Dominic Thiem Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography facts

Dominic Thiem Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography facts

Our Dominic Thiem Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Karin Thiem (Mother), and Wolfgang Thiem (Father), Family, Parents, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Net Worth, and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, we portray the history of Austrian professional tennis player. His story begins from his early days, to when he became famous with Tennis.

To give you a taste of the engaging nature of Dominic Thiem’s Bio, here is a pictorial summary of his life trajectory.

The Biography of Dominic Thiem. From Childhood to the moment of Fame.
The Biography of Dominic Thiem. From Childhood to the moment of Fame.

Yes, everyone knows he is one of the most successful Tennis players from Austria in Europe. However, only a few have read the complete Biography of Dominic Thiem.

We have it, for you and for the love of the game. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Dominic Thiem Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname Domi. Dominic Thiem was born on the 3rd day of September 1993 to his mother, Karin Thiem, and Father, Wolfgang Thiem, in the city of Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

The Austrian tennis player is the first among two children (both boys) born of the union between his lively sporty parents.

Meet Dominic Thiem's parents - Wolfgang and Karin as they cheer their son.
Meet Dominic Thiem’s parents – Wolfgang and Karin as they cheer their son.

Early Life and Growing-Up in Austria:

The 2020 Grand Slam winner spent his boyhood years in Lichtenwörth, a small market town in Austria. Dominic grew up alongside his little brother Moritz Thiem – who is six years younger.

As early as two, he fell in love with tennis – thanks to the early teachings from his Dad, Wolfgang who worked as a coach.

The early signs that he was going to be a Tennis superstar.
The early signs that he was going to be a Tennis superstar.

Dominic Thiem’s Family Background:

The Austrian comes from a household whose lifestyle is centered around the love for Tennis sports.

Did you know?… Both of Dominic Thiem’s parents (Wolfgang and Karin) are tennis coaches. Hence, it is not surprising that his passion for Tennis is central to his household.

From the onset, Dominic Thiem’s family thrived as above middle-class citizens. Both Karin and Wolfgang earned good incomes from their job as coaches.

As a result, it became more comfortable for his household to bond perfectly together since there was a unified focus in sports.

Dominic Thiem Family Origin:

Even though the fast-rising athlete was born in Wiener Neustadt, we trace his roots to Lichtenworth.

Dominic Thiem’s Father, Wolfgang, is a native of Lichtenworth in Austria and he is of white ethnicity. This is a lively town where nearly everyone lives a free life.


The 2020 Slam winner has his family roots from a market town known for its needle factory and cotton mill.

Sadly, we also remember Lichtenworth for being a concentration slave labor camp during the Jewish persecution years. As far as we know, the Tennis star is the most notable person from this part of Austria.

Dominic Thiem Education:

Going to school for a youngster was a necessity. Even though there was a focus on education, playing tennis remained paramount.

Dominic Thiem’s parents – Wolfgang and Karin – did ensure their boy had extensive tennis coaching during the week and weekends.

Dominic Thiem as a kid. He was just about to play tennis.
Dominic Thiem as a kid. He was just about to play tennis.

As time went on, Dominic had to drop out of school so he would give his full attention to his career.

Wolfgang and Karin supported his decision as they were of the view that full-time education would not see him focus.

Just after his boy began homeschooling, his Dad (Wolfgang) opened small a tennis academy. The training house was one that merged tennis coaching (for kids) with the conventional school system.

Dominic Thiem Biography – Tennis Story:

To lay a good career foundation for his son, Wolfgang tagged alongside a popular tennis coach known as Günter Bresnik.

Soon, little Dominic got enrolled in his Dad friend’s academy in Vienna. While there, the new coach (as seen below) helped him develop at a very fast pace.

Dominic Thiem's Early Life and a tennis player.
Dominic Thiem’s Early Life and a tennis player.

Gunter Bresnik became Thiem’s coach formally when he reached age nine. In fact, it was Bresnik who prepared him for his big future. He immediately began working on Dominic after receiving him from his Dad.

First, Gunter helped him get rid of his poor Tennis habits. He advised Dominic to change his two-handed backhand to a one-handed backhand. Doing that alone yielded results as it brought the young boy his first success.


Early Health Issues:

Despite the good teachings he received from Günter Bresnik, things didn’t go so smooth for Thiem as he reached 12 years old. At some point in that time, the poor boy began to struggle with health issues.

Worried parents – Wolfgang and Karin requested answers from doctors on what they observe in their boy’s body. Results from diagnostics had it that Dominic had a large growth spurt of 16 centimeters.

With proper care, the future Tennis star overcame his health issues. To the joy of his family, he went back to doing the thing he loved.

Early Career Life:

The Austrian tennis player enjoyed smooth success as a junior tennis player. Back then (as a teenager), Thiem was ranked as high as No. 2 in tennis (for children).

The year Thiem turned pro (2011) saw him getting hungrier to win titles. That year, he participated in the 2011 French Open Boys’ final where he won the 2011 Orange Bowl.


Dominic Thiem Biography – The Road to Fame Story:

Just after turning professional, he went on to record his first ATP win over compatriot Thomas Muster, a former world No. 1.

This legend had just come back from retirement in 2010 following an 11-year break. The year 2014 became a turning point for Thiem’s career as he reached the final of an ATP tournament.

Also That year, Dom broke into the tennis top 100 for the first time. He held the record as the youngest player to end 2014 in the top 50, ranked 39.

Thanks to hard work and consistency, Dominic won his first pro title a year later (2015) at the Open de Nice Côte d’Azur in France.

After winning this title, the world began to keep close eyes on him. At this time, the rising star got identified by senior players and veteran journalists as a player for the future.

That future came almost immediately. Winning three ATP titles to his name – as of 2015 – confirmed Thiem’s graduation to the league populated by the best.


Winning that didn’t make him relent as Dominic (in the next year) reached his first Grand Slam semifinal at the 2016 French Open.

That year, he also registered wins against the likes of David Ferrer and Rafael Nadal – inching closer to the World Top 10 rankings.

Dominic Thiem Bio – The Success Story:

The year 2016 was perhaps the turnaround year for the Austrian tennis star who earned his first hardcourt title and raced to seventh in the world rankings.


Rather than stumble, Thiem went from strength to strength. In the following year 2017, he registered wins against Djokovic and Federer, breaking into the top 4 of the ATP rankings.

2018 was also rewarding for Thiem as he reached the final of the French Open – his best result ever in a Major.

Thiem’s powerful groundstrokes and single-handed backhand earned him praise from all quarters.

Again, he won his first Masters 1000 title at the 2019 Indian Wells Masters, beating Roger Federer in the final.


Announcing his name to the world in 2020, Dominic won his First Grand Slam title at the US Open and Australian Open final.

Dominic Thiem became the first player in the Open Era to recover from two sets down and then fought back to beat Alexander Zverev in the final.


Following the historic moment, the 6 ft 1 tennis star won the Austrian Sportsman of the Year award for 2020.

This is the fourth time a tennis player has won the award since its creation in 1949. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dominic Thiem and Kristina Mladenovic – The Love Story:

Although dating could be a distraction, the tennis player has once called off his relationship. Dominic Thiem was previously in a relationship with Kristina Mladenovic, a French tennis player. Both began dating in the middle of 2017 but split around November 2019.

Introducing Kristina Mladenovic.
Introducing Kristina Mladenovic.

Why Thiem broke up with Kristina Mladenovic:

Both lovers decided to end their relationship due to the distance factor. Their tennis occupations made them travel around the globe – creating a gap for the lovers.

Due to a distance relationship, it became hard for Dominic and Kristina to spend quality time together. The 2020 Grand Slam winner is single at the time of writing his Biography.

Personal Life:

Aside from his tennis career, Dominic is a big football fan. He supports Chelsea Football Club. His love for football made him found his football club called, TFC Matzendorf.

He, in addition, enjoys watching ski jump competitions. Thiem once told fans that he grew up in the countryside and that is the reason he has a very good relationship with animals.


Dominic Thiem’s Lifestyle:

The Austrian tennis professional player owns a few of the best luxury cars in the world. From what we know, his favorite car color appears to be red or black.


Dominic Thiem’s house, located in Lichtenwörth, Austria, is estimated at $1 Million. He also has a few brands that sponsor him aside from his tennis profession.

A few of the brands include Adidas, Babolat, Bank Austria, Kia, Rolex, Red Bull, and Sky Sport. Lastly, Dominic loves to spend his tennis monies enjoying luxurious seaside vacations.


Salary and Net Worth:

Thiem has an estimated net worth of almost $26 million. According to Forbes, Thiem won a staggering $11.1 million from June 2019-June to 2020.

He is ninth on the list of high-paid tennis players within that period. Lastly, his biggest career prize money (as of 2020) is a whopping $27,247,047.

Dominic Thiem Family Life:

He comes from a household whose parents know the meaning of making sacrifices both financially and morally.

The acts have so far contributed to making Dominic and his younger brother a figure of success. In this section, we’ll tell you more about his parents and sibling.

About Dominic Thiem’s Father:


Wolfgang Thiem is a Tennis trainer and now his son’s manager. He took responsibility for the development of his Dom’s junior career before handing him over to his friend Gunter Bresnik who managed his son for years before the duo parted ways in 2019.

While writing this Biography, Wolfgang, as a coach, manages Austrian No. 2 Dennis Novak and Austrian No. 3 Sebastian Ofner.

Lastly, Wolfgang Thiem is a man who has invested a lot in his son. In fact, the expenses were so high that he once felt sorry for the parents of players who are just starting out and not knowing what to expect in terms of cost.

More About Dominic Thiem’s Mother:


Karin Thiem is Dominic’s lively Mum – also a tennis coach. She has also been instrumental to her children’s professional career success.

Karin rescheduled her life to adapt to the school’s program and tennis practice of Dominic and his brother. She can be seen at every venue where her son plays.

About Dominic Thiem’s Siblings:

Significant to mention that he is the first child amongst two children born of Karin, his mother. Dominic’s younger brother, Moritz Thiem, is also a professional tennis player.

He was born in Austria on the 8th of December 1999 – six years younger than his big brother.


Moritz has a career-high ATP singles ranking of 1294, achieved on the 9th of September 2019. He lives under the shadow of his big brother, who is the family’s breadwinner.

More About Dominic Thiem’s Relatives:

The Tennis player has a few extended family members in Austria. Worthy of note are his Grandparents, who were supportive.

Did you know?… Dominic’s grandmother once sold an apartment in the center of Vienna so as to enable Dominic to continue his tennis training.

Dominic Thiem Untold Facts:

Besides the information stated above, below are a few facts that might catch your fancy.

Dominic Thiem’s Mother’s Tattoo Tradition:

To show her overwhelming support and commitment to her son’s career, Dominic’s mum has had a fascinating ritual since 2019.


She creates a tattoo on her body to celebrate her son’s tournament victories. The reason, apparently, for this interesting ritual is a bet that Karin had with Lucas, a friend of Dominic Thiem.

Total Love for Football:

The tennis player is a die-hard Chelsea fan. Dominic Thiem often goes to watch Chelsea Vs Arsenal Matches with family. His passion for football is so clear that he even started his own football club in Austria.

During tennis off-seasons, Thiem plays football matches at local fields – even in his childhood years. He is also close to Chelsea players – one of those is Willian.

Family Legal Dispute:

Owing to the need to have his son make his own decision, Wolfgang Thiem decided to pull Dominic from Gunter (the man who trained him from childhood).

This development has led to a legal dispute between his family and the coach who deemed them Ungrateful.


Ecosystem Activist:

Dominic Thiem wears bracelets to support Oceans. He has pledged severally to pull pounds of trash from the ocean.

He is also engaged in the creation of a habitable ecosystem for marine life. Away from tennis, he works with organizations whose duty is to ensure the conservation of the oceans.



Rounding up Dominic Thiem’s Biography and Childhood Story, we get to see that there is a cumulative effect of family impact.

We saw how his parents (Karin Thiem and Wolfgang Thiem) supported and sacrificed a lot for his dreams and passion.

Following through with diligence and determination, Dominic climbed the ladder to fame – even though it meant breaking his own pattern to win matches.

Our team strives for accuracy and fairness while delivering the Biography of Dominic Thiem. Kindly let us know if you see something that doesn’t look right in our content.

Otherwise, let us know in the comment section – your perspective on our write-up and the Tennis player.

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