Roger Federer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Roger Federer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Roger Federer Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Wife (Miroslava Vavrinec), Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, we give you the Full Story of a Tennis Genius who is best known by the nickname “The Swiss Maestro”.  The analysis involves his life story before fame, family life/background and many OFF and ON-Screen little-known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows of his dominating reign in Tennis. However, only a few consider Roger Federer’s Bio which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Roger Federer Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

Young Roger Federer (pictured below) was born on the 8th day of August 1981 in Basel, Switzerland. His father, Robert Federer was a Swiss who worked for a Pharmaceutical company, while his mother, Lynette Federer was a South African who also worked for a Pharmaceutical company at the time of his birth.

Growing up in the city of Basel which is home to Switzerland’s oldest university, numerous museums as well as the famous Theater Basel, young Federer was like most kids around his locality, expected to pursue academic or artistic interests.

He, however, pursued a singular interest in what he was least expected to regard with high esteem; Tennis. Although Tennis was a sport his family enjoyed playing, it was more regarded as a pastime activity by his parents and an older sister who had other interests.

Nevertheless, his financially buoyant family understood that Federer’s passion for the sport was well-founded and would together with the promising skills he exhibited during family games, help him carve a niche for himself in the future.

Roger Federer Untold Biography Facts – Anger Issues:

Federer was only 8 years when he secured entry into a junior tennis program in Bassel. He was so engrossed in the sport that his emotional disposition at any time of each passing day was a reflection of how well he fared in tennis and interestingly how well his childhood idol, Boris Becker, performed in his own game!.

The upcoming Tennis Genius once cried to saturation point when his childhood hero Becker lost to Stefan Edberg in the 1988 Wimbledon final. The way Federer figured it, Tennis was life and winning meant sustenance. As a result, he often went into fits of rage whenever he hit a dumb shot and hurled his racket against the fence in an expression of self-anger.

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On their part, his parents could only watch with awe how their loving son took Tennis from an enjoyable family activity to personal and raging emotional levels. The development prompted them to secure the services of a tough Australian tennis player Peter Carter to ‘fix’ their son.

Roger Federer Biography Facts – Career Buildup:

It was Peter Carter who helped Federer connect the missing pieces (strategy, psychology and courtesy) without which playing Teniss could remain a physical and emotional strenuous activity.

Realizing the positive impact of coaching on their son’s physical and emotional demeanour, Federer’s parents allowed him to spend the better part of his time under the tutelage of Peter Carter.

Subsequent training endeavours saw him leave home in his early teens (13 years of age) for the purpose of perfecting his acquired skills in a number of training centres including Switzerland’s national training centre in Ecublens and a newly opened training facility in Biel where Federer met his next childhood Coach Peter Lundgren.

Roger Federer Biography – Rise To Fame:

The perfection which Federer sought was made achievable by Peter Lundgren who taught Federer the exceptional shot-making, power-packed smashes, excellent footwork and efficient techniques that are characteristics of his style of play in the present time.

Consequently, he deployed the perfected skills in earning ITF’s #1 world ranking as a teenager, dominated the Wimbledon junior singles and Double titles and reached the finals of the junior draw at the U.S. Open.

Tabbed as Federer coach, Peter Lundgren worked to ensure that Federer’s career went nowhere but up, a development which saw Federer clinch innumerable titles, stayed on top of rankings, set records and dominate Tennis. The rest, as they say, is history.

Who is Miroslava Vavrinec? Roger Federer’s Wife:

Roger Federer, despite his love and commitment to the game of tennis, met his wife Miroslava Vavrinec in 2000, during the Sydney Olympics while they were both representing Switzerland at the games.

However, Mirka, as shes fondly called retired from playing Tennis in 2002 due to a persistent foot injury and became her husband to be PR manager and also a familiar face at his games and winnings of course.

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After 9 years of romantic rendezvous, the couple got married on April 11, 2009, at Wenkenhof Villa in Basel, his hometown.

Their union is blessed with two sets of twins. In 2009, they had given birth to identical twin girls, Myla Rose and Charlene Riva.

In 2014, they were blessed with another set of identical twin boys, Leo and Lennart.

Roger Federer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Family Life

Roger Federer was born into an organized family, sit back as we bring you details of his family.

Father: Robert Federer, father of the tennis star, is a Swiss-German. He hails from Berneck in the Canton of St. Gallen. He met Lynette, his wife in Kempton Park, South Africa and got married to her the same year they met in 1973. After Marriage, they both moved to Switzerland.

Mother: Lynette Federer, mother of the Tennis star is a South African. She is of the Afrikaan tribe from Kempton Park, Gauteng, in South Africa and grew up in Johannesburg. She was a one time athlete who was actively involved in her schools track and field events, played the netball, field hockey.  tennis and golf.

Pictured below is a photo of Federer with his loving parents.

Sister:  Roger Federer’s older sister and only sibling, Diana, was born in 1979 in Basel-Stadt, Switzerland. She also gave birth to twins -one boy and one girl.

Roger Federer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: In Memory Of Peter Carter

Roger Federer had not always been on top of his game in terms of maturity and excellent gameplay until the death of his first coach Peter Carter.

Carter died on a road accident while on Safari in South Africa. His death did not go down well with Federer who had been close to Carter ever since he was nine years old.

After weeks of sorrowful mourning, Federer resolved that he is going to honour the memory of his deceased coach by being on top of his games at all times.

Fast forward to present it is evident that Federer has kept to his resolve of honouring his late coach in view of his innumerable title wins and new records.

Roger Federer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Rivalry With Rafael Nadal 

Talks about the rivalry between both professional tennis players who have dominated tennis for almost two decades has been in the public domain for some time now. The pair currently holds the top positions in the ATP Rankings and they are also widely considered as the two greatest players of all time.

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The Federer- Nadal rivalry is akin to that of MessiRonaldo rivalry in the game of Football, as both players have been in the public court to determine who the greatest is. The Tennis player’s rivalry has been described by many as the greatest in the history of the game of Tennis.

They have both have 38 Grand slam Titles between them, but Nadal has always won the head-to-head record 23-15 despite having three fewer Majors. The 2017 Shanghai Masters is the most recent final where both players met. Nadal has won 9 out of their 12 meetings in majors.

Even as the Spaniard-Nadal is trying to match Federer’s record, he speaks about his true feelings for his arch-rival in the documentary Strokes of Genius.

“It has always been a positive relationship, a lot of respect, we shared a lot of important moments for both of us and we always did it in a good way. It’s something I am proud.”

Roger Federer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Other Facts

  • Federer has always openly said that he won’t force the game of tennis on his kids.

I don’t know if the kids are ever going to play tennis at a high level like that. But I think for any kid it’s important for them to enjoy what they’re doing, whatever sport that is.”

  • At the age of 16, he had a choice to make between sports and education, he went for sport
  • He had a cow named Juliette gifted to him after winning his first Wimbledon title in 2003.
  • All through his playing career, he has never retired from a match, always completing them, either winning or losing.

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