luke is known to flaunt his Super Duty F-250 King Ranch Truck, whose price is around $70,000.With a salary of $900,000, he can afford all kinds of cars for himself and every one of his family members. 

Luke Combs Untold Facts

Before we wrap up our childhood story and biography of the country music singer, let’s tell you some of his untold facts.

Facts #1 – He Unique Songwriting Process

Luke’s songwriting process starts with the track’s title even without knowing it’s content. This is what he said when interviewed about this talent. In his words:”When I have an idea, I try to jot it down as a title, and then I’ll take that to my co-write and say, ‘Hey man, what do you think about this’ In no time, a music track is born.”

Facts #2 – “Beautiful Crazy” before meeting his Girlfriend, Nicole

When Luke wrote his that song “Beautiful Crazy,” he was not dating his girlfriend yet. The pair at the point where spending lots of time together. At that time, the friends who later turned lovers were not even close to dating.

Facts #3 – The X Crocs shoes

Luke Combs has his own shoes which were made by the famous Shoe manufacturing company, Crocs.According to Country Rabel, the show is the most comfortable on the planet and is one which sells out very quickly thanks to it being specialized for the artist. Luke was once spotted wearing his crocs shoes while hanging out with his friend, Post Malone.


Thanks for reading our story on Luke Combs and believing in What we are and What we do. Our editors at ChildhoodBiography looked out for accuracy and fairness while putting up Luke Combs’ Biography and Childhood Story.Kindly place your comments or contact us if you see something that doesn’t look right on this article about Combs. To get quick and concise information, here is a table summary of the country music star.

Full NameLuke Albert Combs
Birthday2nd day of March 1990
ParentsChester Combs (Father) and Rhonda Combs (Mother)
GirlfriendNicole Hocking (Likely future wife)
EducationA.C. Reynolds School and Appalachian State University
Net Worth$6 million
Height5 ft 8 in
Weight90 kg

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