Jayson Tatum Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Jayson Tatum Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Jayson Tatum’s biography gives facts about his Early Life, Childhood story, Father (Justin Tatum), Mother (Brandy Cole), Brother (Jaycob Tatum), Sister (Kayden Tatum), Cousin (Tyronn Lue), etc.

More so, it tells us about Jayson Tatum’s Girlfriends (Toriah Lachell, Ella Mia, and Bella Harris), Grandmother (Rose Mary Johnson), Personal life, Lifestyle, Net worth, Ethnicity, Religion, etc.

Our account of Jayson Tatum’s biography begins with his early life in St. Louis with his mom, Brandy Cole. We also tell of the struggles the young boy faced when growing up. And finally, his rise to fame in basketball.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the enticing nature of Jayson Tatum’s Biography, we present his early life-to-rise gallery. You can see the growth of the power forward to one of the record breakers in the NBA.

Behold Jayson Tatum's Biography- From his Early Life to the Celtic Boston Teammate.
Behold Jayson Tatum’s Biography- From his Early Life to the Celtic Boston Teammate.

Everyone knows Taco Jay as a teammate of the Celtic Boston basketball team. Furthermore, he is the 2016 Gatorade player of the year. Besides Larry Bird, Jayson holds the record as the player with 50 points.

Despite the many honours to his name, only a few basketball fans have read the concise record of Jayson Tatum’s biography. So we have prepared this article for you. Without further delay, Let’s Begin.

Jayson Tatum Childhood Story:

For biography staters, he bears the nickname “taco jay or Jason turnover.” Jayson Christopher Tatum was born on the 3rd of March 1998 to his parents, Brandy Cole and Justin Tatum, in Missouri, the United States.

The Basketball athlete is the only child in the relationship of his parents. Here is the picture of his mother, Brandy, and his dad, Justin, who gave birth to the star.

Meet Jayson Tatum's Parents- Father (Justin Tatum) and Mother (Brandy Cole).
Meet Jayson Tatum’s Parents- Father (Justin Tatum) and Mother (Brandy Cole).


Jayson grew up in St. Louis with his parents, Brandy and Justin, and his brother, Jaycob Tatum. The family struggled a lot because his mom and dad didn’t have enough money. She was still an undergraduate, and Justin didn’t have a great job.

Jayson Tatum's Mom had him when she was an undergraduate.
Jayson Tatum’s Mom had him when she was an undergraduate.

Nonetheless, in the days of hunger and poverty, they stayed close to each other. The young Jayson is lucky and has a great body and talent for basketball. Other than that, he was a silent child growing up in Missouri.

Behold the Childhood Photo of Jayson Tatum.
Behold the Childhood Photo of Jayson Tatum.

The Tatum family were Christians. And regardless of his mom’s busy schedule, Brandy always took her son to church. You could say this stage was the exact life both J. Cole and Bam Adebayo had when growing up.

Jayson Tatum Early Life:

Jayson was a natural at basketball. And that is because his father was also a coach and player in sports. Thus, he taught him a few tricks like Lamelo Ball’s dad. And just as every parent desires, Justin took his time to train his son very well.

Justin (Jayson Tatum's Father) is Practising Basketball With his son.
Justin (Jayson Tatum’s Father) is Practising Basketball With his son.

Like Drew Barrymore, the Saint Louis native had a sports godfather. Larry Hughes, his godfather, and his cousin, Tyronn Lue, filled the fire to be a superb athlete. But his brother was not so keen to be a sports person.

And what also helped the young player was because of his height. Jayson turnover had the size and physique of a basketball player. It was an added advantage during his training with his father. With the help of the coaching of Justin Tatum and the swift learning of the lad, it was easy to put him into shape.

Jayson Tatum Family Background:

Jayson Tatum’s parents had him when they had no money. Although he was a coach and a basketball player in his early life, Justin Tatum was making little cash. Every coin he made was used to care for his fees abroad.

While Jayson Tatum’s mom, Brandy Cole, was still a law undergraduate. Between struggling for school and caring for the newborn baby, money was pretty tough. It was so bad that even feeding was a luxury for the young mother and child.

In other words, the poverty Jayson Tatum’s family experienced pushed him to work harder. We can imagine the young boy looking at his mother, who was hungry and still had to read. That alone is a reason to make it to the NBA Draft.

Jayson Tatum Family Origin:

The parents of Taco Jay are both Americans. Jayson’s mom, Brandy Cole, is a native of Fort Worth, TX, in the United States. While Tatum has his birthplace in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The map shows the town in the image here.

Behold the Birth Place of Jayson in St. Louis.
Behold the Birth Place of Jayson in St. Louis.

So it means that Jayson Tatum’s Nationality is American. But what do we know about his hometown? A French king found St. Louis in 1764. And it has a population of 2.8 million. Besides, celebrities like Akon, SZA, and Nelly come from the town.

Jayson Tatum’s Ethnicity:

We trace Justin Tatum’s (Jayson’s dad) ancestry to African and American roots. While his mother, Brandy, comes from an American and Asian lineage. Thus, making Jayson Christopher’s ethnicity mixed or Biracial.

Jayson Tatum Education:

Christopher attended the Chaminade College Preparatory School in Missouri. Here is an image of the learning centre. It was a public Catholic school and what his parents could afford for him.

The Chaminade School is Where Tatum had his Education.
The Chaminade School is Where Tatum had his Education.

Just as expected, Jayson joined the school team, the Red Devils. Also, he became the 2013 Catholic Conference co-player of the year. And it was because his record averaged 13.3 points and 6.4 rebounds per game.

Meet Jayson Tatum in High School.
Meet Jayson Tatum in High School.

As a junior, Jason averaged 25.9 points, 3.4 assists, and 11.7 rebounds. Besides that, he also won the 2016 MacDonald All-American honour. During the holidays, the young athlete continued training and working hard.

In 2015, the Rookie joined the St. Louis Eagles amateur team when his school was on vacation. And Tatum finished with a record of 28 points and five rebounds. After a clean High School Stats, he wins the 2016 Gatorade National Player of the Year.

Jayson Turnover Becomes the 2016 Gatorade National Player of the Year.
Jayson Turnover Becomes the 2016 Gatorade National Player of the Year.

Jayson Tatum College Career:

In his debut with the Dukes, Tatum recorded 10 points, securing a win over the Maine team. Also, on the 6th of December, 2016, Christopher became the ACC freshman of the week. With almost 19 points and 8 rebounds, he earned the Blue Devils the ACC Tournament Championship.

The Duke Teammate Rejoicing as the 2017 ACC Champions.
The Duke Teammate Rejoicing as the 2017 ACC Champions.

In his Rookie season with Duke in 2016/17, Taco Jay played 29 games. Averaging 16.8 points, 2.1 assists, and 7.3 rebounds, ranking fourth in free throws. At the end of the year, Tatum left for the 2017 NBA draft in the first-round all- selection.

Career Buildup:

A famous quote says poverty and hardship have produced many successful people worldwide. This statement is true in the life of Jason Christopher. The life force of his career was the many times he had to go hungry to bed and watch his mother struggle for money.

More so, through the help of his father’s coaching, he was able to shape and train his skills. As the only child in the home, Justin was the first to throw a basketball into his hands. And from that moment, playing in the NBA gave him hope each day.

And it is clear in both his high school start and college career. Jason was hungry for success and pushed all his limits to get to the top. Indeed, lack of money and the comfort of life were not an excuse to give up.

Jayson Tatum Biography – Career Story:

What are the problems the Rookie faced in his early career? One of the discouraging factors that the young Jay met was in his high school. His class teacher asked him what he wanted to do in the future, and Jayson said he wanted to play in the NBA. In a disappointing tone, she told him to choose a realistic career.

It was disappointing and heartbreaking to tell a child what they wanted to be was impossible. According to ESPN, Jayson Tatum’s mom, Brandy Cole, believed her son would get to where he was today. Indeed, a mother has great faith in her child’s ability.

Also, do not forget to mention the unpaid bills at home. At one point, when he was still in high school, Jayson had returned home with his mum to see a quit notice on their door. All this put together could serve as an obstacle to success.

Jayson Tatum Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Jayson Turnover began his professional basketball in Boston Celtics as a third overall pick in the NBA draft. And by December 2017, the power forward was the Eastern Conference’s Rookie of the month. See him in the image here.

Jayson Turnover as the Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month.
Jayson Turnover as the Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month.

The St. Louis native broke the record of Larry Bird to become the first Celtic to score over 25 points in a playoff. Besides becoming the youngest player with four straight 20 points in a game at 20 years. This new feat breaks that of Kobe Bryant, which was set in 1999.

Tatum made history as the youngest Celtic teammate to score over 50 points and 10 rebounds daily. And he was also producing the large NBA comeback with over 60 points without a single turnover. And for days, Jayson was the player of the week back to back. In addition, he also made it to the NBA all-team.

Behold the NBA All-Team, Taco Jay.
Behold the NBA All-Team, Taco Jay.

At 23, the power forward was the first athlete in the NBA to have 50 points and above in a single game. And on May 3rd, 2022, in the Eastern Conference Finals, Tatum scored 25 points and 8 rebounds with 5.5 assists. The world is convinced that the player is the next mamba after Kobe Bryant.

Jayson, whose teacher said his career wasn’t realistic, has become a record breaker in the NBA. The young player has joined the likes of Bam Adebayo, Trae Young, and Ja Morant to be a star in basketball. And the rest is history, they said.

Jayson Tatum loveLife – Inquiries About his Wife and Children:

Focusing on the love life of the NBA star, fans are curious to know about Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend. And to have details about the women in his life, especially to whom he eventually married. Therefore, we will take you through the relationships of the Celtic teammates.

The lucky woman in Jay’s life is the famous R&B singer, Ella Mai. Jayson Tatum’s relationship with Ella began not too long ago. The couple began dating in October 2020, during the NBA off-season. The media caught Ella visiting Jayson’s house in Missouri.

Meet British Singer Ella Mia. One of Jayson's girlfriends.
Meet British Singer Ella Mia. One of Jayson’s girlfriends.

But both Jayson and Ella keep their romance under the radar. And they do not let much out. So it is still a mystery if they are just close buddies like Zendaya and Lamelo Ball or lovers.

Jayson Tatum and Toriah Lachell’s Relationship:

Lachell was born in February 2000 in St. Louis, Missouri. She is also an alumnus of the Chaminade College Preparatory. The American lady is a businesswoman and a hairstylist. Here is the image of the beautiful Toriah.

Behold Jayson and Toriah Lachell as High School Sweethearts.
Behold Jayson and Toriah Lachell as High School Sweethearts.

Jayson and Toriah were high school sweethearts. They are not married as both of them are single. Why they both left each other is not made public. But they are no longer together at the time of writing this article.

Bella Harris and Jayson:

Bella is the child of music producer Jimmy Jam. And he is famous for producing some music for Janet, the sister of Michael Jackson. Harris has two brothers, Max, her twin, and Tyler.

Meet Bella Harris, a model. She is Rumoured to have Dated Tatum.
Meet Bella Harris, a model. She is Rumoured to have Dated Tatum.

It is rumoured that Bella might be the ex-lover of Singer Drake. But there is no proof except some pictures with the title, “no place I would rather be.” The model started dating Jayson in December 2021.

But the NBA star has no desire to be in the headlines except for his court performance. Apart from Bella attending his play in Baltimore and going on dates, nothing shows they are in a relationship.

Is Jayson Tatum Married?

The Eastern Conference 2020 winner has not legally tied the knot yet. It could be that Taco Jay is focusing on his career and planning to break more records. Or maybe he hasn’t found the right woman to take to the altar. At the time of writing Jayson Tatum’s biography, he is single.

Jayson Tatum’s child:

Christopher Tatum Sr. was 19 years old when his ex-girlfriend, Toriah Lachell, got pregnant. Jayson “Deuce” Christopher Tatum Jr. was born on the 7th of December, 2017, and is currently five years old. Here is the image of the young boy with his father.

Meet Jayson Tatum's son “Deuce” Christopher Tatum Jr
Meet Jayson Tatum’s son “Deuce” Christopher Tatum Jr

Just as he is a star on the basketball court, Jayson is a great dad. If you go through Tatum’s Instagram account, you will always find his son with him. It is more like Taco Jay is growing up together with his son.

Jayson Tatum Personal Life:

So what does the NBA athlete do to make himself happy outside his career? Firstly Jayson spends a lot of time with his son Deuce. They are always together, going to the beach, swimming, etc. You can say that his first son is his twin. And Christopher Tatum plays golf. Here is the power forward in the golf course.

The NBA Star Spends Time with his son and plays golf in his Private Time.
The NBA Star Spends Time with his son and plays golf in his Private Time.

The St Louis native shares the same Pisces Zodiac with Olivia Rodrigo, Luka Doncic, and Luke Combs. And people with this sign are gracious, emotional, and love to make those around them happy.

Jayson Tatum’s Foundation:

There are kids whose dreams and aspirations have been cut short because of what others have told them. Just like Jayson’s teacher told him, basketball was not realistic. Thus, the athlete opened the Jayson Tatum Foundation to help some kids achieve their aims.

Behold the Jayson Tatum Foundation, Which helps Kids Achieve Their Basketball Dreams.
Behold the Jayson Tatum Foundation, Which helps Kids Achieve Their Basketball Dreams.

So when the Celtic teammate isn’t with his son Deuce, he is helping other kids in the world. Indeed, Jayson’s zodiac shows the love he has to share with others.

Jayson Tatum’s Workout:

How does the 2016 Gatorade National Player of the Year stay fit? After father and son’s time, Christopher Tatum goes to the gym to keep in shape. After all, being a basketballer means staying healthy with routines and workout sessions. Would you like to see some of his exercises and drills? Watch the clip to see yourself.

Jayson Tatum Lifestyle:

How does Taco Jay spend his basketball money? No doubt, all his hard work has eventually paid off. And it has elevated his status and fortunes, which will grow further in the future.

Jayson’s house is a two-story building 12 miles West of the Celtic court. The home in Newton is worth over $4 million. In addition, it occupies 6,000 square-foot on a wooden platform. It is truly a mini condo for a bachelor.

Jayson Tatum's House in Newton.
Jayson Tatum’s House in Newton.

At the time of writing this article, Jayson Tatum’s net worth is $25 million. Much of his money is from his contract with the Boston Celtics. And let’s not forget about endorsement deals and his foundation as well.

Jayson Tatum Family Life:

What is an individual without a family? They are like riches and treasures at our disposal. So Jayson Tatum’s Biography would be incomplete without knowing the household that is his foundation.

About Jayson Tatum’s Father:

Justin Tatum is a sportsperson and a basketball athlete. He is an ex-American college player and a gym teacher at the Christian brother’s college in Saint Louis. Jayson’s dad was born on the 11th of April, 1979. Here is the picture of the coach.

Meet Jayson Tatum's Father, Justin Tatum.
Meet Jayson Tatum’s Father, Justin Tatum.

The Patriarch of the Tatum family once led his team in high school to the 1997 state title. Justin has a degree in criminal justice from Saint Louis University. With his coaching experience, he trained his little boy from infancy. Raising their son was challenging because he and his wife were very young.

However, together with his wife, Brandy, they made it through the harsh times. And this is clear in what he produced in his son. Like most fathers would do, the senior Tatum worked hard to concentrate on caring for his family. And now, he stands proudly as the father of the Eastern Conference player of the year 2020.

About Jayson Tatum’s Mom:

Brandy Cole was born on the 25th of April, 1979. She is a native of Saint Louis, United States, and has a profession as a lawyer. Look at the beautiful mother of Jayson in the picture.

Behold Jayson Tatum's Mom- Brandy Cole.
Behold Jayson Tatum’s Mom- Brandy Cole.

Mrs Tatum had her first child when she was only 18 years old. Brandy was pursuing an undergraduate law course and caring for a newborn baby. Aborting the child was not an option for her, nor was quitting school. Jayson Tatum’s mom took up the responsibility as a mother, even though her husband Justin was away.

Mrs Cole is one of the NBA mothers who sacrificed a lot to see their child succeed. And each day, the Celtic star (Jayson Tatum) always announces to the world that he owes his success to his mother. Brandy holds the torch as a leading example of someone who is determined never to fail.

About Jayson Tatum’s Brother:

Jaycob Tatum is the younger brother of the NBA star. Although they do not share the same biological mother, they are great as half-siblings. Jaycob is the child of Justin from his previous relationship. Here is the photo of Jayson’s younger brother.

Jaycob Tatum is the Younger Brother of Jayson.
Jaycob Tatum is the Younger Brother of Jayson.

We do not know if Jayson Tatum’s brother wants to join him in the league. But we are sure he would like to follow in the footsteps of his older brother. Indeed, no one would serve as a better mentor than the man who has repeatedly become a player of the week.

About Jayson Tatum’s Sister:

Behold Kayden Tatum in the Arms of her Brother, Jayson.
Behold Kayden Tatum in the Arms of her Brother, Jayson.

Kayden Tatum is the youngest and only sister of the St. Louis player. she is the half-sibling from Jayson’s father’s past relationship. Not much is known about Kayden, but at the time of writing this article, she is five years old.

About Jayson Tatum’s Grandmother:

Rose Mary Johnson is the grandmama of the power forward. She cared for her grandson when her daughter was schooling. Of course, grannies show exceptional love for their children’s kids. And Jayson was lucky to receive that doting.

Meet Jayson's Grandmother, Rose Mary, as she Stands Proudly Wearing his Team Jersey.
Meet Jayson’s Grandmother, Rose Mary, as she Stands Proudly Wearing his Team Jersey.

In addition, grandma Rose is a huge fan of her basketball grandson. As the above photo shows, she always supports him by being present for his games. It is very loving to see the family stand beside their son.

Jayson Tatum Untold Facts:

As we come to the end of Jayson Tatum’s biography, there are still exciting facts from his Early life and family background that sheds more light on the athlete. Hence, without wasting more time, let’s begin.

Jayson Tatum Tattoo:

The Pisces zodiac player loves people around him. And that is why so much of his body art shows the ones closest to his heart. Jayson Tatum’s tattoo is the black mamba snake of his friend, Kobe Bryant. And it also includes a photo of himself and his son, Deuce. See them in the image here.

Taco Jay Draws his son and Kobe Bryant's Number on his Body.
Taco Jay Draws his son and Kobe Bryant’s Number on his Body.

The Boston teammates also have his mother and some inspirational quotes on his body. Besides, Jayson wrote his birthdate 1998 on his knee. It is like Jennifer Lawrence‘s tattoo of her mom’s favourite song, Blackbird.

Jayson Tatum’s signature shoe:

Label shoes are trendy among these basketball stars. Players like Stephen Curry and Lamelo ball own signature shoes. And the St. Louis native joined the list to get his footwear from the Michael Jordan Brand.

Here is Jayson Tatum's Signature Shoes.
Here is Jayson Tatum’s Signature Shoes.

The shoe was drafted in 2017, and his exclusive pair is finally here. The whole sneaker is just as the Jayson fans would want with its bright colours. And this, of course, is Tatum’s first exclusive footwear brand.

Jayson Tatum’s growth spurt:

It is not old news that the stature of an individual is critical in basketball. And Jayson Tatum’s height has been trending for some reasons. And it is because there has been a growth spurt in some months.

Jayson Tatum’s previous height was 6 feet 8 inches. But sometime in January, the team manager, Ime Udoka, noted an increase to 6 feet 10 inches. So in two months, the St. Louis native has grown two inches.

Jayson Tatum’s religion:

The Eastern Conference’s player of the year said in one interview that he grew up in the church. And that is evident in the drawing on his body with the scriptures. Here is the image showing Jayson Tatum’s back tattoo.

The Celtic Forward Jayson Tatum's Back Tattoo is a Portion of the Bible.
The Celtic Forward Jayson Tatum’s Back Tattoo is a Portion of the Bible.

Moreso, when the small forward made it to the NBA, he owed it all to God. Even his Twitter bio bears Timothy’s bible book: “If you put God First, anything is possible!!! Philippians 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me!!!” So we can say that Jayson is a Christian.

Jayson Tatum’s godfather:

Larry Hughes is the godfather of the Celtic forward. And he was present when his friend, Justin Tatum, gave birth to his son, Jayson. Moreso, Hughes has been very helpful in the NBA journey of his godson.

Larry Hughes is the godfather of Jayson.
Larry Hughes is the godfather of Jayson.

It is the same way Drew Barrymore’s godfather helped her in the movie line. Let’s say it is a thing for your parent’s best friends to fill that position. And they do more than bear the title, caring for them and becoming the second parents for the little ones.

Biography Summary:

This table shows all the facts about Jayson Tatum’s Biography

Full Name:Christopher Jayson Tatum SNr
Nickname:Taco Jay

Jayson Turnover
Date of Birth:3rd of March 1998
Age:26 years and 1 months old.
Parents:Justin Tatum (Father)

Brandy Cole (Mother)
Brother:Jaycob Tatum
Sister:Kayden Tatum
Grandmother:Rose Mar Johnson
Education: Chaminade College Preparatory School in Missouri (High School)

Duke University
Profession:Basketball Athlete
Position:Small Forward and Power forward
Height in Feet:6ft 10 inches
Height in Inches:2.03 m
Son:Jayson “Deuce” Christopher Tatum Jr.
Ethnicity:Multi- racial
Net worth:25 Million Dollars

End Note:

Jayson Christopher Tatum was born on the 3rd of March 1998 to his mom, Brandy Cole and father, Justin Tatum. The iconic player is a native of Saint Louis, Missouri, in the United States of America. More so, he has two half-siblings, Kayden Tatum and Jaycob Tatum.

Taco Jay grew up in Saint Louis with his parents. During his early childhood, it was his mother who raised him. It was because his father, Justin, was pursuing his basketball career. Hence, when he was growing up, it wasn’t easy for his mother to combine work, schooling, and caring for the baby.

Jayson Tatum’s height made him built for basketball. Besides, his father was a basketball coach who trained him from infancy. Also, his godfather, Larry Hughes, gave him some direction during his career journey.

Jayson turnover played on his high school team before joining Duke University. And made his way as a power forward in the Celtic Boston NBA draft season. Where the athlete made history as the Eastern Conference player of the year.

Not only that, Jayson Tatum’s career stats show he has broken the records of Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant. At the same time, he now has a net worth of 25 million dollars. And endorsement deals with reputable brands. Now the boy from St. Louis stands as a legend on his team.

Thank you for reading about Jayson Tatum’s Biography. At Childhoodbio, we provide precise details of your favorite basketball players. Let us know from the comments if you note any incorrect information.

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