Ben Simmons Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Ben Simmons Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts.

Our Ben Simmons Biography tells you facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Julie Simmons (Mother), Dave Simmons (Father), Family Origin, Girlfriend, Child, Personal Life, Lifestyle, and Net worth.

In a nutshell, it portrays an in-depth analysis of Ben Simmons’ life history from his early days to when he became famous.

To whet your autobiography appetite, here is his cradle to fame gallery, a perfect summary of Bio.

Ben Simmons rise photo
Ben Simmons Biography: Behold the summary of his life and rise photo.

Yes, everyone knows he is an impressive and creative basketball player who plays for the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA.

However, only a few consider Ben Simmons’ Biography, which we have prepared, and it is pretty interesting. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Ben Simmons Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname “The Fresh Prince”. Benjamin David Simmons was born on the 20th day of July 1996 to his mother Julie Simmons and his father Dave Simmons in Melbourne, a suburb of Fitzroy Victoria, Australia.

Childhood photo
Childhood photo of Ben Simmons.

To clarify, he is the youngest child of six children, of which four were his half-siblings, and one is born between the union of the lovely parents Julie and Dave Simmons. Below is the picture of his parent together.

Bens parent.
Meet Ben Simmons parent, Julie, and David Simmons.

Ben Simmons Early Life and Growing Up Days:

As an 18-month-old child, the athlete was raised in Newcastle, a city in Australia. Ben spent his childhood days with his siblings, who helped him grow up.

During the good old days, you always see the young lad playing basketball around the neighbourhood. However, he was a quiet kid who loves being around pets.

A glimpse of Ben's childhood photos.
A glimpse of Ben’s childhood photos.

Ben Simmons Family Background:

Being rich and coming from a distinguished family background doesn’t guarantee happiness. Simmons came from a middle-class background.

His father, David Simmons, was a professional basketball player. He plays for the Melbourne Tigers in Australia. However, his dad also coaches a basketball team in Newcastle.

Ben’s mum used to be an instructor and a cheerleader for the Melbourne Tigers and a renowned Australian socialite.

The couples met in Melbourne, and both fell in love. After a few years, they dated before getting married. Together, the parents gave their children a smooth and happy upbringing.

Ben Simmons Family Origin:

Simmons birthplace.
A glimpse of a map showing the birthplace of Simmons.

Coming down to his family’s origin. Ben comes from a mixed ethnicity as a result of his dad, who is an African – American.

Later on, he became a naturalized citizen of Australia. And his mother is a white Australian. The fresh prince gets the privilege to share a mixed ethnicity, an Australian and American identity.

Ben Simmons Education:

When Simmons received his formal education, his parent enrolled him at Whitefriars College, where he started playing basketball in his junior year. 

Ben Simmons school.
Behold the photo of Ben Simmons school.

Furthermore, Ben attended Box Hill senior secondary school. In 2013, he moved to the United States, where he attended Montverde Academy, Montverde, Florida. He played high school basketball and later went to Louisiana State University.

Ben Simmons Biography – Early Life:

Foremost, anyone who knows Ben Simmons will tell you he played the game of basketball with passion and enthusiasm.

Early on, Ben began playing basketball at the age of 7. He played for Newcastle Hunters under 12. While in Newcastle, he also played junior rugby league.

He also competes in the Jordan brand classic international games. Subsequently, Ben’s effort and hard work made him return to Melbourne to represent the Bulleen Boomers at the Big V competition.

Ben junior year.
Ben Simmons at his junior year with the Bullen Boomers.

After that, the fresh prince returned to Melbourne, his birthplace and the birthplace of a famous movie star (Ruby Rose).

He played for Knox Raiders at a junior level while attending Whitefriars College. Simmons was named the MVP after he helped the Whitefriars win the year—7 A1 basketball premiership.

Ben Simmons Biography  – Road to Fame Story:

To begin with, in 2011, Ben represented Box hill senior secondary college at the Australian school championship.

Above all, his performance was outstanding. As a result of his fantastic performance, they offered Ben a scholarship to the Australian Institute of Sport.

Ben Simmons at box hill
Ben Simmons showing his awesomeness at Box Hill.

Later on, in 2012, he made his first appearance in the United States at the renowned Pangos All-American Camp for basketball prospects.

At 15, they selected the fresh prince to represent the Australian national under-17 basketball team at the 2012 FIBA U-17 World Cup. 

As a teenager whose life revolves around sporting activities, Ben plays Australian rules football and basketball.

However, the most significant turning point of the athlete’s early career life story was the decision he makes in choosing between basketball and Australian rules football. However, Ben made the most significant decision of his life by selecting the game of basketball.

Ben Simmons Progressive Career:

As life goes on, Ben moved to the United States to gain mastery of his skills and play against boys of his calibre. However, he starts playing at Montverde Academy. Thus, Ben helped the school in winning the high school national tournament.

Junior year career.
Ben Simmons at Montverde Academy, showcasing his talent in the school national tournament .

Interestingly, during the 2013/2014 season, Ben made an outstanding performance at Montverde in that season. He averaged 18.5 points,2.7 assists and 9.8 rebounds per game while shooting 77 per cent from the free-throw line and 69 per cent from the field. He recorded 88 blocks as well.

Fast forward to his success. The fresh prince had a setback in his career that ruled him out of the 2016/ 2017 basketball season because of an ankle injury.

Ben Simmons Biography – Success Story:

The basketball star took a big step in his career by choosing LSU (Louisiana State University) over the offers of Kentucky, Kansas, and Duke.

However, on his return to the United States, he was featured on the cover of the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook for its 35th anniversary.

Ben Simmons year book cover.
Here’s the photo of the blue ribbon college basketball yearbook, which Ben Simmons featured.

The basketball star earned the SEC Preseason Player of the Year award, and they named Ben the Associated Press preseason All-American team. After that, the fresh prince consistent stunning performance earned him the title of best all-around player since LeBron James by Magic Johnson, an NBA Hall of Famer.

In 2016, Simmons left school to enter the NBA draft, becoming the third Melbourne-born number one overall pick like Kyrie Irving. Brett Brown, the Philadelphia 76ers head coach, selected Ben as the number one overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft.

Ben year at Philadelphia 76ers.
Ben Simmons on his Philadelphia 76ers jersey.

As time goes on in the NBA, he received lots of praise for his magnificent performance.

His consistency and hard work earned him many awards, like the NBA Rookie of the Year awards also won by James Harden.

Other awards include USBWA National freshman of the year, SEC freshman of the year, and lots more.

Ben's award.
Ben’s hardwork and commitment earned him the NBA Rookie award of the year.

Fast forward to this time of creating Ben Simmons’s Bio. The Australian has raised himself as among of the most celebrated players in NBA history. The rest, as they say of his life story, is history.

Ben Simmons Love Life—Girlfriend, Wife, Children?:

As we head toward Ben Simmons’s love life, most of his fans have been contemplating if he has a girlfriend or is married. In this section, we give you the details of his love story.

Between 2016—and 2021, Ben Simmons has undergone what we best describe as short hook-ups with several beautiful notable female celebrities.

They include Brittany Renner (2016-2017), Dylan Gonzalez (2017), Tinashe (2017-2018), Kendall Jenner (2018-2019).

And a few more relationships like his tie-up with Jasmine Rae, an American model who is also Drake’s (rapper) current girlfriend. Her relationship with Ben only lasted for a few months between October 2020–and February 2021.

Ben Girlfriends.
A glimpse of the beautiful ladies Simmons dated in the past years.

Personal Life Facts:

Getting to know more facts about Ben Simmons’ personal life off the basketball court would help you get a complete insight into his personality.

To begin with, Ben is a determined and ambitious person. The point guard has an intuitive approach to life and avoids boredom and being criticized.

He is among the most talented basketball players in the NBA. We associate all this with the cancer zodiac attribute.

Aside from his basketball endeavors, he also plays rugby and loves fishing. He indulges in indoor activities like working out and playing video games.

Ben Simmons Family Life:

It was never an easy path to achieve success as a professional basketball player.

Thankfully, the challenging path he walks was made accessible because of the support of his family that were there for him. This section brings you facts about Ben Simmons’ father, mother, siblings, and relatives.

About Ben Simmons Father:

David Simmons is the fresh prince’s dad. An African – American who became a naturalized citizen of Australia.

The supportive father of four adopted children, and two biological children, was a professional basketball player who plays for the Melbourne Tigers in Australia.

However, his dad also coaches a basketball team in Newcastle. David is one of the essential characters in the successful journey of his beloved son.

About Ben Simmons Mother:

Julie Simmons is Ben’s mum. She used to be an instructor and a cheerleader for the Melbourne Tigers and a renowned Australian socialite.

Ben Simmons mum.
Here’s Ben having a good time with his mum.

However, despite her busy schedule, his mum always avails herself to support her young superstar in becoming the famous celeb he is today. How proud she is that her labor has yielded fruits.

Ben Simmons Siblings:

Ben has four half-siblings, Melisa, Emily, Liam and Sean, with one biological sister Olivia. They all grew up together and had strong bonds with each other.

They all love sports as well. His brother Liam resigned as an assistant coach to work with Ben in improving his shooting game.

Ben Simmons siblings.
Meet Simmons’s Lovely family with all his siblings.

Ben Simmons Relative:

Away from Ben’s immediate family, we bring you details about his relatives. His paternal grandparents are unknown, and his maternal grandparents are also unknown. He had a cousin who sadly died in a hit-and-run car accident.

Ben Simmons Lifestyle:

Ben has racked up lots of fame and luxuries as an ambitious and hardworking basketball player, with an estimate of $6 million (2021 stats).

There aren’t many exotic cars he can’t afford. He has stocked a Rolls Royce Wraith, Rolls Royce Cullinan, Ferrari 488 spider, Ferrari 488 pista, Mercedes Benz sprinter, and a Bently dodge challenger in his unique car collections.

Here’s Ben coming out from his exotic Ferrari ride.

Furthermore, he rented a $25 thousand West Hollywood home, which has an aquarium with one poisonous fish, a video game room, and a kitchen with different brands of candies.

Ben Simmons home.
A clear picture showing Ben’s Hollywood house.

Ben Simmons Biography Summary:

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Benjamin David Simmons
Nickname:The Fresh Prince
Age: 26 years and 0 months
Place of Birth:Melbourne, Victoria Australia.
Father:David Simmons
Mother:Julie Simmons
SiblingsMelisa, Emily, and Olivia (sisters) and Sean, Liam (brothers)
Net Worth: $6 million
Hobbies:Fishing, playing video games, and working out.
Height:2 .11 (6ft 9 inch)
NBA Team:Philadelphia 76ers
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Untold Facts:

To wrap up the Bio, here are a few facts about him that would give you a complete understanding of his life story.

Lover of Pets and Animal Activities:

From Bens’ childhood days, he loves playing with animals. Interestingly, on his 7th year birthday, his dad gifted him a dog which he says was the best birthday of his life.

He has an unbreakable love for animals that he often goes to the zoo to play with koala, penguins and seal.

Ben has four pets, two cats (Max and Tito), two different breeds of dogs, a Cane Corso named chief, and a French bulldog named flash.

Ben Simmons’ two triple-doubles:

The NBA Star became the second player in history with two triple-doubles in his first nine games. It’s an impressive accomplishment for any NBA player.

Furthermore, He also has a double-doubled in back-to-back games. What an outstanding and overwhelming performance from a young basketball player.

Ben Simmons has No Tattoos Ink on his body:

The young superstar, unlike other celebrities, has no record of tattoos on his body. He decides to focus on his career and only give his divided attention to working out. We don’t know if he will change his mind as time goes on in his career.


Rounding off Ben Simmons’ Biography and Childhood Story, we see how he makes good use of his talent by being consistent and hardworking towards his career.

Like Russell Westbrook, his parents helped him on his way to success by becoming a life coach to him and putting him on the right path in life.

We appreciate you for reading our Childhoodbiography and Life facts. Subscribe for more exciting and Top-notch biography facts.

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