Daniel Ricciardo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Daniel Ricciardo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Daniel Ricciardo Biography tells you facts about his Childhood story, Early Life, Parents (Grace and Giuseppe “Joe” Ricciardo), Family, Relationships, etc.

Moreso, the Daniel Ricciardo’s Sister (Michelle), Personal Life, Lifestyle, Salary and net worth.

To make short our Biography, we present you an overall picture of the Life history of Daniel Ricciardo, an Italian-Australian Formula One racing driver.

Our Biography begins from his cradle times until he becomes a force to reckon in the racing game.

To sharpen your love for our Biography, we present a gallery pathway of events surrounding Daniel Ricciardo’s life history.

Undoubtedly, the pictures you see below summarise the athlete’s life history.

Daniel Ricciardo Biography - Behold his Life from childhood to his Success.
Daniel Ricciardo Biography – Behold his Life from childhood to his Success.

Yes, we know him for his all-out speed with impressive racecraft. He is Never afraid to push to the limit. Despite his commendations, only a few fans have read a concise piece of Daniel Ricciardo’s Biography.

Therefore, we have deemed it perfect to serve you the thrilling story of Daniel Ricciardo. Also, the breakdown of his athletic experience so far. Now, without delay, let us begin.

Daniel Ricciardo Childhood Story:

To start with, Daniel Joseph Ricciardo was born on 1 July 1989 to his mother, Grace Ricciardo and father, Giuseppe “Joe” Ricciardo. Our Australian profile was born in the South West Land Division of Western Australia.

His birthplace, Perth is the same as the birthplace of Heath Ledger. Daniel Ricciardo was born among his sister (Michelle).

They were birth from the union of their father, Giuseppe Ricciardo and mother, Grace, whose photos we display below.

A photo of Daniel Ricciardo's Parents - mother, Grace Ricciardo and father, Giuseppe Ricciardo.
A photo of Daniel Ricciardo’s Parents – mother, Grace Ricciardo and father, Giuseppe Ricciardo.

Growing-up years:

Daniel Ricciardo’s parents brought him up in Duncraig. The area is one of Perth’s northern suburbs. His mother held his earliest memories to watch his dad, Joe Ricciardo, race at the nearby Barbagallo Raceway in Wanneroo.

We guess watching his father racing must have fuelled up the passion for the game. So, Daniel Ricciardo started karting at 9.

He began as a member of the Tiger Kart Club (TKC). Since then, he has taken part in various karting events.

Daniel Ricciardo, as a toddler with his car.
Daniel Ricciardo, as a toddler with his car.

Daniel Ricciardo Family Background:

Racing drivers don’t have to come from millionaire homes. Nevertheless, you can only be rich enough to venture into motorsports. A good amount of financial buoyancy is paramount.

Daniel Ricciardo’s father, Giuseppe, was once a racer. They were a middle-class, hard-working family. As such, they had enough to take care of their essential needs.

Daniel Ricciardo Family Origin:

Daniel Joseph Ricciardo was born in Australia’s fourth-most populous city, Perth. His parents had Italian-Australian ethnicity.

Daniel’s father, Giuseppe “Joe” Ricciardo, was born in Ficarra (Messina) in Italy. Nevertheless, he moved to Australia with his family at seven.

Conversely, Ricciardo’s Australian born mother Grace had parents originally from Casignana (Calabria) in Italy.

Even his name, Ricciardo, is of Italian origin. Despite that, he pronounces his name “Ricardo.”

So far, Daniel Ricciardo has both Italian and Australian ancestry. He neglected the Italian pronunciation “Rit-chi-ardo.” Daniel reports, however, that is how his family pronounces it. As such, he is an Italian-Australian.

Much being said, he hails from Perth in Western Australia. Besides, most residents in Perth are Italian families.

We displayed a photo below to help understand Daniel Ricciardo’s family roots.

A photo showing Daniel Ricciardo's Family origin.
A photo showing Daniel Ricciardo’s Family origin.

Daniel Ricciardo Early Career:

As stated earlier, The young chap started Karting at 9. However, in 2005, he entered the Western Australia Formula Ford championship. He drove a 15-year-old Van Diemen, finishing eighth by season’s finish.

Towards the top of the season, he contended at the national Formula Ford series. Ricciardo took a hired 13-year-old Van Diemen across to Sandown Raceway in Melbourne.

Nonetheless, his ageing car was uncompetitive. So he finished 16th, 17th and then he retired during the weekend’s three competitions.

The following year, however, he won a scholarship into the Formula BMW Asian championship with Eurasia Motorsport.

Ricciardo showing the rewards of his youthful go-karting career.
Ricciardo showing the rewards of his youthful go-karting career.

Daniel Ricciardo Education:

The young chap attended high school at Newman College. The school is a pre K–12 co-educational Catholic school which operates in the Marist tradition.

Notwithstanding, like many Karters, he had to skip studies to keep up with his games.

As a result, must have also taken part in home School. As well as the informal education meant for athletes alike.

A photo showing Daniel Ricciardo with other pupils at Newman College.
A photo showing Daniel Ricciardo with other pupils at Newman College.

Daniel Ricciardo Biography – Road to Fame:

He had his debut at the 2011 British Grand Prix with the HRT team. It was part of a deal with Red Bull Racing, for whom he was test driving under its sister team Scuderia Toro Rosso. During his debut season, he got two victories (both at Bira).

Daniel Ricciardo also achieved a pole position in Zhuhai. He finished third within the Drivers’ Championship with 231 points. Daniel Ricciardo finished 59 points behind the champion Earl Bamber.

In August same year, they gave him an outing with Motaworld Racing. He was to race at the eighth meeting of the Formula BMW UK championship.

Despite retiring from the primary event, Daniel Ricciardo recovered to finish eighth in the second one. He took three championship points in his only entry in the British championship.

At the top of the year, he entered the Formula BMW World Final with Fortec Motorsport. Daniel Ricciardo finished in the fifth position, 14 seconds off winner Christian Vietoris.

In 2012 Ricciardo joined Toro Rosso full time. After that, the team changed its driver lineup. He drove a Ferrari-powered car for them in 2012 and 2013.

By 2014, the Australian athlete got promoted to Red Bull. It was as a replacement for the retired Mark Webber.

In addition, multiple-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. That was when he made his first win at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Daniel Ricciardo's first win at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2014.
Daniel Ricciardo’s first win at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2014.

Daniel Ricciardo Biography- Rise to Fame:

Ricciardo emerged third in the championship in his first season with Red Bull under Renault power. He made his first three Formula One wins in Canada, Hungary, and Belgium.

After two years without a victory, Ricciardo returned to the top of the podium at the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix. He eventually emerged third in the championship for the second time in three years at the 2016 Mexican Grand Prix.

He had since added victories for Red Bull at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in 2017. More so at the Monaco Grand Prix Chinese and Monaco Grand Prix in 2018.

After 2018, Ricciardo signed with Renault. He took part in them in the 2019 and 2020 seasons. 

Celeberating victory at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2018.
Celebrating victory at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2018.

Daniel Ricciardo joined McLaren for the 2021 and 2022 Formula One seasons, alongside Lando Norris. He hopes for a new chapter with the Mercedes-powered McLaren team. Ricciardo is sure to keep on smiling.

Notably, he got his first win with McLaren at the 2021 Italian Grand Prix. It is the team’s first win since the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix and its first 1-2 finish since the 2010 Canadian Grand Prix.

Additionally. The athletes’ eighth victory in F1 overall—Moreso Daniel’s first victory since the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix. See a clip of his rise to fame below.

The 2021 Italian Grand Prix:

We have officially known the Formula One motor race as the Formula 1 Heineken Gran Premio d’Italia 2021. It took place on 12 September 2021. The event held at Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

It is the 14th round of the 2021 Formula One World Championship. Also, the second Grand Prix in Italy, after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix on 18 April.

Highlights from The Race:

The contest began at 15:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST) on 12 September. Daniel Ricciardo overtook Max Verstappen, taking the lead of the event. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton passed Lando Norris taking the third position.

Hamilton attempted an overtake on Verstappen but got pushed aside. He lost his positions to Verstappen and Norris. Further down the grid, Antonio Giovinazzi went off the track and rejoined the track into the path of Carlos Sainz Jr., with the two making contact.

While Verstappen was in the pits, Hamilton overtook Norris, prompting Norris to pit. They spun Giovinazzi around, losing his front wing.

Ricciardo held Verstappen behind for 21 laps until he pitted for hard tyres on lap 22.

Norris then overtook Verstappen. Hamilton ended up side-by-side with Verstappen on the pit exit.

However, Verstappen got squeezed into turn 2. He had a slight clash with Hamilton’s Car. Both drivers were uninjured and had to retire from the game.

Sergio Perez attempted to overtake Leclerc a few laps later but went off the track; Pérez took third place from Leclerc.

Finally, Ricciardo finished first, winning his first race since the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix.

It is also his first win for McLaren since Jenson Button did at the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix. We have provided a clip showing the highlights below.

Who is Daniel Ricciardo Dating?:

The Australian athlete has primarily kept his private life a secret. He is in a long-term relationship with his childhood sweetheart, Jemma Boskovich. However, the pair broke up in 2016. Again, he met another Lady, Annemarie Horbass.

She is his former Red Bull colleague. The German stunner is once an event management specialist for Eventureline. Red Bull has hired her.

We see the couple partying together following his victory in Monaco last year. They were as well as spotted sitting next to each other on a luxury yacht the day after.

A collage of Daniel with Jemma Boskovich and then with Annemarie.
A collage of Daniel with Jemma Boskovich and then with Annemarie Horbass.

Despite shying away from spotlights, he made the headlines when he met this stunning brunette, Jessica Gomes.

She is just as famous as Ricciardo. Their relationship began in December 2018. Unfortunately, their ship capsized. Guess he is still single.

More about Jessica Gomes:

Jessica was born on 25 September 1984 to a mother from Hong Kong and a Portuguese father. She is a Sydney native. As a model, she has modelled for a few big clients in the world.

Gomes featured in the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated eight years while being signed to IMG Models.

She has also modelled for Hyundai and LG. Gomes has also been on the big screen, appearing in Vogue and Victoria’s Secret. 

She appeared alongside Bruce Willis in the movie, Once Upon a Time in Venice. She was also being name-checked in a Kanye West song.

A photo of the Daniel's former date.
A photo of Daniel’s former date, Jessica Gomes.

Daniel Ricciardo Family Facts:

There is a cordial relationship between each member of their home. Most especially his father, Joe, mother, Grace and sister, Michelle. Daniel has enjoyed their full support right from Childhood.

He could only have come this far with their show of affection and much care. Besides, he enjoys the company of close family and friends.

The relationship with his nephew is hilarious. Now, let’s take a stern look at each member of his household.

About Daniel Ricciardo Father – Giuseppe “Joe” Ricciardo:

Daniel Ricciardo’s dad, Giuseppe “Joe” Ricciardo, is a lover of Sports. Ricciardo’s passion for racing is to his father and his weekends spent on the track. His likeness for the racing game must have rubbed off on Daniel quite early.

His dad raced, not like crazy competitive, not as a profession. However, it was always something he enjoyed and did for fun. He entered two competitions in the Australian Sports Sedan Championship in 1980.

An early picture of Joe Ricciardo with his son, Daniel working on an automobile.
An early picture of Joe Ricciardo with his son, Daniel working on an automobile.

Again, he took part in March 73B (Ford BDA) at Formula Pacific Australia in 1981. Yet again, in 1982, he ran in Macon at the Australian Driver’s championship. Mr Ricciardo has entered many more races. He raced at the Australian Sports Sedan Championship in 1999.  

Furthermore, Joe entered three races in 2014. He secured the 19th position with 23 points. Additionally, he came at a 16th position at the 2015 Hawthorn Trophy with HWN F1. He entered five competitions in 2015 altogether.

Moreso, Joe Ricciardo’s son, Daniel Ricciardo, confessed that he is a better driver than himself. However,Joe involves in earth excavation for a living.

A photo with mum, Grace and dad, Joe after the win at Monaco in 2018.
A photo with mum, Grace and dad, Joe after the win at Monaco in 2018.

About Daniel Ricciardo Mother – Grace Ricciardo:

Giuseppe “Joe” Ricciardo got married to Grace Ricciardo for over three decades now. The duo has two kids together. They include Daniel and Michelle. Daniel Ricciardo’s mum, Grace, has been a very supportive wife and mother.

It was she who would always take Daniel to see their dad racing. She cared for the home, also meeting most of Daniel Ricciardo’s emotional needs.

Grace is always there on the track, attending her son’s competition. She supported him since his early karting days. However, she maintains a quiet life.

A pix of Daniel and his mum, Grace Ricciardo.
A pix of Daniel and his mum, Grace Ricciardo.

About Daniel Ricciardo Sister – Michelle:

Michelle is Daniel Ricciardo’s only sibling and sister. She is a mother of two little kids. Her first is 3, while her second is one. Daniel likes Michelle’s kids much. We did often see him in pictures playing with them.

She constantly supports her little brother as he regularly competes in motor racing sports. Michelle shows her support through social media.

A smiling picture with his only sibling. Michelle.
A smiling picture with his only sibling. Michelle.

About Daniel Ricciardo Relatives:

The Italian-Australian racing driver has relatives. Aside from his father, mother, and sister. Daniel Ricciardo has a few extended family members. He has uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

However, we are yet to get concrete information concerning them. Daniel likes his relatives and shares ample time with them. They meet especially on Christmas day for dinner. Danny adores them, especially his nephews.

See how Daniel loves to play with his Nephew.
See how Daniel loves to play with his Nephew.

Daniel Ricciardo Personal Life:

The Australian Champion is fuzzy on the outside. Conversely, aggressive on the inside. Ricciardo is a proven winner.

He can consistently finish at the business end of the championship table. Away from the track, Daniel enjoys mountain biking and climbing.

I like the Jumps, he states. The game takes one off-road and into a bit of nature. Additionally, he also enjoys swimming, basketball, movies, music, and so he sings a lot in the shower. Yet more, he likes comedy (Adam Sandler) and Skydiving.

Ricciardo with his friend at leisure on a mountain top.
Ricciardo with his friend at leisure on a mountain top.

Daniel Ricciardo fears spiders and enjoys eating chocolates. Again, Daniel Ricciardo likes playing football. So, he supports the Australian Football League (AFL)’s West Coast Eagles. Daniel was the club’s number-one ticket holder in 2015 and 2016.

Furthermore, Daniel Ricciardo takes advantage of social media. The platform helps him to bridge the gap with his fans. He shares photos from his training, snippets of his racing match, and upcoming updates.

Daniel Ricciardo Lifestyle:

Even though Daniel Ricciardo falls in the celebrity category of F1 drivers, he likes to remain unknown. Conversely, we are aware of this lavish lifestyle of most F1 drivers. It often includes gaining private jets, five-star dinners, luxury apartments and fast automobiles.

But then Ricciardo maintains a simple and comfortable life. However, in November 2018, Daniel spent $9 million to buy a mansion in Beverly Hills. He also owns a few expensive cars like Bentley, Renault.

Ricciardo in one of his Luxury automobile.
Ricciardo in his cool blue McLaren 720s spider worth $315,000.

Salary and Net Worth:

As ever, a driver’s contract with a team is strictly confidential, with no public insight into the intricacies of the deal. His two-year contract with Renault paid him $35 million per year. Others include his $6 million per year with Red Bull.

However, Ricciardo’s salary is near $27 million, according to Forbes. He has endorsements from companies as GoPro and Blue Coast. The endorsements boost his net worth to $60million, according to daily records. He also signed a deal with Renault in the year 2018.

Daniel Ricciardo Untold Facts:

Besides the details above, below are a few impressive facts that would tickle your fancy about Daniel Ricciardo.

Fact #1: Daniel Ricciardo’s Helmet:

Ricciardo’s helmet is a unique design. He refuses to follow the traditional pattern. His helmet has, With it, a “These are my streets” message. Sometimes with an “All Good All Ways.” The message is to support mental health.

He supports the charity Mindset. The distinctive mint-blue helmet features a tear-effect design, revealing darker shades of blue and white underneath.

Ricciardo's helmet is a unique design.
Ricciardo’s helmet is a unique design.

Fact #2: The honey badger:

We often refer him to as “the honey badger.” It regards his racing style. The honey badger is a fearless animal in the animal kingdom. When you look at it, he seems pretty cute and cuddly.

But then, as soon as someone crosses his territory, he becomes savage. He’ll go after anything, even tigers, pythons. He turns quickly. Despite that, he’s a good guy.

Fact #3: Number 3:

Daniel Ricciardo grew up as a fan of Dale Earnhardt. Dale is the NASCAR Cup Series driver. So, his racing number was 3. Daniel’s passion for the NASCAR driver caused him also to adopt the number 3. Ricciardo adopted the number 3 in honour of him.

Ricciardo adopted the number 3 in honour of him.
Ricciardo adopted the number 3 in honour of Dale Earnhardt.

Fact #4: Trademark celebration:

Ricciardo has christened the steps around the world with a dousing of an Aussie culture known as the ‘Shoey.’ It involves drinking champagne from a soggy racing boot. Yes, it’s goofy, but the trademark celebration illustrates why his fans love him.

The Aussie F1 driver celebrates his podiums by drinking champagne from a shoe. If you’re not familiar with the “shoey,” it is a drinking tradition. It displays his sense of humour but never underestimates him on track.

The Shoey is Australia’s cultural contribution to international motorsport. It has become popular at birthday parties, festivals and events that involve lots of drinking. To “do a shoey” is to pour alcohol into a shoe and chug it—the drink cascades down your shirt.

The Aussie F1 driver celebrates his podiums by drinking champagne from a shoe.
The Aussie F1 driver celebrates his podiums by drinking champagne from a shoe.

Fact #5: Young Driver Academy:

Daniel Ricciardo Young Driver Academy aims at training young drivers. The idea is to give our inexperienced drivers the confidence to go out and enjoy an outdoor racing circuit in a proper racing kart for the first time.

The sessions begin with a classroom safety briefing for the students. Then moving on track in a car as passengers with an instructor to show the pit lane exit and entrance, racing lines and braking points.

The Daniel Ricciardo Young Driver Academy uses DRS50 Bambino for six years to 8-year-olds. Also, a DRS62 for eight years to 12-year-olds. Then, a DRS100 for 12 years to 16-year-olds.

The Daniel Ricciardo Young Driver Academy uses a system of cones around the circuit to signify and guide inexperienced drivers on their braking points and cone gated entry points to each corner to teach the racing line and correct corner apexes.

A photo with students at the Daniel Ricciardo Young Driver Academy.
A photo with students at the Daniel Ricciardo Young Driver Academy.

Fact #5: His Tattoos:

Daniel got his first tattoo in 2013. Since then, he is getting inked has become a habit for Ricciardo. The Australian has received so many tattoos that he might have lost count. Daniel estimates the number of tattoos on his body to be up to 20. 

The most impressive collection of tattoos that Daniel owns is on his thighs. First, one of a female athlete and one that reads ‘mum and papa.’ Thirdly, one of a ship and words that read ‘only memories’ (his first one in 2013). Finally, one of a couple kissing.

Ricciardo's most impressive collection of tattoos on his thighs.
Ricciardo’s most impressive collection of tattoos on his thighs.

Fact #6: Documentary Feature:

A documentary series is produced in a collaboration between Netflix and Formula One. The docuseries is called Formula 1: Drive to Survive. It aims at giving a behind-the-scenes look at the drivers and competition of the Formula One World Championship.

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The awaited third season of the documentary series aired on Netflix earlier in March 2021.
Daniel Ricciardo’s victory at Italian Grand Prix got featured in the documentary.

However, he wasn’t happy with something that Netflix tried during one episode. The Australian reckoned that Drive to Survive forcefully tried to cause rivalry between himself and Carlos Sainz.

Daniel Ricciardo Biography Summary:

We hope you have savoured Daniel Ricciardo Biography so far. However, for a glance, use the table below to discover concise information about our Italian-Australian F1 Driver.

Biography Inquiries:Wiki Answers
Full Name:Daniel Joseph Ricciardo
Nickname:Daniel, The honey badger
Date of Birth:1st Day of July 1989
Place of Birth:Perth, Western Australia
Profession:Racing Driver
Debut:British Grand Prix (2011)
First win: Canadian Grand Prix (2014)
Teams: Renault (2020), McLaren-Mercedes (2021)
Education: Newman College
Father:Giuseppe “Joe” Ricciardo
Mother: Grace Ricciardo
Ex-Girlfriends: Jemma Boskovich (2016), Annemarie Horbass (2017), Jessica Gomes (2018).
Sun Sign (Zodiac): Cancer
Hobbies: Mountain biking, Football, Basketball, Swimming, movies and listening to music.
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.78m)
Weight:65 kg (150 lbs)
Salary:$27 million (forbes)
Net Worth: $50 million
Endorsements:$2 million (forbes)
Residence: Perth, Duncraig, Monaco
Social Media:www.facebook.com/DanielRicciardo, twitter.com/danielricciardo, www.instagram.com/danielricciardo.
Website: danielricciardo.com
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In wrapping off Daniel Ricciardo’s Biography and Childhood Life Story, We hope you learned a few lessons. Despite Daniel Ricciardo’s young age as a karter, he maintained a standard of excellence. He has followed through with that standard of excellence via his hard work.

Moreso, his focus and determination. Well, thanks too for the full support from his family, especially his dad. Daniel Ricciardo could learn in no time what would take others a long while.

We appreciate that you have found this memoir appealing. Subscribe for more biography facts with first-class quality.

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