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Jim Carrey Biography

Our Biography of Jim Carrey tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Parents, Wife, Children, Lifestyle, Religion, and Personal Life.

In summary, this memoir contains a complete analysis of his journey, right from his early days to when he became famous.

Now take a close look at how Jim Carrey underwent growth transformation in his Life and Rise photo. Our perfect intro to his Biography.

The Life Story of Jim Carrey. Behold a picture illustration of his Life and Rise
The Life Story of Jim Carrey. Behold a picture illustration of his Life and Rise.

Well, we would have missed the entertainment displayed in the iconic performance of Jim Carrey if not for his persistence.

Truth be told, he is one of IMDB’s top 15 Canadian Actors and he didn’t just attain fame out of the blues.

Rather, his achievements arose as he continued to push for several roles despite consistent rejection in the Entertainment Industry.

One shocking piece of information about the reality of Jim Carrey’s Childhood Story is the fact that he had to drop out of school due to a lack of finance.

Read on as we present you with more fascinating stories about the Biography of Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey Childhood Story:

A rare childhood image of Jim Carrey.
A rare childhood image of Jim Carrey.

Starting off, James Eugene Carrey was born on the 17th day of January 1962 in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

He is the youngest of four children born of the union between his mother, Kathleen a homemaker, and his father, Percy Carrey an accountant as well as a musician.

A memorable display of Jim Carrey's parents, Kathleen and Percy Carrey.
A memorable display of Jim Carrey’s parents, Kathleen and Percy Carrey.

Poor Jim Carrey went through several gloomy and cold experiences in his childhood days. Life felt unfair to the young lad who did not get all he wanted at his fingertips.

Unfortunately, our Canadian celeb suffered from abject poverty as his family consistently faced an economic crisis.

What solution could he proffer? Would he be able to achieve a bright future or would his ambitions remain a dream?

All these questions ran through Jim’s mind as he could not even live the regular lifestyle other kids had.

Jims Carrey’s Growing Up days:

As the possibilities of getting a better life seem unattainable, so does Jim’s hope for a destiny helper increase. However impossible realizing his dreams may look, the young lad did not fall short of courage.

In fact, at ten, Jim courageously wrote to Carol Burnett informing her he was a master of impressions.

He pointed out that he wants Burnett to consider him for her show – the Carol Burnett Show. At least, he got a form letter from Burnett in response to his initial letters.

Do you know? Jim Carrey and his elder brother often work at a tire factory for an eight-hour shift as janitors and security guards after school.

They were able to secure the jobs, thanks to their father who was an employee in the industry.

Jim Carrey’s Family Origin:

Originally, the surname of Jim Carrey’s Family is Carré. The name is a full symbolism of his Family Roots, which are of French-Canadian descent.

The maternal ancestry of Jim Carrey comprises Irish, French, and Scottish roots.

Irrespective of his Family Origin, the young Canadian grew up with a full capability of speaking and understanding the English Language.

It is certain that Carrey doesn’t exhibit any form of accent from his maternal Ethnicity.

Jim Carrey’s Family Background:

As earlier mentioned, Jim Carrey hails from a lower-class Family Background. The recurring financial crisis that storms his home constantly is one of the major sources of his childhood problems.

One thing that Carrey has learned from his home over time is the spirit of never giving up.

Jim Carrey Education:

As a little boy, Carrey attended Blessed Trinity Catholic Elementary School. Afterwards, he attended Agincourt Collegiate Institute in his earliest days in High School.

Not long after enrolling at his first High School, Jim Carrey’s family moved to Burlington, Ontario.

Behold, the first academic institution attended by our Canadian Celeb.
Behold, the first academic institution attended by our Canadian Celeb.

At Burlington, the young Canadian enrolled in a new High School – Aldershot High School. Unfortunately, as the financial situation of his family deteriorated, Carrey had no other option than to drop out of school.

Jim Carrey Biography Story:

After dropping out of school, Carrey continued to work at the tire factory. Unfortunately, his family soon became homeless and had to live in a Volkswagen van.

Life turned out to be even more difficult for the Canadian as he started to perform in comedy shows each time he closes from work.

A glimpse at the improvised shelter of Carrey's homeless family.
A glimpse at the improvised shelter of Carrey’s homeless family.

Luckily, Carrey’s father and the rest of his family supported his newly found career paths.

Hence, Jim Carrey moved to Toronto to pursue a brighter future in comedy. In Toronto, he debuted at Yuk Yuk’s comedy club.

Jim Carrey Bio – Road To Fame Story:

Despite putting up quite a performance as a comedian, Carrey did not gain much recognition. Hence, he became completely discouraged and doubted his capabilities.

Besides his disappointments in his earliest comic opera, Carrey’s family’s financial problems made it difficult for him to focus on his ambition.

The good news is, Carrey’s family soon gained balance and finally moved into a new home. As a result, Carrey found peace of mind and got all reeled up to recording success in the entertainment industry.

As a matter of fact, he started earning money from performing in different shows.

In no distant time, Jim Carrey gained the recognition of Rodney Dangerfield, a renowned comedian.

Without any waste of time, Rodney signed Carrey into his open tour and moved him to Las Vegas, where he gained popularity.

Rodney Dangerfield played an important role in Jim Carrey's Road to Fame.
Rodney Dangerfield played an important role in Jim Carrey’s Road to Fame.

Jim Carrey Biography – Rise To Fame Story:

In Las Vegas, Jim Carrey joined Hollywood and even performed in the show; An Evening at the Improv in 1982.

Knowing fully well that he was already gaining fame in stand-up Comic, Carrey channelled more of his attention to the movie industry.

Our Canadian comedian also performed in a renowned stand-up comedy club. 
Our Canadian comedian also performed in a renowned stand-up comedy club.  

Fortunately, the Canadian entertainer made the right choice of focusing on acting movies.

Therefore, in the year 1994, Carrey became popular for taking the lead role in the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Not long after that, he gained another privilege to showcase his talented performance in The Mask.

The cover of Jim Carrey's famous movie, The Mask.
The cover of Jim Carrey’s famous movie, The Mask.

Fast forward to the time of writing this Life Story, Jim Carrey, like fellow American-Canadian actors (Dwayne Johnson) has acted in award-winning movies.

Thanks to his resilience and determination, Carrey has transformed his lifestyle from grass to grace. The rest, as they say, is history.

Jim Carrey Relationship Life:

Below is a complete detail of Jim Carrey’s Love-Life. Read on as we unravel intriguing facts about his relationships.

Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend:

Interestingly, our world-renowned Hollywood star is probably single at the time of writing this Biography.

However, he has dated not less than fifteen ladies since his Rise to Fame. Jim has dated Ginger Gonzaga, Natalie Gal, Cathriona White, Jenny McCarthy, and Linda Ronstadt to mention a few.

A brief album of Jim Carrey's girlfriends. (L-R), Ginger Gonzaga, Natalie Gal, Cathriona White, Jenny McCarthy, and Linda Ronstadt.
A brief album of Jim Carrey’s girlfriends. (L-R), Ginger Gonzaga, Natalie Gal, Cathriona White, Jenny McCarthy, and Linda Ronstadt.

Jim Carrey’s Wife:

Do you know?… The Canadian Comedian has been married twice. Early on, Jim Carrey got married to the Comedy Store Waitress and former actress Melissa Womer.

Jim and Melissa tied the knot on the 28th day of March 1987. However, the two got divorced about eight years after their wedding.

Meet Jim Carrey's first wife, Melissa Womer.
Meet Jim Carrey’s first wife, Melissa Womer.

Barely a year after his divorce, Carrey still found love with Lauren Holly. Without wasting time, he and Lauren also got married in September 1996.

Unfortunately, their marriage did not last up to a single year before they got divorced.

Meet Jim Carrey's second wife, Lauren Holly.
Meet Jim Carrey’s second wife, Lauren Holly.

Jim Carrey’s Children:

In all his many relationships, Jim Carrey has only one child. His marriage to Melissa Womer gave rise to the birth of his only daughter, Jane Erin Carrey, on the 6th of September 1987.

Jane also gained prominence by participating in the 2012 American Idol.

See how Jane Erin Carrey looks like her father.
See how Jane Erin Carrey looks like her father.

Jim Carrey’s Family Life:

We all know that Carrey’s family went through a lot of financial struggles before Jim experienced a breakthrough in his career.

Despite their challenges, Jim Carrey’s Family has always given him maximum support in his career pursuit. Below is a brief individual profile of Jim’s Household. Read on!

About Jim Carrey’s Mother:

The one person who has often cared for Carrey is his mother. Jim Carrey’s mom, Kathleen (née Oram) was a homemaker.

She took care of domestic chores while Carrey and his siblings were away from home. Carrey would always be grateful for the unconditional love his mother showed him.

A rare photo of Jim Carrey's mom, Kathleen.
A rare photo of Jim Carrey’s mom, Kathleen.

About Jim Carrey’s Father:

As much as we continue to celebrate the gift of Carrey in the entertainment industry we ought to also credit his dad for successfully supporting him. Even in the face of a financial crisis, Jim Carrey’s dad, Percy Carrey, made efforts to support the upcoming comedian.

Percy Carrey was a musician and an accountant. He even used his influence to secure a job for his sons when his family was wallowing in abject poverty.

Meet Percy Carrey, the father of our Canadian actor and comic.
Meet Percy Carrey, the father of our Canadian actor and comic.

About Jim Carrey’s Siblings:

Jim Carrey has three elder siblings, namely; John Carrey, Patricia Carrey Fournier, and Rita Carrey. Carrey’s brother and sisters have undoubtedly stood solidly by his side when the going was tough.

They all worked together to see that their family escapes their unfortunate financial circumstances.

Thanks to their effort, the Carrey’s now have a blissful life and can now peacefully reminisce on their life’s struggle.

A throwback picture of Carrey together with his brother and sisters.
A throwback picture of Carrey together with his brother and sisters.

About Jim Carrey’s Relatives:

The most prominent cousins amongst Jim Carrey’s relatives are Alex Trebek and Julie Payette, his third and fourth cousins, respectively.

Alex is the renowned host of the TV program Jeopardy while Julie is the Governor-General of Canada.

Jim Carrey’s maternal grandparents were John Oram and Bridget Hannah Rita Sheehan. On the other hand, Carrey’s paternal grandfather and grandmother were François Carré and Maria Louise Angélina Sauvé.

Since there has been little or no information about his sibling’s personal life, it is unknown whether Carrey has any nephews or nieces.

Jim Carrey Personal Life:

We can’t deny the fact that Jim Carrey’s upbringing and Early Life experience have affected his personality.

Despite his funny characters that could easily prompt laughter, Jim Carrey is down to earth. His sense of humility can never be overemphasized.

Carrey has also exhibited a well-disciplined and ambitious characteristic which is full proof of his Capricorn Zodiac traits.

Away from his office schedules, our famous comic usually does what he loves to do. Carrey’s hobbies include annoying people, making funny faces, and playing the saxophone.

He loves to play the saxophone.
He loves to play the saxophone.

Jim Carrey Lifestyle:

You may probably find it difficult to believe that a little country boy from a poor family has risen to the class of millionaires.

To even shock you more, Jim Carrey’s Net Worth at the time of writing this Biography is estimated to be a whopping sum of $180 million.

Jim Carrey’s Assets:

The wealth of our Canadian actor has made it possible for him to amass several forms of luxurious assets. Hence, Jim Carrey owns many expensive mansions and exotic cars.

Below is a  picture of Carrey’s $13.95 million Malibu Colony beach house and his Mercedes-Benz convertible car that shows the wealthy-class Lifestyle he is living.

See how luxurious his house and car are!
See how luxurious his house and car are!

Jim Carrey Untold Facts:

To wrap up Jim Carrey’s Life Story, here are a few facts about him that would help you get a grasp of his Biography.

Fact #1: Jim Carrey’s Wrongful Death Lawsuits:

One of Jim Carrey’s prominent girlfriends, Cathriona White, married Mark Burton after their breakup. Unfortunately, White died a few years after her wedding. Hence, her husband, Burton, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jim Carrey.

Burton believes that Carrey illegally obtained the prescription that was involved in White’s death.

White’s mother also filed a wrongful lawsuit against Carrey claiming that the actor did not inform White about his sexually transmitted infections. And still got intimately involved with her when they were still dating.

After going through several proceedings and long-term court meetings, the court finally dismissed the case on the 25th of January 2018.

After the dismissal, the attorneys from both sides came to a consensus and confirmed that there would be no future legal proceedings relating to the matter.

Fact #2: Jim Carrey and Tupac Friendship:

At the time of Tupac Shakur’s imprisonment back in the 1990s, Carrey wrote him some letters.

While talking about his purpose for writing the letters, Carrey explained that he wanted to lift Tupac’s spirit and put a smile on his face.

Less I forget, Tupac and Jim Carrey have been good friends in the entertainment industry irrespective of their specialization.

Fact #3: Jim Carrey’s Religion and Tattoos:

Our famous Canadian celeb is a Roman Catholic. Being born and raised in the Christian faith has channelled Carrey’s beliefs and morality in accordance with Christianity’s code of conduct.

No wonder he did not express any interest in inking tattoos on his skin since his Rise to Fame. Even though Carrey failed to tattoo his skin, Ariana Grande has taken delight in inking a new tattoo on her skin in tribute to him.

Fact #4: Carrey’s Reality with Pirates of the Caribbean Movie:

The person who would have probably played the role of Captain Jack Sparrow is Jim Carrey. Unfortunately, at the time when he was offered the role of Jack Sparrow, Carrey was still performing in Bruce Almighty.

Even though he missed out on Pirates of the Caribbean, Bruce Almighty also turned out to be a pretty movie.

Biography Summary: 

Below is the wiki knowledge base of Jim Carrey. The table will help you find information about him concisely and efficiently. Find below.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:James Eugene Carrey
Nick Name:Jim Carrey
Date of Birth:17th January 1962
Place of Birth:Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Father:Percy Carrey
Mother:Kathleen Carrey
Siblings:Brother - John Carrey.

Sisters - Patricia Carrey Fournier and Rita Carrey
Spouses (ex- wives):Melissa Womer and Lauren Holly
Children:Jane Erin Carrey
Net Worth:$180 million
Hobbies:Annoying people, making funny faces, and playing the saxophone.
Height:1.88m - in meters
‎6' 2" - in feet


It would be impossible for anybody to believe that Jim Carrey would turn out to become a millionaire. However, the fact that Carrey stuck to a particular path irrespective of his family’s financial circumstances shows that consistency is key.

From Jim Carrey’s Childhood Story and Biography, we got to see that a little effort can actually help our course in life’s journey. 

Finally, we ought to be faithful in little things and have a sense of direction and purpose in accomplishing our dreams. Don’t forget to tell us what you think about Jim Carrey’s Life Story in the comment box below.

Also, we’ve ensured we watch out for accuracy and fairness while putting up this Biography. However, if you find anything that doesn’t seem right in this article, kindly Contact Us.

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