Wentworth Miller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Wentworth Miller Biography Facts.
Wentworth Miller Biography Facts.

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We give you full coverage of Michael Scofield AKA Wentworth Miller Childhood Story, Biography, Family, Girlfriend / Wife /Gay Facts, Parents, Early Life, Lifestyle and Personal Life.

At ChildhoodBiography, we’ve ensured we provide you with a full analysis of many notable events right from Michael Scofield AKA Wentworth Miller’s youthful years to when he became famous with the TV Series “Prison Break“.

Yes, you and I all know him as that genius of a Structural Engineer, all thanks to his famous role as Michael Scofield in the TV Series- Prison Break.

However, only a few of his fans have considered reading Michael Scofield AKA Wentworth Miller’s biography, which we’ve prepared and it is quite impressive. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Wentworth Miller Childhood Story:

First off, Michael Scofield’s real names are Wentworth Miller Wentworth Earl Miller III. The British-American actor was born on the 2nd day of June 1972 to his mother, Joy Marie Palm-Miller, and father, Wentworth Earl Miller II in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England.

The Prison Break star was the first of three children born of the union between his parents. Wentworth Miller’s father is a Lawyer and teacher while his mother, Joy Marie Palm-Miller, was also a teacher at the time of his birth. Young Miller was more of a care-free child during his childhood days.

Miller was born at the time when his father was still studying at the University of Oxford. It was not too long after his birth that his family decided to move out of Oxfordshire to live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, in the USA.

Due to Wentworth Miller’s parents’ relocation, his childhood memories became built on the foundations of life spent in Brooklyn.

Wentworth Miller Family Background:

Earlier in this article, we mentioned that he is a “British-American”. This, by implication, means Wentworth Miller’s parents might have their family origin from both countries (UK and US).

The award-winning actor comes from a middle-class family background. As regards the family origin of the celebrated actor, it would interest you to know that Wentworth Miller has deep roots. In other words, Miller has got quite a complicated ethnicity owing to his different family origins.

According to EthniCelebs, Wentworth Miller family roots consist of 25% African-Jamaican, 25% African-American, 25% Rusyn, 12.5% Lebanese/Syrian, and 12% Curaçaoan. The last is a mixture of Dutch, French, Swedish, Hispanic, and remote Polish.

Narrowing down and making it a less complex family origin, Miller is said to hold a dual American and British citizenship. His father isn’t white but a bit dark in completion, and this is contrary to the image, many have imagined.

Did you know?… Wentworth Miller’s dad is half Africa-Jamaican and half African-American while his mother’s ancestry comprises of Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Syria, French, and Lebanese roots.

Wentworth Miller Childhood Story- Early Life with Acting:

Growing up in Brooklyn, young Miller made friends with other kids and consistently made out time to play, including acting drama with them. In no time, the young lad got inclined towards acting as he saw himself participated in different plays while in kindergarten.

Early on, participating in kids drama wasn’t that easy for the future Prison Break actor. Wentworth Miller’s early life in kids screenplays saw him finding it difficult to decide if his future was actually on it.

Thankfully, the continuous practice saw the youngster embracing his destiny, a time his stagecraft capabilities began to manifest.

Wentworth Miller Education and Career Build-Up:

In response to his childhood hobby with Drama, Wentworth Miller’s parents had him enrolled to study at Midwood High School located in Brooklyn.

While in school, the future Prison Break Actor joined “SING!” This is an annual student inter-school musical theatre competition created by Bella Tillis, a music teacher at Midwood, in 1947.

Owing to his love for music and Drama, Miller participated in several annual competitions organized by SING! to test his theatrical capabilities. Although there are no records whether he took the first position.

As time went on, the talented actor, due to family reasons, got transferred from Midwood High School to study at Quaker Valley High School, Pennsylvania. At Quaker Valley, Miller successfully completed his High School in the year 1990.

Wentworth Miller Biography- Early Career Life:

Following his graduation from High School, Miller had to decide on the best course to study, one that would help establish him in the world of drama.

After contemplating several options and finally seeking his parents’ approval, the future actor decided to study English Literature. He got enrolled at Princeton University where he graduated in the year 1995.

Studying English Literature at Princeton was not enough to expose Miller to experiencing the art of professional performance he so longed for. While in Uni, he began performing with Acappella group known as Princeton Tigertones, one which gave him much exposure.

Following graduation from Prinston, the actor quickly entered the US entertainment industry. Again, just a few months after grad, Wentworth Miller’s family relocated, this time to Los Angeles in 1995. An early career life was quite tricky for Miller at LA. Back then, he had a job as a lowly assistant in a production company.

Wentworth Miller Biography- Road to Fame Story:

In the quest to achieve fame and success, Miller had to overcome different obstacles as well as too many hurdles. He once remarked about his struggles saying;


The first chapter in his road to fame biography started when he began auditioning for different roles, a feat which landed him his first TV appearance on the 1998 horror TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Now checkout Wentworth Miller’s first movie.

Miller’s stagecraft was so good, a feat that gave him a rewarded as cast for a recurring role in the live Fox series – Time of your Life (1999-2000). Judging from his Wentworth Miller’s Time of Life movie, you’ll agree with me that it was only a matter of time before he would achieve global fame. Read on!

Wentworth Miller Biography- Rise to Fame Story:

Consistency and well-equipped theatricals landed Miller his first starring role in the ABC’s mini-series “Dinotopia” in the year 2002.

As the future global star continued to climb up the ladder of fame, he became cast for several minor roles in different movies until he hit the biggest jackpot, in the year 2005.

Miller was cast to play the role of Michael Scofield in Fox Network’s television drama Prison Break in the year 2005.

Back then, many movie fans hardly knew what structural engineers do. Miller made many fans understand the role of a structural engineer as he devised a grand plan of escaping a sophisticated prison.

Without a doubt, the Prison Break TV Series announced Miller’s exceptionality to the world. His performance in the show earned him a nomination for the Best Actor in the 2005 Golden Globe Award.

Fast forward to the time of putting up  Wentworth Miller’s Biography, the famous actor has been labelled as the most intelligent men seen on TV – and even more talented than Money Heist’s Professor- Alvaro Morte. He has also made an excellent appearance in several other films and video games. The rest, as they say, is history.

Wentworth Miller Love Life- Girlfriend, Wife, Children, Gay?

The curiosity of many fans about the relationship life facts of Miller has been alarming. In other to feed your inquisition about Miller’s love life, we’ll bring you answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the movie star.

Who is Wentworth Miller’s girlfriend?

First and foremost, his sexual orientations have raised the golden question of whether he has a girlfriend or not. Of course, Miller had a girlfriend in his earliest romantic relationship. He has dated Mariana Klaveno (2006 – 2007) and has been rumoured to have hooked up with Amie Bice (2007 – 2008).

Is Wentworth Miller Gay?

Regarding his sexuality, Miller was once suspected to be gay. He, however, denied the media’s report as well as his fans’ suspicions of his sexual orientation in 2007. During the Human Rights Campaign in August 2013, Miller openly admitted that he was gay. However, before his open admittance, he had dated Luke Macfarlane (2007 – 2008) and Kristoffer Cusick.

Does Wentworth Miller have any Children?

Miller’s romantic relationships with his girlfriend and boyfriends have so far not resulted in the birth of any children. Furthermore, he has not expressed his interest in fathering any child at the moment. Nonetheless, only time holds the secret as to whether the veteran celebrity will someday make up his mind to raise a kid of his own.

Wentworth Miller Family Life Facts:

In this section, we bring you an undeniable family life facts of our famous superstar – Miller. Below is comprehensive information about each member of Wentworth Miller parents and the rest of his family members.

About Wentworth Miller’s Mother:

Joy Marie Palm-Miller is Miller’s mom. She is a special education teacher and has made enormous sacrifices to ensure that her son gets all the motherly support they deserve in life. Her maternal advice to our famous Prison Break star has been a great motivation in his quest for greatness.

About Wentworth Miller’s Father:

Wentworth Earl Miller II is Miller’s dad. He is a lawyer as well as a teacher and has worked tirelessly to ensure that he supports his children in becoming successful in life. He was studying at the University of Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship at the time of Miller’s birth. MIller’s dad is black and has an African-American ethnicity.

About Wentworth Miller’s Siblings:

Did you know?… The Prison Break star has two younger sisters, namely; Leigh Miller and Gillian Miller. Although he does not have any brother, he has built a strong brotherhood with his closest friends. Since Miller seldom talks about his sisters, no information is known about his nieces and nephews.

About Wentworth Miller’s Relative:

Even though Miller talks less about his extended family, he sometimes spends quality time with them. He’s been seen enjoying a meal with his aunt, Mila Jasey, his cousins; Rhena Jasey and Jason Cox, as well as his sister; Leigh Miller. Unfortunately, his uncle, Chris, was one of his famous relatives missing in their reunion.

About Wentworth Miller’s Grandparents:

Wentworth Miller’s paternal grandfather was Wentworth Earl Miller, while his paternal grandmother was Pauline Pinkston. Also, his maternal grandparents were Frederick William Palm and Mildred Emiliya Hawaka.

Wentworth Miller Personal Life:

Outside his acting career, Miller is reserved and observant of the happenings around his environment. His persona is a blend of Gemini Zodiac sign. He sometimes goes for swimming to refreshen himself.

The veteran movie star is not fond of disclosing things that interest him. He has also failed to mention his most intriguing hobbies during interviews. However, he claims to be “deathly allergic” to cats – and that’s not all (even people). He explains:




Wentworth Miller Lifestyle:

Wentworth Miller has amassed enormous wealth as a successful Hollywood actor and screenwriter. He has an estimated net worth of $4 million. The origin of his wealth stems majorly from his acting career. His spending pattern depicts that he enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.

The Prison Break superstar has kept information about his luxurious house private. He owns a collection of luxurious cars. The most notable amongst his cars is his BMW M3, which is worth a whopping $66,500.

Wentworth Miller Untold Facts:

To wrap up our Wentworth Miller childhood story and biography, here are some lesser-known facts about him that will help you grasp a complete picture of his bio.

  • Facts #1: Eating Clubs:

The veteran actor was a member of two different eating clubs during his undergraduate studies at Princeton University. His reasons for joining the food clubs are best known to him. However, his membership is an indication that he loves food.

  • Facts #2: Is Wentworth Miller, a musician?

Miller is not much of a musician than he is in acting. Nonetheless, he has appeared in two of Mariah Carey’s music videos; It’s Like That and We Belong Together. Recall, we had mentioned earlier that Miller used to belong to an Acapella group when he was in the University. This fact proves that he is likely to be a good singer.

  • Fact #3: Wentworth Miller’s Tattoo:

During the filming of Prison Break, Miller had to ink several tattoos on his skin in other to perform his role effectively in the movie. But when it comes to a real-life decision, the veteran actor is tattoo-free and has no interest in the art of inking.

  • Fact #4: Wentworth Miller’s Religion:

The Prison Break actor has a Jewish ancestry but has not, in any case, declared himself as being Jew. Truth is, it appears Wentworth Miller’s parents had taught him to accept the non-religious way of life. In summary, Miller who is non-religious and only talks about his faith in the context of his profession.

  • Fact #5: Wentworth Miller’s Depression:

Miller took to his Facebook page in 2016 to disclose that he had struggled with depression since his childhood. He remarked that the struggle has cost him thousands of sleepless nights, money, resources, and relationships.

The British-American actor even contemplated suicide at some point in his life and finally resorted to finding comfort in food to get his mind off the depression.

Wentworth Miller Wiki:

Miller’s wiki knowledgebase helps you find information about him concisely and efficiently. Find below;

Wiki InquiryAnswers
Full Name:Wentworth Earl Miller III
NickName:Wentworth Miller
Born:2nd June 1972
Father:Wentworth Earl Miller II
Mother:Joy Marie Palm-Miller
Siblings:Leigh and Gillian Miller (Younger sisters)
OccupationActor and Screenwriter
Height1.85 m (6 feet and 1 inch)
Weight77 kg (170 Ibs)
Net Worth$4 Million


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