Martin Garrix Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Martin Garrix Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Martin Garrix Biography portrays Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Parents, Lifestyle, Girlfriends/Wife to be, Personal Life and Net Worth.

Simply put, we present you with the DJ’s life journey, from his early days to when he became popular. To hone your autobiography appetite, here is his childhood to adult gallery — a perfect summary of Martin Garrix Bio.

The DJ's life story
The biography of Martin Garrix. Behold his early life and rise.

Yes, everyone knows he is the youngest person to hit the number one spot on Beatport 100 chart. However, only a few fans have read a concise memoir about him.

Hence, we’ve prepared an engaging bio of Martin Garrix, which you would find interesting. Without much ado, let’s begin.

Martin Garrix Childhood Story:

Before we go into his biography in details, he bears the nickname “Ytram and GRX”. However, his birth name is Martijn Gerard Garritsen.

Ytram was born on the 14th day of May 1996 to his father, Gerard Garritsen, and mother, Karin Garritsen, in Amstelveen, Netherlands. He is the first child of two children born of the union between his parents pictured with him below.

Martin Garrix mom and dad
No doubt, he enjoys spending some quality time with his mother and father.

Instead of visiting the kids’ museums and amusement parks, young Garrix preferred to stay back home and listen to music. Of course, his parents couldn’t turn a blind eye to his passion for beautiful songs.

Hence, they got Garrix a teacher who taught him how to play the guitar. By the time he clocked 8, he had become quite good with the instrument.

Martin Garrix Growing Up Days:

Aside from his love for music, GRX enjoys watching sports activities on TV. Coincidentally, he saw DJ Tiesto’s performance in the 2004 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony.

The DJ’s beats were so mind-blowing that it threw Garrix into a moment of euphoria. At that period of excitement, the young lad expressed his interest to become a DJ like Tiesto.

With no waste of time, Garrix started working on actualising his dream. He downloaded a digital audio workstation (FL Studio) and set up his workroom to produce his beats.

Martin Garrix growing up days
At such a tender age, young Garrix started preparing for a better future. Of course, he ended up fulfilling his dreams.

Martin Garrix Family Origin:

Over the past few years, devoted fans have turned their attention to learning more about his origin. All that there is to his ancestry is the fact that he is Dutch.

What’s more?… Garrix comes from a town that is home to breathtaking architecture and beautiful museums. His birthplace (Amstelveen) houses many individuals who work at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. No wonder it is called the ‘town of pilots’.

Martin Garrix Family Origin
Yes, he comes from a town (Amstelveen) that has bred so many pilots.

Martin Garrix Family Background:

From his childhood days, the producer’s menage has always fended for themselves as a middle-class family. As expected, Garrix parents worked so hard to ensure he and his little sister (Laura) had a quality education.

Thankfully, his father and mother were financially literate. Hence, they were able to plan how to spend their earnings efficiently.

After his breakthrough in the entertainment industry, Garrix upgraded his family from a middle-class to a wealthy household.

Martin Garrix Education – Taking The Biggest Risk:

Growing up in Amstelveen, GRX’s parents enrolled him at a regular school like every other kid. However, his mind wasn’t satisfied with just focusing on academics.

Funny enough, Garrix often took his friend’s home during his one-hour school break to produce some beats in his studio. He diligently observed this routine for as long as he studied at the academy.

The DJ's academic lifestyle
Each school break spelt an opportunity for him to advance his skills in the profession of his dreams.

Feeling unfulfilled, the young Dutch sought for a music school without the knowledge of his parents.

Back then, he was supposed to resume at his new institute three days after he contacted them. Hence, Garrix needed to convince his father and mother to allow him to switch schools within the time frame.

Martin Garrix Early Career Life:

With so much courage, GRX had a brief discussion with his parents about his decision to change school. They were shocked by their son’s intention to give up his academics for a career in entertainment.

However, Garrix didn’t spam too many words before he finally won their approval. Hence, he enrolled at Herman Brood Academy, where he graduated in 2013.

Prior to his graduation, he was brought to the limelight of the music world by the very person who had inspired him to become a DJ – Tiesto.

The producer's mentor
Meet his very first mentor and inspiration, Tiesto.

What started up as an aspiration soon became a reality as Garrix began producing interesting songs and beats. His first work, ‘BFAM’, was a collaboration with compatriot DJ Julian Jordan.

Martin Garrix Bio – Road To Fame Story:

Owing to the professionalism of his subsequent production, GRX won the trust of many record labels. In 2012, he took a step farther in his career as he signed with Spinnin’ Records.

Barely a year after his first contract, Garrix made a solo release titled ‘Animal’. Interestingly, his new instrumental became a hit in many countries across Europe.

As Destiny would have it, the beat plunged our boy into becoming the youngest person to climb the number one spot on Beatport. Below is the official instrumental video that got him his first career breakthrough.

Martin Garrix Bio – Success Story:

The ensuing years of his life recorded a good number of accomplishments. Moreso, his achievements assured his parents that their decision to allow him to delve into music was the best thing they did for Garrix.

Interestingly, he successfully collaborated with renowned artist like Ed Sheeran and Usher to produce beautiful music. However, the next phase of his biography recorded a series of difficulties with Spinnin’ Records, which led to his breakout from the label.

Martin Garrix and Usher
His collaboration with Usher was described as a phenomenal performance.

Do you know?… Garrix was barely 20 when he founded his record label called STMPD RCRDS. He also went on a music tour with the Canadian singer; Justin Bieber in 2017.

Each time Garrix goes for a show, he makes sure he keeps his audience entertained. Can you see how his fans vibe to his beats in the photo below?

Martin Garrix Rise to fame
Our talented entertainer displaying his full potential in a show.

As I write this Bio, the Dutch entertainer has worked so hard to produce the UEFA EURO 2020 official song. He featured Bono and The Edge in the music which he titled ‘We Are The People‘.

Interestingly, he released the track just one month before the competition kicks off on the 11th day of June 2021. The rest, as they say, is history.

Martin Garrix Love Life:

Just before our boy clocked 20, he had been involved in about two relationships that we know of. To begin with, Garrix first dated the Dutch illustrator Lynn Spoor back in 2015.

However, his love life with his first girlfriend never received much attention from his devoted fans. Actually, his relationship with Lynn Spoor did not last too long.

The Producer's first girlfriend
Garrix often puts on a cute smile alongside his first girlfriend. Little did he know that their relationship wasn’t going to last long.

In 2016, rumours have it that Garrix was having an affair with the American singer Bebe Rexha. It all happened when the supposed couples were working on their new single – ‘In The Name Of Love’.

Up to date, Childhoodbiography still wonders what may have prompted such suspicions amongst fans. Perhaps, their collaboration video below holds some hidden truth about their relationship fling? Watch and judge for yourself.

Martin Garrix Relationship With Charelle Schriek:

Interestingly, the young producer courageous took to his Instagram page to share many romantic photos of him and his new girlfriend. Yes, he’s yet again fallen in love with a pretty Dutch damsel.

Her name is Charelle Schriek, and she is a professional model who graduated from Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Do you know?… Martin Garrix’s girlfriend (Charelle) is 5 years older than him.

Martin Garrix Girlfriend
He feels overjoyed whenever he holds hands with his beautiful girlfriend as they walk down the streets.

To bring his relationship life to a close, Garrix has also been linked to Dua Lipa. However, there has been no evidence that points out any romantic ties between the two celebrities.

Martin Garrix Personal Life:

What makes the young Dutch thick?… It would interest you to know that he is not in any way an introvert. Yes, even his mother and father have attested to the fact that there is no dull moment with their only son at home.

No wonder Garrix has maintained a high tempo at each of his shows. Whenever he is not producing music, he somehow keeps himself away from boredom. While putting up his biography, we realised that the entertainer likes sky-diving.

Even though he is not a professional skydiver, he has been working so hard to get to the level of perfection, as we can see in the video below.

Another interesting fact about his Bio is that he enjoys swimming. There were moments when Garrix shocked everyone with his swimming talents. He even got his fans dazzled by his unbelievable resistance to cold as he jumped into a river in a frozen region.

Martin Garrix Lifestyle Facts:

Apparently, our boy has every reason to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. He has amassed a lot of fortune to the point that FORBES included him in the 2007 ranking of ‘World’s Highest-Paid DJs.

As I write this biography, Martin Garrix has amassed an estimated Net Worth of $22 Million. Despite being as wealthy as Max Verstappen, the entertainer has not obtained his driver’s license yet (as of February 2021).

Funny enough, he has purchased no house of his own, neither has he bought many exotic rides for himself. However, Garrix loves to rent expensive cars and apartment.

His luxurious lifestyle has prompted him to always rent a private jet. Interestingly, the twin-engine Cessna CJ3 private jet often costs him £15k per flight.

Martin Garrix Family Life:

The financially independent young Dutch producer can never forget about his entire menage. Of course, their review of his performance has come a long way in helping him succeed beyond anyone’s imagination.

Hence, we shall tell you more fascinating facts about his mother, father and sister in this section.

About Martin Garrix’s Father:

Apparently, his old man has played quite a crucial role in his achievements thus far. Although Mr Gerard Garritsen is not a professional singer, he has shown a massive appetite for music.

Martin Garrix dad
Meet his father, Gerard Garritsen. Indeed, the duos are always in sync when they smile.

Of course, Gerard made one of the hardest decisions any father would take when he allowed Garrix to leave academics for entertainment. Thankfully, he ended up not regretting his final verdict concerning his son’s career.

About Martin Garrix’s Mother:

Interestingly, the artist shares an inseparable bond with Karin Garritsen (his mom). Judging by the fact that she is in her 50s, it is fully clear that Garrix’s mother welcomed him into this world in her 30s.

Martin Garrix Mother
There is this unfathomable connection that exists between Garrix and his mother. You can always see them share the vibes when they celebrate.

She is actually not a professional singer. However, Karin knows how to play the piano. Garrix’s parents occasionally accompany him on some of his entertainment tours. See how his mother dances to his beats in the video below.

About Martin Garrix’s Siblings:

The one person who does not allow our celeb to wallow in loneliness is his younger sister. Her name is Laura Garritsen, and she’s been so attached to her big brother since their childhood. Apparently, the siblings enjoy pulling different kinds of pranks on each other.

Martin Garrix sister
That funny moment when he decides to prank his kid sister during a dinner date.

About Martin Garrix’s Relatives:

There has been no precise information about his paternal grandfather and grandmother. Similarly, there has been no documentation about his maternal grandparents as well as other members of his extended family.

Martin Garrix Untold Facts:

To round up the Dutch superstar’s biography, here are a few truths that would help you get a full gist of his Life Story.

Fact #1: Favourite Meal:

Garrix is amongst the few celebs who have a profound love for pizza. Moreso, he finds the meal irresistible whenever it is flavoured with truffles, cheese and mushrooms. The picture below clearly illustrates his hilarious expression whenever he eats pizza.

The DJ's favorite meal
His expression alone tells a lot of stories about his profound love for pizza.

Fact #2: Martin Garrix Tattoos:

Of course, he is already an accomplished superstar. However, he has displayed no interest in inking any form of tattoos on his body, as most celebrities do. Perhaps he may have a change of heart concerning body art, eventually.

Fact #3: Martin Garrix Religion:

At the sound of his name, you can easily guess that he is a Christian. Apparently, your speculation is never far from the truth because Garrix shares an unwavering faith in Jesus Christ.

Like Margot Robbie, the Dutchman has worked so hard to maintain the balance between his religious and social lifestyle.

Martin Garrix Biography Summary:

Before concluding the producer’s Life Story, take a quick look at the summary of his memoir in the table below.

Wiki InquiriesBiography Answers
Full Name:Martijn Gerard Garritsen
Nickname:Ytram and GRX
Age: 25 years and 4 months
Place of Birth:Amstelveen, Netherlands
Father:Gerard Garritsen
Mother:Karin Garritsen
Siblings:Laura Garritsen
Girlfriend/Spouse:Lynn Spoor and Bebe Rexha (ex-girlfriends)
Charelle Schriek (as of 2021)
Net Worth:$22 Million (as of 2021)
Hobbies:Skydiving and swimming
Height:1.75 m (5 Feet 9 Inches)


We find it interesting that Martin Garrix could distinguish between his strength and weakness from his childhood days. Of course, his self-discovery has played an important role in his meteoric rise to fame even before he got to his mid-20s.

It was all thanks to his father and mother that he found his path to destiny quite appealing. His success story is not only his victory, but it is also a win for his entire family, who no longer have to worry about financial problems.

Thanks for reading our Martin Garrix Childhood Story and Untold Biography Facts. Kindly let us know your thoughts about his meteoric rise to fame in the comment section below.

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