Rebel Wilson Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Rebel Wilson Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Rebel Wilson’s Biography tells you Facts about her Early Life, Childhood Story, Parents – Mother (Sue Bownds), Sisters (Liberty and Annachi), Brother (Ryot Wilson), etc.

More so, Rebel Wilson’s Relationship History, (Mickey Mooch, Jacob Busch, and Matt Reid), Personal Life, Lifestyle, Net Worth Religion, etc.

In the nutshell, this memoir tells you about the Full History of Rebel Wilson. It is the record of the Australian comedy actress in Hollywood. We start her narrative from her Early Life till her quest for fame.

To whet your autobiography appetite for the engaging nature of Rebel Wilson’s Biography, we present you a photo gallery of her Early Life and Rise.

Behold the Australian actress, comedian, writer, singer, and producer – in her Early Days right to the moment of Fame.

Rebel Wilson's Biography - Explore the visual tale of the multifaceted Australian star, from her early aspirations to her rise as a comedy sensation.
Rebel Wilson’s Biography – Explore the visual tale of the multifaceted Australian star, from her early aspirations to her rise as a comedy sensation.

Yes, we all know Rebel as one of the world’s best female comedy entertainers, especially for her role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect.

A winner of the Most Valuable Actress in Tropfest in 2009. And not to forget the Aussie who became famous for her drastic weight loss.

Despite her honours, only a few movie lovers are aware of Rebel Wilson’s Biography. Hence, this article is just for you. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Rebel Wilson’s Childhood Story:

To begin with, she bears the nickname Fat Amy. Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson was born on the 2nd day of March 1980 to her Mother, Sue Bownds and Father, Mr Wilson, in Sydney, Australia.

The actress is the older sister of the three siblings of her mother, Sue Bownds. Here is the photo of Rebel’s mum. A woman who was her first lover and gave her all the strength to conquer her fears.

Behold Rebel Wilson's Mum Behind the Actress, Sue Bownds Looking Beautiful.
Behold Rebel Wilson’s Mum Behind the Actress, Sue Bownds Looking Beautiful.

Growing-up Years:

The comedian was chubby and was a healthy baby from a young age. The girl was a sweet, adorable child, always smiling and radiant. You will surely agree with me as you look at the photo below.

The Radiant Rebel as a Young Child With her Stuffed Teddy, she is Always With.
The Radiant Rebel as a Young Child With her Stuffed Teddy, she is Always With.

And not to forget that Melanie was a pet lover, from stuffed Teddie to real animals. Obviously, since she grew up in a family that takes care of dogs, it isn’t an odd sight to see her with some of them. Here are some of her pet’s snapshots.

The Animal Lover With her Pets and Teddies.
The Animal Lover With her Pets and Teddies.

When growing up, Rebel Wilson’s siblings, Liberty and Annaleise and Ryot, were her friends.

Other children from the neighboring houses made up her playmates, too. As in Castle Hills, it was probably a thing for kids to own a bicycle.

Can you Spot the Actress With her Sisters and Playmates? As they all pose With Their Bicycles?
Can you Spot the Actress With her Sisters and Playmates? As they all pose With Their Bicycles?

In the end, the little rebel was nothing like her name, which means violence. The lass was meek like a lamb and gentle like a dove.

Rebel Wilson Family Origin:

Where is Rebel Wilson from? Sue Bownds (Rebel’s mum) comes from Australia, but we do not know the town. But the comedian’s birthplace is in Sydney, South Wales, on the Oceania continent.

In addition, we trace Rebel Wilson’s Ethnicity to English-Irish-Welsh ancestry. Below is the homeland of the Hollywood actress on a map.

Rebel Wilson's Family Ancestry.
Rebel Wilson’s Family Ancestry.

But there is more. Do you know Sydney is the hometown of Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts? In addition, it is one of the most crowded cities in Australia. Why do so many people troop into the town at intervals?

There are various reasons people love “Sin City”. Firstly, because of the much nightlife it offers. In a word, the enjoyment people always desire is available in Sydney.

Rebel Wilson Family Background:

So, where did the stand-up comedian get her hardworking spirit from? Rebel Wilson’s parents (Mom) Sue Bownds had a job as a professional dog handler.

In the whole of Castle hills, you could say that Rebel’s mom was the most qualified for the job. We conclude this from the many pictures of her eldest daughter with many dog photos.

And so it was for Sue Bownds to care for her family of three kids since Rebel Wilson’s dad was hardly in the picture. Although money in the household was tight, the mom managed it well.

Rebel Wilson Education:

The Pitch Perfect actress was a very bright kid in School. Her mother (Sue) enrolled the youngster in the Tara Anglican School for Girls. Below is a photo of the learning center.

The Alma Mater of Rebel Wilson- Tara Anglican School.
The Alma Mater of Rebel Wilson- Tara Anglican School.

Indeed, Melanie was a brilliant student. The Sydney born was in various academic groups. She was a deputy head girl, a basketball captain, and a debating leader. See the photo of Rebel Wilson in High School below.

The Excellent Resume Tara Anglican School Gave to Their Star Student, Rebel.
The Excellent Resume Tara Anglican School Gave to Their Star Student, Rebel.

Rebel Wilson in college:

Thanks to her diligence, the Scholar graduated in 1997 with a GCPA of 99.3 grade. After that, her career choice in college was Maths, and she went to the University of New South Wales.

Miss Bownds opted for Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of New South Wales. And the Australian finished in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Also, You can see Rebel Wilson’s college pictures with her awards.

Rebel Wilson Graduates From College With Honours. See her Beaming With all Smiles on her Success.
Rebel Wilson Graduates From College With Honours. See her Beaming With all Smiles on her Success.

Indeed, with her brilliant resume, the young actress was set to fulfil her dreams. Let’s keep reading on for the next phase of her life.

Rebel Wilson Movie Story – From the Early Days:

After studying at the Australian Theatre for Young People, she won a scholarship to New York City. And the first movie Rebel played a part in was The Westie Monologues. Wilson was the one who wrote the film.

Hopping to something else, the newbie joined the comedy series Pizza, the Wedge, and Lucy. In 2009, Rebel Elizabeth was the Tropfest Best Actress award winner, following the star with her trophy.

One of the First Trophies Rebel Won in the Tropfest Award.
One of the First Trophies Rebel Won in the Tropfest Award.

And then, moving to the United States, the blonde played a part in the Bridesmaids. Rebel won three awards for her performance in the movie in 2012. Following is the actress holding the plagues.

The Three Plagues of Rebel Wilson After the Movie in Bridesmaids.
The Three Plagues of Rebel Wilson After the Movie in Bridesmaids.

In 2013, Wilson had a role in the film, Bachelorette. The following year she played the character Fat Amy in Pitch perfect. And this earned her the trophy of the teen choice award.

The Winner of the Teen Choice 2013 Giving her Acceptance Speech.
The Winner of the Teen Choice 2013 Giving her Acceptance Speech.

This is just the stepping stone for the Australian starlet in Hollywood. Let’s see how successful Miss Wilson became in the future.

Rebel Wilson Success Story:

In 2020, the film cats also won the Bafta award for “best supporting actress”. And the character Doreen and Dolores Bognor was her performance highlight. See her giving her speech in the photo after receiving the trophy.

Behold Rebel, The Bafta Winner Expressing her Gratitude on Stage
Behold Rebel, The Bafta Winner Expressing her Gratitude on Stage

Two years later, with her weight loss, Rebel left the world of comedy. And this time, the Aussie plays the prom queen role after a long time with Fat Amy. Watch the trailer of her performance in the clip.

Apart from her comedy and prom queen skills, the starlet is into another part of the entertainment. Rebel Wilson is also hosting awards and the likes of it. In fact, in 2022, she hosted the Bafta nights and did well.

The Australian has moved from the fat funny lady to a prom queen in two years. Just like Margot Robbie, the award-winning actress, has filled our screen with laughter for a long time.

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson is one of the few with many skills. The singer has shown there is no obstacle for plus-size women to achieve their dreams. And the rest is history, they said.

Who is Rebel Wilson Dating?– Inquiries About her Relationship:

The Australian comedian has held the trophy for being single for a long time. And when she went into dating, it was a spree session from strangers to the next-door guy.

Hence, fans are curious about Rebel Wilson’s boyfriend and her puzzling love life. So you will see the relationship history and love affair of the Sydney-born actress. Let’s keep reading.

Mickey Gooch Jr:

On the 6th of January, 1986, Micky was born to Michael and Diane Gooch. The New Jersey citizen is a comedian and movie producer. Rebel and Micky met through a close friend of theirs.

Meet the Hollywood Actor Mickey Gooch.
Meet the Hollywood Actor Mickey Gooch.

They were both smitten with each other, and it was love at first sight. And soon, Instagram was flooded with their loved-up pictures. See some pics of Wilson with Gooch Jr.

Rebel and Mickey JR Were a Lovely Couple as They Stand Side by Side on the Red Carpet.
Rebel and Mickey JR Were a Lovely Couple as They Stand Side by Side on the Red Carpet.

But the love ended as it started. However, rumors had it they weren’t dating. They just gave the tabloids some juicy tales to mix with the dates and all. But then, on the media, Mickey Gooch Jr is the ex of the Aussie.

Matt Reid:

Rebel Wilson’s single life changed with Australian tennis athlete Matt Reid. The player’s date of birth is the 17th of July, 1990, and they ranked him NO. 183 in world tennis.

The Athletic Matt Reid on Court During a Game.
The Athletic Matt Reid on Court During a Game.

The Aussie producer was seen hand in arm with her super hot sportsman in a cafe having an intimate dinner. They were probably on a date together. The Pitch Perfect actress looks so happy in the photo below.

Breakfast Date Between Rebel and her Athletic Boyfriend, Matt.
Breakfast Date Between Rebel and her Athletic Boyfriend, Matt.

Later, they came together for the Australian Television Arts Awards in December. And just like the others, it soon ended abruptly, with no cause.

Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch:

In early 2020, a fresh face was added to the dating list of the Sydney comedian. Jacob Busch comes from the Anheuser-Busch family. And they are the founders of the Adolphus Busch brewery in 1852, with a net worth of $13.4 billion.

Behold the Lovely Memories of Jacob Busch and EX-Girlfriend Rebel Wilson.
Behold the Lovely Memories of Jacob Busch and EX-Girlfriend Rebel Wilson.

The Businessman is the owner of the NAPPs organic ice cream. And, of course, it came at the right time for Rebel Wilson’s weight loss. So you are aware the Aussie wasn’t kidding when she says rich guys are on her case.

Jacob and Fat Amy were probably dating a few months before making it public. But then, months later, Melanie made a post about being single again.

Rebel Wilson’s husband:

The Sydney native is still looking for love. Life blogger thought Jacob Busch and Rebel Wilson would tie the knot. At 41, she is still in search of a life partner.

At this point, the comedy actress has joined the list of legally single Hollywood stars. And she is not alone, on the list are actor Brad Pitt, singer Mariah Carey and lastly Angelina Jolie, to mention a few.

We are sure that love is bound to come for everybody, even at any age. And Rebel Wilson’s single life is not her focus for now.

Personal Life:

One thing that has given the Bridesmaids star recognition is how big she looks. A plus-sized person is indeed a centre for laughs, hence why she played the fat Amy role so well.

Recently, the Aussie joined the fit gurus like Jennifer Lopez and Anne Hathaway to look healthy. Let’s see how she does that.

Rebel Wilson’s weight:

Firstly, we want to say that the new Sydney look is impressive. And it is lovely that the “Hustle” star chooses fitness and exercise seriously. But then, let’s see the process of this journey.

How much does Rebel Wilson weigh?

The daughter of Sue Rebel Wilson weighs more or less around 243 pounds. And the actress used the Mayr technique to aid in her weight loss journey.

The Aussie’s target was to lose 75lbs, and to the delight of her fans, she did just so. And in November 2020, you see the transformation of Melanie Bownds.

Behold Rebel Wilson's Before and After Photo.
Behold Rebel Wilson’s Before and After Photo.

But then you should remember Rebel Wilson before and after didn’t come easy. In the following sections, there is info on the problems Rebel faced.

Rebel Wilson’s unzipped swimsuit sparked ‘thigh gap’ storm:

Who would have such a banging body and not flaunt it? I mean, the fly girl is enjoying her new transformation. And yes, it is worth it for all the hard work she put into getting to this stage.

So for that, beach life is a new way out. And what makes it more soothing to the soul is that it is a bikini body look without all the mould of flesh. Following are pictures of Rebel Wilson’s unzipped swimsuit with the thigh gap by the ocean.

Can you see the Thigh gap of the Bikini hot Lady Rebel?
Can you see the Thigh gap of the Bikini hot Lady Rebel?

Rebel Wilson’s Charity:

The “Pitch Perfect” actress has always been a lover of kids, even though she is yet to have any. And this makes her extend a helping hand to any child in need.

Rebel’s charity was founded in 2016 to help curb poverty and spread learned kids across the globe. It is indeed such a noble aim and desire to help others.

Besides, Elizabeth once lived in South Africa, serving as a rotary youth ambassador. And now, the MTV kiss winner 2016 is sponsoring children’s education from the Arusha region. See her with some kids.

Rebel Wilson Sponsors Some of the Education of Kids in South Africa.
Rebel Wilson Sponsors Some of the Education of Kids in South Africa.

Besides being a funny actress, you know she is an angel at heart. Which, of course, is a rare virtue, especially after attaining fame.

Rebel Wilson Lifestyle Facts:

Since 2002, this Hollywood writer has been active in the movie industry. Entertaining us with her superb and hilarious acting skills hasn’t been for free.

So, What does the movie producer do with all the money she has? Indeed, Rebel is a simple lady. But simple doesn’t mean she is plain jane with no sense of luxury.

Rebel Wilson’s house is a typical American home with a Georgian-style window. But the inside of the residence is so modern and classy, with pristine interiors. Below is the property in the photo.

The Home of Rebel Wilson.
The Home of Rebel Wilson.

The $3million building occupies over 4000 sq with high ceilings and bronze bannisters. And when you get to the kitchen with the vast oven with perfect shutters, you are eager to cook immediately.

Of course, they were all worth the money to make it a home. And it showcases the taste of the Australian.

Rebel Wilson’s Car:

Rebel Wilson drives a Toyota Prius. And it is a rather heavy vehicle for the comedian actress owing to her funny acting. The car is worth over $30,000, one of the cleanest in the United States.

Another vehicle in her possession is the black G- Wagon classy jeep. Rebel often struggles to enter and come down from the e-class. Its height poses an issue alighting, as you see in the photo.

Rebel's G Wagon and Toyota Prius.
Rebel’s G Wagon and Toyota Prius.

It surprised lovers of the Aussie that her taste in cars isn’t like she acts. However, let’s get to see how much the blondie earns.

Rebel Wilson Net worth:

The stand-up comedian has put 23 years of hard work into her acting career. Which, with consistency, has paid off handsomely both in cash and kind.

Although she was a familiar face on the screen, it doesn’t mean she was earning well. As for her role in the Bridemaids, they paid Rebel $3000, and it moved to $65000 in Pitch Perfect.

Besides, the Aussie has endorsements with many brands like Olly and a weight loss face. All put together has grown as a fortune to her.

Hence, in 2022, Rebel Wilson’s net worth is $22 million – a figure that is way below Elle Macpherson‘s $95 million Net Worth (2022 stats).

Rebel Wilson Family Facts:

Family is where life begins and where it will end. So in Rebel Wilson’s Biography, there is no way we will leave the household members out of her Life Story.

About Rebel Wilson’s Father:

The dad’s name is not available because she didn’t make it public. But there has been much dispute about her father. One time, Rebel said that he was in prison while he was hale and hearty.

In 2013, however, reports had it that Mr Wilson was dead. But there was no proof of his death. Could the actress not want the world to be aware of the man who gave birth to her?

About Rebel Wilson’s Mother:

Sue Bownds used to work as a dog handler in castle hills. The beautiful mom of the Australian has always been the backbone of her little girl. Below is the picture of Rebel Wilson’s mother.

Meet Sue Bownds, Rebel's mom.
Meet Sue Bownds, Rebel’s mom.

She was the one who broke the isolation Melanie Wilson used to have at a young age.

Sue Bownds took her daughter to the first drama session to train her skills. And ever since then has never stopped giving her the support Rebel needs.

A virtuous mother is what she has always been to her children, Rebel, Liberty. Sue Bownds is indeed a constant reminder of the joys of motherhood.

About Rebel Wilson’s Sisters:

The ‘how to be single’ actress isn’t the only one with an odd name. Rebel Wilson’s sisters Annachi and Liberty are the younger ones of the writer. Maybe their mom, Sue Bownds, prefers the unique way of identifying her kids. Below are their pictures.

Annachi and Liberty, the Sisters of Rebel Wilson.
Annachi and Liberty, the Sisters of Rebel Wilson.

Annachi and Liberty Wilson were the ones who kept the Childhood memories alive. All the gossip about boys and giggling excitement Rebel has with her junior ones are very much to date.

Even until her stardom, Annachi and Liberty still accompany her to celebrities’ events. And it goes a long way to show the extent of their bonds as sisters.

Rebel Wilson’s Brother:

Ryot Wilson is the only brother of Rebel, and he is a competitive and intelligent sibling. The young man is a poker player and also a sportsperson. Following is the image of Ryot.

Behold Rebel Wilson's Only Brother, Ryot.
Behold Rebel Wilson’s Only Brother, Ryot.

Wilson’s only male child was a competitor in the Amazing Race in Australia with his older sister, Liberty. When you look at the photo of Ryot, you see he is healthy and good-looking.

At the very least, it is noteworthy that Rebel takes good care of her siblings. What is the use of money if not to care for the people we love.?

Untold Fact:

In Rebel Elizabeth Melanie Wilson’s 23 active years in the movie industry, she has been a favourite on-screen actress for many fans. However, one thing is sure about her- she is an open book. So let’s get some more about her.

Is Rebel Wilson a lawyer?

There is more focus than on her hilarious acting skills. Thus we forget she can be something else altogether. The Bright Scholar with a 9.93 GPA shocked many people when she sat for her law exam.

At college, Rebel had a career conflict, but she went for acting after a malaria bout in South Africa. During that period, she had a hallucination of winning the Oscars.

Even after graduating with a law degree, the Aussie chose to act. So Rebel Wilson is a lawyer but not in practice.

Rebel Wilson has bad news about fertility:

The songwriter has been sharing with her lovers her weight loss journey. But on the 3rd of March, Rebel gave a sad update about her fertility issues. Watch the clip below.

It is traumatic as we understand that at 41 years, childbirth becomes one of a woman’s problems. But just like her Pitch perfect colleague, Alexis says there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss surgery:

It seemed impossible when the single lady started her journey to better health. And that was because the starlet weighed over 300 pounds. Indeed, That was a heavy fat to melt away.

But after a year of a healthy lifestyle, the result has left many people across the globe in shock. And leads many to ask, Did Rebel Wilson have a weight loss surgery?

But then, the Stand-up female had only used the Mayr Method. Which involves intentional eating, more nuts and fruits, and lesser calories. In addition, little cardio exercises were beneficial.

Rebel Wilson’s diet helped trim down her size to 165 pounds. Do you think it was impossible to achieve the feat?

Rebel Wilson’s Religion:

The entertainer does not go to any church. According to rumours, the only time religion played in her life was for the movie “Isn’t it romantic” part she played.

But then, after careful research, Wilson is a Hebrew name that means the “will of God.” Hence she hasn’t declared another faith, Rebel Wilson is a Christian.

Rebel Wilson’s Weight and Height:

With her incredible transformation, of course, there are lots of questions. What is her new weight and height? Did the weight loss improve them?

In 2022, the Australian weighed 74 kg, and her height was 5ft 2 ½. Surely, it is a perfect combination for the blonde starlet. You would notice that it is almost the same height as Jada Pinkett, the wife of Oscar winner Will Smith.

Rebel Wilson Controversy:

Even though the actress is an open book, it isn’t everything that she has been truthful about. The Australian magazine woman Day reveals Fat Amy lies about her age, birth name and family.

Rebel Melanie says she grew up in a poor and shabby family. Meanwhile, it was a typical middle-class household. Besides that, Fat Amy said she was 29, whereas her birth records show that she is older than almost 32.

The leading comedian sued the article for damages and was paid $4.6 million. But on the 14th of June 2018, Bauer Media made a plea to the court and won the appeal. And that means Rebel Wilson is to pay back $4.1m with $60,000 interest.

Rebel Wilson’s Weight loss:

There is always a black tale about what actresses go through in the Hollywood industry. According to ABC News, Rebel said her team pushed for her not to give up the excess weight she was having.

The daughter of Sue Bownds had to sign a contract to remain the way she was without reducing. Thanks to her refusal to listen to what people would say. All Rebel Wilson thought about was her future and chances of fertility.

Wiki Summary:

The Table gives detailed facts about Rebel Wilson’s Biography.

Biography Enquires:Wiki Answers:
Full Name:Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson
Nickname:Rebel Wilson

Fat Amy
Date of Birth:2nd of March 1980
Place of Birth:Sydney, Australian
Age:44 years and 1 months old
Mother:Sue Bownds
Father:Mr Wilson
Sisters:Annachi Wilson

Liberty Wilson
Brother:Ryot Wilson
Awards:Best Supporting Actress

Best Teen Choice Award

Bafta Award
Stand-up Comedy
Education:Tara Anglican School for Girls

University of New South Wales
Boyfriends:Jacob Busch

Matt Ried

Mickey Gooch Jr
Height:5ft and half inches


Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson, the once chubby actress, was born in Sydney, Australia. Her family comprises her mother, Sue Bownds, her sisters, Liberty and Anarchy, and her brother, Ryot.

The Aussie grew up in Castle hills and was a bright student in the Tara girls’ school. The Fat Amy role player holds a law degree but is not in practice for now. Her central focus is on the Hollywood industry.

The Bridesmaids cast also runs a charity foundation that cares for kids’ education in the Arusha region. Moreso, Rebel moved from plus size to a healthy-looking chic after two years.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for reading about Rebel Wilson’s Biography. As always, we deliver interesting Biographies about Actresses.

The Childhood Story of Amanda Seyfried, Scarlett Johansson, and Drew Barrymore would interest you. If you notice anything flawed, let us know via comments.

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