Yalitza Aparicio Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Yalitza Aparicio Biography Facts.
Yalitza Aparicio Biography Facts.

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Starting off, she is nicknamed “Cleo“. Our article gives you full coverage of Yalitza Aparicio Childhood Story, Biography, Family Facts, Parents, Early Life, Lifestyle, Personal Life and other notable events right from her childhood to when she became popular.

Yes, everyone knows she is one of the fast-rising Actress best known for her role in the 2018 drama film “Roma“. However, only a hand few of fans consider Yalitza Aparicio’s biography which we’ve prepared, and it’s quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin, first with our Table of Content before the FULL STORY.

Yalitza Aparicio Childhood Story:

Yalitza Aparicio Martínez was born on the 11th day of December 1993 to her mother, Margarita Aparicio (a nanny), and father, Raul Bautista Aparicio (a street vendor) in the city of Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca.

The fast-rising actress was born as the second daughter of five children, to her lovely parents. Did you know?… Yalitza Aparicio as a child suffered from speech impairment. Thankfully, she began speaking fluently when she was seven.

Judging from her childhood photo above, it appears Yalitza Aparicio’s parents raised her in adherence to native Mexican culture, customs, and traditions.

Yalitza Aparicio  Family Origin and Background:

By her looks, you could easily tell or dipict her origin or where she came from. Truth is, Yalitza Aparicio’s family is of an indigenous Mexican origin. According to research, Yalitza Aparicio family origin is a blend of two native Mexican ethnic groups. Her father belongs to Mexican Mixtec ethnicity and her mother is of Trique ethnicity.

A view of Yalitza Aparicio’s parents would tell you they are likely Mexicans by origin. Both (pictured below) have so grown so deep into their marriage to the extent of even looking alike.

Long before she became famous, Yalitza Aparicio’s parents operated a lower class household, which implies coming from a financially poor family background.

Yalitza Aparicio’s dad and mum were like the below-average Mexican citizens who worked but didn’t have the best financial education and oftentimes, struggled with monies to keep everyone in their family home up and well-doing. 

Yalitza Aparicio’s Early Life:

The beautiful actress grew up in Tlaxiaco, a city located in the temperate valley around the Sierra Mixteca mountainous region. Below is a map that shows the area where Yalitza Aparicio’s family resided, an area which is 270 miles southeast of Mexico City.

As a child, Yalitza Aparicio’s family lived in a small stack built by themselves out of scrap wood, iron, and railway sleepers. The emotional photo of her family home tells a lot about her poor upbringing.

Yalitza endured a very tough upbringing as her father out of frustration once left home when she was still a child. Raul left Yalitza together with their mother, elder sister (Edith) and younger siblings in order to go tap economic opportunities far away. As a result of that, Poor Yalitza was raised more by her single mother, alongside her big sister Edith, and three other siblings. Back then, her mum worked as a maid (a nanny and housekeeper).

Education and Career Buildup:

Despite the travails in her childhood years, Yalitza was somehow able to scale through her education. As a teenager, she began building a keen interest in child caring. Yalitza went on to pursue a degree in pre-school education before later proceeding to have a degree in early childhood education.

After completing her teaching degree, the future actress forged ahead and began working as a preschool teacher at Jardin de Nino’s School, Mexico. Yalitza never had much monies while she worked after studies. She was so poor that she couldn’t transport very often from her family home to school. Instead, Yalitza would sometimes walk five miles in order to get to her low paying job.

At Jardin de Ninos School (her workplace), Christmas time was Yalitza’s favorite. Back then, she would celebrate the special day by dressing up in a Santa Claus outfit. Below is Yalitza pictured in a parade during one of those Christmas days where she represented her place of work (Jardin de Ninos School).

Road to Fame Story:

Moving on with life after making the decision to leaving her teaching job, Yalitza was called into acting. She went on to audition for a lead role for the 2018 drama film “Roma, where she acted as a housekeeper and nanny called “Cleo”. This was a role that was keenly auditioned by 110 other prospective actresses around the world.

Did you know?… It was Yalitza Aparicio’s sister, Edith who initially was prepared to audition for the role. Because Edith Aparicio was pregnant and wasn’t in the state to do so, she decided to push Yalitza to replace her.

Luckily for Yalitza, she impressed the movie director Alfonso Cuarón and was picked for the role thanks to her perfect domestic worker role which looked natural.

In order to be able to act some scenes for the role, Yalitza Aparicio had to learn the indigenous language (Mixtec) which happens to be the language of her father’s ancestors.

Did you know? … Yalitza was not a professional actress at the time of acting in the movie. In fact, she had no formal training in acting before the movie.

Yalitza Aparicio’s Biography- Rise to Fame Story:

The super lady rose to prominence after making history as the first indigenous actress nominated for an Oscar in 14 years. Did you know?… Her role in Roma is a replicate of whom her mother was while she grew up in Tlaxiaco. It was a kind of replay of Yalitza Aparicio’s childhood story and she did justice to the role with passion.

Yalitza Aparicio’s biography can’t be complete without mentioning her role in the movie (Roma) which is seen as the biggest turning point of her life. Did you know?… Roma made an estimated $2.8 million after been released on Netflix. Also, the movie grossed past $3 million in less than 24 hours of it release. Yalitza Aparicio’s broke all kinds of records, even that which saw her getting featured on the cover of Vogue Mexico.

Fast forward to the time of writing Yalitza Aparicio’s biography, she has indeed moved from being a School Teacher to one of the fastest-rising actresses in Hollywood. She once said in her words;

 “As a teacher you set an example, you become a role model, and this experience of being in the film has made people in my community look at me as that possibility that their dreams could come true.”

The rest, as we say, is now History.

Yalitza Aparicio’s Relationship Life:

With her rise to fame, lots of fans must have pondered if award-winning actress Yalitza Aparicio has a boyfriend or if she is actually married, meaning she has a husband. As at the time of writing, it appears Yalitza has not publicly shown the identity of her boyfriend.

According to social media research, it appears Andre Montes is Yalitza Aparicio’s boyfriend and future husband. Andre Montes (pictured below) is a Dental Surgeon from Mexico City’s prestigious university, La Universidad Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM).

While Yalitza keeps her social media feed on the professional side, her boyfriend is much more open to sharing cute photos of them. Judging by the way both are going, it is almost certain that marriage could be the next formal step.

Yalitza Aparicio Family Facts:

For the fast-rising actress, the road to stardom wouldn’t have been as palatable as it is without the help of family members. In this section, we’ll give you more insights into Yalitza Aparicio’s family members starting from her parents.

About Yalitza Aparicio’s Father:

Raul Bautista Aparicio was born in the early 70s. He belongs to the Mixtec ethnicity in Mexico. Back then, in order to raise his family, Raul worked as a street vendor in the city of Tlaxiaco. Judging from the photo below, it appears Yalitza has made peace with her dad who once abandoned her.

About Yalitza Aparicio’s Mother:

Margarita Aparicio is Yalitza’s mum. She was born in the mid-70s and belongs to the Trique ethnicity in Mexico. Back then, she worked as a maid (a nanny and housekeeper) in Mexico. Thanks to her low paying job, she was still able to raise her children as a single mother.

About Yalitza Aparicio’s Siblings:

Yalitza Aparicio has four siblings, one older sister (Edith), two younger sisters and a younger brother.

About Yalitza Aparicio’s Relatives:

Moving on from Yalitza Aparicio’s immediate family life, it appears very little documentation exists about her paternal and maternal grandparents. More so, Yalitza’s uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews (as at the time of writing).

Yalitza Aparicio Personal Life:

Getting to know Yalitza Aparicio’s Personal Life would help you get a better picture of her personality. Starting off, she is extroverted, optimistic, enthusiastic and also, someone who posses a great sense of humor.

Yalitza Aparicio is able to transform her thoughts into concrete actions and this is a personality she displayed in her role in the movie “Roma“. All these are strong attributes of her Sagittarius Zodiac Sign.

Away from acting, Yalitza Aparicio has intentionally used her new platform to advocate for gender equality, indigenous rights, and the rights of domestic workers.

Since her work in Roma, the popular Mexican actress has attended numerous conferences for the promotion of human rights and of Mexican culture. This has made UNESCO designated her as the Goodwill Ambassador for the indigenous peoples.

Yalitza Arpaicio Lifestyle:

As at the time of writing, Yalitza Aparicio estimated to have a Net Worth of $1,000,000 US Dollars. The origin of Yalitza’s wealth stems from her earnings as “Cleo” in Roma.

However having a huge net worth, Yalitza lives a very conservative lifestyle. She is not the kind of celebrity who showcases her huge wealth (mansions, cars, etc) on social media. Truth is, she lives a life devoid of irrational spending, holding on to practical needs that don’t cost much.

Yalitza Aparicio Untold Facts:

Before we call it a wrap on Yalitza Aparicio’s childhood story and biography, here are lesser-known or untold facts about her.

Facts #1- Yalitza was not given a script for Roma:

Yalitza wasn’t given scripts or even a story for the film. Instead, she reacts to developments as they happened. The way the director of the movie setup up the film was a bit different, the chronological order method was adopted in film production. 

Facts #2- Second Mexican actress to be nominated for Academy Best Actress:

According to LA Times puts it, Yalitza is the second Mexican actress to be nominated for academy lead actress. The first was Salma Hayek for her role in “Frida.” More so, only six other Mexican actors and actresses have received acting nominations from the Academy.

Facts #3- How she killed her Nervousness:

Before the 2018 drama film “Roma“, Yaliza was a very nervous girl. Thankfully she was able to overcome this challenge after receiving advice from her elder sister, Edith Aparicio. According to Yaliza;

“Sometimes, when I’m surrounded by lots of people, I shake. I’m so nervous. Things changed after my sister told me — ‘Don’t stay quiet. Speak up, say things!. When you are in front of an audience or with a lot of people and feel nervous, try not to look in their eyes. Try to see above their heads, and then you won’t be so nervous”.

Facts #4- What is Yalitza Aparicio’s Religion:

The place she came from (Tlaxiaco) has an indigenous history tied to Catholicism which is the primary form of Christian religion practiced. Judging by this, we can say that there is a likelihood that Yalitza Aparicio’s parents had probably raised her in adherence to the Catholic religious faith.


In this final section of Yalitza Aparicio’s Biography, you’ll get to see her Wiki knowledge base. This helps you find several of Yalitza Aparicio’s facts in a concise and easy way.

Yalitza Aparicio Biography FactsWiki Answers
Full Name:Yalitza Aparicio Martínez.
Nickname:Cleo (based on the drama film, ROMA).
Date of Birth and age:11 December 1993 (age 26 at at March 2020).
Place of Birth:Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Parents:Raul Bautista Aparicio (Father) and Margarita Aparicio (Mother).
Elder Sister:Edith Aparicio.
Younger Siblings:3 (Two younger sisters and a younger brother).
Boyfriend:Andre Montes (likely future husband).
Height:5 Feet 2 Inches.
Body Weight: 57 kilograms (125 Pounds

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