George Russell Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

George Russell Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography facts

Our George Russell Biography tells you facts about his Childhood story, Early Life, Parents (Steve and Alison Russell), Family, Relationships (Carmen Montero and Seychelle de Vries).

Moreso, the athlete’s Personal Life, Siblings (Cara and Benjy), Salary, net worth and Lifestyle.

To make short the story, we present you an overall picture of the Life history of George Russell, a British racing driver competing in Formula One.

Our Biography begins from infancy until he becomes a household name in the karting game.

To tickle your fancy for our Biography, we present a gallery pathway of events surrounding George Russell’s life. Undoubtedly, the photos you see below summarise his life history.

George Russell Biography - Behold his Life from infancy to his success.
George Russell Biography – Behold his Life from infancy to his success.

Yes, we know him for his dominant performance and remarkable speed. His fast driving has caused many to deem him a future World Champion.

Despite his recognition, we realize that only a few have read a concise piece of George Russell’s Biography.

Therefore, we have guessed it fit to serve you the thrilling story of George Russell and the breakdown of his athletic experience so far. Now, without delay, let us begin.

George Russell Childhood story:

To start with, George William Russell was born on the 15th day of February 1998 to his mother, Alison Russell and father, Steve Russell.

Our British profile was born in a seaport and market town known as King’s Lynn in Norfolk, England.

He was born the youngest among his two siblings (Cara and Benjy) by the union of his parents (Steve and Alison Russell), whose photos we captured below.

Behold George Russell's parents - his mother, Alison Russell and father, Steve Russell.
Behold George Russell’s parents – his mother, Alison Russell and father, Steve Russell.

Growing-up years:

The English car racer grew up in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. He was 7 when he took part in karting. The early introduction to driving Sport was a significant influence from his elder brother, Benjy.

George Russell spent most of his childhood moments around karting tracks and Benjy Russell, who also got involved in competitive karting. As the last child of the house, he saw life as a bed of roses.

A childhood photo of George Russell.
A childhood photo of George Russell.

However, venturing into motorsports, most have taught him otherwise. George Russell, with hard work, emerged very good at the sport.

His Dad, Steve, was a Mechanic at first. They used the backyard as a motor repair shop. So, as he grew up watching his brother karting, it naturally increased his interest in karting.

George Russell Family Background:

Racing drivers don’t have to come from multi-millionaire or billionaire households. However, the reality is that you cannot be poor and get into motorsports. A good amount of financial buoyancy is necessary.

George Russell’s father, Steve, as a small business owner, was equal to the task. They had enough to take care of significant needs in the home.

George Russell Family Origin:

Talking about his household roots, George Russell holds British nationality. He was born in a county in East Anglia in England, known as Norfolk.

It borders Lincolnshire to the northwest, Cambridgeshire to the west and southwest, and Suffolk to the south.

Likewise, his dad is also of British descent. So by implication, we can say the athlete is British and hails from Norfolk. Below is a graphical display of George Russell’s family origin.

A graphical display of George Russell's family origin.
A graphical display of George Russell’s family origin.

George Russell Early Career:

Like most successful racers, Russell’s racing career started in go-karts at eight in 2006. He learned pretty well from both his dad and his elder brother, Benjy.

They so helped George to excel throughout his first rung of the motorsport ladder. His talent was clear to see from quite an early age.

Russell swooped to the British Open Champion and MSA British Cadet Champion, making himself known to the world of British Motor-racing sport. By 2010, he moved to the Rotax Mini Max category.

A photo of the Russell, at the early start of his karting career.
A photo of the Russell, at the early start of his karting career.

While in the Rotax mini, he became Formula Kart Stars British Champion, Super One British champ and then won the Kartmasters British Grand Prix in a dominant season.

Russell graduated to the Premier Junior Karting class (KF3) the following season.

To complete his lucrative karting CV, he won the SKUSA Supernational title and became the CIK-FIA European Junior Champion in 2012 and 2013.

In his final year of karting, Russell finished 19th in the KF1 CIK-FIA World Championship. Below is a clip of an interview that was held in 2012.

George Russell Education:

Russell got part of his education at an independent day school on the Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire, England, called Wisbech Grammar School.

The institution is among the oldest schools in England. The youngster started at 11 till he was 18, before moving to Milton Keynes to be closer to his racing teams.

A pictorial view of what George Russell's school looks like.
A pictorial view of what George Russell’s school looks like.

George Russell Biography – Road to Fame:

Russell achieved his single-seater debut in 2014 in the Renault 2.0 Alps Championship and ending the season P4.

George also contested two rounds of the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 Championship. He won the last round of the season as a guest entrant.

He would win the BRDC Formula 4 Championship in 2014, and in December of the same year, he became the youngest-ever to win the prestigious McLaren Autosport BRDC Award.

The accolade earned him about $135,000 cash prize and a British Racing Drivers’ Club membership. He also earned a Formula One test with McLaren.

In February 2015, Russell got announced as one of the twelve drivers selected to join the British Racing Drivers’ Club SuperStars programme. He was again the youngest ever to receive recruitment to the scheme.

Subsequently, after two seasons in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship, George stepped up to GP3, winning the title in his first season.

The win came before doing the same again one year later in his debut F2 season.

So far, George Russell has enjoyed a very similar trajectory to Charles Leclerc – both of them won the GP3 and F2 titles back-to-back.

Emerging FIA Formula 3 European Champion.
Emerging FIA Formula 3 European Champion.

George Russell Biography- Rise to Fame:

Russell was the GP3 Series Champion in 2017. He beat Lando Norris to become rewarded with a spot on the F1 grid, struggling with Williams’ outfit. George also became the 2018 FIA Formula 2 Champion for ART.

After his Formula 2 championship win, Russell signed for Williams in 2019. He then made his debut in the 2019 Australian Grand Prix, alongside Robert Kubica, finishing 19th.

After the stand-in role for Lewis Hamilton because of Covid-19, Russell got contracted to drive for Williams until the 2021 season.

His new teammate is the Canadian driver Nicholas Latifi. Russell becomes the first Briton to go for Williams since 2009 world champion.

By 2021, George Russell almost pulled off the biggest shocks in Formula 1 history. At the Belgian Grand Prix qualifying session. The event marked the first front-row start for Williams since the 2017 Italian Grand Prix.

The 2021 Belgian Grand Prix:

Officially known as the Formula 1 Rolex Belgian Grand Prix 2021, It was a Formula One motor race. The race got delayed by wet weather, and they completed ultimately only two laps, both under safety car conditions.

The race holds the record for being the shortest Formula One World Championship race ever had.

The event allowed Russell to maintain his grid position and claim his first Formula One podium finish. Max Verstappen won the race, only ahead of George Russell.

George Russell claiming his first Formula One podium finish.
George Russell claiming his first Formula One podium finish.

Who is George Russell Dating?:

The Briton isn’t married. However, he has had a few affairs. George previously dated Seychelle De Vries, the sister of Formula 2 teammate Nick de Vries, in 2017.

Unfortunately, the relationship got called off in 2019. Moving ahead, Russell began dating Carmen Montero Mundt. She is a business and management student.

The couple were first spotted in the paddock at the 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix. Early 2021, we sported George Russell and Carmen Montero in St Barts for what seemed like a vacation. Below is a collage of their photo.

A collage of George Russell with the love of his life, Carmen Montero Mundt.
A collage of George Russell with the love of his life, Carmen Montero Mundt.

George Russell Family Facts:

Undoubtedly, George Russell’s household, especially the father, Steve, has played an essential role in the success of George Russell.

The impact of George Russell’s parents (Steve and Alison Russell) cannot be overemphasized.

They were ever supportive and did their best to see that the talented Son, George, succeeded.

Upon all that, his sense of hard work must have stemmed from his house members’ selfless contribution. Now, let us take a thorough look at each member of his home.

A family picture of the Russells.
A family picture of the Russells.

About George Russell Father – Steve:

Also of British nationality, George’s dad, Steve Russell, is a lover of Sports. He is a fan of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. His passion for the racing game; has imparted to his two sons, Benjay and George.

Russell’s father, Steve, owns a small business. He has used the proceeds to so far sponsoring his kids in karting.

However, George received significant backing from Mercedes. Steve learned his lessons while guiding his older son, Benjy.

George Russell, with his dad, Steve.
George Russell, with his dad, Steve.

Therefore, he made improvements with George. The experiences with Benjay helped him to put George on track from the beginning.

Furthermore, it was a joyful moment on the breaking news of his son’s recruit by Formula One.

George’ father, Steve Russell, was in tears. He has been waiting for his moment for the last twenty years. Now he can watch his son getting into one of the International highest-class auto racing.

About George Russell Parents – Mother:

Steve Russell is married to Alison Russell for over three decades now. The duo has three kids together, George being the youngest. George’s mum, Alison Russell, has been a very supportive wife and mother.

She cared for the home, also meeting most of George Russell’s emotional needs. Alison is always there on the track, attending her son’s race and supporting him since his early karting days.

She has kept her public life very much secret. Alison maintains her private life away from social outlets.

George Russell, with his mum, Alison.
George Russell, with his mum, Alison.

About George Russell Siblings – Brother:

Benjy Russell has been a role model for George. He is the oldest son of their parents and was once involved in competitive karting. Benjy and George spent quality time together around karting tracks as toddlers.

As a matter of fact, George’s first Helmet was a hand-me-down from his brother. We can say they both share a strong brotherhood.

George with his elder brother, Benjay.
George with his elder brother, Benjay.

About George Russell Siblings – Sister:

In between the birth of George and his elder brother, Benjy is his sister, Cara. Contrariwise, his sister Cara didn’t invest herself in motorsports.

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She is a motorsport enthusiast and has spent much of the past 20 years at race circuits across Europe cheering her brothers.

While she has never raced, she is an Operations Manager at the W series of the all-female racing championship in 2019.

She constantly backs her little brother as he regularly competes in motor racing sports, showing her support through social media.

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According to reports, Cara, with their mum Alison, was devastated by how the fill-in race for Lewis Hamilton turned out.

A photo of George's sister, Cara (left) with their mum, Alison (right).
A photo of George’s sister, Cara (left) with their mum, Alison (right).

About George Russell Relatives:

The British racing driver should have other relatives. George Russell has a few extended family members aside from his parents and siblings, such as uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces and grandparents. Even at that, we are yet to grasp anything about them.

Playtime with his nephew and niece.
Playtime with his nephew and niece.

George Russell Personal Life:

Like his father, George Russell enjoys playing football. So, he is also a fan of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.

In addition, the Briton Champ loves Cycling, Home workout especially jogging, Golf, Racing, Video games and traveling for vacations.

Moreso, he enjoys hanging out with friends, Skating and mountaineering. Furthermore, George Russell takes advantage of social media to bridge the gap with his ever-supporting fans.

His Instagram account alone has over 2 million followers. He shares pictures from snippets of his racing match, training and upcoming updates. His favourite track is the Sarno Italy.

Russell at his leisure moments.
Russell at his leisure moments.

George Russell Lifestyle:

Even though Russell falls in the celebrity sportsperson category, the champ doesn’t take himself as a giant star.

He has had an excellent first F1 season, and despite not scoring any point, he outshone his teammate, Robert Kubica, in terms of performance.

The lavish lifestyle of most F1 drivers often includes private jets, five-star dinners, luxury apartments and fast automobiles.

However, the Williams racer Russell lives a comfortable life and is simple. Despite the simplicity, we express his love for fast cars in the pictures below.

A collage of a few of George Russell's cars.
A collage of a few of George Russell’s cars.

George Russell Salary and Net Worth:

As one of the grid’s youngest drivers, Russell unsurprisingly earns less than most of his colleagues. Even so, the Briton reportedly brings in about $1.2million annually, according to the 2020 edition of Business Book GP.

His income is partly because of the multi-year deal he signed with Williams in 2019, which alone is worth around $350,000 per season.

The revenue would have been lower though he took a 20% pay cut because of the shock of the 2020 pandemic on the team.

George has an estimated net worth of $1million, according to celebrity sites. That’s currently equivalent to around £700,000.

George Russell Endorsements:

Aside from his base salary, Russell also earns a considerable amount from his various endorsements and sponsorships. Russell deals are with Mercedes, Bell Helmets, AMG, BRDC, Alpinestars, and Puma.

George Russell Untold Facts:

Aside from the information stated above, below are a few impressive facts that would tickle your fancy.

Fact #1: About George Russell’s Helmet:

Russell’s helmet design has remained unaltered during his time in F1.

Whilst the pattern is the same, the colours have frequently changed between red with blue detailing and red with black detailing. Russell has also sported one-off designs for charity across his time with Williams.

A picture of George's unique helmet.
A picture of George’s unique helmet.

Fact #2: Appointment:

In March 2021, Russell received an appointment as a director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, replacing Romain Grosjean, who stepped down after he departed from Formula One to IndyCar.

Fact #3: Russell’s sacrifice at the Sakhir Grand Prix:

The seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton was ruled out by a positive test for COVID-19 at the Sakhir Grand Prix. George got chosen to replace him.

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As a result, Russell underwent a seat fitting to get used to the cockpit but found that it was tighter than his familiar surroundings at Williams.

Russell is over four inches taller than Hamilton, making for a cosier fit upon getting into the car for the first time.

To curb this, Russell wore small race boots to fit into the Mercedes F1 car. He used size ten race boots instead of his usual size 11s.

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Hamilton usually races with size nine boots. Though slightly uncomfortable. He endured the pain to get his opportunity.

George Russell Biography Summary:

Progressively, if you could not go through all the details above, use the table below to get concise information about William’s Racer.

Biography Inquiries:Wiki Answers
Full Name: George William Russell
Date of Birth:15th Day of February 1998
Place of Birth:King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England
Profession:Racing Driver
Education: Wisbech Grammar School
Father:Steve Russell
Mother:Alison Russell
Siblings:Benjy Russell (Brother), Cara Russell (Sister)
Girlfriend:Carmen Montero Mundt
Sun Sign (Zodiac):Aquarius
Hobbies: Cycling, football, Home workout especially jogging,
Golf, Racing Video games and travelling for vacations.
Net Worth: $1million (2020)
Salary: $1.2million (2020)
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In wrapping off George Russell’s Biography and Childhood Life Story, we hope you learned a few lessons. Despite George Russell’s young age, with less experience compared to other F1 drivers, he has done well for himself.

His focus, determination, and hard work have been profitable. Well, thanks to the full support from his Dad, Steve and brother, Benjy. George could learn in no time what would take others a long while. Today George Russell is the 145th British racer to drive in Formula One.

We appreciate you find this write-up heartwarming thrilling, and captivating. Subscribe for more biography facts with top-notch quality.

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