Ruby Rose Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Ruby Rose Childhood Biography Story
Ruby Rose Childhood Biography Story

Our Ruby Rose Biography provides you details of her Childhood Story, Early Life, Family Facts, Parents, Love Life (girlfriend), Lifestyle, and Personal Life.

Simply put, we equip you with a complete analysis of her Life Story right from her early days to when she became famous.

Truth be told, in her quest to stardom, the Australian celebrity has gone through several kinds of ordeals. However, only a few of her fans have the full knowledge of Ruby Rose Biography. Thus, we’ve put together a concise Life Story and without much ado, let’s begin.

Ruby Rose Childhood Story:

For bio starters, the model has a third name- Langenheim. Ruby Rose was born on the 20th of March 1986 in Melbourne, Australia.

She came to the world through her mother, Katia Langenheim, and her father, of whom very little is known about. Ruby Rose parents – in their successful union- had her as the only child.

Do you know?… the Australian model, actress and television presenter was raised by her single mother who left Ruby’s dad when she was two years old.

Thus, Rose spent her Childhood days admiring the artistic qualities of her mother. It would be reasonable to assume that her love for acting may have been ignited by her mother’s striking artistic occupation.

Ruby Rose Family Origin: The Descent of a Brave Soldier:

Although there is no information about her father, something that we could use to trace her roots. Ruby Rose’s family origin can only be traced through her maternal heritage. Thus, she is an Australian of English, Scottish, German, and Irish ancestry.

Another fascinating thing about her Ruby Rose family roots is the fact that her great-grandfather Alec Campbell, was the last surviving Australian soldier in the Battle of Gallipoli during the First World war.

Ruby Rose Family Background:

Although the future celebrity was born into a middle-class household, her mother has made efforts to provide for her basic needs.

The average status Family of Ruby Rose and the occupation of her mum is one of the greatest determiners of her modeling and acting career. Reason being that she spent most of her early life observing and learning from her mother’s artistic endeavors.

Ruby Rose Early Life Story – A Choice between Life and Death:

Our Australian model and actress went through a traumatic experience in her childhood years. Regrettably, she was sexually abused by one of her relatives when she was a little girl. As we all know, such terrible experiences are the catalyst for depression and anguish.

Poor Ruby could hardly bear the burden of the whole incident and attempted to take her life afterward.

However, her suicidal attempts were unsuccessful. Notwithstanding, the entire ordeal became a determiner for her sexual orientation – Lesbian.

Ruby Rose Education:

By the time the future Australian model was 12 years old, she had made it public that she was lesbian.

The aftermaths of her announcement were unfavourable as other kids in her school constantly bullied her for her sexual preference.

While studying at the University High School, Ruby Rose was bullied to the point that it got her hospitalized.

Consequently, she had to leave the school and enrolled at Footscray City College, where she rounded up her studies.

Ruby Rose Early Career Life:

In the year 2002, right about the time she was hospitalized in High school, little Red began to participate in the “Girlfriend Model Search” competition. The contest was organized by “Girlfriend” which was an Australian magazine.

In the competition, lucky Ruby made it to the list of finalists and finished second, behind Catherine McNeil. This success was the starting point of her professional modelling career. How fortunate she must have felt at this turning point of her life.

Ruby Rose Biography – The Road to Fame Story:

A few years of modelling led to a consistent hunger for excellence. At some point, she decided to channel her efforts from fashion to a career preference in VJ – Video Jockey.

With high hopes, Ruby Rose worked hard in search of an MTV VJ job in Australia. On this note, she competed profusely against 2000 other individuals who were seeking the same job.

Truth be told, nothing good comes easy. As such, our veteran actress had no option than to go through stressful and unprecedented experience during the three weeks national job hunt.

Do you know?…  As part of the competition, the upcoming model gobbled not less than 100 shots of beers in about 100 minutes and even kissed strangers on a busy street in Sydney.

Ruby Rose Bio – Rise to Fame Story:

At last, Ruby’s effort at the three-week competition was not laid to waste as she was hired at the end of the show. Therefore, she became the VJ of MTV Australia till the year 2011.

While working with MTV Australia, Ruby was privileged to win the ASTRA Award for the Favourite Female Personality in the year 2009.

Having made some satisfying accomplishment in television shows, Ruby decided to re-awaken her passion for modelling. Therefore, she designed a capsule fashion line in collaboration with the Australian fashion label – Milk and Honey.

Over time, she recorded huge success by featuring in the mainstream of big magazines like Vogue Australia and Cosmopolitan to mention a few.

Do you know?… Ruby Rose and Ed Sheeran hosted the 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards in Milan in October 2015.

Our Australian actress has also made quite a name in the movie industry. Ruby Rose has consistently landed big roles in different films.

One of her most applauded and sensational performance was seen in the series- Orange Is the New Black. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ruby Rose Love Life:

In her quest to maintain a balance between her career and relationship life, the Australian model has been involved in more than ten different affairs.

Although she has dated numerous people, Ruby Rose is still single at the time of writing her bio.

Secondly, it is no longer news that her sexual orientation is Lesbian. Moreover, all her relationships prove that she only has eyes for pretty ladies.

Since her rise to fame, Ruby has dated Vanessa Amorosi, Lola Van Vorst, Kathryn Gallagher, Jessica Origliasso (2008 – 2018), Lauren Abedini (2012), Demi Lovato (2015), and Harley Gusman (2016).

However, she has only felt the need to take her love story to a whole different level with a few of her lovers. Amongst her girlfriend, Ruby Rose has been engaged to Lyndsey Anne (2009), Catherine McNeil (2010), and Phoebe Dahl (2014 – 2015).

Ruby Rose Family Life:

Our Australian model has made a ton of accomplishment in her career life, all thanks to the support of her family. Below is a piece of concise information about each member of her Family beginning with her parents.

About Ruby Rose Mother:

There would have been no Ruby in our world today without her mum. For the records, Ruby Rose’s mother is Katia Langenheim.

She raised the Australian actress as a single mum. Thanks to her artistic job, Ruby Rose chose to venture into the entertainment industry.

About Ruby Rose Father and Siblings:

It is quite unfortunate that Ruby only spent two years with her dad upon her birth. As a result, there has been no information about Ruby Rose’s father. Furthermore, our famous Australian model has no brother or sister.

About Ruby Rose Relatives:

The most notable relatives are her maternal grandparents. Her maternal grandmother is Deirdre Rose Campbell while her maternal grandfather is Thomas Roland Richard Langenheim.

Furthermore, There has been no information about Ruby Rose grandparents from her father’s side as well as her uncles and aunts.

Owing to the fact that she has no siblings, we can say that the Australian model also does not have any nephews or nieces.

About Ruby Rose Godfather:

Another important personality in the life of the celebrity is her Godfather, Lionel Edmund Rose. He was a renowned Australian boxer who is loved and respected by many of his fans.

Ruby Rose Personal Life:

First and foremost, the childhood experience of our famous Australian celeb has greatly influenced her personality. As a matter of fact, Ruby Rose once revealed that as a young girl, she was fully convinced that she was born to be a boy.

Like Rihanna and Justin Bieber, Rudy Rose’s persona is a blend of Pisces zodiac trait. Her level of adaptation to the harsh environment she was raised in, is befitting of her horoscope. Lately, she has not yet voiced out her interests and hobbies to the general public.

Ruby Rose Lifestyle:

The endeavours of our veteran Australian model has yielded great financial returns over time. At the time of writing Ruby’s bio, her Net Worth was estimated to be around $2 million. The origin of her wealth stems majorly from her modelling and acting career.

One good thing about Ruby Rose is that she maintains a low profile while living a luxurious Lifestyle. Even though she owns several expensive cars and a luxurious mansion, Ruby does not always flaunt her assets online.

Ruby Rose Facts:

To wrap up our Ruby Rose Life Story, here are some lesser-known facts that would help you grasp her Biography adequately.

Fact #1: Tattoos:

Do you know?… Ruby Rose has inked more than 48 tattoos on her body. She had the word “LIFE” inked on her left wrist among several other notable inkings on her body.

Fact #2: Ruby Rose’s Filmography with Vin Diesel:

Our veteran actress has featured in many mind-blowing movies. She appeared as Adele wolf in XXX Return of Xander Cage where she acted alongside American star actor Vin Diesel.

Fact #3: Lover of Pets and Animal Activist:

Our famous Australian celeb is a member of PETA as well as a supporter of human and animal rights.

She has three pets which include two dogs named Ru and Daisy as well as one cat named Cricket. Ruby Rose loves her pet so much and often takes a snapshot with them.

Ruby Rose Biography Summary:

Below is the wiki knowledge base of the Australian model and actress. The table will help you find information about her concisely and efficiently. Find below;

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Name: Ruby Rose Lagenheim
Nick Name:Ruby Rose
Date of Birth:20th of March 1986
Place of Birth:Melbourne, Australia
Parents:Katia Langenheim (mother)
Relatives:Deirdre Rose Campbell and Thomas Roland Richard Langenheim (maternal Grandparents)
Godfather:Lionel Edmund Rose
Net Worth:$2 Million
Height in meters:1.7 m
Height in feet:5′ 7″
Weight:In Kilograms – 58 kg
In Pounds – 128 lbs
Profession:Model, Actress, and Television Presenter
Pets:Two dogs and a cat


Thanks for reading the Ruby Rose Childhood Story and a further breakdown of her Bio. We hoped you enjoyed it.

From this write-up, we’ve learnt that Ruby Rose’s parents- notably her mother is the most important person who gave her the best of her early years. Again, Ruby Rose’s sexual orientation is no longer up for public debate.

Thanks to family and friends who stood by her, it has indeed taken courage for Ruby to group and become who she really is. For the Australian model, Love isn’t about two different genders.

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