Halima Aden Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Halima Aden Childhood Biography Story.
Halima Aden Childhood Biography Story.

Our Halima Aden Biography Facts provides you info on her Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Love Life (Boyfriend/Husband), Net Worth, Lifestyle and Personal Life.

This intriguing piece inspires you with her prowess. From the little moments as a refugee to being the first hijab-wearing supermodel in the world.

Certainly, she is a bound breaker on many fronts. Notwithstanding, there are other vital elements surrounding Halima Aden’s Biography that most people aren’t aware of. With this in mind, we go deep to get you the facts so you can pleasantly enjoy it at your bearing.

Halima Aden Childhood Story:

To begin with, the hijab-wearing supermodel was born on the 19th day of September 1997 in the United Nations designated camp – Kakuma Refugee Camp, Northwestern Kenya. Halima Aden was born to her parents- a mum who is known as Mrs Aden and to her father whom they had lost.

Did you know?… her dad died due to the circumstances of her parents fleeing the Somali Civil war in the mid-’90s seeking refuge in Kenya. As regards Halima Aden’s family origin, the refugee born supermodel is of Somali ancestry. Today, she has US citizenship with a Minnesotan identity.

Growing Up Years:

To begin with, Halima Aden grew up in a diverse community. Her childhood was full of exciting memories, uncertainty and adventures. The truth is, she started her early years at Kakuma refugee camp among other African children.

Despite it being a refugee settlement where she spent her first 7 formative years, the model do continuously recounts how their homes were often destroyed. Halima Aden’s family like many others, came together to rebuild. In the camp, children played until the day grew dark. Also while there, she sometimes suffered from malaria and lack of food. Nevertheless, it still felt homely.

Halima Aden Family Background:

Admix the struggles of life – Halima Aden didn’t get deterred by her family’s impoverishment. She often recounts her early life in the midst of an exciting diverse cultural community: where different faiths celebrate together. Although, Halima Aden’s parents- notably her father was absent but her mother went through all odds to keep them safe.

In 2004, Halima Aden’s family immigrated to the United States and lived in St Louis, Missouri an impoverished area. Living in a very small house and surviving on food stamps from the community. Thus, due to the lack of an inclusive program for non-English speakers, she couldn’t blend well at school. Their relocation to St. Cloud, Minnesota, afforded her a better education. A place her mother still lives.

Halima Aden Education:

At Apollo’s high school in St. Cloud Minnesota. the future model was nominated as the homecoming queen. Making her the first Muslim girl to ever hold the title in the school’s 65years old history. As a freshman at St. Cloud State University, she entered into the Miss Minnesota USA Beauty Pageant.

It was 2016 – the 19years old got to the semi-finalist wearing a burkini in the swimsuit category. She did not win the crown. Although, her unique defiance was noticed by Americans. Then being engaged by the reputable magazine editor: Careine Roitfeld. Weeks later she graced CR Fashion Book.

Halima Aden Biography – Early Career Life:

After the Minnesota Pageant, the future hijab-wearing celebrity received a call from IMG model. And she was signed on. As one of the biggest organisation for global talents, the agency works with renowned supermodels: Barbara Palvin, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid etc. This exposed Halima to a wider audience with an extensive reach into the world of fashion.

The Yeezy Fashion show by Kanye West was her first major fashion gig. On the set day, the hijab-wearing model could not wear the outfit cast for her as it was too revealing. the glamour girl was later called back from her hotel when they found a suitable wear for her.

Halima Aden Biography – Road To Fame Story:

Being an IMG model, cum her first photoshoot with the most sought out photographer: Careine Roitfeld and Marion Sorrenti. By 2017 Halima had had her debut as the first hijab-wearing model on notable fashion runaways. Thereupon sprawling on Yeezy Fashion, Max mara, Albert Ferretti and others.

Consequently, on a swift pace, her career kept rising. A small-town girl making it into the strongest fashion grounds: Italy, New York, France, Europe, to London. The bound breaker sends a sense of inclusiveness. Thereby working with connoisseurs in Beauty cum Fashion world such as Rihanna, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike etc.

Halima Aden’s Biography – Rise To Fame:

Halfway into 2017, she was flashing on the most notable fashion magazines in the world.  She graced the covers of Allure, British Vogue, Vogue Arabia, Grazia UK etc. At Miss USA 2017, Halima Aden’s personality had put her on the stage as one of the judges.

As at the time of writing Halima Aden’s life story, UNICEF has made her one of its ambassadors (in 2018). Exciting for her who believed they played a formidable role during her childhood at the camp.

Again, the glamour girl deep-seated stop of stereotypes has now appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated (2019). Hence, making her the first hijab-wearing supermodel on SI Swimsuit Edition Garment-ed in burkini and hijab. The rest on Halima Aden Biography, as we say, is now history.

Halima Aden’s- Boyfriend, Husband, Children?

Likewise, we’ve also been wondering who? Or is she keeping up with some traditions and principles? When it comes to romance, the supermodel hardly goes beyond the obvious of friends. And brief mention of family whom she barely exposes too. Apparently, her family and love life is quite secretive despite being in the spotlight.

To the present time, the supermodel hasn’t been found with a boyfriend. She’s either been excellent at keeping it enclosed or truly evidently single. Nevertheless, if there’s really someone holding Halima’s heart, then thumbs up to her: having gone this far without the public knowing. But how long?
As for children, Miss Aden is neither married nor does she has children. It also does not seem like she’s secretly had any.

Halima Aden Family Life:

If you know the model, then the question is; how much do you know of her loved ones? Although not much is known of Halima Aden’s parents. Nevertheless, let’s get an overview of them starting from her historical background and how it fosters her tenacity against all odds. Here we go.

About Halima Aden Father:

Not much is known about Halima Aden’s dad. It is of course expected as she also never knew him. Surely, her father is from Somali. While her Halima Aden’s parents fled Somali in 1994 from the country’s civil war, the crisis brought hysteria, separation and unforeseen circumstances.

Halima’s father was lost. After spending 7 years in Kakuma refugee camp without ever meeting or seeing him, her mother assumed he was dead. Did you know?… Later in US, Halima’s family heard from him. Her dad tried reaching out, but died afterwards before he could see them again.

About Halima Aden Mother:

Evidently, the hijab-wearing supermodel’s mum is from Somalia. Halima is deeply attached to her mother as common with those whose parents had struggled for the betterment of their children. Her mother is her super hero. The glamour girl sees her mother as the strength surrounding her pursuits and successes.

Mrs Aden survived the Somali civil war by escaping to another nation and protecting her family. Did you know?… She travelled on foot for 12 days. These turmoils caused her losing her husband while Halima lost a father. In US, she made sure she found a community where they could feel at home, just like the one they had in Kenya.

She’s the inspiration behind Halima’s service to humanity and insisted on her working for UNICEF, who’d volunteered and catered for the displaced people at Kakuma camp.

Nonetheless, Mrs Aden persevered in making sure her daughter learnt and improved on English. The supermodel recounts her mother questioning her as a child, in defence Halima used some lines from the song “Dilemma” by Nelly and Kelly to prove her learning.

Halima’s Younger Brother:

From constant mention, the Hijab model allows us to know she has a sibling. It a little brother. But who and where is he is always under wrap. Hence not much is known of him. Except her recounting their shared early life history; moving into America and resettling from one community to another.

Halima Aden’s Relative:

Specifically, when it comes to bloodline and bonds, the supermodel indirectly mentions them. Halima often talks and shares photographs of some of her relatives and friends.

Correspondingly, she’s said publicly how her relatives weren’t aware of the fashion world as a tool and platform with a powerful identity. In the start, it wasn’t easy for them accepting her job as a model. They believed beauty pageants wasn’t a part of their culture. Albeit, Halima Aden family’s occupation span nursing and teaching. This is assumed as suitable, for women aren’t meant to always be public.

Halima Aden Personal Life:

From the start of this bio, we’ve been divulging untold facts of the first hijab-wearing supermodel; adjoining her birth, family, career. Now let’s take you through a tour of the other facets that make the bound breaker a remarkable first in many fronts. As well as her individuality away from the eyes of the prying public.


Typical with Virgoan, Halima depicts the Zodiac sign perfectly. She’s concerned about health, nutrition and hygiene having to work in hospitals 7 months into modelling. Not to mention, her being analytical, detail-oriented, humble and hard-working. She uses her fame for practical use, supporting humanitarian causes; inspiring younger girls and generation in a way that speaks without barriers.

Also to note, the supermodel’s personality is plain, down-to-earth and endearing. Why did we say so? She shines through her character with simplicity and poise by never displacing the low beginnings of her life.

The impoverishment she was born into; being a town girl from Minnesota or contesting for the pageant for the money; or not knowing many fashion icons prior to entering in the industry sums up her value. When not at work, she dresses in a casual Somali or Islamic inspired modest dress.

What Halima Does Outside Modelling:

In as much as she tops modelling with school, public speaking and activism. At London, she assists in promoting Pandora’s Charms for Change Initiative, a partnerships for women with the proceeds going to children. Halima believes that regardless of anyone’s follower-ship – we all can influence – and should use our digital platforms to promote good.

Halima Aden Lifestyle:

The Somali-American supermodel is confident, bold, expressive, independent – and this attribute of her sends a powerful voice across countries, religion and social-class divide. Halima frequently travels to different countries but mostly on a project rather than leisure. She does not seem to succumb to societal pressures, expectations and trends; thus she’s been critical, modest and practical with her lifestyle.

Halima Aden Net Worth:

At the time of putting up her biography, Halima Aden’s networth estimates around $1m (2020 stats). Her wealth mostly stem from her modelling career and fashion gigs.

To emphasize, the bound breaker is often quiet on her lifestyle and does not display luxurious items. For her house, she lives in St. Paul Minnesota and still puts the address when on big modelling gigs.

Halima Aden Facts:

To pull the curtain on Halima Aden’s biography, here are mentions worthy of note about the world’s first hijab-wearing supermodel.

FACT #1– Language:

The refugee born model didn’t understand nor speak English until after her family moved to St. Cloud Minnesota. At about 8 years of age she begins to learn English and today is a fluent speaker excelling in high school out performing her peers and now attends college.

FACT #2 – Multi-Lingual:

Being born in a diverse community, Halima speaks Swahili, Somali and now English fluently. As a child, she was energetic and socially active in her community. Hence translating languages for elders so she could be allowed into various circles to associate with different age groups.

FACT #3 – TED Talk:

In 2018, Aden became the first refugee to give a live stream TED Talk on a refugee camp. It marked a significant moment for the supermodel as it was the first time returning to her place of birth since leaving at age 7. While travelling in class with Teen Vogue.ķ

FACT #4 – The Chances:

Markedly, Aden’s modelling careering was by chance. In other words, there was no preparation nor plans on being a model. She had no modelling experience too. Her entry into the Minnesotan USA pageant was to afford her the scholarship money if she got to be among the top 15. Subsequently, it turned out to be a pathway to a full-time career, stardom and wealth.

Fact #5 – the Deal:

Of emphasis, wearing the hijab is a non-negotiable part of the supermodel’s contract. On the run-away, magazine cover or fashion exhibitions; she ensures to never get pressured into removing it.

To point out, the history made glamour girl has a separate tent backstage. This allows her to dress and prepare for fashion shows.

Fact #6 – The Many First:

First has become a pseudonym alongside Halima Aden’s name, she has opened a door for other hijab-wearing models in the fashion industry. Above all, her being the first hijab-wearing model on British Vogue in the magazine’s 102-year-old history.

Equally, her appearance as the first hijab-wearing model on Sports Illustrated was the biggest so far as it revolutionaries the wearing of bikini to burkini for girls who prefer not going unclad for swimming, beach walk etc.

The fashion industry now accommodates girls wearing veils, hijab or turbans as displayed in 2018 fall fashion month featuring Ikram Abdi OmarAmina AdanKadija Daiwara etc.

Fact #7 – Design Inspirations:

In the beginning, Halima had to go along with her scarfs and veils for runaways and shows. Not anymore. She now inspires big design labels such as Nike to design hijabs for the first time in its history; Tommy Hilfiger customises head-scarfs specifically for her.

Conversely, the stereotypes are clearing as she does not go to shows taking her own scarfs. A number of labels now design them. She is, at the time of writing her life story, collaborating with Modanisa; thus creating 27 collections of turbans and veils that come in different patterns, for easy wear for interested girls/ladies.

Fact #8 – Trivia:

No doubt, Halima Aden beginning of breaking bounds with her hijab was from 2016. Coinciding with the increased ban on hijab-wearing persons in the USA. Thus, many Muslims were affected by the stereotype; a post effect from the 9/11 US terrorist attack.

The Somalian-American shares a history with a big name in the fashion industry. A South-Sudan Australian supermodel: Adut Akech (who had migrated to Australia at the age of 5). They both were born and raised in the same refugee camp although Miss Akech was born 2 years after Halima.

Sir William Golding the novelist of “Lord of the Flies” is born on the same day as Halima. Likewise the TV host Jimmy Fallon, News Anchor Soledad O’Brien, Singer Tisha Yearwood, Comedian Cheri Oteri and many other popular public figures.

Halima Aden Biography Summary:

Full NameHalima Aden
Nick name as a childElmoo
Nickname presentlyKing Limaa
Date of Birth19th September 1997
Place of BirthKakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya
FatherMr Aden
MotherMrs Aden
Siblings1 brother
Zodiac SignVirgo
HobbiesSpeaking, Activism, Humanitarian Endeavours
NationalitySomali - American
NetworthAbout $1m
AgencyIMG Models (New York, Milan, Paris, London)
ResidentMinnesota, USA
RelationshipPresently Single
High SchoolApollo High School, St. Cloud, Minnesota
UniversitySt. Cloud State University, Minnesota
Language(s) spokenSwahili, Somali, English

Wrap Up:

It’s been quite a pleasant ride unveiling the facts surrounding the biography of Halima Aden. We hope this inspires someone. Not only are the contents researched and credible. We also intend to instigate others, towards finding and redefining a part for oneself.

By all means, these childhood stories and biographies have a certain degree of wealthy information worthy of looking into with insights. Thus, you can reach out to us, in case you find something, anything that doesn’t sit right. We are open to combined communications.

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