Dustin Johnson Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Dustin Johnson Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Dustin Johnson Biography tells you facts about his Childhood story, Early Life, Parents, Family, siblings (Austin and Laurie), Wife (Paulina Gretzky).

More so, his Children (Tatum Gretzky and River Jones), Personal Life, Salary, net worth and Lifestyle.

In simple terms, we paint a mental picture of the life history of Dustin Johnson, a professional Golfer and PGA Tour medalist from the US.

This biography begins from the time of his birth until he became prominent.

To sharpen your love for autobiography, we present a gallery pathway of events surrounding his life. Without a doubt, the photos you see below summarises Dustin Johnson’s Biography.

Dustin Johnson Biography - Behold his Life and Success Story.
Dustin Johnson Biography – Behold his Life and Success Story.

Yes, we know that his golf skills have placed him at the peak in Golfing history. This became evident as the world saw Dustin setting a Scoring Record after winning the 2020 masters – the new york times report.

Despite his successes, we noticed that few people have an in-depth detail of Dustin Johnson life story.

Therefore, we deemed it fit in readiness to serve you the fascinating story and the breakdown of his golf events. So, in the eagerness of Spirit, let us begin.

Dustin Johnson Childhood story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname – DJ. Dustin Hunter Johnson was born on the 22nd day of June 1984 to his mother, Kandee Johnson and father, Scott Johnson, in Columbia, South Carolina, USA.

The Golf champion came into the world as the first child amidst his two younger siblings (Austin and Laurie). Both were born of the union between his parents, who are pictured here.

Behold Dustin Johnson's parents - his mother, Kandee Johnson and father, Scott Johnson.
Behold Dustin Johnson’s parents – his mother, Kandee Johnson and father, Scott Johnson.

Growing-up Years:

As a child, Dustin Johnson admired seeing his dad engage in golf while growing up in SC with his siblings (Austin and Laurie).

So, he dreamed of becoming a professional golf sportsman. Nonetheless, having a pro as a dad, he engaged in self-teaching and also learned to play golf from watching other golfers play.

A growing-up photo of Dustin Johnson (left) with his younger brother Austin Johnson (right).
A growing-up photo of Dustin Johnson (left) with his younger brother Austin Johnson (right).

Before his fame, the American Pro Golfer had a thing for blowing up ample opportunities. He never seemed to take things seriously, something of a wild child. But then again, his seriousness became intense as he got older.

Dustin Johnson Family Background:

Dustin Johnson’s Dad (Scott Johnson) was a professional golf player and must have influenced Dustin’s passion a great deal.

On the other hand, his mother, Kandee Johnson, was into diverse business ventures. So, Finances were no issues at all in the welfare of the household and overall upbringing.

Dustin Johnson Family Origin:

There is a saying that “we all carry inside us people who came before us”. These persons are what we refer to as our ancestors. Join us as we unfold to you what Dustin Johnson’s ancestry entails. 

Like his father and grandfather, the Golf Champion was born and bred up on the outskirts of Columbia, South Carolina. By implication, it means that Dustin Johnson’s family have lived in the city for decades.

From the above, we can conclude that Dustin Johnson is an American and of white ethnicity. Here is a photo that explains the Golfer’s roots.

Map showing Dustin Johnson's roots (Columbia in S.C.)
Map showing Dustin Johnson’s roots (Columbia in S.C.)

Dustin Johnson Early Career:

As the American Golfer got older, his golfing skills became sharpened progressively.

The honing of his skills took place so quickly that at 14, people bet on him throughout S.C. Dustin Johnson was still in college at that time when the opportunity found him.

During this college time as an amateur, Dustin Johnson won the Monroe Invitational and the Northeast Amateur in 2007. Below is a picture that brings to mind the 2007 award.

At the Monroe Invitational in 2007.

Dustin Johnson Education:

As earlier said, Dustin grew up in South Carolina and so had all his education there. He attended the Dutch Fork High School, during which he played golf.

Subsequently, he proceeded to Coastal Carolina University, where he majored in Sports Management.

Dustin (far right) - A photo with high schoolmates showcasing their team awards.
Dustin (far right) – A photo with high schoolmates showcasing their team awards.

Dustin Johnson Biography – Road to Fame:

DJ, as fondly called by close pals and fans, turned professional in 2007. He also earned his 2008 PGA Tour card by finishing in a tie at the 2007 qualifying school in December.

Subsequently, Dustin Johnson continued to add more victories as time advanced.

Dustin Johnson during his breakout season in 2010.
Dustin Johnson during his breakout season in 2010.

The year 2010 became his breakout season. He won twice on the PGA Tour, making his first Ryder Cup team. This victory became his entry point into stardom, and he has never experienced a decline ever since.

Dustin Johnson Biography – Rise to Fame:

The PGA Tour champ earned his then-best finish in a major championship at the 2011 Open Championship in England.

His next major title happened at the 2016 US Open and was his 10th overall triumph on the PGA Tour.

Dustin Johnson wins Masters to claim 2nd major title.
Dustin Johnson wins Masters to claim 2nd major title.

Progressively, he has made several winnings from 2017 since that time. His most recent was on the 7th day of February 2021, where DJ won the Saudi International for the second time; it was his 9th win on the European Tour.

Dustin Johnson's 9th victory on the European Tour.
Dustin Johnson’s 9th victory on the European Tour.

Johnson then joined Tiger Woods as the only golfers of the past three decades to reach 17 career championships before age 34. He ranks as the best Golfer in the world (according to the Official World Golf Ranking).

Below is a video clip where he gets referred to as one of the top drivers on tour.

See the video below on how the American Golfer amazingly claimed the 23rd victory of his PGA TOUR career at East Lake Golf Club.

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Indeed, Dustin Johnson is a complete player. The rest as we say, of his Biography, is history.

Who is Dustin Johnson Dating?:

Although not married, in August 2013, Johnson got engaged to model singer and celebrity Paulina Gretzky. She is the offspring of the Canadian ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones.

The American Golfer met Gretzky in 2009 but began dating officially until early 2013. They have two sons, Tatum Gretzky Johnson and River Jones Johnson.

Dustin Johnson met Paulina Gretzky in 2009 but began dating officially until early 2013.

More About Dustin Johnson’s Children:

While Tatum Johnson was born on the 19th day of January 2015, River Johnson was born on the 12th day of June 2017.

Who knows if one of his children would also tow in the same direction as their father, and their grandfather, Scott Johnson.

Exudes of a happy family showing Baby Tatum, Dustin’s first child.

Dustin Johnson Family Life:

The success of the American PGA Tour medalist would have been a mirage without the unconditional show of support and love by members of his household. On this account, let’s take further detail into their individual lives.

More About Dustin Johnson Father:

The professional golf athlete had his dad as inspiration and his first coach. Dustin Johnson’s Dad (Scott Johnson) was also a professional golf player and must have influenced Dustin’s passion a great deal early in life.

The professional golf athlete had his dad as inspiration and his first coach.
The professional golf athlete had his dad as inspiration and his first coach.

He was the one that took Dustin to the range for the first time at Six (6). The prowess and popularity of the Golfers Dad also played a role in the incredible speed that developed Dustin Johnson’s athletic skills.

However, unlike Dustin, his dad (Scott Johnson) started his Golf career at 20. The reason being that he started as a basketball player at first.

Scott Johnson also once served as the head professional at the Mid Carolina Golfers Club in the 1990s.

Mr Scott Johnson started his golf career at 20.

It was the union of Scott Johnson and Kandee Johnson that produced Dustin Johnson. Nevertheless, after many years of living together, Dustin’s parents got divorced. They didn’t talk to each other ever since then.

The separation left Dustin and his siblings on whose side to choose to live with together.

So while Dustin and his sister (Laurie) stayed with their dad (Scott Johnson), his brother (Austin) decided to live with his mother (Kandee Johnson).

More About Dustin Johnson Mother:

Bearing the maiden name Kandee Whisnant is Dustin’s mother, Kandee Johnson. She is the daughter of a famous basketball competitor Art Whisnant. Kandee is the eldest among her other three sisters in her parents’ family.

Dustin’s mother, Kandee is a daughter of a then famous basketball competitor Art Whisnant.
Dustin’s mother, Kandee is a daughter of a then famous basketball competitor Art Whisnant.

At first, she earned her livelihood as a business lady. During that time, Kandee maintained a sports shop with her ex-husband, Scott Johnson.

Though she is still in business, Dustin’s mother (Kandee Johnson) has chosen to live her life far from the public. Kandee loves her children so much and never relents her steadfast support for all of them.

More About Dustin Johnson Siblings:

As aforementioned, Dustin Johnson came into this world as the eldest of two younger siblings, a brother and a sister named Austin and Laurie, respectively. See further details about each of them.

About Dustin Johnson Brother – Austin:

DJ, as the eldest child of the family, remains a figurehead for his young siblings. Dustin’s younger brother, Austin Johnson, who is also a lover of Sports looks up to him. It seems the sporting spirit gains its whole ground within the family.

A snapshot of Austin Johnson with Dustin.
A snapshot of Austin Johnson with Dustin.

As a teenager, he loved to play golf too, but he chose to practice basketball. Dustin’s younger brother, Austin Johnson, later became Dustin’s caddie during the games.

He was the caddie when Dustin Johnson had a massive win during his 2020 Masters.

Austin graduated from Charleston Southern University. He is happily married and a father with two sons.

About Dustin Johnson Sister – Laurie:

In the same vein, Dustin’s younger sister, Laurie, lives in Columbia. She also graduated from Dutch Fork High.

Laurie is most likely to be a sports person like her dad, Scott Johnson, and Dustin Johnson and Austin Johnson. Being that, she grew up with them all. Although single, she is a mother of two sons.

A photo of Dustin Johnson with his siblings (Austin, far left and Laurie, middle).

More About Dustin Johnson Relatives:

As at the moment of this write-up, we know little about most of his relatives. But then again, his Grand Dad, Art Whisnant, engaged in basketball at SC and was a three-time all-Atlantic Coast Conference selection in the 1960s.

He made loads of effort to develop the athletic skills of grandsons Austin and Dustin Johnson, respectively.

A photo of Dustin’s Grand Dad, Art Whisnant.

Personal Life:

Regardless of the busy schedule attached to the life of a Star golfer, Dustin, in his free times, enjoys fishing.

He enjoys water sports and owns a boat. Also a pet lover, he has two dogs, a Goldendoodle named Daisy and a labradoodle called Charlie.

Dustin with his brother (Austin Johnson) fishing.

His extensive suit collection, containing about 30 Prada and Dolce & Gabbana suits, speaks volume about his love for dress suits.

His social media accounts have a rising number of fans. While his Instagram has about 1.1M followers, his Twitter has almost a million followers too.

DJ has so won the hearts of his increasing fans.


What do you think the world’s top golfers do with all of their millions? They spend it on top-of-the-range cars, From Ferraris to McLarens and Porsches to Lamborghinis and luxury apartments. DJ is sure not left out. Below is a snapshot with one of his cars.

The top-ranking golfer with one of his luxury car.

He bought a mansion in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, in 2015, for $5 million. Despite everything, early in 2021, after renovating the property, the pro golfer sold it for $16.5 million. The mansion has a private island, a private boat ramp, and seven bedrooms.

An aerial plus inside view of one of Dustin’s apartments.

Salary and Net Worth:

As of April 2021, Dustin Johnson sits 4th on the PGA Tour Career Money list with over $71.2m (net worth), behind only Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Jim Furyk. Johnson’s salary in 2020 was about $24 million. He earned them from his 18 tournaments.


Adidas, BodyArmor, Hublot, and TaylorMade are some of the top companies currently sponsoring Johnson. The Golf Star also earns $11 million a year from his endorsements.

Dustin flaunting his Adidas wear.

Dustin Johnson Untold Facts:

Asides from the information given above, here are a few facts that will intrigue you about Dustin Johnson and his golf career so far.

Fact #1: Troubled Teenager:

He was a burdened teenager and so got involved in a theft. Maybe his reasons for worry and being unsettled were because of his parent’s separation.

Dustin stole a firearm. The incident got exposed when one of his friends accidentally used the gun openly, thus telling the truth about the burglary.

Fact #2: Foundation and Charity:

He has his foundation, which launched in 2010. It aims to help youngsters, especially with youth and college golf programmes.

The foundation is where all funds raised will go towards providing scholarships and equipment to youth in need.

he started the Dustin Johnson Golf School at TPC Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

Fact #3: Controversies about Drug Suspensions:

In the 2014 season, Johnson announced a leave of absence from the PGA Tour to deal with “personal challenges.” Contrariwise, according to several golf publications, the break was because the PGA Tour had suspended Johnson for a positive drug test.

The Golf Magazine reported Johnson tested positive for cocaine use.

Fact #4: Injury:

Johnson had a back injury at home in March 2021 and missed over two months of the season, including the first major at The Masters. Fortunately, he recovered and returned in May the same year.

Dustin Johnson recovered and returned in May the same year.

Fact #5: Cheating Rumour:

Several times, rumours went on about him cheating on the mother of his kids. Then, in 2014 the press saw him in a photo, taking the hand of the wife of his colleague Will MacKenzie, Alli MacKenzie, with whom she was in a divorce process.

In 2018 also, celebrity photographers caught him while he was having dinner with an unknown woman.

To watch a video of his some of this untold fact,

Biography Summary:

To get a quick summary of his life story, use the table below to get concise information about the American Golfer.

Dustin Johnson 's Bio Data

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Dustin Hunter Johnson
Date of Birth:22nd of June 1984
Place of Birth: Columbia, South Carolina, US
Profession: Golf Player
Education:Dutch Fork High School and Coastal Carolina University
Father:Scott Johnson
Mother:Kandee Johnson
Wife/Girlfriend: Paulina Gretzky
Children (Sons):Tatum Gretzky Johnson and River Jones Johnson
Siblings:Austin Johnson (Brother) and Laurie Johnson (Sister)
Relatives:Art Whisnant (Maternal Grandfather)
Sun Sign (Zodiac): Cancer
Height: 6 ft 4 inches (1.93 m)
Salary: $24 million approx (2020)
Net Worth: $71 million approx (ESPN)
Religion: Christianity
Residence:Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, US
Social MediaInstagram (@djjohnsonpga), Twitter (@DJohnsonPGA) and Facebook (facebook.com/DustinJohnsonPGA)
Website: www.dustinjohnson.com
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In wrapping off Dustin Johnson’s Biography and Childhood Life Story, I guess you learned a few lessons.

Because Dustin Johnson had a dad as a professional, he never traded every opportunity to learn new skills from other professionals.

Not even the break-up between his parents could hinder him. His desperation, determination, and tenacity were second to none. Gladly enough, his attitude paid off big time.

We appreciate that you have found this write-up engaging and thrilling. Kindly read more Biography facts of Golfers.

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