Maro Itoje Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Maro Itoje Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Maro Itoje Biography portrays Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Parents – Efe Itoje (Father), Florence Itoje (Mother), Brother (Jeremy), Sister (Isabel), Girlfriends/Wife, Personal Life and Net Worth.

Simply put, we present you with Maro Itoje History. Our Biography of him begins from his early days, to when he became famous.

To whet your autobiography appetite, here is his childhood to adult gallery — a perfect summary of Maro Itoje Bio.

The Lock's biography
Maro Itoje Biography. Behold his and Life story.

Yes, everyone knows that he has established himself as one of the leading rugby players in the northern hemisphere.

However, only a few sports lovers have read his concise biography, which is quite interesting. With further ado, let’s get on with his memoir.

Maro Itoje Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname ‘The Pearl’. However, his birth name is Oghenemaro Miles Itoje and can also be shortened to Maro Itoje.

The blindside flanker was born on the 28th day of October 1994 to his Nigerian father, Efe Itoje and mother, Florence Itoje, in Camden, North London.

The Rugby union player is the second child of three kids born of the union between his parents pictured below.

Maro Itoje parents
This is one of the best ways he spends his time with his mother, Florence Itoje and father, Efe Itoje.

As a little kid, the talented Lock showed a keen interest to take part in different sports.

It was a thing of joy for his family, who loved to watch their boy actively playing either football or basketball with his peers.

Early Life and Growing-Up Days:

Maro Itoje was raised alongside his older brother, Jeremy, and younger sister, Isabel. Together with his siblings, he had a blissful childhood experience.

We’ve come across a good number of his photos that reflect the happy moment he spent with his family.

There was no greater joy for the athlete than showing off his skills to those related to him by blood.

The picture below tells the story of our boy who enjoys spending time with his mother and big bro.

The rugby star growing up days
His cheerful nature is an extension of the joyful memories he had with his mother and brother.

Growing up with Jeremy, Itoje always wanted to test his skills against his brother’s.

Back then, he was good at shotput, rugby, football, basketball, and several other games.

As the days go by, the young prodigy had to select one game over the rest. But, knowing how difficult such a choice could be, Itoje continued to take part in all the aforementioned sports till he clocked 11.

Maro Itoje Family Background:

Before we proceed with his career journey, let’s tell you some facts about his household. Apparently, Itoje comes from a middle-class family background.

Like every other average citizen, his menage had just enough money to take care of their basic needs.

They were contented with their average lifestyle but strived so hard to see their children excel in the career of their dreams.

Maro Itoje Family Origin:

Despite being born in London, his ancestry is linked to the second-largest continent in the world. Itoje’s parents are Nigerians who belong to the southern ethnic group of the West African country.

Both he and his siblings grew up learning about their family heritage. Before he became a professional player, his mother often made traditional Nigerian dishes for him.

Maro Itoje ethnicity
Interestingly, his entire family dressed in their Nigerian native attire on one faithful day.

However, his sporting endeavors required him to cut down too much white rice and other oily food, which he did.

Judging by his surname, Oghenemaro (which means God is great), his family belongs to the Urhobo people in southern Nigeria.

Maro Itoje Family Origin
The map gives you an overview of his Nigerian Family Origin. Of course, his ancestors belong to the southern ethnic group of the African country.

What’s more?… The Urhobo people believe in man’s existence as a dual being. In a nutshell, man comprises a spiritual body (Erhi) and a physical body (Ugboma).

Maro Itoje Education:

When he came of age, his excited parents had him attend Salcombe Preparatory School. There he obtained his primary level education.

Afterwards, he advanced his academic pursuit by enrolling at the boarding section of St George’s School in Harpenden.

Itoje was an academically gifted kid with a keen interest in politics and poetry. At 11, Itoje was introduced to rugby, which he found fascinating.

The Lock's school
His days at St George recorded a series of high academic excellence.

At about that same period, his parents had him join Harpenden RFC, where he played between 2005 to 2011.

Of course, developing his skills wasn’t an easy job. However, Itoje put his heart into bringing out the best of his potential.

Maro Itoje Biography – Early Career Life:

It didn’t take too long before his extraordinary talent in rugby won him a scholarship to Harrow School in London. This feat was a source of joy to his family.

Maro Itoje high school career
His days at Harrow School saw him record a massive improvement in his technicality.

On the other hand, it became a motivation to the rising athlete who believed he could record more accomplishments in sports.

His diversity in different games allowed him to represent England in a shot put competition at the U-17 level.

Maro Itoje Early career life
Hitting the first official milestone as a teenager had a positive impact on his mindset. Yes, it stimulated his hunger for more accomplishment.

Between 2011 and 2012, Itoje made a few appearances for Old Albanian RFC, where he played as a lock and concluded his youth career.

Maro Itoje Biography – Road To Fame Story:

After high school, the Blindside Flanker was not convinced of what he had learned about his ancestry – Africa. Deep within him, he felt there were lots of rich historical facts that weren’t taught in school.

Hence, he embarked on a quest to unravel some facts about the black race and speak up against racism. While he attended the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, he also started his professional career in rugby.

The budding sportsman joined the Saracens in 2012, where he played his first career league game. At 19, he made his debut appearance for his team in the 2013-14 season.

Maro Itoje Bio – Success Story:

Do you know?… His potential was so extraordinary that he was made the captain of England’s U20 team in 2013. At 22, the Lock became the youngest player to be named in the 41-man squad for the British & Irish Lions as of early 2021.

Interestingly, the ensuing years of his career recorded a series of mind-blowing successes. As I write this Bio, Itoje has won 4 Premiership titles and 3 European Champions Cup with the Saracens.

The Rugby player awards
There is no greater joy for Itoje than finding himself in the midst of the winning team.

Even as you read this article, he has finally showcased some untold truths of black history via an art exhibition in 2021. We hope his voice for Africa will be loud enough to be heard around the world sooner than later.

Maro Itoje Girlfriend:

It is absolutely true that fans have been on the lookout for his relationship status as a celebrity. Of course, there are a good number of beautiful ladies who have fantasized about being his girlfriend over the years.

However, the talented player has kept his love life as a classified piece of information. Notwithstanding, supporters will not sit idle without digging up facts about his wag.

In 2018, Maro Itoje starred alongside Amelia Windsor (the granddaughter of the Duke of Kent and cousin of Prince Harry) on a sports luxe-themed Tatler shoot. The picture featured Amelia lying on the topless rugby star as you can see below.

Maro Itoje Girlfriend
The models are beautifully matched as couples. We hope the rumors are true.

Just after the magazine was published, rumors in the press started spreading that the pair had begun dating. As I write this Bio, Itoje has neither confirmed nor denied the assertion of the public media.

Maro Itoje Personal Life:

As an athlete who survives in a game of immense physical power and high-speed collisions, he is definitely not good at giving up.

Cut off from the pitch, Itoje can still survive on his eloquence to coin convincing words.

Yes, he is an outstanding thinker who jots down his philosophies through poetry. He’s got a great sense of adventure like Dak Prescott.

On one of Itoje’s visit to Dubai, he took a tour of the country’s desert rather than visiting its famous structures.

Maro Itoje personality
He did take his favourite bird to see the desert during his tour.

Another notable fact about his personality is his love for preparing delicious dishes. Perhaps you didn’t know that he is an excellent cook. 

Itoje Lifestyle Facts:

We are not surprised that the blindside flanker earns an enormous sum of money from sports. At the moment of compiling this Bio, Itoje pockets an annual salary of approximately £850,000.

This amount is huge enough to place his Net Worth at about £1 million as of 2021. Do you know?… An average UK national will have to work for 277 years to earn what Maro Itoje receives annually.

He’s got a penchant for exotic rides like Antoine Dupont. However, the former Lock is too shy to reveal enough facts about his house and cars.

All we know is that Itoje owns a Land Rover, which he has been using for quite some time now.

The Lock's car
He would always put on a smiling face knowing that he doesn’t have to worry about finance. Check out his beautiful ride.

Maro Itoje Family Facts:

It was pretty unnecessary to rely on a soothsayer to tell them if he would excel or not.

This is because Itoje got all the support he needed from his entire household while growing up. Hence, failure was never an option to begin with.

In this section, we shall disclose many intriguing realities about his family. Read on as we tell you more about his father, mother, siblings, and cousins.

About Maro Itoje’s Father:

History will never fail to recognize the man who raised the talented star amid racism. He is no other than Efe Itoje, the dad of our revered player.

Maro Itoje dad
He simply got his smile from his dad. Thanks to Mr Efe Itoje, the young star has acquired both academic and sporting excellence.

Maro’s father is a Nigerian who migrated to the UK long before his birth. Mr Efe was bent on seeing his little boy excel in academics.

Even when he allowed Itoje to delve into sports, he was ready to stop the former Lock from playing if his grades dropped. Thankfully, our boy was super brilliant. Hence, he met up with his father’s conditions.

About Maro Itoje’s Mother:

Of course, moms are the seat of consolation for their wounded sons. In a nutshell, Itoje often drives strength from the consoling words of his mother when the journey gets tough.

She bears the name Florence Itoje. As expected, The Pearl has maintained a close bond with his mom.

Maro Itoje mom
Maro Itoje’s mom (Florence Itoje) has thought him never to lose faith in his capabilities. The two seem to share a similar aim of achieving success.

Perhaps his keen interest in his African heritage is a product of the so many times he has sat under her tutelage.

The mom-son duo broke the internet on mother’s day (March 2020) with their sensational video clip captured below.

About Maro Itoje’s Siblings:

As we earlier stated, the English icon has two wonderful siblings whom he cherishes so much. Sadly, his older brother Jeremy suffered from weight issues right from childhood.

While studying conflict management at Loughborough University, Jeremy made efforts to work on his physique.

Maro Itoje brother
Can you sight the size difference between the siblings? You may even mistake Jeremy (L) as a more professional icon than Maro from the photo.

Aside from his brother, the Pearl has also made many exciting memories with his younger sister, Isabel. She is another cheerful character of the Itoje’s family.

About Maro Itoje’s Relatives:

From the look of things, his extended family comprises many other renowned athletes. First, one of his cousins is Beno Obano, who made his England debut in the 2021 Six Nations.

Funny enough, Itoje and Gloucester’s Ollie Thorley became cousins after Ollie’s grandfather remarried the Lock’s aunt. We do not have additional information about the rest of his relatives when we compiled this bio.

The Lock's relatives
Meet his cousins, Ollie Thorley (L) and Beno Obano (R). They are both talented sportsmen like him.

Maro Itoje Untold Facts:

To wrap up his biography, here are a few facts about the Pearl that would help you get a complete knowledge of his Life Story.

Maro Itoje is an Arsenal Fan:

As a rugby player, Itoje understands the euphoria of watch fans cheer on him while he puts in his best on the pitch. In the same vein, he has given his devout time and energy to supporting Arsenal.

Itoje has ensured he visited the Emirates Stadium as a sign of his undying love for the EPL club. The video below shows you his reaction when he got to the home ground of Arsenal.

Reason For His Nickname:

According to WalesOnline, Itoje was called ‘The Pearl’ because he plays for two teams that consider him as a precious gem and blessing.

We have seen him commit his entire energy to help his side win on many occasions. Indeed, his nickname is befitting of his exceptional and selfless attitude towards the team.

Maro Itoje Tattoos:

In a world where a higher percentage of athletes pay attention to body art, the England star has taken a different route. He is amongst the few celebrities that have inked no form of a tattoo on their body.

Biography Summary:

The table below reveals a concise piece of information about the Maro Itoje. It gives you the chance to skim through his profile as fast as possible.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Oghenemaro Miles Itoje
Nickname:The Pearl
Age: 27 years and 8 months
Place of Birth:Camden, North London
FatherEfe Itoje
Mother:Florence Itoje
Siblings:Jeremy (older brother)
,Isabel (younger sister)
Relatives:Ollie Thorley and Beno Obano
Girlfriend/Wife To Be:N/A
Net Worth:£1 million (2021 Stats)
Height:1.95 m (6 ft 5 in)
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One crucial factor that has kept Itoje on his successful pathway is his profound love for his heritage. For this very reason, he didn’t give up on his career, even when he had to deal with racism.

Thankfully, he is one of the few Afro-celebrity who spoke up against the unjust treatment of the black race. No doubt, Maro Itoje’s parents and siblings have played a crucial role in helping him see our world with a better light of fairness.

We would gladly say that the athlete would have to live a lonely life as his siblings have been part of his success journey. Indeed, his bio shows that the road to actualizing one’s dream isn’t always easy, but its results are palatable.

Thank you for reading this piece of our engaging memoir on Maro Itoje. Kindly tell us what you think about his skills in the comment section below.

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