Sia Furler Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Sia Furler Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Sia Furler Biography describes details about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents- Father (Phil Colson), Mother (Leone Furler), Ex-Boyfriend (JD Samson), ex-husband (Erik Anders Lang), etc.

Moreso, our account gives facts about Sia Furler’s Relatives, Personal Life, Lifestyle, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Salary, Religion, etc.

In a nutshell, this article discloses the History of Sia Furler. This is the record of the little girl from Australia whose singing talent put her on the world map. The tale of the pop singer who developed anxiety as she got famous.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Sia Furler’s Biography, we present a gallery of her Early Life and Rise. Behold the Australian singer and songwriter from her Childhood years till her fame.

Behold Sia Kate Isobel Furler's Biography- From Early Childhood to Fame.
Behold Sia Kate Isobel Furler’s Biography- From Early Childhood to Fame.

Everyone knows Sia as a pop star artist with a powerful voice. What’s more? The Aussie is a six times winner of the Aria music awards. And Furler is famous for writing lyrics for artists like Celine Dion, Shakira, Rihanna, etc.

Despite the recognition, only a few people have read the concise version of Sia Furler’s Career Life. Therefore, sit back and enjoy the celebrated starlet’s life. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Sia Furler Childhood Story:

To begin with, she bears the nickname SIA. Sia Kate Isobel Furler was born on the 18th of December 1975 to her father, Phil Colson, and her mother, Loene Furler. Moreso, she is a native of Australia.

The singer is the only child in the relationship of her parents. This means that she has no brother or sister. Here is the image of her mother and father from whom she got her singing talent.

Meet Sia Furler's Parents- her Father (Phil Colson) and her Mother (Leone Furler).
Meet Sia Furler’s Parents- her Father (Phil Colson) and her Mother (Leone Furler).

Growing Up:

Sia Furler grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. she is her parents’ only daughter and child. And that is because her mother, Leone Furler, and her father, Phil, were never married. Here is the Childhood photo of the songwriter.

Behold Sia Furler as a kid.
Behold Sia Furler as a kid.

As an only child, it means that Sia has no siblings. Neither is there any record that she has half brothers or sisters. Maybe neither one of her parents remarried and gave birth to children. That means she grew up lonely and had a lot of privacy, with only music to occupy her time.

The future singer was a quiet child. Sia preferred indoors with musical instruments and her pets. The only time she had an outdoor activity was to play around with animals in the compound or play with her mother and father.

Early Life:

Kate Isobelle Furler got her singing talent from her father, who was a musician. Phil Colson was a song artist who was never at home. And her mum, Leone Furler, was an art lecturer. So from an early age, the young girl started playing the guitar and piano.

The Childhood Photo of Sia Furler Playing her Guitar and Piano.
The Childhood Photo of Sia Furler Playing her Guitar and Piano.

Sia’s dad was usually absent. So the few times he was at home, he taught his daughter some of his music. And so the little girl developed her musical line. First, from listening to different songs on the radio. Before choosing to become a vocalist for a local band in Australia.

Maybe if Sia had a sibling, they would have made a musical duo like Chloe and Halle Bailey. But as the only child, the Australian who had busy parents when growing up made use of her ample time. However, we will soon find out that her purpose in making music was her passion, not fame.

Sia Furler Family Background:

Did Sia come from a wealthy home? First, let’s see what her parents do for a living. Phil Coulson was a guitarist and a musician. And he was close friends with members of the INXS band. But the songwriter’s dad was not making so much money.

While her mum Leonie Paula was a teacher of arts in a college. However, both parents were not married, so they were not staying together. So the little money mum made from her teaching sustained her to adulthood.

So in a word, Sia Furler did not come from a rich home. As a matter of fact, Kate took some jobs when she was 17 years old. She was working in a bar before her musical career started.

Sia Furler Family Origin:

The singer’s birthplace is in Adelaide, South Australia. This means that Sia Furler’s Nationality is Australian. Here is the map that shows her hometown in the photo.

Behold Sia Furler's Nationality is Australia as the Map Shows.
Behold Sia Furler’s Nationality is Australia as the Map Shows.

What are some fun details of Sia’s hometown? Australia is in Oceana between the South Ocean and the Indian Ocean. And it ranks number 6 as one of the largest countries in the world. Some famous people from Australia are Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, Chris Hemsworth, and Heath Ledger.

Sia Furler’s Ethnicity:

The songwriter is of Irish, Welsh, and Scottish descent. And more so, Sia’s grey eye color and blonde hair show that she comes from a White or European ethnicity.

Sia Furler Education:

Leone Furler (Sia’s mom) enrolled her in the North Adelaide Primary School. It is one of the oldest learning institutes in South Australia. See the building in the photo here.

North Adelaide Primary School is the High that Sia Attended.
North Adelaide Primary School is the High that Sia Attended.

In school, Sia Kate Furler joined the drama club. And since entertaining was her calling, she was in so many shows and played during her high school days. Here is the little girl on stage.

Behold Sia Furler as a Kid During a Performance at School.
Behold Sia Furler as a Kid During a Performance at School.

After her primary and secondary levels, the future singer went for lessons at Olivet Nazarene University. And after five years, she graduated in 1994. Before choosing to embark on her career.

Career Buildup:

After her education, Furler had to choose to work as a waitress in a bar. That was the easiest way she could earn a living to care for herself and her mother, Leone Furler. And that was in the year 1997, and she joined the Crisp jazz band.

Right from early childhood, Sia was meant to be a singer and performer. And apart from singing, she could role-playing. That is acting as a different person at the same time. Moreso, Phil Colson, her father, handed down the talent to her.

Sia Furler Biography- Career Story:

As the lead vocalist with the crisp band, she produced some albums like word and the deal 1996. But in 1997, the group was dissolved, and Sia Furler went solo. She released her first debut album, “only see,” in Australia. Which had a total sales of 1200 copies.

Sia Furler Songs on her First Album- Only See.
Sia Furler Songs on her First Album- Only See.

After the disbandment, Sia Kate relocated to London. And there, she performed as a background vocalist for several groups. In 2000 the Australian girl signed a contract with the Sony Music label. And her first single, “taken for granted,” became number one on the UK charts. Also, the following year, she put out another album, “healing is difficult.”

After her third studio album in 2004, Fuller moved to New York To further expand her music industry. In 2008, her 4th album, “some people have real problems,” got the gold medal from the Australian recording industry. And also placed number 26 on the US Billboard 200. It was her first chart in the United States of America.

In 2009 Furler had a live concert at New York Jairo Ballroom, and she won the best music DVD category. Moreso, Sia was nominated for the best breakthrough artist album. The following year in June 2010, the vocalist’s fifth album got a gold certification. Besides two awards for the best independent and best pop release.

Behold the Excited Sia as she Holds her Independent Artist Award.
Behold the Excited Sia as she Holds her Independent Artist Award.

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler’s songs are a fusion of jazz, rock, and indie pop. The vocalist from childhood had always loved listening to jazz music. And most of the artists she drew creativity from were Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and Sting. The singer put together all genres of music into one perfect harmony with her unique raspy voice.

Sia Furler Bio – Road to Fame:

The Australian lyricist has always wanted to make good music for people to hear. Sia did not go into singing because of fame or to be recognizable. And it brought a huge challenge for her because as more people learned about her, the media started hunting her.

From the paparazzi, who were always in her face, to the fans who always wanted her autograph. Kate Isabelle did not feel comfortable about it. It was because of this reason she stopped music for some period. To focus on becoming a songwriter for stars like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Christina Aguilera.

A person’s life can change overnight with all the fame it brings. This is not the life she wanted for herself. After the song Titanium, she devised a means by using a big wig to cover her face while performing.

The Singer Sia Kate Isobelle Furler uses the Wig to Cover her Face.
The Singer Sia Kate Isobelle Furler uses the Wig to Cover her Face.

Apart from the media frenzy, Sia also had bipolar disorder. Besides that, she was struggling with drug addiction. All these puts together led her to almost commit suicide in 2010. And let’s not forget the death of her then-boyfriend that led to the album “some people have real problems.”

Sia Furler Biography- Rise to Fame Story:

Continuing further in her story, the performer released the song One Million Bullets and Bird Set Free. Including cheap thrills with Sean Paul, which reached N0. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Moreso, it had over 1. 4 billion views on the videos.

In June 2016, Sia went on tours in eight countries, including Russia, Lebanon, and Israel. And in September, her single “The Greatest” with Kendrick Lamar had over 9 billion views on her YouTube channel with 17 million users. Also, in 2017, Kate Furler had 3 Grammy nominations.

And her most iconic song was with Labrinth, releasing an Ep called the Mountains. Besides, Sia was given the award of excellence from the Hollywood Documentary Awards. See her the image here.

The Hollywood Documentary Awards for Sia Furler's Awards.
The Hollywood Documentary Awards for Sia Furler’s Awards.

Does Sia have a grammy? Sadly, despite her chart-breaking songs, the songwriter has gotten over nine nominations but no award yet. She joins the list of artists like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry to be without a grammy.

Apart from singing, the Australian lyricist had also ventured into making movies. Some of her films include “My Little Pony” and “Music,” featuring Ziegler and Kate Hudson. Which gave her the trophy as the Golden Raspberry Award for the worst director.

Behold the Golden Raspberry Award for the worst director for the Singer Sia.
Behold the Golden Raspberry Award for the worst director for the Singer Sia.

The little girl from Adelaide, Australia, is one of the world’s leading female artists. Sia Furler has used her voice to make iconic songs for generations. And the rest is history, they said.

Is Sia Furler Married?- Enquiries on her Husband and Children:

Following the singer’s private life, fans are curious and asking, does Sia have a husband? In answer to that question, the songwriter has a married life. But before then, we’ll look at her relationship before her husband.

The first man who took the heart of Sia was the late Daniel Pontifex. Dan was a server in Kensington Palace Restaurant and a citizen of Adelaide, Australia. And he was the one that made the singer relocate to London.

In a bid to reunite with her boyfriend, Kate received the news that Dan had died in a motor accident. Sia was 21, while Pontifex was only 24 at his death. This made the cheap thrills musician go into drug abuse and alcohol for six years. Moreso, losing her lover made her pen the album “Healing is difficult.”

Sia’s Relationship with Jocelyn Samson:

JD Samson’s birthdate is on the 4th of August 1978 in Pepper Pike, Ohio. She is an alumnus of Sarah Lawrence College and has a degree in film. And Jocelyn is a lesbian after coming out at age 15.

Meet JD Samson, the ex-boyfriend of Sia
Meet JD Samson, the ex-boyfriend of Sia

Samson is now an American singer, Dj, and Le Tigre and Men member. Sia and JD started dating in 2008. And the relationship lasted well over three years before it ended in 2011. Here is the photo of the couple.

According to statements by Sia, they both wanted to adopt children. However, it ended sooner, and they did not make the arrangements. But then, their friendship was cherished by the females.

Sia kate Isobelle Furler’s husband:

Erik Anders Lang was born on the 3rd of February, 1981. The American is a filmmaker and an expert photographer. Besides, he also has his company, Pictures -Pictures, founded in 2016.

Behold Sia Kate Furler Isobelle's Husband, Erik Anders.
Behold Sia Kate Furler Isobelle’s Husband, Erik Anders.

Sia Furler and her husband tied the knot in her home in Palm Springs in 2014. However, the marriage only survived for two years. As of December 2016, the Aussie and Erik announced their divorce.

While writing Sia Furler’s Bio, she was unmarried and single. But the grammy -nominated singer has revealed she could find love anywhere. Whether in a female or the male gender, as Kate focuses on the person, not their skin colour or shape.

Does Sia have kids?

The Titanium songwriter did not have any kids in her marriage with Erik. However, Sia adopted two teenage boys at the age of 18 years old. But, because of the singer’s private life, there are no photos of Sia’s kids.

Sia Grandmother:

According to mail online, the Chandelier lyricist reveals she is a grandmother at 44. And that was because one of her younger sons had two children. Maybe, when she shares their photos with the world, we will see the faces of her grandkids.

Sia Furler Personal Life:

What does the cheap thrills singer do when she isn’t making a good melody? No doubt Sia is a very private person, but we have gotten a list of some activities she engages in when she’s free.

What else does Phil Colson’s daughter do? The Sagara to zodiac sign singer also goes on vacation. After all, her hard work in music should deserve a rest or time for herself. Here are the photos showing Sia on the beach.

Behold the Singer on one of her Vacations on the Beach.
Behold the Singer on one of her Vacations on the Beach.

Kate Furler has been a strong advocate for animals. And Sia has always taken part in protests on a large scale, pet breeding. In 2013, at the Beagle Freedom Project gala, the Aria award lyricists performed the song “I’m in here and free the animal.” In addition, she also was a narrator for the animal rights documentary Dominion.

Sia Furler Lifestyle:

It is not news that the grammy nominator songwriter lives a very anonymous lifestyle. And Sia Kate Isobelle Furler’s songs have brought a lot of fortune for her. Nonetheless, how does she spend her money?

The Aussie lives in her Toluca Lake mansion with her adopted sons in Los Angeles. And has spent a lot of cash getting the items to decorate the apartment. However, let us look at the image showing Sia’s house.

Behold Sia Furler's House in Los Angeles, United States of America, worth over $5 million.
Behold Sia Furler’s House in Los Angeles, United States of America, worth over $5 million.

The building stands on 1.3 acres of land and is a five-bedroom condo with a guest home. The floorboards cost a whopping 1. 2 million dollars. In addition to the chandelier hanging beautifully from the ceiling. And this brings Sia’s house to a worth of $5 million.

Sia Furler’s Net Worth:

The Australian pop singer’s source of income is her voice. And Sia’s discography is massive for the past 25 years of singing. Besides, she has gathered both fame and successful mainstream albums.

And let’s not forget that the Aussie has an active YouTube channel with over 17 million subscribers. In addition, her songwriting skills fetch a side income for Kate. Thus, Sia Furler’s net worth in 2022 is $30 million.

Sia Furler Family Life:

The Australian songwriter Sia has made history for herself. And the singer is not relenting in making good music. However, in this section, we will learn about her family. We begin from the head of the Furler’s home.

About Sia Furler’s Dad:

Phil Colson is the father of the singer. Moreover, he is a musician and part of a band like Rum Jungle. It is from her dad that Sia got her singing and songwriting skills. Here is his photo below.

Meet Sia Furler's dad, Phil Colson.
Meet Sia Furler’s dad, Phil Colson.

Despite his great musical skill, Sia Furler’s father was not a good example of a parent. And according to the Aussie, Phil had a personality disorder. This must have hindered him from adequately fulfilling his duties to his only daughter.

Besides, it was one of the many reasons Sia uses her mother’s name, Furler, instead of Colson. Nonetheless, we are sure that if Phil were given a second chance, the former singer would try not to repeat his mistakes. In all, it was because of Kate Isobel’s dad that the talented songwriter came to life.

About Sia Furler’s Mother:

Leone Furler is the mother of the Adelaide singer. In addition, she is an art teacher and was partly into music. Sia’s mom was her backbone and the one who helped her through her journey in her career. Here is a photo of Mrs Leone.

Behold Leone Furler, Sia's Mother.
Behold Leone Furler, Sia’s Mother.

Even though Phil Coulson left her, she never stopped training her child. And just like the mainly Hollywood single mothers, Leone Furler is an excellent example for many. And today, whenever her daughter is not available to take up awards, she sends her mother to represent her.

Sia Furler’s Siblings:

The Aria award winner doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. The singer grew up alone with no siblings to keep her company. Sia joins the list of stars like Drew Barrymore and the Weeknd to be the only child in their families.

Sia Furler Untold Facts:

The award-winning singer has made headlines by breaking musical charts severally. And from the above details in Sia Furler’s Bio, we see her life is very private. But, what other fact is there to know about the pop musician? Keep reading.

Does Sia speak Spanish?

The lyricist uses English as her first language. She also uses ASL (American Sign Language) because she loves facial expressions and hand movements. Thus, Sia does not speak Spanish like singers Drake, Cardi B, and Justin Bieber. But in one of her songs with Enzo, she used Spanish.

Does Sia Write her Songs?

The elaborate wig singer writes in a way that is meant for any artist. That means that her writing style is unique to the musician’s style. The Australian writes songs for others like Shakira, Kelly Rowland, and Britney spears. But how does she write when she doesn’t produce?

In one interview, Kate Furler mentions her working process. First, she begins with the melody, and the lyrics follow next. Sia writes her songs from her home and chooses a beat from her collections. And finally, she sends them to the studio for proper mixing and little editing.

Does Sia have a sister?

The Chandelier musician is the only daughter and child of her dad, Phil Colson, and her mum, Leone Furler. And they both separated when Sia was only ten years with no brother or sister. But there is no record of either of her parents remarrying. As the singer grew up with her mom, that was the reason she used her last name, “Furler.”

Sia What Does it Mean?

The name Sia means Victory and the one who brings joy. And it has a Norse origin. Besides, it is a Unisex name and can be used by both the male and female gender and in Danish and Norwegian-speaking countries.

How old is Sia Kate Isobelle Furler?

The songwriter was born on the 18th day of December 1975. From that date of birth to 2022, at the period of writing Sia Furler’s Biography, she is 46 years of age. The award-winning musician shares the same age as Rick Ross, Tiger Woods, and Dj Khaled.

Are Sia and Maddie still friends?

Maddie Ziegler has been a long-time muse of the Australian pop star. And Sia uses her as the spotlight to illustrate most of her words in her music. The child dancer got a car as a birthday gift from the Chandelier artist.

Singer Sia Buys a Car for Maddie on her 16th birthday.
Singer Sia Buys a Car for Maddie on her 16th birthday.

But, in the movie “Music” that Sia directed, she used her muse as an autistic character. And the media was on fire towards that action. Most people believed that she could have used a person who had autism. Instead of the perfectly healthy little girl. And others thought Kate Furler was obsessed with Maddie, always using her for any project.

Sia Furler’s Religion:

The Australian pop singer believes in a higher power. And it is not defined or in line with traditional beliefs. But Sia calls God whatever dude. It is the same belief as that Cate Blanchett, who doesn’t know if a supreme is in the heavens.

Sia Furler’s Tattoo:

Sia Furler's Tattoo is the Word on the back of her Palm, "Whatever Dude"
Sia Furler’s Tattoo is the Word on the back of her Palm, “Whatever Dude”

The mother of two boys has joined stars like Johnny Depp, Olivia Rodrigo, and Billie Eilish to draw a tattoo on her hand. And guess what the words are? It’s “Whatever dude.” Concerning her religious views, the female artist has engraved them on her body.

Biography Summary:

The life story of the songwriter has been an interesting read. However, this table gives facts about Sia Furler’s Biography at a glance.

Full Name:Sia Kate Isobel Furler
Stage Name:Sia
Date of Birth:18th of December 1975
Age:(48 years and 3 months)
Mother:Loene Furler
Father:Phil Colson
Children:2 adopted sons
Education:North Adelaide Primary School.
Place of Birth:Adelaide, Australian
Awards:Mtv Awards

Aria Awards
Profession:Australian Pop Singer
Ethnicity:European Ethnicity
Husband:Erik Anders Lang (m- 2008- 2011)
Ex Boyfriends:Jocelyn Samson

Daniel Pontifex
Net Worth:$30 million
Zodiac Sign:Saggaritus
Place of Residence:Los Angeles
Weight:62 kg
Height:5 ft 5 inches
Eye Colour:Grey colour
Hair Colour:Blonde

End Note:

Sia Kate Isobel Furler was born on the 18th of December 1975 to her father, Phil Colson, and her mother, Loene Furler. Moreso, the songwriter, is a native of Adelaide in Australia.

The Aussie is the only child in the Marriage of her parents. As she has no siblings- no brother or sister. Sia Furler grew up with her parents- Phil Colson, a musician, and Leone Furler, an art teacher.

The Aria awards singer is an alumnus of the North Adelaide Primary School. And Kate Isobel started her career officially when she was 17 years old. With her incredible talent, Sia Furler’s net worth is $30 million.

Sia Furler was dating JD Samson. However, the relationship lasted for a few years before they went apart. The Aussie got married to Erik Anders Lang in 2014. But in December 2016, they got divorced.

Despite her single status, the chandelier artist adopted two young boys. Moreso, currently, the Aria awards songwriter is a grandmother. Besides, the Aussie lives a quiet life off the internet.

Thank you for reading about Sia Furler’s Biography. At Childhoodbio, we make it our priority to bring you facts about your favourite Singers. If you note anything info that is not correct, let us know via comments.

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