Alvaro Morte Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Alvaro Morte Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

The Biography of Alvaro Morte portray Facts on his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Wife, Children, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

We present you a full analysis of all notable events starting from his youthful days (see below) to when he became Popular.

The Early Life and Rise of the Money Heist Professor AKA Alvaro Morte.
The Early Life and Rise of the Money Heist Professor AKA Alvaro Morte.

Yes, you and I know he is the mastermind that Netflix’s Hit Film – Money Heist AKA Lacasa De Papel.

However, only a few fans have considered reading The Professor AKA Alvaro Morte’s Biography, which is quite impressive. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Alvaro Morte Childhood Story:

For starters, the Money Heist’s Professor’s real name is Alvaro Antonio García Morte. The Spanish actor, producer, and director was born on the 23rd day of February 1975 to Spanish parents, in the city of Algeciras, Southern Spain.

Little Alvaro enjoyed some beautiful early days as he grew up to love and be loved. As observed below, both his mum and dad surely knew the secret of raising a happy child.

Little and handsome Alvaro smiles at the camera. He was such a joyful kid.
Little and handsome Alvaro smiles at the camera. He was such a joyful kid.

The little Spaniard grew up having the excellent knowledge that his city (Algeciras) is the ultimate gateway between Europe and Africa.

According to an online source, a distance of 583 km separates where Alvaro Morte grew up and Africa, precisely Morocco.

A more in-depth picture to where The Money Heist Professor grew up. 📷: google map

Alvaro Morte Family Origin and Background:

Since watching Netflix’s Money Heist Series, you’ve probably asked about The Professor’s country of origin.

Judging from his place of birth, Alvaro Morte’s family have their background from the Andalusia region, in Peninsular Spain. This part of Spain, unlike provinces like Catalonia, Valencia and Galicia speaks the official Spanish language.

The Spaniard (pictured below) grew up in what is most likely to be a middle-class family background. Early on, both of Alvaro Morte’s parents settled in Algeciras, the port city located in the south of Spain.

Alvaro Morte grew up in Algeciras, the Spanish Port City. His parents might have worked with the city’s Port. 📷: Safety4Sea

According to research about this beautiful port city, it appears most of its citizens do have gainful employment with the Port. Hence, Alvaro Morte’s mum and dad, who were middle-income earners, might also have their jobs connected with the Port.

Alvaro Morte Education:

The Money Heist Professor has been an intelligent kid since his childhood days. He was more of an adventuresome kid, one who exhibited lots of Theatrical behaviours.

Seeing these traits, Alvaro Morte’s parents decided to enrol their child at the Córdoba School of Dramatic Art.

High School Days:

Alvaro Morte continued his high school education at Córdoba, a city in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. Having made up his mind about acting, the Spaniard went on to attended the ECAM, a Madrid Film School.

To the joy of Alvaro Morte’s family members, the future actor didn’t just bag successful graduation, but a university scholarship as well.

Alvaro Morte’s Education- The Spaniard attended the School of Dramatic Art at Cordoba, Spain. 📷: ESAD Cordoba.

University Education:

After his high school graduation, the future Money Heist mastermind got a scholarship to attend the University of Tampere.

Pictured below, this is a public university located in Tampere, Finland. While at the University, the Spaniard specialized in interpretation techniques and stage management. He was first a student, then later became a researcher.

Alvaro Morte was first a student and later became a researcher at Tampere University, Finland.
Alvaro Morte was first a student and later became a researcher at Tampere University, Finland.

Alvaro Morte’s Early Years with Acting:

First and foremost, the Protagonist began the journey to becoming a successful actor by playing supporting roles in several Spanish local television series.

Alvaro Morte’s first film is “Los niños del jardí.” and his first-ever TV Series “Hospital Central.” Comparing his early movies, “Planta 25” became the first fan’s favourite. Now here is a video of the 2007 series by DaniyoPlay.

As of the year 2007, everything seems well for the Spanish actor. Just as Alvaro thought things were going on smoothly, little did he know some health difficulties were coming his way.

Alvaro Morte Biography – When he suffered Tumour:

Alvaro’s path to becoming successful wasn’t easy. Did you know?… the actor endured some difficult years, especially at the time he suffered a malignant tumor on his right leg, sometime in 2011. Speaking about his health challenges, Morte once said;

At first I thought I was going to die, that my leg would be cut off, but nothing happened. However, In that painful situation, I had wished to die calmly.

Post Health Challenges- Activities after Surviving Cancer:

Alvaro Morte returned to acting after he made a miraculous recovery. He welcomed his recovery with the 2012 Spanish Television series titled “Bandolera”.

The Spaniard returned to acting after his health recovery with his first TV Series, Bandolera. 📷: mizona TV

Alvaro Morte Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

The mastermind of the Money Heist series was patient enough to wait for the opportunity to hit global stardom. Having acted around six short films and 5 TV series since 2002, that moment he waited for finally came.

Alvaro’s success story began when Álex Pina (Money Heist Series future director) signed him to play a role in a crime drama television series. Yes, nearly everyone one, including you admired Season 1. However, Season 4 whose Trailer video is seen below, became a BOMBSHELL!.

At the time of writing the Biography of Money Heist Professor – Álvaro Morte, the actor has, without a doubt, achieved substantial international success after playing the role of Sergio “El Profesor” in the Spanish TV Series- Money Heist.

Thanks to that Series, the acclaimed actor since 2019 has won some big awards and fans have now begun searching for more of Alvaro Morte’s other movies. The rest, as they say, is history.

About Alvaro Morte’s Wife- Blanca Clemente:

Since after watching the Money Heist Series, you must have asked yourself;

Is the Money Heist Professor Married? or Does he have a Girlfriend?

To tell the truth, the charming actor, who has been compared severally to Michael Scoffield AKA Wentworth Miller is already taken.

Alvaro Morte, at the time of writing, is happily married to Blanca Clemente. Check out a lovely photo of the Money Heist Professor’s real wife.

Meet Alvaro Morte’s Wife- Blanca Clemente. 📷: gossipfanpage

The Professor’s real wife, Blanca Clemente, just like her husband, was also born in the mid-seventies. Blanca is multi-talented. She is a stylist, an actress and producer who specializes in Classic acting.

Alvaro Morte is lucky to have married Blanca, who shares the same vision and passion as he does. She is a selfless person who does nothing more than supporting her husband’s ideas even though it means putting hers on hold.

At the same time of putting up Alvaro Morte’s Biography, both husband and wife are co-founders of a Theatre arts company called The 300 Pistols. From the couple’s recent snaps, it appears they enjoy a good relationship, one that is blessed with kids.

Alvaro Morte and Wife, Blanca Clemente shares a common bond. 📷: pinkvilla

Alvaro Morte’s Children:

The marriage between the Spaniard and his wife, Blanca Clemente, is blessed with children. Alvaro Morte’s wife is the mother of a non-identical twin- a boy named Leon and a girl who is named Julieta.

As observed below, the Money Heist Professor’s children can never stop getting fond of their daddy who loves to spend quality time with them.

Alvaro Morte is posing with his Twin, Leon and Julieta with their faces censored with an Emoji.
Alvaro Morte is posing with his Twin, Leon and Julieta with their faces censored with an Emoji.

Judging from the photo of Alvaro Morte’s children below, you must have asked why their faces are covered. The Spanish actor loves it that way, meaning zero public exposure for his son and daughter.

Alvaro Morte Personal Life:

After watching the Money Heist, I bet, you might want to know more about the Professor’s personal life. Away from the character he possessed in the TV Series, Alvaro is someone who also possesses intelligence in real life.

Alvaro Morte is bilingual (speaks English and mother language- Spanish). He is also a giver and very friendly person who has lots of empathy and expressed emotional capacity. The actor has a close relationship with nearly all of his fellow Money Heist co-actors.

Alvaro Morte's Personal Life- The Spanish actor is almost as intelligent as he is in real life.
Alvaro Morte’s Personal Life- The Spanish actor is almost as intelligent as he is in real life.

Alvaro Morte’s Hobbies:

Apart from acting, the Money Heist Professor is attached to music as he loves to play the guitar alongside his son, Leon, and daughter, Julieta in attendance. Just like his dad, Leon Morte is also passionate about music.

One of Alvaro Morte's Hobbies is playing the Guitar alongside his son, Leon & daughter, Julieta in attendance.
One of Alvaro Morte’s Hobbies is playing the Guitar alongside his son, Leon & daughter, Julieta in attendance.

Alvaro Morte Lifestyle:

Alvaro is a very typical Pisces who doesn’t give money too much thought. The Spaniard prefers spending his earnings taking tours on beautiful riversides places. A peek into his Instagram reveals more information about his extremely humble lifestyle.

Alvaro Morte Lifestyle: He doesn't give monies too much thought, and he loves river side vacations.
Alvaro Morte Lifestyle: He doesn’t give monies too much thought, and he loves river side vacations.

Alvaro Morte’s Net worth:

With all his hard work and dedication to work, the Protagonist called “El Professor” is estimated to have a net worth of more than $2 million as of May 2020.

The primary source of Alvaro Morte’s wealth originates from his acting career and well as his endorsement for brands likes of Audi España and Dsquared2.

Alvaro Morte Family Life:

The road to stardom wouldn’t have been as so edible as it has become without the help of family members who have stood by him, especially during those bitter years with health issues.

In this section, we’ll bring you more information about Alvaro Morte’s parents as well as his family members.

About Alvaro Morte’s Father and Mother:

Peharbs you already know. One of the best traits of Alvaro is the ability to maintain a private life. The truth is, Alvaro has transcended this privacy into real life, making it affect his household except for his wife. Information about Alvaro Morte’s parents is presently private.

About Alvaro Morte Siblings and Relative:

Just like his parents, the Spanish actor has also ensured information about his siblings remains in the private domain. Hence, every family member, except Blanca Clemente, have all made conscious efforts of not revealing their identities.

Alvaro Morte Facts OR… Facts about the Money Heist Professor:

To wrap up our Alvaro Morte’s Biography. Here are lesser-known facts about the Spanish actor.

Facts #1 – His Social Media Account Grew out of Proportion After Money Heist

Alvaro Morte wasn’t that popular before the money Heist Series. However, just after masterminding it, his Instagram account blew out of proportion. As at May 2020, Alvaro has 10.6 million IG followers and a Twitter account of 410k respectively.

The Netflix Money Heist star has a huge social media fan base.

Facts #2 – About his Theatre Company:

Alvaro, together with his wife Blanca in the year 2012, formed a Theatre company named 300 pistolas which means 300 pistols in English. This movie organization has the sole purpose of making the world rediscover Classical Movies, also, for the propose of giving back to society.

The Spaniard with his wife, Blanca co-founded Theatre Company- 300 Pistolas.
The Spaniard with his wife, Blanca co-founded Theatre Company- 300 Pistolas.

Facts #3 – He is a Professor in Real Life:

According to rumors, Alvaro Morte is an assistant professor who does lectures, maybe part-time, at Tampere University, Finland. There are reports he teaches Stage Management and Literature at the Finnish University.

Facts #4 –  Alvaro Morte’s Tattoos is only for Fans:

The Money Heist protagonist is tattoo-free. However, there is an increasing number of Money Hist fans who prefer to have Alvaro’s image tattooed on their bodies. Here is one above someone’s right knee.

The Spanish actor Photo Tattooed on a fan tie.
The Spanish actor Photo Tattooed on a fan tie.


Thanks for reading our story about the Money Heist Professor. Our editors looked out for accuracy and fairness in writing the content on Alvaro Morte Biography and Youth Story.

Kindly contact us if you see something that you feel doesn’t look right in this article about Alvaro. Otherwise, tell us what you think about the Money Heist star. For example, is the Professor more intelligent than Michael Scoffield AKA Wentworth Miller?

Wiki InquiresAnswers
Full NameAlvaro Antonio García Morte
NicknameEl Professor
Birthday23rd of February 1975
WifeBlanca Clemente
ChildrenTwins (Leon and Julieta)
EducationCórdoba School of Dramatic Art. (Early Education) and University of Tampere, Finland (Tertiary Education).
Net worth $2 million
Height6ft 0In , 183 cm
Weight75 kg, 165 lbs
OccupationActor, Producer and Film Director

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