Dua Lipa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Dua Lipa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Dua Lipa Biography portrays Facts about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Parents, Boyfriend/Husband To be, Lifestyle, Net Worth, and Personal Life.

Simply put, we present you with the singer’s life journey, from her growing up days, to when she became famous.

To whet your autobiography appetite, here is her childhood to adult gallery — a perfect summary of Dua Lipa Bio.

Dua Lipa Biography
The Biography summary of Dua Lipa. Behold her life and Rise.

Yes, everyone knows that she is changing the rules of Pop Music. However, only a few of her fans have little knowledge of her Memoir, which is quite interesting. Without much ado, let’s begin.

Dua Lipa Childhood Biography Story:

Starting off, she bears the nickname “Dula Peep”. Dua Lipa was born on the 22nd day of August 1995 to her mother, Anesa Lipa and father, Dukagjin Lipa, in London, England.

She is the first of three children born of the union between her parents, pictured below.

Dua Lipa parents
Meet her lovely father, Dukagjin and beautiful mother, Anesa Lipa.

Right from her childhood days, the artiste loved to hang around her dad. Back then, she would quietly listen to the sounds of his guitar as he practices for his next show. Apparently, he was also a rockstar whose musical life influenced Lipa’s ambition.

Dua Lipa Growing Up Days

The upcoming artiste was raised with her younger siblings (Rina and Gjin) at her birthplace. Growing up in a family that is committed to music, Lipa had the dream of becoming an entertainer like her father.

Thanks to her resolve to venture into the entertainment world, she started singing at the tender age of 5. Of course, she was a dramatic kid who dances to her songs even without an instrumentalist.

Besides learning how to sing, Lipa spent some of her childhood days taking care of her skin. There were times when she would quietly try out different makeup on her face.

The pop star growing up days
A rare photo of the upcoming pop star wearing makeup.

Dua Lipa Family Background:

One interesting fact about Dula Peep is that she hails from a household with an Islamic heritage. Despite her Muslim family background, Lipa doesn’t seem to talk much about religion.

Being able to enjoy three square meals and attend a wonderful academy was part of her benefit for growing up in a middle-class home. Yes, her parents earned quite a decent amount of income, which helped them lived as an average family.

Dua Lipa Family Origin:

For the record, Lipa’s paternal ancestry is traced back to Peja, the fourth most populous city of Kosovo. Where she comes from is largely populated by individuals of Albanian Ethnicity.

Dua Lipa Family Origin
Her country is the second youngest country in the world (as of 2021).

Do you know?… The Republic of Kosovo is partially a recognised state in southeastern Europe, which unilaterally declared its independence from Serbia in 2008.

It is quite unfortunate that her place of Origin has experienced some tragic moments in its history.

Most of those sad incidents happened in the 1990s and claimed many lives and properties. During the consistent conflicts, Lipa’s parents stayed in an Albanian refugee community in Camden, London. A look into her maternal ancestry shows that she is of Bosnia descent.

Dua Lipa Education:

When she came of age to receive a formal education, her parents had her enrolled at Fitzjohn’s Primary School. There, she studied hard and took music lessons, specifically in Cello.

Dua Lipa school
Behold the first institute she attended and received her earliest education.

It didn’t take her much time before she adjusted to her academic schedule. By sheer coincidence, Lipa stumbled across her school’s choir rehearsing a song.

She was thrown into a moment of euphoria while she enjoyed every bit of melody they produced.

Just a few minutes spent amid such angelic voices was enough to convince her into joining the choir. Sadly, Lipa’s disposition was thrown into shambles during her audition as her teacher whispered the words “You can not sing”.

A Fight Against Pessimism:

Instead of lamenting over the words of her teacher, Lipa was more determined to prove her wrong.

Upon reaching home, she relayed all the incidents to her father and mother, who consoled her and got her into Sylvia Young Theatre School (a weekend singing school).

After Kosovo’s declaration of independence, the artiste’s family moved back to Pristina in 2008. There Lipa got to learn more about her ancestry and the Albanian language.

She even surprised her new teachers and classmates at a school concert as she excellently covered one of Alicia Keys’ song — “No One”.

Dua Lipa Early Career Life:

Two years after her family moved to Pristina, the young lass discussed her future with her father and mother. She briefed them on how she wants to pursue a full-time career in music.

After a minor argument, her parents consented to her decision. Hence, the 15-year-old Lipa moved back to London in 2010.

As a basic plan of conquering the entertainment world, Dula Peep attended both Parliament Hill Academy (for her A-Levels) and Sylvia Young Theatre School. During this time, she began uploading her songs on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Interestingly, she quickly gained a little popularity and started modelling with Topshop. With luck on her side, she landed a singer’s role in an advertisement for The X Factor in 2013.

Dua Lipa Early career Life.
A throwback photo that reflects her stunning beauty as a model.

Dua Lipa Biography – The Road To Fame Story:

Of course, her involvement with different entertainment agencies did not restrict her from working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. In no distant time, Lipa, fortunately, met Mawson with whom she co-wrote the song “Hotter than Hell”.

In 2014, she started to gain the recognition she deserves as she signed a contract with Warner Bros. Records.

Her biggest breakthrough came after she released her first single — New Love. The track even earned her positive reviews and comparison to Lady Gaga.

The artiste first single
The cover photo of her first single release.

Dua Lipa Biography – Success Story:

With the progress of her first single, there was no limit to what she could achieve in the future. Hence, Lipa started to break many records by producing albums that went viral and peaked at famous platforms like the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

As I write this Biography, LATIMES has branded her as pop’s new superstar, who is quite a mystery.

Yes, her talent in music has earned her 81 awards (including 3 Grammy) and 238 nominations as of 2021. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dua Lipa Awards
Winning the Grammy Award marked one of the happiest moments of her life as well as that of her family.

Who Is Dua Lipa Boyfriend/Husband To be?

Many fans would probably think that her status in the entertainment industry would demand she date a celebrity.

However, Lipa shocked everyone when she first fell in love with Isaac Carew — a chef — in 2013. Sadly, her relationship with Isaac wasn’t too rosy and lasted for only 4 years before their breakup in 2017.

The pop star relationship life
A glimpse of the brief, happy moment she had with Isaac Carew.

In less than six months, Lipa moved on with life and started dating Paul Jason Klein, the lead-singer of LANY. Yet again, her relationship with Paul crumbled after five months.

All she did was to turn to her ex-boyfriend for solace. She ended up reconciling with Isaac, and their love story continued until June 2019.

Despite her many heartbreaks, the superstar still held her head straight in search of her soulmate.

Alas, she fell in love with Anwar Hadid, a model who is 4 years younger than her. Her relationship life finally had a balance, as the couples started dating in 2019.

Dua Lipa boyfriend
After many heartbreaks, she finally found her prince charming (Anwar Hadid).

Dua Lipa Personal Life:

With her meteoric rise to fame, you may be tempted to ask; Who is Dua Lipa away from her singing endeavours?

To begin with, she’s got a persona of the Leo Zodiac traits. One characteristic that reflects her personality is her ability to envisage circumstances with positivity and vitality.

When it comes to leisure, Lipa is fond of spending time at the pool. Apparently, she’s quite a talented swimmer like Julia Rose. You might end up thinking she is a professional athlete after watching the clip below.

Dua Lipa Lifestyle Facts:

Seeing that she’s got a lot of potential to surpass legends like Adele, it is only a matter of time before Lipa multiplies her earnings. As I write this Biography, we have estimated her Net Worth to be a whopping sum of $16 million.

Interestingly, the superstar believes she deserves to enjoy the remuneration that comes from her hustle.

Hence, she lives a luxurious lifestyle. The picture below displays one of her exotic cars and a glimpse of her $1 million house.

Dua Lipa Lifestyle
It is necessary that she enjoys the proceedings from her many years of hard work.

Dua Lipa Family:

There’s nothing as special as maintaining the reputation of her household in the music world.

Of course, Lipa’s aspiration is to keep the legacy of her family alive. Hence, we present you with intriguing facts about her father, mother and siblings.

Dua Lipa Family
She lives in a lovely nucleated family.

About Dua Lipa’s Father:

It is obvious that she got her talent from Dukagjin Lipa (her dad). He is the President of Sunny Hill Foundation, as well as the founder and CEO of a communications agency.

Dua Lipa Father
Meet her handsome father, Dukagjin Lipa. Indeed, she owes her dad a big thanks for her cute looks.

Interestingly, Lipa’s father is undeniably handsome and has attracted so much attention from his fan as an entertainer.

Actually, he is the guitarist and lead singer of the Kosovan rock band Oda. At the time of compiling this Bio, Mr Dukagjin has about 200k followers on his Instagram account.

About Dua Lipa’s Mother:

From the look of things, Dula Peep has a strong sense of dependency on her mom. Each step she takes in her career life replicates some of the lessons she had learnt while spending time with her mother.

Apparently, Lipa and her mom make up a formidable tag team when it comes to the art of taking photos.

Dua Lipa Mom
Meet her adorable mother, Anesa Lipa. It appears the duo has a great sense of fashion.

About Dua Lipa’s Siblings:

Life would have been filled with boredom if the artiste had no one to mingle with besides her parents.

Yes, Lipa has two younger siblings whom she cherishes so much. She enjoys visiting the beach with her sister, Rina, and brother, Gjin, whenever she is less busy.

Dua Lipa Siblings
Her love for her brother and sister knows no bound.

About Dua Lipa’s Relatives:

The only person who stands out amongst her relatives is her paternal grandfather, Seit Lipa.

While he was alive, he was a historian who headed the Bosnian Institute of History. There has been no information about the rest of her relatives, including her uncles and aunts.

The superstar's grandfather
Spending some memorable moment with her grandfather is a rare gift that Lipa has enjoyed.

Dua Lipa Facts:

To wrap up the pop superstar’s Life Story, here are some truths that would help you grasp her Biography adequately.

Fact #1: Dua Lipa Tattoos:

As a celebrity, Dua Lipa has delved into the world of inking. At the time of publishing this Bio, she has inked over 13 tattoos on her body.

Each artistic piece has its unique meaning. Below is one of the most notable tattoos amongst her inkings — a rose inked on the inner side of her right Bicep.

Dua Lipa tattoo
Behold one her of beautiful tattoo inked on her bicep.

Fact #2: Pets:

Lipa has got a soft spot for dogs. Interestingly, she and her boyfriend (Anwar) adopted a cute little puppy that they named Dexter.

Together they took care of the dog and became fond of it. Subsequently, fans started to address them as Dexter’s parents.

The pop star pets
Her love for dogs can’t be overemphasized. Of course, she and her boyfriend enjoy taking a picture with Dexter.

Facts #3: Dua Lipa Religion:

As earlier stated, Lipa grew up in an Islamic Family Background. By virtue of her birth, she is a Muslim. However, the musician has kept her religious standpoint on a low-key since she became famous.

Facts #4: Smoking and Drinking Habits:

There are quite a few young celebrities who don’t give a damn about the consequences of smoking, and Lipa is one of them.

She often puffs on a cigarette whenever she gets the chance. However, in April 2020, Dula Peep revealed she has cut down smoking and drinking to the barest minimum to preserve her voice.

The musicians smoking habits
She has no qualms about smoking cigarettes.

Facts #5: Dua Lipa Appearance in FIFA 21:

It was disclosed in 2020 that the pop star would be added to the list of FIFA 21 playable characters.

This development will give many of her fans the privileges of playing virtual football games with her in the midst of elite soccer players.

Watch the brief illustration of her ratings and prowess in the video below.

Dua Lipa Wiki Table:

Before we finally round up our Biography of the superstar, take a quick look at the summary of her Life Story.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Dua Lipa
Nickname:Dula Peep
Age: 26 years and 0 months
Place of Birth:London, England
Father:Dukagjin Lipa
Mother:Anesa Lipa
Siblings:Rina (sister)
Gjin (brother)
Boyfriend:Isaac Carew and Paul Jason Klein (Ex-boyfriends)
Anwar Hadid (Current partner as of 2021)
Net Worth:$16 million (2021 Stats)
Pets:Dexter (a dog)
Height:1.73 m ( 5 feet 8 inches)


While carefully putting up Dua Lipa’s memoir, we realised that her family’s background became the major determinant of her dreams. Of course, both her parents and siblings deserve some accolades for helping her achieve her childhood aspiration.

You would agree with us that her commitment and positivity deserve all the awards she had won. Up to date, the glorious moments she received a Grammy award would continue to echo through the mind of her entire family.

Thank you for reading this piece of engaging content about Dua Lipa. Kindly contact us if you find anything that doesn’t seem right with our article.

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