Oscar Piastri Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Oscar Piastri Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Oscar Piastri Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Father (Chris Piastri), Mother (Nicole Piastri), Siblings (Sisters), and Family Background. Moreso the F1 driver’s Girlfriend, Net Worth, Lifestyle, Personal life, etc.

Again, we’ll break down info on Oscar Piastri’s Family Life, Religion, Nationality, Ethnicity, etc. Finally, Childhood Biography gives you factual details about the Australian racing driver’s Earnings and other Untold Facts about him.

In a nutshell, this article discusses the Full History of Oscar Piastri. This is the tale of a little child who, with the help of his father, Chris Piastri, grew up to become one of the most accomplished and young MotoSport racers.

Moreso, this memoir describes a young hero who (as a child) loved reading automobile stories before going to bed. In fact, he could memorize the horsepower and speed of automobiles as a young child. That made Oscar’s father get him a racing car when he was just six years old.


We begin our biography of Oscar Piastri by outlining some significant occurrences in his upbringing and family history. We’ll then give you a summary of his driving career and early years in auto racing. And last, the story of how he rose to fame as a Formula One racer.

We hope to whet your autobiography appetite as you read Oscar Piastri’s Biography. To begin doing that, let’s portray this gallery of his boyhood years to the moment of fame. Without a doubt, Oscar is a Motorsports superstar who has come a long way in his life journey.

View the life of Oscar Piastri from his birth till his ascent to stardom.
View the life of Oscar Piastri from his birth till his ascent to stardom.

Yes, we are familiar with the Australian racing driver for his many championship victories. As a promising young driver, Oscar has won the Rookie of the Year award and six races on his way to the F2 title with Prema Racing. Also, the second person in history to win two Sir Jack Brabham Awards and many more.

Despite the accolades, very few people have read a concise account of Oscar Piastri’s career life. Therefore, unwind while you read this brief biography of the superstar’s life and learn about his career development. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Oscar Piastri Childhood Story:

To start with, Oscar Piastri was born on the 6th Day of April 2001. He arrived on earth on a faithful Friday to his mother, Nicole Piastri, and father, Chirs Piastri.

An early photo of Oscar Piastri.
An early photo of Oscar Piastri.

The racer for our Alpine F1 Team was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Once more, Oscar Piastri was born due to his mother and father’s relationship.

However, he has sisters whose names we are yet to find out. But his birth gave his family the greatest happiness and fulfilment.

Growing-Up Years:

When growing up, Oscar Piastri lived in Melbourne. The state of Victoria in Australia has it as its capital and most populated city.

Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and Oceania in terms of population. He had an early love of auto racing. Oscar began karting at ten, winning some Australian competitions and titles.

Observing his father’s competition inspired him. Oscar would accompany Chris to every race when he was younger and go-karting with his father.
He became fascinated with dashing at a young age since his father pushed him as far as he could.

Oscar Piastri Early Life:

His father acquainted him with go-karts and showed him the fundamentals of the game while he was beginning his dashing profession.

After he understood his child was superior to his rivals, he elected to turn into his repairman during these early days.

His mother, without a doubt, had a comparable commitment as she showed him how to use cruise control, as Nicole also had a talent for driving.

When Oscar was only six years old, he began racing remote-controlled cars and finished third in his first-ever competition against 20- and 30-year-olds.

Oscar Piastri in one of his karting competitions.
Oscar Piastri in one of his karting competitions.

He has referred to his dad as the purpose for his prosperity. As he was the person who trusted in him and supported him through his organization, HP Turners.

Also, he dedicates his awards to his mum. Indeed, even now, they don’t miss his game and bother him while keeping the adolescent grounded.

Oscar Piastri Family Background:

From the start, Oscar Piastri’s father had a strong desire to pursue a career in racing, and he thus served as his son’s race car mechanic.

However, Australia’s Formula One racing driver comes from a rich and close knitted family, and the video below is proof of that.

Did you know? Oscar Piastri comes from a racing-loving family. His father (Chris) owns a prosperous automotive software development company, while his mother (Nicole) takes care of the home. She also possessed a knack for driving.

Oscar Piastri Family Origin:

For those just getting to know him, the F1 driver Oscar Piastri is a native of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia–by birth and Italian by ancestry. Based on research, we found out that Alan Jones and Jack Brabham (both Formula One drivers) are from Australia.

A photographic display of Oscar’s family origin.
A photographic display of Oscar’s family origin.

In addition, Oscar Piastri’s grandparents migrated from Italy to Australia, where they gave birth to him and his sister. However, when discussing Oscar’s heritage, the Formula One racer is of Australian-Italian ethnicity and holds Australian nationality.

Oscar Piastri Education:

At this stage, the racer was beginning a pivotal period in his academic career at the same time that he possessed exceptional talent. Although he chose to remain in Melbourne, he planned to attend races in and outside Melbourne, Australia.

Also, many Australian parents opt to reside in Melbourne, particularly if they want to provide their children with a top-notch education.

To begin with, Oscar finished his primary and high school at the Alpine Academy. Also, he attended Haileybury College in Melbourne after completing high school before transferring to Haileybury College in Hertford, UK.

Career Buildup:

Oscar Piastri’s significant impact comes from his father, Chirs Piastri, who worked with him in the early years of his race.

His father introduced him to go-karts and taught him the fundamentals of the sport when he started his career as a darting go-kart. When the F1 racer was younger, he accompanied Chris to all his races.

Moreso, Oscar’s career began with a toy racing car at the tender age of six. Chris Piastri, his father, had acquired the racing car for his six-year-old son as a gift during a business trip to the USA.

However, Chris worked as his son’s local mechanic while Oscar competed in Australia. Interestingly, Oscar believes that his father has significantly impacted his life.

Oscar’s mother is one of his most devoted supporters, and she got a triumphant tribute from Oscar after they named him Rookie of the Year in 2021.

Oscar Piastri Biography – Career Story:

Since he began karting at age nine, he had won numerous Australian races and titles by the time he was in his teens.

Then, while traveling to Haileybury School for college, he began competing in CIK-FIA-sanctioned tournaments around Europe and beyond.

Given his key sponsors, which include HP Turners, Flash Diesel, Melbourne Malibu, and VCM Performance, it should not be surprising that he will live in such opulence.

After commencing karting in 2011, it was difficult for him to join professional associations. This happened when he moved to the British Isles in 2012.

Oscar Piastri Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Piastri participated in regional remote-control vehicle competitions before beginning his karting career in 2011. The racer joined Ricky Flynn Motorsport in 2015. Also, Oscar competed in European and international CIK-FIA-sanctioned karting events after turning pro.

In some rounds of the Formula 4 UAE Championship in 2016, Piastri made his single-seater debut with Dragon F4.

In the same season, he won two podiums and finished sixth overall. Next, Oscar signed his most notable and lasting sponsorship deal with HP Tuners.

The team selected Piastri to compete in the British F4 championship in 2017 as a TRS Arden Junior Team member. Interestingly, Oscar finished second to Jamie Caroline after earning six victories and six pole positions.

The Australian racing driver returned to the tournament in 2018 and made his debut.

At Hockenheim, his best performance came in the second race. And he concluded the season ranked ninth in the championship with three podium finishes.

Oscar Piastri Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

In December 2018, Oscar Piastri joined the reigning team champions R-ace GP for the 2019 championship.

He had won the inaugural race of the season there. Interestingly, Oscar repeated the feat by winning the following day at Silverstone.

They declared him the winner after finishing first and fourth in the championship race at Yas Marina. Additionally, he became the first driver to earn three victories in 2019 after winning at Spa-Francorchamps in July.

Oscar Piastri won with Prema Racing in the 2019 Formula Renault Eurocup, 2020 FIA Formula 3 Championship, and 2021 Formula 2 Championship. The pro is the sixth driver to win the GP2/Formula 2 Championship in their initial season.

Also, Oscar is the fifth driver to win the GP3/Formula 3 Championship and GP2/Formula 2 Championship in consecutive seasons.

Oscar Piastri with all his championships awards.
Oscar Piastri with all his championships awards.

Oscar Piastri formerly attended the Alpine F1 Team’s driver training alongside Guanyu Zhou, Lundgaard, and others in the 2021 season.

The young champ is the team’s backup driver to Alpine F1 for the 2022 season. Also, the team made Oscar to be Fernando Alonso’s replacement in the driver lineup for the Alpine F1 Team in 2023.

Oscar Piastri Contract disagreement and Board hearing:

Alpine stated that Piastri would succeed Alonso in 2023, though the team did not pre-inform him before the news release.

Oscar Piastri refuted Alpine’s claim on his Twitter handle. He responded by declaring that he would not be their representative in 2023 since he still didn’t have a contract with the team.

Sadly, the head of the Alpine squad, Otmar Szafnauer, condemned Piastri’s conduct and “purity as a human being.” Asserting that he expected devotion from the former academy driver. And he threatened to sue over the contract disputes.

However, on August 29, 2022, the FIA’s Contract Recognition Board (CRB) hearing began. The goal of the healing was to determine whether Piastri was bound to Alpine or if he was free to join another team for 2023.

Finally, after much investigation and consideration, CRB ruled against Alpine, with Piastri’s move to McLaren confirmed shortly thereafter.

According to many sources, Piastri is due to race for McLaren in 2023 alongside Lando Norris, replacing Daniel Ricciardo. The rest, they say, is history.

Oscar Piastri Love Life:

Formula 1 is a strenuous sport that requires a lot of physical activity. However, several of the drivers did still find love.

Others routinely publish images of themselves with their spouses on social media, while some drivers prefer to keep their personal lives private.

Oscar Piastri hasn’t revealed the identity of his female companion yet. Interestingly, Piastri frequently discusses his favorite women in his interviews. During one of his talk show segments, the racer revealed his girlfriend’s status as a college student.

Also, Oscar talked about his fiancée and the holidays they spent playing PlayStation together. However, Oscar Piastri’s girlfriend must feel privileged to be dating a man who is so attractive and talented.

Plus, her hidden identity has made it difficult for her social media platforms to be traced, especially her Instagram account.

Personal Life:

Who is Oscar Piastri?

Football is a sport that the young Australian athlete enjoys. In addition, he enjoys video games, traveling for vacations, and home workouts, especially jogging, swimming, lifting weights, etc. He also enjoys cricket, wakeboarding, and basketball.

The Melbourne Champ prioritizes his health to ensure he is in good shape. As a result, he follows a strict diet.

His favorite pastimes are skating, hiking, and hanging out with pals. On social media, Oscar Piastri converses with his passionate followers.

However, Oscar’s Instagram alone has 465 thousand subscribers. He posts images from brief clips of his racing competition, training, and planned developments to keep his fans updated.

Oscar Piastri Lifestyle:

Even though Oscar is going to race for McLaren as a Formula One driver in 2023, the superstar doesn’t view himself as a great star. With recognition and accomplishments, Oscar Piastri has more than enough money to live the life of his dreams.

The lavish lifestyle of most F1 drivers often includes private jets, five-star dinners, luxury apartments, and fast automobiles. However, Oscar Piastri lives a comfortable life and is simple. Despite the simplicity, he expresses his love for fast cars in the pictures below.

Oscar Piastri is cruising in one of his cars.
Oscar Piastri is cruising in one of his cars.

Oscar Piastri Salary and Net Worth:

One of the most recent Formula One drivers is Oscar. As a result, it shouldn’t be surprising that he earns less money than most of his teammates.

The Austrian Oscar Piastri’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, and his salary of approximately $43,000 in 2022. This analysis is based on Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider information.

Oscar Piastri Family Life:

There’s no denying that Oscar Piastri’s family, especially his father, Chris, has played a significant role in his career. The impact of George Russell’s parents, Chris and Nicole Piastri, cannot be overstated.

Also, his family provided Oscar, their talented child, with all he needed to succeed and was unwavering in their support.

They have motivated him to work hard through his household’s altruistic efforts. Right now, let’s examine each member of his family more closely.

Oscar Piastri’s Father:

Chris Piastri, Oscar’s father, is a sports enthusiast and also a citizen of Australia. He has supported his son’s racing career since the beginning.

Chris’s passion for the racing game has been transmitted to his son, Oscar Piastri. Oscar’s father, Chris, is a business owner. He owns a tech company, HP Tuner.

The photo of Oscar’s dad, Chris Piastri, and his son
The photo of Oscar’s dad, Chris Piastri, and his son

Also, Piastri received his first big sponsorship from HP Tuners at the beginning of 2016, which helped to support his racing career.

This was evident in his racing gear and vehicle during the GP3 Series, F3, and F2 seasons. The noble father of Oscar Piastri is so happy about his recent achievement with the McLaren company.

Oscar Piastri’s Mother:

Nicole Piastri, Oscar’s mother, has been a devoted mother and wife. She looked after the house while attending to most of her kids’ emotional needs.

Oscar Piastri has thus far benefited from her adoration, encouragement, and maternal guidance during his formative years.

A photo of Oscar Piastri's mum, Nicole Piastri.
A photo of Oscar Piastri’s mum, Nicole Piastri.

Since her son’s first karting days, Nicole has been present at every race and supported him. She has, however, kept a fairly low profile in public. Alison maintains her private life away from most social outlets.

Oscar Piastri Relatives:

There should be more relatives for the Austrian racing driver, along with his parents, siblings, and grandparents.

Oscar Piastri should have a few additional folks, including uncles, aunts, nephews, and nieces. Even then, we still don’t have full information about them.

About Oscar Piastri Untold Facts:

In addition to the previously provided details, you may also be interested in the following remarkable facts about Oscar Piastri.

About Oscar Piastri’s Helmet:

He still wears the original version of his helmet, which was constructed of vinyl and has red, black, and gray colors. Since Oscar initially used it in 2019, this is probably the most obvious Australian flag he has displayed on his helmet.

The German driver thinks the shimmering hollow lines on his helmet have given it a little more sparkle and an additional element.

A picture of Oscar Piastri's unique helmet.
A picture of Oscar Piastri’s unique helmet.

Oscar Piastri Manager:

Because he has previously held the highest position in Formula One, Webber is the member of Oscar’s team with the most attention.

He is well-known among sports enthusiasts. However, he is not Piastri’s only advisor. Webber has previously backed other Australian talents, such as Mitch Evans, the 2012 GP3 champion and star of the Formula E series.

Oscar Piastri with his manager Mark Webber.
Oscar Piastri with his manager Mark Webber.

Oscar Piastri and Robert Schwartzman:

Our research shows that Oscar Piastri and Robert Schwartzman were teammates in the 2021 Formula 2 season. They worked very hard together and had great communication. The coworkers have massive respect for each other, which is extremely beneficial to the team atmosphere.

The two dedicated racers put in a lot of effort to win the F2 Championship, but Oscar won the championship in the end. In the opinion of PREMA Racing Team Principal Rene Rosin, Oscar Piastri and Robert Schwartzman are one of his best teams.

Oscar Piastri and Alfa Romeo:

Leading the Formula 2 title in 2022, the fans mentioned Piastri in connection with a potential transfer to Alfa Romeo.

However, when Oscar agreed to join the Alpine F1 team as a backup driver, they officially disqualified him from consideration for the Alfa Romeo seat. Then they allowed Guanyu Zhou, from China, to be named the winning driver for Alfa Romeo in 2022.

Oscar Piastri Vs Max Verstappen:

At 17, Max Verstappen became one of the few racers to transition from F3 to F1 at the 2015 Australian Grand Prix. Verstappen has a special skill because he was the youngest driver to start a World Championship race.

Whereas Oscar Piastri, an Australian racing driver, is the Alpine F1 Team’s current backup driver. In the 2023 season, he will also race for McLaren. We hope Oscar will eventually meet up with Max’s achievement.

Oscar Piastri Religion:

Regarding Oscar’s family’s religious affiliation, nothing is known. However, considering that the majority of Australians and Italians are Christians, It’s conceivable that Oscar practices this religion as well.

Biography Summary:

This table breaks down Oscar Piastri Facts.

Oscar Piastri’s Bio Date

Biography Inquiries:Wiki Answers
Full Name:Oscar Piastri
Date of Birth:6th of April, 2001
Age:23 years and 0 months old.
Profession:Racing Driver
Education:Alpine Academy and Haileybury College.
Father:Chris Piastri
Mother:Nicole Piastri
Sun Sign (Zodiac):Aries
Hobbies:Cricket, wake boarding, and basketball.
Net Worth:1.5 Million Dollars (2022)
Height:5 feet 8 inches
Social Media:Twitter (@OscarPiastri), and Instagram (@oscarpiastri)


Nicole and Christopher Piastri gave birth to Oscar Piastri on April 6, 2001, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The racer studied at the Alpine Academy in Melbourne and Haileybury College in Hertford, England.

The Piastri siblings spent their formative years in Melbourne, Australia. From an ethnic standpoint, Oscar Piastri is of Australian nationality and Italian ancestry.

The family’s intentional actions, particularly those of the father and mother, are what are most noticeable. His early exposure to auto racing sparked Oscar Piastri’s curiosity.

But we assume he was successful due to his ability to maintain discipline and obey his manager. Oscar was renowned for his passion, hard work, and dedication. He took advantage of the numerous opportunities presented to him. See how well it turned out.

He has made 23 starts, six wins, 11 podium finishes, five pole positions, six fastest laps, and was the overall winner in 2021.

Oscar has also won three championships. They are the Formula Renault Eurocup in 2019, the FIA Formula 2 Championship in 2021, and the FIA Formula 3 Championship in 2020.

As I finish writing this history, Oscar, of Italian ancestry, is having success in his racing career. Piastri will become one of Australia’s most well-known and admired Formula One drivers.

Appreciation Note:

We value the time you spent reading about Oscar Piastri in our biography story. We care about accuracy and fairness in our daily quest to deliver your Formula One Drivers’ Bio.

Also, we hope your reading of our biography was fascinating. If you read anything that doesn’t seem correct in our bio, kindly inform us. So stay tuned for more related Formula 1 Bios from us. Our Life stories of Sebastian Vettel, George Russell, and Esteban Ocon might interest you.

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