Max Verstappen Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Max Verstappen Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Max Verstappen tells you Facts about his Childhood story, Early Life, Parents – Jos Verstappen (Father), Sophie Kumpen (Mother), Family Life, Love Life, Net worth, Lifestyle and Personal Life.

Simply put, this Bio has a complete analysis of notable events, starting from Max’s early days right until he became famous. From Cradle to Fame, here is a summary of his Memoir.

Max Verstappen Biography - Behold his Early Life and Great Rise.
Max Verstappen Biography – Behold his Early Life and Great Rise.

Yes, you’ve probably known about his rivalry with Lewis Hamilton and the beneficial partnership with Sergio Perez. Also, that he is famous for being the youngest driver to compete in Formula One.

Nonetheless, not many motorsport fans have taken out time to read Max Verstappen’s Biography, which is very exciting.

This is why we are here, to keep you updated. Get inspired as we take you through the Life journey of the F1 Driver.

Max Verstappen Childhood Story:

For Biography Starters, his full name is Max Emilian Verstappen. Max was born on the 30th day of September 1997 to his mother, Sophie Kumpen, and father, Jos Verstappen, in the city of Hasselt, Belgium.

Behold, the earliest childhood photo of the Belgian-Dutch racing driver.

Did you know?… Max was born into a family with a rich history with motorsports- from his Dad, Mum, and first cousin.

Although his first cousin, Anthony Krumpen, was once removed from competing. As a four years old, he began practicing Kart racing. An early photo of the child prodigy with his super dad (Jos) name written on his cap.

For our Biography readers who didn’t know, Kart racing is a motorsport type of sport with open-wheel, four-wheeled vehicles known as go-karts or shifter karts.

Max Verstappen Growing-Up years:

Before approaching his teenage age, the young driver had endured strict training on racing.

Early on (at the age of 4), he was able to compete at the Mini Junior Championship which he did well.

The truth is, Max Verstappen has been winning karting, a race winner before he could ever read or write.

Known for his intelligent driving style, little Max did win his first national championship at nine. Naturally, the boy got used to driving fast cars right from his childhood days.

For Max Verstappen’s parents, the hope was for their little boy to continue living their family dreams.

Max Verstappen Family Background:

First and foremost, the F1 driver comes from a comfortable household. The love for motorsports is central to every single member of Max Verstappen’s family.

His Daddy, Jos Verstappen, was once a Formula One driver who drove for the Netherlands. Jos was a mainstay in F1 throughout the ‘90s. Meanwhile, his mother, Sophie has some records as a karting expert.

Max had someone to look up to as a child- no other than his father who he takes after from a facial and career point of view. Thanks to this man, his life got planned all along.


Max Verstappen Family Origin:

Here, we’ll take a glimpse at the cultural roots of the racing prodigy. First and foremost, Max Verstappen’s parents are of different nationalities.

His dad Jos is Dutch and a native of the Netherlands. On the other hand, his mother Sophie is from Belgium, which is her son’s Birthplace- Hasselt precisely as seen on the map.


Upon careful observation above, you’ll realize that Max Verstappen’s parents had him in a city very close to his family roots- The Netherlands. Even though he has a Belgian mum, he would always be seen as someone who represents Dutch ancestry and roots.

Today, he has a Dutch license, he feels more Dutch as he has progressively spent an ample time with his Dad as compared to his Mum since their separation.

Also, growing up in a Belgian town at the Dutch border, Max found himself more around Dutch people. Hence, it is sufficient to say that Max Emilia Verstappen is a Belgian-Dutch.

Max Verstappen Education:

Early on, formal education wasn’t seen as the primary focus. For the Dutch-Belgian, going to school seemed a necessary evil. It was never something Max found interesting.

Due to his commitment to racing, Max would have to skip a few classes. The idea of not attending school was in full support from his father, Jos.

Max’s Dad saw the talent in his son and would trade it for him attending every school class. At that time (as seen below), the young driver was supposed to be in school.

This is Max, at the time he was supposed to be in school.
This is Max, at the time he was supposed to be in school.

Not totally leaving education for granted, Max Verstappen’s parents agreed to get him a private teacher. Hence, he would go to school once a week and private learn in his spare time- a feat that creates more time to race.

Max Verstappen Early Career:

Being the son of a famous racing driver, there was big pressure for him to follow his Dad’s footsteps. Endowed with such rare and raw talent, Max drove Rotax Max Minimax at a tender age- under the mentorship of his Dad.

Seeing him compete at the Mini championship in Limburg, Belgium meant he was already going places.


Max Verstappen Biography – Road to Fame Story:

For the little boy, the idea was to follow the exact path his dad did use in excelling while in his youth. Max started out by racing in a CRG kart which his father once used. With that, he flawlessly won the Belgian and Dutch Minimax championships.

Youth success didn’t end there, he also won the Belgian Cadet championship. The Victories helped open the door to international racing in the year 2010.

Going on international racing was certain because, in his early teen, he won just everything there is to win in racing.

From his first international scene, Max took part in several competitions, winning a few and gaining experience in others. One of his best wins was that in France- which is the 2013 World KZ championship- a race he won at the age of 15.

Max Verstappen Bio – Success Story:

Early enough, Red Bull did cash on acquiring the Racer. Progressing fast, he moved into F1 directly from F3 at the age of 17 during the 2015 Australian Grand Prix.

Though, was a lot of hype around his entry into Formula One- Max’s display justified it.


Verstappen is a rare talent as he holds the record as the youngest driver to start a World Championship race.

Without a doubt, Max delivers on-track, and Red Bull doesn’t want to lose their star driver. The rest, of the driver’s Biography, is now history.

Who is Max Verstappen Dating?

Just like his Dad, the Belgian-Dutch driver has had many romances. He once dated the following; the athlete Sabre Cook, Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky, Maxime Pourquie, the photo model Joyce Godefridi, and then the blogger, Roos van der Aa.

While producing this Bio, Max has Dilara Sanlik as his girlfriend. He began dating the German lady (pictured below) in 2017.

At just 22 and having dated a lot, it is not surprising that the young Dutch racer is still unmarried. Meet Max Verstappen’s Girlfriend, Dilara Sanlik- aren’t they lovely together?

Max Verstappen Family Life:

Over time, the media has found it hard to discuss his career success without calling the impact of his household. The truth is, Max’s father has always taken a keen interest in seeing the success of his son.

He on the other side has also exhibited a level of maturity to see that his father’s opinion of him was accurate. Here is he with his dad as he celebrates the birthday of one of his half-sisters.

Did you know?… Max Verstappen’s parents have been separated for years. Despite that, he still enjoyed full support from them, as well as other family extensions.

Max Verstappen’s Father:

Johannes Franciscus “Jos” Verstappen like his son, is a former racing driver. He was born in the Netherlands on the 4th day of March 1972.

He’s gotten an agenda for his son since his childhood and has numerous pictures which showcase their friendship.


Max’s dad Jos, is known as the most successful Dutch F1 racing driver. Soon after he left racing, he began mentoring his son in Formula One.

Not to forget, Jos got married to Max’s mum (a former kart driver, Sophie) in the year 1996. The union has produced two Children namely; Max and Victoria.

Meet Jos’ first wife- Sophie Kumpen who is the mother of Max. She is pictured alongside the race driver (left) and his sister, Victoria.

Unfortunately, and for unknown reasons, Jos Verstappen’s marriage to Sophie was short-lived. For peace to reign, both couples had to go their separate ways.

Jos later married Kelly Van Der Waal whom he had his second daughter. She goes by the name Blue Jaye. Here is Kelly Van Der Waal, the second notable woman, and wife of Jos Verstappen.


After some time, a separation between the father of Max Verstappen and his heart robe- Kelly Van Der Waal became known.

This led to Jos’ third marriage to Sandy Sijtsma. This union also produced the second son of the Verstappen family who goes by the name Jason Verstappen.

As presented, Jos Verstappen takes a photo with his third spouse, Sandy Sijtsma.

Max Verstappen’s Mother:

Like any other ex-karting driver, the joy of any mum in this category of sporting mums is seeing her offspring fulfil their destiny in grand style.

This is the position of Sophie-Marie Kumpen who is Max Verstappen’s mother. Pictured below, she was born in 1975 to Robert Kumpen, a once Chairman of the Belgian football club. Mother’s day celebration is always special for both mother and son.


After having huge success in karting, Max Verstappen’s mum did venture into the business of transporting goods by cart in Belgium.

Max Verstappen’s Sibling:

With lots of the members in his family who love racing, there is no surprise to know that his younger sister, Victoria-Jane Verstappen, is a kart racer.

Victoria-Jane is 20 at the time of writing and she does help Red Bull Netherlands behind the scenes.

Pictured below, she is social media savvy, with more than 110,000 followers on Instagram and lots more on Twitter and YouTube. Here is Max, saying Merry Christmas with his sister Victoria-Jane and other Stepsiblings.

Maybe you never knew… Victoria-Jane Verstappen asides from being a social media star, is also a beauty and fashion vlogger with the fashion line- Unleashthelion. At the time of writing, she with her boyfriend, Tom Heuts, are expecting a child soon.

About Max Verstappen’s Relatives:

As aforementioned, most of his extended household members are sportspersons. Let’s begin with Max’s uncle, Anthony Kumpen. He was once a professional racing driver from Belgium.

Even though now suspended till 2022 for drug abuse, Anthony in 2014 and 2016 did win the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series championship twice. Max Verstappen’s Uncle- Anthony Kumpen is seen below before a Kart Race.


Also on his extended family, Paul Kumpen and Frans Verstappen are Max’s two (2) grandfathers and they are also involved in sports. His aunt is Griet Vanhees and his cousins are; Laura Kumpen and Henri-Constant Kumpen.

Max Verstappen Personal Life:

Let’s take a quick look at Max’s schedule aside from his profession. Away from racing, Max takes his fitness exercises seriously and enjoys working out. As one of his hobbies, he does find time to cycle as a way of keeping fit.


On a very personal note, it is shocking to know that the F1 driver is afraid of spiders. He also dislikes the sight of sharks.

Max Verstappen Lifestyle:

Responding to the question on how he spends his monies, the Dutch racer admits not living a lavish life. However, he does know how to spend his monies in getting a good home.

Max lives in a luxurious house in the Posh city of Monaco, famous for its excessive wealth, casinos.

The area also has fascinating events such as the Monaco Yacht Show and the Monaco Grand Prix. Behold, inside Max’s million pounds apartment in Monaco.


Max Verstappen Non Racing Cars:

As a kart racer, it is also normal to become a lover of automobiles. The F1 driver has a Renault Sport R.S which he bought in 2015 as his first car.

He also owns the following cars; Aston Martin DB11, a 2018 Vantage, and a Porsche 911 GT3 RS supercar. Check out one of his sweet rides.


Max Verstappen Net Worth:

In spite of his young age and relatively short career so far, the monetary value of the driver seems astonishing. According to sportekz, Max Verstappen’s net worth is approximately $22 million thanks to multiple endorsements.

Max Verstappen Facts Salary:

With Formula One Racing, as his source of wealth. Max’s annual salary at Red Bull puts him among the top brass of the sport.

The result from research indicates that his salary, in just two years has an increase of 800%.

Verstappen has a current annual salary is US$10 million, compared with US$3 million in 2017 and US$600,000 in 2016. Thanks to a cooly fair deal he signed with Red Bull, a contract that would last till 2021.

Max Verstappen Facts:

This section brings you some untold truths about the Formula One Driver. Without much ado, let’s begin.

He Holds several ‘Youngest’ Records:


Max is the youngest driver to compete in F1, at the age of 17 years old and 166 days. He did get the record when he drove for the Toro Rosso team in 2015.

It doesn’t stop there, he is also the youngest F1 winner in history, in his debut race for Red Bull. He did that in the Spanish Grand Prix at the age of 18 years and 228 days.

Multiple Endorsements:

Max’s growing popularity and fans make him much wanted amongst brands, therefore making him among the most marketable drivers on the grid. His main sponsors include Jumbo Supermarkets, Ziggo, Red Bull, G-Star Raw, and CarNext.

Charity Work and Foundations: 

Just several F1 drivers, Max gets himself involved in charity occasions. He is part of the Charity Stars, who raced in a Red Bull-sponsored charity event in 2017.

Also, in early 2020, Verstappen donated an unspecified amount to a fundraiser as aid for Koalas, affected by bushfires in Australia.


The Orange Army:

Incredibly, he has an army of fans that call themselves the Orange Army and wear Orange T-shirts at most of the European races. Max’s Fans can connect with him through a variety of channels, including social media accounts and his official website. 

Max Verstappen’s Religion:

The Formula One driver was raised a catholic by his parents. Thou, he attends Hillsong church, a contemporary group. Max, as many would say, is religious and has spoken openly about his faith and beliefs many times.

Biography Summary:

This table breaks down Max Verstappen Facts.

Max Verstappen's Bio Data

Biography Inquiries Wiki Answers
Full Name:Max Emilian Verstappen
Nickname:Max Verstappen
Date of Birth:30th of September 1997
Father: Johannes Franciscus "Jos"Verstappen
Mother: Sophie-Marie Kumpen
Girlfriend: Dilara Sanlik
Siblings: Victoria-Jane Verstappen (sister), Blue Jaye (halfsister), Jason (halfbrother)
Relatives: Anthony Kumpen (uncle), Paul Kumpen and Frans Verstappen (GrandDads), Griet Vanhees (Aunt), and Laura Kumpen and Henri-Constant Kumpen (cousins)
Salary: $10 million per annum
Net Worth: $22 million (sportekz)
Religion: Catholic
Height: 1.80 m
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: Belgian-Dutch
Social Media: Instagram (@Maxverstappen1), Twitter (@Max33Verstappen)and YouTube (@max verstappen)


Briefly before our exit, we anticipate you did enjoy our version of Max Verstappen’s Biography. The Race Driver, from childhood, has a talent, it got nurtured by his dad, and was courageous to follow it. Also with intelligence, he has won the Championships.

More so, Max Verstappen’s parents- especially his Dad, did provide the direction and foundation for him to lay his racing talent which came to him naturally.

We hope that you share your experience with us about Max Verstappen’s Bio. We strive to ensure you more facts with top-notch accuracy and fairness.

Kindly stay tuned for more exciting F1 Childhood Biography stories from us. That History of Oscar Piastri, Kevin Magnussen, and Alex Albon would satisfy your autobiography interest. However, reach us in the comment section if you find something that doesn’t appear good.

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