Paul George Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography facts

Paul George Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography facts

Our Paul George Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood story, Early Life, Parents – Paulette George (Mother), Paul Clifton Anthony George Sr (Father), Family Background, Girlfriend/wife to be (Daniela Rajic), Children (Olivia and Natasha George).

More so, Paul George’s Siblings (Teiosha and Portala), Personal Life, Religion, Lifestyle and net worth.

Simply put, we portray the life history of PG13, an American Professional basketball player whose sister was his foremost unofficial coach as a kid.

Our story begins from his earliest days till when the world got to know him.

To whet your autobiography appetite, we present a trajectory gallery of events around his life. Without a doubt, what you see below summarises Paul George’s Biography.

Paul George Biography - Behold his Life and Success Story.
Paul George Biography – Behold his Life and Success Story.

Yes, everybody knows how he has established himself as the foremost perimeter defender in the NBA. However, just a few are aware of Paul George’s Bio.

Despite his accolades, as stated above, we realize that only a few of his fans have seen an in-depth analysis of his life story.

We have prepared it because of you and our love for Paul and the NBA. So now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Paul George’s Childhood story:

For Biography starters, Paul George was born on the 2nd of May 1990 (now 33 years and 11 months) to his mother, Paulette George, and father, Paul Clifton Anthony George Sr, in Los Angeles, California.

The NBA Star arrived into the family as the last child, but the only son amongst his two older sisters, Teiosha and Portala.

Paul George’s siblings, including himself, were born out of the union between his parents, pictured below.

Meet Paul George with his parents - his Dad (Paul Clifton Anthony George Sr) and Mum ( Paulette George).
Meet Paul George with his parents – his Dad (Paul Clifton Anthony George Sr) and Mum ( Paulette George).

Growing-up Los Angeles:

The American professional basketball lived most of his life in Palmdale, California. He got raised alongside his sisters solely by his parents.

It is interesting to know that His two elder Sisters (Teiosha and Portala) were also involved in Sports.

As a child, Paul George admired the basketball Star, Kobe Bryant. Also, he began to support the club of his Idol, Los Angeles Lakers and the Clippers, respectively.

This is young Paul in his basketball outfit.
This is young Paul in his basketball outfit.

One interesting thing about Paul George is that he didn’t wear clothes like every other teenager in the US.

Instead, he enjoyed the basketball outfit and wore them without caution, as seen in the photo above.

Most of his free moments got spent playing basketball either at the park on the east side of Palmdale or one on one with his eldest Sister, Teiosha.

She brought Paul up loving the game. Below is a photo of Teiosha, Paul’s elder sister.

Paul's sister, Teiosha with the Pepperdine NBA team
Paul’s sister, Teiosha with the Pepperdine NBA team

He saw the game as fun and then became a hobby. However, it was not until he enters High School he would take the game seriously.

Below is also a piece of video evidence by Teiosha, Paul’s elder sister.

Paul George Family Background:

Even though his parents were not wealthy and were no athletes, they enjoyed sporting activities. And so built a passion for sports amongst the children. As a result, Paul George had comforting childhood.

We know that Paul George’s Dad once worked blue-collar jobs for a rim company and as a carpenter.

But, conversely, his mum is a fine artist. Teiosha, Paul’s eldest sister, played basketball while Portala enjoyed the game of Volley Ball.

Paul George Family Origin:

Although the fast-rising athlete was born on the east side of Palmdale, a city in northern Los Angeles County, his roots got traced from a long migration of African-American households.

The east side of Palmdale was predominantly black and Hispanic at the time of his birth.

His parents had to move from South Central Los Angeles with hopes for low-budget housing. He, therefore, holds an Afro- American nationality and of black ethnicity.

Map showing Paul George's roots
Map showing Paul George’s roots

Paul George Education:

Academic training for a young chap with an early career start was a necessity. But, Paul George, even though he had to focus on education, his basketball playing remained paramount.

In his freshman year at Pete Knight high school, Palmdale, he started playing a well-organized basketball game.

He also played for the varsity team in the last three years of high school under the coaching of Tom Hegre.

Young Trece at high School.
Young Trece at high School.

Much later, he proceeded to Pepperdine University, the first half of the semester before enrolling in California State University, Fresno, for a college degree, where he starred in two seasons.

An aerial view of California State University.
An aerial view of California State University.

Paul George Biography – Early Career:

While in college, the young athlete played for two years. He was named the best entertaining player in the West region at that time.

After which, he chose Indiana Pacers in 2010, resulting in his college eligibility in his final years.

Paul was among the two rookies from the 2010 NBA Draft to be in the starting lineup for his 2011 playoffs. The season ended with George named to the 2011 NBA All-Rookie Second Team.

Paul George - during his early career.
Paul George – during his early career.

Paul George Bio – Road to Fame:

After a great high school career and a remarkable prowess at the college level, Paul seemed not yet prepared for the sizeable chunk of the game.

And so had to get involved in the extensive development of his skills. Between 2012 and 2013 was his breakout season in the NBA; he averaged over seventeen (17) points per game for the Pacers.

Celebrating a victory for the Indiana Pacers.
Celebrating a victory for the Indiana Pacers.

He also received the NBA’s Most Improved Player award. In addition, he led the Pacers to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2013 and 2014.

Paul George’s Biography – Rise to Fame:

He played for Oklahoma City Thunder from 2017 to 2019 before a trade took him to the LA Clippers.

Paul was also playing two seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder, playing side by side with Kawhi Leonard, another professional basketball player, ESPN.

Paul gradually became exceptionally known for being always efficient and his ability to score on all three levels.

In addition, as a 4-time member of the NBA All-Defensive Team, he is a 7-time and the best perimeter defender in the NBA.

Paul George with a few of his awards.
Paul George with a few of his awards.

Paul George’s Wife and Children:

Although not married, Paul George is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Daniela Rajic. However, reports have it that the couple is yet to be married.

Rajic was born in Middle Village, Queens, New York. She is of Serbian descent and co-owns a swimsuit line called NUDESWIM.

A photo of the model, Daniela Rajic.
A photo of the model, Daniela Rajic.

The duo met each other in 2013 and got engaged in November 2020. They have since been together despite the controversies surrounding their relationship.

Although the knot is yet to be tied, they have two daughters together (Olivia and Natasha George).

Paul George with the love of his life.
Paul George with the love of his life.

Paul George Daughters – Olivia and Natasha George:

Olivia George, the first child and daughter of the NBA Star, was born on the 1st of May 2014.

During her birth, there was a feud concerning her paternity. Paul only agreed to take responsibility after they took him to court.

Three (3) years later, Natasha George, Paul’s second daughter, was born. She came into the world on the 1st of November, 2017.

As at this time, Paul George and Daniela Rajic were together as a Girlfriend but not engaged.

A photo of Paul George's kids.
A photo of Paul George’s kids.

Paul George Family Life:

So far, Paul George’s household has maintained a decent but average lifestyle. They lived in cheap housing facilities but never lost focus on opportunities to greatness.

A photo of the talented athlete with his family.
A photo of the talented athlete with his family.

The immense sacrifice of his parents and siblings, we can say, has vividly paid off. Let’s take a more detailed view of his family members.

About Paul George’s Father:

Paul Clifton Anthony George, Sr. is the Dad to the National Basketball Association (NBA) player. He once worked blue-collar jobs for a rim company and as a carpenter.

A pix of Paul George's Dad.
A pix of Paul George’s Dad.

Paul George Sr. met and got married to Paulette Ann in South Central Los Angeles. They live happily in Palmdale, California.

Paul George’s Mother:

Paulette Ann George (née Wilson) is the National Basketball Association (NBA) player’s mum. She creates unique, contemporary works for the gallery, business and home environments.

A seldom photo of Paul's Mum.
A seldom photo of Paul’s Mum.

Paulette Ann George (née Wilson) works get exhibited in California and art shows throughout the US. Check out this family bond.

Paul George Siblings:

Teiosha, being the eldest sister, played basketball at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, and Portala, his second sister, was a volleyball player in California State University, San Bernardino.

A photo of PG 13 with his sisters(Teiosha and Portala).
A photo of PG 13 with his sisters(Teiosha and Portala).

About Paul George Relatives:

Even though we are yet to know most of his relatives, he certainly has a few extended family members in the US, numbering about 70. Worthy of note are his nephews and nieces.

Personal Life outside basketball:

Paul, in his free moments, gets seen often outside his professional career fishing. Likewise, George and his father often spent time together fishing.

George in his free time, fishing.
George in his free time, fishing.

He so enjoys social media and uses the platform to reach out to his rising fans. So far, he has accumulated over 8.9M followers on his Instagram page and his Twitter account, with over 2.3M Followers.

Paul George Lifestyle:

Young Trece, as often called by many, is living his best moments now. But, with all that assurance of a fat cheque, it’s no news that the NBA Star has got some luxury acquisitions.

He owns a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider worth $300,000. He also once gained a $2.5 million Giest Home in California.

The Gorgeous Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is worth $300,000.
The Gorgeous Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is worth $300,000.

Salary and Net Worth:

Paul has an approximate net worth of about $20 million.

In late 2020, LA Clippers extended George’s contract for an additional four years at $190 million. The contract is apart from the $35.4 million guaranteed him a salary of 2020.

Untold Facts:

Asides from the information stated above, below are a few facts that might tickle your fancy.

Paul George’s Injury:

The NBA Star once sustained an open fracture of both his tibia and his fibula. It was a horrific sight that required emergency surgery to fix. The bones penetrated through the skin, as seen in the photo below.

The injury almost terminated Paul's Career.
The injury almost terminated Paul’s Career.

Fortunately for Paul, the fracture healed solidly in about six months of the surgery. Though he certainly did miss the 2014-2015 basketball season.

Paul George’s Mother, a source of Encouragement:

At 10, Paul watched his mum suffer a stroke due to blood clots that made her paralyzed from the left side.

The occurrence, he says, strengthens him in moments of discouragement. He would push himself to fight through issues, just as his mom did on the sick bed.

George’s Girlfriend:

The report has it that Daniela Rajic was a former stripper. She has worked as a stripper in one of the most infamous strip joints of America, Tootsies. During her time as a student at the University of Miami in Florida.

She also worked as a dancer at several famous clubs in Miami to pay her college fees.


His heart of Gold gets shown in his various programs. For example, George once raised $25,000 for the Palmdale Department of Recreation and culture, assisting them in rejuvenating basketball courts.

Paul at one of his donations.
Paul at one of his donations.

The donation is aside from the funds made from his annual charity fishing tournament. Those funds are used to refurbish old facilities such as parks.

His Favorite Actor and NBA Player:

Aside from fishing, the NBA Star enjoys watching movies; his favorite actor is Jamie Foxx. Meanwhile, his favorite NBA Player since childhood is Kobe Bryant.

Yet another photo with Kobe Bryant.
Yet another photo with Kobe Bryant.

Paul George Religion:

It’s not new that every individual has his or her own belief system. Even atheist people believe in the non-existence of God.

Paul George unashamedly declares his stand concerning his belief. He believes in Jesus Christ, and everyone is in the Image of God. He is a Christian.

Paul George's Bio Data

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Paul Clifton Anthony George
Nickname: PG13/PG/King George/Young Trece
Date of Birth: 33 years and 11 months
Place of Birth:Palmdale, California, US
Profession Basketball Player
Current Team:Los Angeles Clippers
Position:Small forward / Shooting guard
Education:Knight High School, Fresno State University
Father:Paul George Sr.
Mother:Paulette Ann George
Siblings:Teiosha and Portala
Girlfriend:Daniela Rajic
Children:Olivia George, Natasha George
Sun Sign (Zodiac): Taurus
Height: 6 ft 8 inches (2.03 m)
Salary:$35.4 million (2020)
Net Worth: $20
million (2020)
Social Media:Instagram (@ygtrece), 8.9M Followers & Twitter (@Yg_Trece), 2.3M Followers


Rounding off now Paul George’s Biography and Childhood Story, we see how despite his low-income family background, the tenacity and hard work that flowed from his parents paid off Big time.

Like Lebron James, Paul George’s mother’s challenge only fuelled his energy and did not deter success.

It’s our Ernest passion that you found this write-up fascinating and enlightening. So do well to subscribe for more biography facts of Basketball Players. Surely, the Life of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Joel Embiid will excite you.

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