Matteo Berrettini Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Matteo Berrettini Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Matteo Berrettini Biography tells you facts about his childhood story, Early Life, parents (Luca Berrettini and Claudia Bigo), Family, girlfriend (Ajla Tomljanovic).

Also in this Bio, we’ll tell you Facts about Matteo Berrettini’s Brother (Jacopo Berrettini), his Personal Life, Salary, Lifestyle, and Net worth.

In simple terms, the aim is to convey a detailed overview of this Italian-born athlete. Our story begins from the time of his birth until his fame.

To tickle your fancy, behold the gallery of events surrounding his life from his beginning. We have thought it fit to bring you his Early Life and Success pictures, as seen below.

Matteo Berrettini Biography: Behold his Life and Success Story.
Matteo Berrettini Biography: Behold his Life and Success Story.

Yes, we all know him to be an Italian-born athlete. He is one of the youngest rising stars in the world of Tennis. Matteo Berrettini is an aggressive all-court athlete known for his strong serve and forehand.

Aside from his accolades, we have noticed how many people are yet aware of his life story.

As a result, we have thought it needful with all pleasure to bring you the thrilling tale of Matteo Berrettini. In addition to that, a breakdown of his tennis events. So, with much ado, let’s begin.

Matteo Berrettini Childhood Story:

For our autobiography story, we will begin by talking about his birth history. Matteo Berrettini came into this world on the 12th day of April 1996. He was born to his mother, Claudia Big, and father, Luca Berrettini, in Rome, Italy.

The much-loved tennis player was born as the eldest child among his other brother (Jacopo Berrettini). Matteo Berrettini and his brother were born of the union between their parents (Luca Berrettini and Claudia Bigo).

Matteo Berrettini Growing-up years:

The athlete spent his childhood in Rome, Italy, alongside his brother Jacopo Berrettini. At the age of 3, Matteo Berrettini’s parents bought him a tennis racket. Contrariwise, Berrettini himself was not keen on the sport.

He preferred swimming and judo. Nevertheless, he shifted towards tennis after his brother Jacopo asked him to give tennis is a chance.

At 14, Matteo Berrettini trained at the Circolo Della Corte Dei Conti. He took part in ITF Futures events.

Matteo Berrettini’s coach was Vincenzo Santopadre, a former The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Tour participant.

An early photo of Matteo Berrettini with his mother and younger brother.
An early photo of Matteo Berrettini with his mother and younger brother.

Matteo Berrettini Family Background:

The Italian-born athlete comes from a family of tennis lovers. His parents, grandparents, and only brother took part in tennis.

The Berrettini household was influential. The family could afford the expense of being involved in training a tennis professional.

Their basic needs, such as feeding, shelter, and clothing, were not a problem at all. They had more than enough to take care of each of its members.

Matteo Berrettini Family Origin:

The young tennis player was born in Rome, the capital city in Italy, as well as the capital of Lazio.

However, his maternal ancestry hails from Brazil. His maternal grandmother, Lucia Fogaça, is a Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro.

He has a paternal lineage from Florence. His paternal grandfather is from Florence, a city in Central Italy and besides the Capital City of the Tuscany region.

Aside from the Italian and English languages, Matteo Berrettini is in addition fluent in Spanish. Below is a Map illustrating, in logical terms, his family roots.

Map depicting Matteo Berrettini’s family roots.
Map depicting Matteo Berrettini’s family roots.

Matteo Berrettini’s Bio – Early Career:

The Italian Tennis Champ began his major career in 2015 at 18. He won his first pro-level honour in Italy F30 tournament in 2015.

Unfortunately, he didn’t take part in any competitions for many months because of an injury.

At the end of 2016, he measured up for his first finals in Challenger Level. Matteo then emerged a champion in his second ITF laurel at the Switzerland F1 tournament.

The Italian athlete with his younger brother after his first win for the pro-level trophy in Italy F30 tournament in 2015.
The Italian athlete with his younger brother after his first win for the pro-level trophy in Italy F30 tournament in 2015.

Matteo Berrettini Education:

Even though Matteo Berrettini started his career early, he still had time to attend to his knowledge needs. So, just like many Italian tennis competitors born in Rome, took part at a public school there.

Howbeit, because of his tennis career, most of his remaining education had to be informal. The rest of his training was outside the four walls of a classroom environment.

Matteo Berrettini Biography – The Journey to Fame:

The 6 foot 5 inches Italian continued his professional career with an ATP debut at the Italian Open in 2017.

He won his first ATP prize in the 2018 Swiss Open Gstaad. In addition, he besides received his first doubles honor in the same event that period.

Matteo Berrettini after he won his first ATP award in 2018.
Matteo Berrettini after he won his first ATP award in 2018.

In late 2019, Berrettini achieved a breakthrough in the ATP Top 10 rankings. He became the No.1 Italian on the Tour. His unusual growth in the service game and forehand power has given him quite a reputation.

Matteo Berrettini Biography – The Success Story:

Steadily finding his way towards the limelight, Berrettini continued his training and improved drastically compared to his prior performances. The right-handed server earned more victories.

The young talent earned more fame after his victory in the Italian Open against Alexander Zverev. Alexnder is one of the world’s top 5 tennis competitors. After which Matteo won his third ATP championship later in 2019.

Matteo with his award after emerging victorious in his third ATP prize in 2019.
Matteo with his award after emerging victorious in his third ATP prize in 2019.

Despite having a terrible season in 2020, the young champ made it into the world’s best 10. Matteo Berrettini still has more time to look forward to in his tennis career.

He defeated Cameron Norrie and won his biggest prize, the 2021 Queen’s Championship.

Berrettini got invited by the Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, to attend the Quirinal Palace.

He defeated Hubert Hurkacz in the 2021 Wimbledon Championships to reach his first career Grand Slam final. Moreso, Matteo participated against Novak Djokovic for the Grand slam final.

Matteo with Italian President, Sergio Mattarella (middle), at the Quirinal Palace.
Matteo with Italian President, Sergio Mattarella (middle), at the Quirinal Palace.

Ajla Tomljanovic Matteo Berrettini Story:

For a handsome young man with a charming personality, getting a partner would not be an issue. Though not married, Berrettini is currently in a relationship with Croatian-born tennis professional Ajla Tomljanovic.

The duo made the breakthrough together, reaching the quarterfinals in Wimbledon 2021. Though the lovely pair don’t get to spend time together because of their profession, they are often seen around each other every chance they get.

The talented athlete with the love of his life, Ajla Tomljanovic.
The talented athlete with the love of his life, Ajla Tomljanovic.

The mates have been spotted together in court, practising and watching the games.

Nonetheless, this is not the first high-profile relationship for Matteo Berrettini’s girlfriend. She was formerly in a relationship with Nick Kyrgios, the Australian tennis contestant.

Matteo and his girlfriend have kept their relationship details from the media. They have been courting each other for a while. So, we only hope to hear good news about them in the future about their next level.

Matteo Berrettini Family Life:

Tennis playing runs through Matteo Berrettini’s family. His grandparents, father, mother, younger brother, and even his girlfriend have taken part as athletes in the Sport.

Nevertheless, none has reached the same heights as Berrettini in Tennis. Having said all that, let’s take a quick breakdown of each member of the home.

A photo of Berrettini's family.
A photo of Berrettini’s family.

More about Matteo Berrettini Parents – Father:

Berrettini’s father, Luca Berrettini, was a Tennis professional and belonged to a tennis club. During the sports, he met Matteo’s mum, Claudia Bigo, before they got married.

Luca Berrettini, amongst other family members, is pivotal to Matteo’s early exposure and success in the field sport. His marriage to Claudia has produced two sons, of which Matteo Berrettini is the first.

A photo of Matteo's dad, Luca Berrettini.
A photo of Matteo’s dad, Luca Berrettini.

About Matteo Berrettini Parents – Mother:

Berrettini’s mum, Claudia Bigo, is additionally a tennis lover and once participated in the Sport. She and her husband, Luca Berrettini introduced Matteo and his younger brother Jacopo to the game of tennis.

They together sometimes come to see their son at tournaments, such as they were present in his box in 2019 at the US Open.

About Matteo Berrettini Brother – Jacopo Berrettini:

Matteo Berrettini has a younger brother, Jacopo Berrettini, born on the 27th day of November 1998. Just like Matteo, he is on top of that a tennis professional. Jacopo and Matteo have been training together since the age of 8.

A photo of Matteo with his younger brother, Jacopo Berrettini after a training session.
A photo of Matteo with his younger brother, Jacopo Berrettini after a training session.

Berrettini achieved his ATP main draw debut at the 2021 Sardegna Open in the doubles draws, in partnership with his older brother Matteo.

The pair later received a wildcard into the doubles main draw. Despite that making it to the semifinals, where Simone Bolelli and Andres Molteni beat them.

Celebrating Christmas with not just a brother but a friend.
Celebrating Christmas with not just a brother but a friend.

About Matteo Berrettini Relatives:

The Italian athlete belongs to a family that works hard to keep their household information as discreet as possible.

Howbeit, Matteo Berrettini should have other relatives aside from his father, mother, and younger brother.

The best we can talk about is his maternal grandmother, Lucia Fogaca. She is a native of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

On the other h his paternal grandfather, otherwise, a lover of tennis, who hails from Florence in Italy.

Matteo Berrettini’s Personal Life:

But while his tennis fans have grown accustomed to Berrettini’s strength and weaknesses on the court, few know him outside the tennis arena.

Matteo Berrettini loves the Italian football team Fiorentina and coupled with that is an NBA basketball fan. As such also enjoys video games and swimming.

Swimming gives Matteo Berritini so much excitement.
Swimming gives Matteo Berritini so much excitement.

He is pretty active and well known on social media, with personal and verified accounts on many platforms. He has 861k Instagram followers, and he has about 4k followers on Twitter.

Matteo Berrettini Lifestyle:

Contrariwise, similar to many world-class Tennis experts, Matteo has shifted his residence to Monte-Carlo, Monaco. It has the best atmospheric condition to train plus the best Tennis courts and is also a tax-free nation.

Matteo Berrettini with his new car:

Aside from his expensive house in Monaco, the star athlete has a few car collections, especially Mercedes-Benz products, the electric vehicle from one of his sponsors, Mercedes-Benz. He also loves Peugeot and, in July 2019, got roped in as a Peugeot Ambassador.

A collage of Matteo Berritinini's car collection.
A collage of Matteo Berritinini’s car collection.

Matteo Berrettini Net Worth:

Matteo is among the youngest talents in tennis and has continued to polish his skills. He has amassed lots of wealth through his career victories in major tournaments. According to Essentially Sports,

Matteo Berrettini’s net worth is about $6 million. The Italian tennis player has $6,514,992 in prize money so far, and there is no uncertainty that it will increase in the coming years.


Matteo Berrettini also makes quite a handsome amount through Brand endorsements. He has signed promotion deals with Colavita, Capri Watch, Peugeot, Uliveto, Lotto, and Head.

These deals help Matteo increase his fortune and generate extra income. With such immense wealth, we are sure that Berrettini leads a lavish and comfortable lifestyle.

Lotto has sponsored the tennis sportsman for his clothing and shoes and Head for his rackets. But then again, Signum manufactures the strings in his racquets Pro.

On display with one his sponsors wears.
On display with one his sponsors wears.

Matteo Berrettini Untold Facts:

Apart from the life story told so far, here are exciting Facts About Matteo Berrettini and his tennis career.

Quarantine experience:

The Italian tennis expert has even shared his experience during the Coronavirus pandemic with Euro Sport, reporting how he and his partner couldn’t see each other while being quarantined in the same hotel, but six floors apart.

The lovers are still together after coming out of the pandemic and going strong with their relationship.

Berrettini’s Dream:

Fascinatingly, Matteo has an aspiration to become a biologist and work with animals. Talking about dreams, the Italian’s dream opponent is American legend John McEnroe, and tennis idol, the 20-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal.

Berrettini’s Racquet:

Matteo Berrettini currently uses the Head Graphene 360 plus Extreme MP Racquet, which reportedly combines the potential and balance of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibers and uses more considerable funnel-shaped loopholes to allow greater powerful movement and powerful shots.

These qualities in Berrettini’s racquet have undoubtedly made a significant difference in his swings.

With his Head Graphene 360 plus Extreme MP Racquet.
With his Head Graphene 360 plus Extreme MP Racquet.

Withdrawal from Olympics:

It is reported that the Wimbledon 2021 finalist Matteo Berrettini has been forced to pull out of the Tokyo Olympics stated for the 23rd day of July 2021.

The withdrawal was due to the muscle strain, he incurred in London where he emerged as the first Italian to reach the Grand Wimbledon singles.


In 2019, Berrettini started a charity campaign for Tennis for Africa. He also surprised a young tennis fan and cancer survivor by taking care of his health bills during the 2019 ATP prize match. His presence was to encourage Cancer Research UK promotion.

Berrettini’s Coach:

Vincenzo Santopadre has coached Berrettini since he was nine. Born on the 11th day of August 1971 in Rome, Santopadre is a former Italian tennis expert who made it 100th place globally, his best ranking, in 1999. Berrettini reached the 2019 US Open semifinals and entered the top 10 in the same season.

Vincenzo Santopadre (right) has coached Berrettini since he was nine years old.
Vincenzo Santopadre (right) has coached Berrettini since he was nine years old.

Awards and Records:

Aside from becoming the Most Improved Player of the year award, he has made other notable records.

He took the honors at the Hungarian Open Men’s Singles award, the Mercedes Cup Men’s Singles medal, and the Phoenix Challenger Men’s Singles honor, all in 2019.

His Match with Djokovic:

Early July 2021, Matteo Berrettini participated against Novak Djokovic at the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final.

It was a major moment in tennis history and a significant one in the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) race. Matteo played his best. Djokovic noticed his powered forehand.

However, Matteo lost to Djokovic, claiming the trophy on his third match point after a three-hour and 23-minute battle. On the other hand, Matteo was excited to have gotten to the cup match for the first time.

The match was a sign of good things to come in the future for Matteo Berrettini. In spite of that, he also pocketed more than $1.2 million as the runner-up of the championship.

Matteo Berrettini Biography Summary:

To get an on-the-glance summary of his life history, see the clips and then the table below to get details about the renowned tennis player.

Matteo Berrettini Biography Data

Biography Inquiries:Wiki Answers
Full Name:Matteo Berrettini
Date of Birth: 12th Day of April 1996
Place of Birth: Rome, Lazio, Italy
Profession:Tennis Player
Father: Luca Berrettini
Mother: Claudia Bigo
Siblings: Jacopo Berrettini
Girlfriend:Ajla Tomljanovic
Sun Sign (Zodiac):Aries
Hobbies: Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Soccer, Judo
Height: 6 ft 5 in (1.96m)
Weight: 95 kg (209 lbs)
Net Worth: $6 million (2021)
Residence: Monte Carlo, Monaco


It’s our hope you enjoyed the Matteo Berrettini Biography and Childhood Story. We know him to possess a hardworking personality, and because of his steadfast commitment to his career, he could not have come this far.

In 2019, he became the first Italian Tennis pro to qualify for the ATP end match since Corrado Barazzutti in 1978. By defeating Dominic Thiem, he also became the first player from his country to emerge tops at an ATP prize match.

Asides from our version of Matteo Berrettini Life story, we have other great Tennis players’ stories for your reading pleasure. The Life History of Bianca Andreescu, Dominic Thiem, and Ashleigh Barty will interest you.

Although there are many rivers yet to be crossed, Matteo Berrettini has a promising future in Tennis. Did you find Matteo Berrettini Biography and Childhood Story to be helpful?

If so, do you have anything else that would help us in terms of best practices? Please send us a comment to let us know. Otherwise, thank you for reading and remaining connected for more biography facts with top-notch accuracy.

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