Guanyu Zhou Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Guanyu Zhou Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Guanyu Zhou Biography portrays facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Parents, Girlfriend. Moreso, Guanyu Zhou’s Siblings, Relatives, Personal Life, Lifestyle, Salary, Endorsements and Net worth.

In essence, this chronicle serves you a broad view of the Life history of Guanyu Zhou.

He is a racing driver, currently competing in the FIA Formula 2 Championship for UNI-Virtuosi Racing. Our record begins from the time of his birth till the moment he went global.

Stirring up your passion for our bio, here are pictures of Guanyu Zhou. Indeed, the snapshot summarises his Childhood Story and Biography facts from cradle until his fame.

Guanyu Zhou Biography - Behold his life from his cradle until his rise to fame.
Guanyu Zhou Biography – Behold his life from his cradle until his rise to fame.

He is prominent for his winning gestures. Guanyu usually gives checkered flags to his young fans in the stands. Aside from that, Guanyu Zhou would be the first-ever F1 driver to come from China.

Nonetheless, there is more to him than meets the eye. Therefore, relax while you have the fascinating read of a concise piece of Guanyu Zhou’s Biography and Childhood story. With no further delay, let us proceed.

Guanyu Zhou Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, Guanyu Zhou was born on the 30th Day of May 1999. He arrived on earth on a beautiful Sunday to his Chinese Parents.

Guanyu Zhou was born in one municipality of the People’s Republic of China, widely known as Shanghai.

The sportsperson came into the world amid the union of his Chinese parents. Following is a photo of his mother and father.

Behold Guanyu Zhou's Chinese Parents - Mother and Father.
Behold Guanyu Zhou’s Chinese Parents – Mother and Father.

Early Life and Growing-up years:

Guanyu Zhou’s parents raised him in Shanghai, in the People’s republic of China. Right from his childhood, he displayed a potential for greatness.

Guanyu Zhou always dreamt of excellence as a Kid. He promised himself to get to the peak of the career path he chose.

As early as six years, his passion for the racing sport consumed him. As such, he never missed racing events either on TV or on-site. Guanyu Zhou began attending racing events in 2004. It was the same year that China entered motorsports.

The Chinese held their first Grand Prix in 2005. Guanyu Zhou was in attendance. Guanyu Zhou’s father and mother then perceived his passion and supported him.

You could see him in the photo here, fully supporting Fernando Alonso in his home country, China.

Young Guanyu Zhou supports Fernando Alonso's team in his home country, China.
Young Guanyu Zhou supports Fernando Alonso’s team in his home country, China.

So, Guanyu began karting. However, he did not stay long in China. Guanyu Zhou, together with his parents, moved to Britain. The migration allowed him to take part in European championships.

Guanyu Zhou Family Background:

The Chinese racing driver, Guanyu Zhou, has hidden the identities of his parents. However, reports have it that the family migrated to the United Kingdom in 2012 and has been doing well.

Guanyu Zhou comes from a wealthy Chinese home. His household has a history in the automobile industry. As such they, affording the luxury of life was not an issue.

Guanyu Zhou Family Origin:

The ancestry of the Shanghai-born F1 racer is an interesting read. To discern his household roots, we could have broken down his descendants individually.

Beginning with one from his mother’s side and the other from his father’s side. However, little or no details are available concerning his Chinese parents. But then, his colour and physical attributes betray his Asian roots.

According to historical records, the Zhou surname originates from the imperial relations of the Zhou dynasty.

The name has its roots in Mandarin (a lingua Franca in Asia). Therefore, in concluding Zhou’s Family Origin, we deduce that the F1 racer is of Han Chinese ethnicity.

They are an East Asia ethnic group. In addition, they make up the world’s largest ethnic group, Guanyu Zhou is a Chinese sports competitor in Shanghai. Following is a photographic representation of Guanyu Zhou’s household roots.

A photographic display of Guanyu Zhou's family origin.
A photographic display of Guanyu Zhou’s family origin.

Guanyu Zhou Education:

The Shanghai-born racing driver attended a boarding school in China before the migration to England.

While in the UK, Guanyu Zhou enrolled in a high school in Sheffield, Yorkshire. But then, he struggled in school since he couldn’t speak any languages other than Chinese.

Despite the language barrier, Guanyu Zhou studied for English exams. Good enough, he performed well.

Nonetheless, his karting participation interfered with his learning schedules. Therefore, he abandoned his studies.

In other to focus on his career, Guanyu Zhou then joined the Ferrari Driver Academy after he got spotted by the Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team.

In other to focus on his career, Guanyu Zhou then joined the Ferrari Driver Academy.
In other to focus on his career, Guanyu Zhou then joined the Ferrari Driver Academy.

Guanyu Zhou Early Career:

The Chinese racing sports competitor, Zhou, began karting at eight.

At 12, having run out the national competitions in China, he competed for Strawberry Racing in the UK. Guanyu Zhou, in those days, won the Super 1 National Rotax Max Junior Championship.

He as well emerged as the winner at the Rotax Max Euro Challenge, beating Lando Norris. For his final karting year, Zhou finished 2nd in Rotax Max Senior Euro Challenge. He then took part in selected rounds of the WSK Champions Cup.

Moreso, Zhou took part in the KF2 European Championship. However, in 2015, Zhou moved to Italy to race for Prema Powerteam, competing for the Italian Formula 4 Championship. Zhou finished his first season as Vice-Champion and Best Rookie.

Zhou finished his first season as Vice-Champion and Best Rookie.
Zhou finished his first season as Vice-Champion and Best Rookie.

Guanyu Zhou Biography – Road to Fame:

The racing athlete had to move to Team Motopark in 2016 to compete in the FIA Championships. The European Formula 3 Championship marked the start of a three-year stint in the series.

After which, Guanyu Zhou returned to Prema in 2017, where he stayed for an extra season. At the closure of 2018, Zhou left the Ferrari Driver Academy.

He got awarded the position of Development Driver for the Renault F1 Team as part of the Renault Sport Academy driver program, now known as the Alpine Academy.

After which, Zhou scored his first F2 pole position at Silverstone. He became the first Chinese driver to do so.

Later on, Zhou also scored third place in the race at Paul Ricard. See highlights of Zhou’s first F2 pole position at Silverstone. Yuki Tsunoda came 3rd.

While at Silverstone, he lost positions to his teammate and race winner Luca Ghiotto. As well as to the second-place driver, Nicholas Latifi. In Abu Dhabi, he also finished third with the fastest lap in Race 1.

The 2019 season saw Zhou make his FIA Formula 2 Championship debut. He then had a welcome return to the UK with the British team, UNI-Virtuosi Racing.

Zhou finished 7th in his first season, taking the Anthoine Hubert Award for the Highest-Finishing Rookie.

The 2019 season saw Zhou make his FIA Formula 2 Championship debut.
The 2019 season saw Zhou make his FIA Formula 2 Championship debut.

Guanyu Zhou Biography- Rise to Fame:

Having shown his commitment, responsibility and skill, in 2020, they promoted Guanyu Zhou to official Test Driver for Alpine F1 Team. Following Renault’s rebranding as Alpine.

No stranger to breaking the mould, Zhou’s task as a Test Driver makes him the first driver from China to take up a Formula 1 role within a manufacturer team.

Leading the FIA Formula 2 Championship for UNI-Virtuosi Racing, Guanyu Zhou then made his Formula 1 race debut. Guanyu Zhou made his big impression at the Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix in July 2021 for Alpine.

Zhou picked up the wheel of Fernando Alonso’s A521 for the first Free Practice session. With no room for him in 2022, Alfa Romeo picked him up to join Valtteri Bottas at the squad for the following season. See Guanyu Zhou amazing racing moments here.

Who is Guanyu Zhou Dating?:

According to our records, Guanyu Zhou is possibly single & has engaged no one in the past. As of November 2021, Guanyu Zhou’s is not dating anyone.

Information regarding Zhou’s affairs is yet unrevealed. His relationship records have nothing to say about past relationships. Besides, he is still young.

Guanyu Zhou Family Life:

At this point in our biography, let’s talk about each member of Guanyu Zhou’s home. Indeed, he could not have made it without the steadfast support of his wealthy family members. The bond between them has helped him to become the first Chinese F1 athlete.

About Guanyu Zhou Parents – Father:

Guanyu Zhou’s dad’s name is yet to be known. Nevertheless, we know he is a business owner. Guanyu Zhou’s father deals in the sales and manufacture of automobiles. His wealth affords him the capacity to sponsor his Son, Guanyu Zhou, throughout his go-karting days.

Even though Guanyu Zhou’s dad expected his son to be a business executive like him, together with his wife, Marilena Latifi, they have supported him at every stage of his career path.

A photo of Guanyu Zhou's wealthy dad.
A photo of Guanyu Zhou’s wealthy dad.

About Guanyu Zhou Parents – Mother:

Similarly, Guanyu Zhou’s mum’s name is yet to be known. Nevertheless, there is no doubt about how Guanyu Zhou loves his mother. He has so far enjoyed her love, support and motherly care throughout his growing-up years.

She and her husband met in China and got married. After which, they moved over to the United Kingdom for greener pasture.

A picture of Guanyu Zhou with his mum.
A picture of Guanyu Zhou with his mum.

Guanyu Zhou Siblings:

As aforementioned, Guanyu Zhou never gives off information about his personal and private life. We are not aware if Guanyu Zhou has a brother or a Sister.

There is a probability that he also has no siblings. However, if he did, they would have supported him to get to F1 racing.

Guanyu Zhou Relatives:

The Chinese F1 driver should have other Guanyu Zhou. He should have a few extended family members aside from his nuclear family members of father, mother and Children.

Guanyu Zhou has uncles, aunts, and grandparents. But, again, we have no records of either who they are or what they do.

Personal Life away from racing:

Interestingly, the Chinese racing driver has a charming personality. The F1 racer is a model. Guanyu Zhou has lots of fun activities when he is not on the racing track. He is so active on social media.

Guanyu Zhou uѕеѕ hіѕ ѕосіаl mеdіа platforms tо mаіntаіn соnnесtіоnѕ wіth hіѕ growing fаnѕ. His Instagram account alone has over 140k followers. Guanyu Zhou is also famous for his winning gestures.

Zhou loves to play basketball, golf and video games.
Zhou loves to play basketball, golf and video games.

He usually gives checkered flags to his young fans in the stands. He loves Dogs and enjoys travelling with friends. His diet entails a Non-Veg Diet. In addition, Zhou loves to play basketball, golf and video games.

Guanyu Zhou Lifestyle:

The young F1 driver has so far had an incredible start. He has undoubtedly earned for himself some millions of dollars. Besides, he still has rights to the wealth of his parents.

Thanks to Guanyu Zhou’s increased income, he should live a comfortably lavish lifestyle.

Zhou has gained for himself a few properties, besides the several properties owned by his parents. Guanyu Zhou currently lives in London, United Kingdom, with his family.

The Chinese racer, Guanyu Zhou, added to his collection of Cars. He got handed the keys to a new 2016 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400! The automobile seems his best car thus far.

Salary and Net Worth:

As Aforementioned, Guanyu has achieved significant success in the racing world. Most of the treasure amassed by Zhou comes from the tournaments and championships he has taken part in.

Moreover, his net worth, according to the media referee, is around $5 million. His annual salary, according to ZipRecruiter, is $40,904 annually. Howbeit, we expect he earns much more in his next season.


Because of the prominence that he has gained, various brands endorsed Zhou. He must have established a good income through endorsement deals with Puma, Hublot, Fanatec, Playseat, and many others.

Zhou remains an ambassador for K.S. Sze & Sons, the Personal Jeweler to Hong Kong Society for nearly a century. He also runs his Instagram account to sponsor the brands.

A collage of Hublot and their wristwatches, which Zhou endorses.
A collage of Hublot and their wristwatches, which Zhou endorses.

Guanyu Zhou Untold Facts:

Zhou is turning up as one of the prominent racing drivers in the sports world. He has won several awards and accolades for his efforts.

Now, let us see more about the talented racer Guanyu Zhou’s biography and his professional life. Below are a few impressive other facts about the Shanghai-born F1 racer.

Guanyu Zhou Religion:

In practice, a religion may involve various forms of communication, such as prayers or meditation. Even though religions differ, they share a system of beliefs and a moral code. The more significant population of Chinese people are Buddhist.

However, unlike most Chinese individuals, Guanyu Zhou is a Christian. He believes in the three-in-one God and his Son, Jesus Christ.


In November 2021, Alfa Romeo signed Guanyu Zhou for the 2022 season, making him the first Chinese driver in Formula One. He will replace Antonio Giovinazzi at Alfa Romeo and set to partner with Valtteri Bottas.

While many are celebrating Zhou’s promotion to F1, Antonio has made his displeasure clear regarding the decision. After confirming that he would not continue with Alfa Romeo in the following season, the Italian driver took to his social media to state his opinion.

Giovinazzi talked about how Formula One was about talent, risk, speed, cars, and emotion. But it was also ruthless because when money gets involved, skill has no factor in any decision.

He made his stance clear about whom he blamed for losing the seat and thanked his fans and team members for supporting him during his journey.

Guanyu Zhou’s Helmet:

Like George Russell, Lando Norris, Sergio Perez, and Alex Albon, Zhou allows MDM Designs to pattern his Helmet. Moreso, Guanyu Zhou’s helmet painter is DiR Designs. The colour scheme of his helmet is gold and purple with silver chrome.

The colour choice is first, in remembrance of Kobe Bryant. Kobe was Zhou’s idol. The Helmet also captures a few details from his past helmet designs.

At the top of Zhou’s Helmet has a pattern of his name inside of a flowerpot. The concept originates from a Chinese tradition. On the side, Guanyu Zhou’s Helmet has a whole Shanghai skyline. It represents his native town.

Guanyu Zhou's 2021 Helmet has a whole Shanghai skyline, representing his native town.
Guanyu Zhou’s 2021 Helmet has a whole Shanghai skyline, representing his native town.

A celebrity in China:

For the People’s Republic of China, Guanyu Zhou has been such an inspiration. He has so far placed China upper the athletic ladder of Sports.

Guanyu Zhou ranked on the list of most popular Racing Drivers. They also ranked Zhou in the elite list of celebrities born in the People’s Republic of China.

Guanyu Zhou Biography Summary:

Despite being surrounded by contrasting reactions regarding his promotion to F1, Guanyu has been graceful about it. Zhou has thanked those who believed in him and has talked about how his dreams have come true.

We hope that, besides being the first Chinese racer in F1, Guanyu sets other records in the coming days. Conversely, for a quick flip through Guanyu Zhou Biography and Childhood Story, wе hаvе соmріlеd аll уоu nееd tо knоw аbоut him.

This section will light upon the Guanyu Zhou bio, wiki, Age, Birthday, Networth, Affairs, Height, weight, ethnicity, Parents, Siblings, Relatives, Rise to fame, Networth and much more are compiled in the table following.

Biography Inquiries:Wiki Answers
Full Name:Guanyu Zhou
Date of Birth: 30th Day of May 1999
Age: (24 years and 10 months)
Place of Birth:Shanghai, China
Profession:Racing driver (Formula One)
Debut season: 2019
Car number:3
Best finish:6th in 2020
2021 team: UNI-Virtuosi
Sun Sign (Zodiac):Gemini
Hobbies: Travelling with friends, basketball, golf and video games.
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Weight:150lbs (68kg)
Salary: $40,904
Net Worth:$5 million (2021)
Religion: Christianity
Ethnicity/Race: Han Chinese
Nationality: Chinese
Social Media:Facebook (Guanyuzhou33), twitter (gyzhou_33) and instagram(gyzhou_33)


As we round off Guanyu Zhou’s Biography and Childhood Life Story, we guess you could pick up a few lessons. Guanyu Zhou always dreamt of greatness as a kid. He promised himself to get to the peak of whatever career path he chose.

Today, the dream gradually unfolds. Notwithstanding, Guanyu Zhou has a family that supports and allows him to chase his dreams. As such, he intends to make them proud.

Furthermore, his preparation met with a timely opportunity of China entering the racing sport in 2004. They began the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. As such, since then, interest has been growing in the Sport.

Guanyu Zhou’s decision is likely only to make the motor racing sport grow its popularity in China. We hope you had a fascinating read throughout our Bio story. Subscribe for more of our Formula One Drivers’ Biography. The accuracy and top-notch quality are our signatures.

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