Hunter Schafer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Hunter Schafer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Hunter Schafer Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Mac Schafer (Father), Katy Schafer Mother), Family Background, Boyfriend (Dominic  Fike), Siblings – Brother (Skye), Sister (Hannah, Tory), etc.

This article about Hunter Schafer also explains his Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, Education, Tattoo, Net Worth, Zodiac, Personal Life, and Salary Breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the full history of Hunter Schafer. This is the story of a girl who launched her modeling career at the tender age of 19. Overcoming numerous obstacles as a transgender individual, she was blessed with an exceptionally supportive and warm family that remained her steadfast pillar in every endeavor.

Childhood Biography gives you the story of a model, actress, and LGBTQ rights activist who is an icon and a role model for all trans people. She started acting in Euphoria after becoming a fashion model. She openly talks about her life as a trans person, saying, “I want people to know that I’m not a cis girl. I’m proud to be trans.”


Our version of Profile Hunter Schafer’s biography starts by revealing important events from her childhood. Next, we’ll explain her early career highlights. Finally, we’ll tell how Hunter Schafer rose to become one of the best models, actresses, and LGBTQ rights activists in her country.

Childhood Biography hopes to whet your autobiography appetite as you read this piece of Profile Hunter Schafer Biography. To begin doing that, let’s show you this gallery that tells a story – of her childhood days. Indeed, the young model and actress has come a long way in her amazing Life journey.

Behold Hunter Schater, from her childhood to the moment he became famous.
Behold Hunter Schater, from her childhood to the moment he became famous.


Yes, everyone knows Hunter Schafer as a transgender woman, a pastor’s daughter from North Carolina. Who is a model and also a famous artist, someone who stands up for LGBTQ rights, and a new star from HBO’s hit show, “Euphoria.”

 While writing stories about Nigerian Musicians (the category Profile X belongs to), we found a knowledge deficit. The truth is, not many fans have read Profile X’s Biography, which is quite interesting. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Hunter Schafer Childhood Story :

For Biography starters, the youngster bears the full name Hunter Schafer. Hunter was born on the 31st day of December 1998 to her Mother, Katy, and Father, Mac, in Trenton, New Jersey, United States of America.

She is the oldest child in her family, with two younger sisters and a brother. All children were born into the marital union between their Dad, Mac, and Mum, Katy.

Now, let’s introduce you to  Hunter Schafer’s Parents. Mac Schafer and Katy Schafer are indeed the most important people in her life.  Her parents’ help and positive attitude have greatly helped her become who she is today. Their acceptance and understanding were really important in making Hunter a successful and inspiring person.

Meet Mac Schafer and Katy Schafer, Hunter's Parents.
Meet Mac Schafer and Katy Schafer, Hunter’s Parents.

Growing-Up Years:

Mac and Katy Schafer raised their four children well in Trenton, New Jersey, US. Their first child, Hunter Schafer, is a caring older sister to her siblings.

Hunter Schafer early years on news Headlines Credit: KRQE.
Hunter Schafer early years on news Headlines Credit: KRQE.

As a child, Hunter loved drawing superheroes and making up their outfits and stories. She wanted to be a comic book artist because she liked drawing so much. Before high school, she started a sketchbook and used it to tell stories until she finished school.

Hunter was born as a boy in 1998 but started becoming a girl with hormone therapy when she was a young teen. This made things difficult for her at her co-ed arts school, UNCSA, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As a transgender girl, she used the women’s bathroom at school, but a new law called HB2 made that illegal. The law did let her and others like her use bathrooms that were for any gender.

Hunter said the law was dangerous for transgender people, especially those who don’t fit into usual gender roles. She worked with lawyers for many months, sharing her own life story for the court case. After the law was taken back, Hunter kept fighting for the rights of transgender people, which has become a part of her and a passion.

Hunter Schafer filed a lawsuit against North Carolina for their 'bathroom bill Credit: Popbuzz.
Hunter Schafer filed a lawsuit against North Carolina for their ‘bathroom bill Credit: Popbuzz.

Her dad serves as a minister in the Presbyterian Church, leading them to relocate among various churches and congregations in places like New Jersey Arizona, and eventually settling in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Hunter Schafer’s Early Life:

Schafer studied at an arts-focused high school in Raleigh, where she became known for her skills in painting and drawing. At the same time, she joined local LGBTQ+ groups and started figuring out her gender identity. When she was 16, she started hormone replacement therapy and told her friends and family that she was transgender.

After finishing high school, Schafer moved to New York City to become a model. Her unique style and looks quickly caught people’s attention, and she signed up with a top agency, Elite Model Management. She has modeled for famous designers like Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, and Helmut Lang and appeared in ads for brands like Calvin Klein and Versus Versace.

Hunter Schafer Family Background:

Born in Trenton, New Jersey, United States, in 1998, Hunter Schafer relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina, with her family at a tender age. She is the daughter of Katy and Mac Schafer and has three siblings. Her father serves as a pastor at the Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, which has notably shaped her formative years.

Meet Hunter's beautiful family Credit: Youtube.
Meet Hunter’s beautiful family Credit: Youtube.

Throughout her life, her parents have consistently backed her and fostered her interest in the arts from her early years. Katy Schafer, Hunter’s mom, works in healthcare as a biostatistician. She supports LGBTQ+ rights and her daughter’s activism. In 2019, she told Teen Vogue that they have supported Hunter from childhood and just want her to be happy.

The model and actress’s parents are proud of her achievements and support her as a transgender woman. They also back her acting and modeling work and have joined her at red carpet events. Her parents have been good role models and supporters in her life. They have helped her with her personal growth and activism. Their acceptance helped Hunter become the successful person she is now.

Given that her father is a well-known pastor and her mother is a diligent healthcare worker, it’s fair to say that Hunter did not grow up in a financially disadvantaged environment.

Hunter Schafer Family Origin:

She has a multifaceted heritage that encompasses German, Swiss, Dutch, Danish, English, and Cherokee Native American lineages.

Hunter Schafer Ethnicity:

Hunter Schafer is of White Caucasian descent and was born in Trenton, New Jersey, in the United States. Therefore, she possesses American nationality. However, there are not many details about her ethnicity.

Hunter Schafer Education:

Schafer completed her initial years of high school at Needham B. Broughton High School but later transferred to the North Carolina School of the Arts to finish her secondary education. In her senior year, she gained notable recognition as a semi-finalist in the highly regarded U.S. Presidential Scholars Program in 2017.

The ninth grade was a significant year for Hunter, as it was when she was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. When she hit puberty, she started feeling anxious about her gender identity. Being a transgender woman, Schafer speaks out on LGBT rights issues.

Hunter Schafer Career Buildup:

Shortly after Hunter Schafer completed high school, she embarked on a modeling career in New York, which lasted approximately a year to a year and a half. she had intentions of attending a fashion school, but towards the end of the modeling stint, her agency directed her towards an audition. The audition was for “Euphoria,” which turned out to be a fortunate and successful endeavor.

Hunter Schafer became a part of the show’s cast, which also included Zendaya, Maude Apatow, and Barbie Ferreira. Sam asks her to play Jules, who forms a tricky friendship with her new best friend, Rue, played by Zendaya.

Schafer’s first acting role as Jules changed her career plans. She enjoyed playing a character where being transgender wasn’t the main issue. She’s said in many interviews that there should be more roles where trans characters are dealing with other problems. Euphoria didn’t just change how Schafer saw her career, it also changed how she thought.

Hunter Schafer – Road to Fame Story:

Hunter Schafer started her career in New York City as a model for famous brands like Marc Jacobs and Dior. In 2017, Teen Vogue named her one of 21 girls under 21 who are making a big difference. She got her first TV role on the show Euphoria after responding to an audition posted on Instagram.

Hunter started her career in entertainment when she was only 16. She became well-known for playing Jules in the HBO show Euphoria.

Hunter Schafer on Her Moment of ‘Euphoria’ Credit: Variety.
Hunter Schafer on Her Moment of ‘Euphoria’ Credit: Variety.

At the conclusion of the first season, Hunter’s character, Jules, still grappled with past pains. Schafer expressed her desire for this struggle to be Jules’ focus in season 2. She wanted Jules to continue addressing her major issues and gradually resolving them. Schafer also felt that Jules should prioritize her own well-being and hoped this aspect would be incorporated into Euphoria’s second-season storyline.

Despite being young, Hunter Schafer has already received a lot of praise and has been nominated for many awards, such as the Primetime Emmy Award, the Shorty Award, and the Dorian Award.

Hunter Schafer- Rise to Fame Story:

Hunter Schafer began her modeling career at the ‘New York Fashion Week.’ After that, she started modeling for big brands like ‘Dior,’ ‘Tommy Hilfiger,’ and ‘Miu Miu.’ She also got to work with famous designers like Rick Owens and Vera Wang. She was featured in ‘Teen Vogue magazine, which even let her interview Hillary Clinton after she made it to their ’21 Under 21’ list.

Hunter Schafer was featured in The Hunger Games. Credit: Gadget360.
Hunter Schafer was featured in The Hunger Games. Credit: Gadget360.

Schafer’s prominence soared in 2019 when she secured the role of Jules Vaughn in the adolescent drama series ‘Euphoria.’ In the series, she shares screen space with actress and singer Zendaya, who portrays her friend Rue Bennett. While acting has brought her fame, Schafer affirms her interest in continuing her work as a model and hopes to work with her fashion role models in the future.

Who is Hunter Schafer’s Boyfriend:

Hunter Schafer is known for being discreet about her personal affairs. The star, who is a transgender woman, has shared in interviews that she is not interested in men and leans more towards being a lesbian, meaning she likes women.

Her character ‘Jules’ in the hit show ‘Euphoria’ reflects who she is in real life. She wants people to understand that being transgender is not a sickness, and she is proud of who she is. Yet rumors suggest that she might be in a relationship with her Euphoria castmate, Dominic Fike.

Meet Hunter's boyfriend, Dominic Fike. Credit: kossyderrickent
Meet Hunter’s boyfriend, Dominic Fike. Credit: kossyderrickent

Hunter and Dominic first met while filming the HBO show Euphoria. Hunter has been on the show since the first season, and Dominic came on board in the second season. Dominic seemed to confirm their relationship a month after they were seen at dinner together. He posted a picture of him and Hunter kissing, which looked like a late birthday post.

Hunter and Dominic were first seen together on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscars party in March. However, they haven’t said anything about their relationship in public.

About her Boyfriend, Dominic Fike :

Dominic Fike, hailed from the United States, was born on the 30th day of December 1995 in Naples, Florida, United States. He is an acclaimed singer-songwriter and actor. His initial rise to fame was due to a collection of songs he posted on a website that attracted considerable attention.

Meet Dominic Fike, Hunter's boyfriend, a renowned Singer-Songwriter and Actor. Credit: Euphoria.
Meet Dominic Fike, Hunter’s boyfriend, a renowned Singer-Songwriter and Actor. Credit: Euphoria.

Fike was raised alongside three siblings: a younger brother named Alex, a sister called Apollonia often referred to as Apple, and an elder brother, Sean.

Fike has American, Filipino, and Haitian roots. He graduated from Estero High School in 2014 and learned to play the guitar when he was ten, with the Chili Peppers’ songs as his practice.

Growing up, his parents weren’t around a lot, so he and his brothers looked after each other. His mother’s jail time meant he lived in various homes, including with his older brother, relatives, and family friends. Fike’s childhood was adventurous, and he and his friends often explored a wooded area near their home they named the “Forest of Avalon.

Personal Life:

From our research, She frequently interacts with her followers on various digital platforms, providing a glimpse into her personal life, artistic endeavors, and future works. Aside from her career, she loved watching people’s stories on YouTube the most and also loved to do artwork.

Hunter Exploring the Digital Life and Artistic Passions for Artworks
Hunter Exploring the Digital Life and Artistic Passions for Artworks

Hunter Schafer Lifestyle :

The model and actress from Euphoria, who also represents Shiseido, talks about her new beauty interests, which go beyond her TV image. She can be described as a complete individual who likes to live an extravagant life.

 Hunter Schafer Cars:

Hunter Schafer is the proud owner of a Cadillac Escalade, a popular choice among performers for its combination of luxury and comfort. The car collection, valued at $160,000, includes a Mercedes CLS 550 at $50,000 and a Cadillac Escalade at $110,00

Hunter's choices of cars
Hunter’s choices of cars

Hunter Schafer Family Life:

Hunter Schafer came into the world on December 31, 1998, in Raleigh, North Carolina, as the child of Katy and Mac Schafer. Throughout her life, her parents have been steadfast in their support and have actively nurtured her artistic interests from a tender age. She also has three siblings, a brother and two sisters, and her family has loved and supported each other. In this part of Hunter Schafer’s life story, we look at her family, starting with her father.

About Hunter Schafer Father:

Hunter’s dad, Mac Schafer, is a pastor at a church in Raleigh and supports Hunter’s transgender identity. He has shared about learning to accept and understand this. In a 2019 interview, he said that he’s learned that gender isn’t the same as biological sex and that it isn’t just male or female.

Meet "Mac Schafer: A Pastor Learning to Understand and Support His Transgender Child, Hunter." Credit: Thenews&observer
Meet “Mac Schafer: A Pastor Learning to Understand and Support His Transgender Child, Hunter.” Credit: Thenews&observer

About Hunter Schafer’s Mother

Hunter’s mother, Katy Schafer, is a professional biostatistician in the healthcare field. She has been a fervent supporter of LGBTQ+ causes and has openly backed her daughter’s activism.

In a conversation with Teen Vogue in 2019, Katy discussed her daughter’s personal journey, expressing, “From her early childhood, we’ve accompanied her on this path, and our primary wish has always been her happiness and comfort in her identity.”

Meet Hunter's mom, Katy Schafer, a very caring and supportive mother. Credit: fpcraleigh.
Meet Hunter’s mom, Katy Schafer, a very caring and supportive mother. Credit: fpcraleigh.

About Hunter Schafer Siblings

The youngster has three siblings: two sisters (Hannah, Tory) and a brother(Skye); however, not much is known about  Hunter Schafer’s siblings. She also has a sister, Hannah Schafer, and people often see them together in public.

People recognize Hannah because of her famous sister, Hunter. She shared a picture with Hunter on Instagram in February 2023, saying, “When in Milan.”

Meet Hunter's sister Hannah
Meet Hunter’s sister Hannah

About Hunter Schafer Relatives:

The famous model and actress has aunts and uncles from her mom’s and dad’s side. They likely support her privately despite not being mentioned in public. Furthermore, her grandparents take immense pride in her accomplishments.

Untold Facts:

 In the concluding section of Hunter Schafer’s Biography, we’ll unveil more facts you might not know about him. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

“Before Hunter Schafer started acting, she was a well-known model. She has worked for big brands like Dior, Miu Miu, and Marc Jacobs. Away from her career, she loves to hang out and attend parties with her loved ones, most especially Zendaya, who is her good friend, and are often seen together on their social media pages.

Meet Zendaya Hunter's closest friend. Credit: Popbuzz
Meet Zendaya Hunter’s closest friend. Credit: Popbuzz

When Hunter Schafer is not busy with ‘Euphoria’ or spending time with Zendaya, she loves to travel. She especially likes driving in North Carolina’s mountains. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she went on a road trip from Los Angeles to North Carolina in a new truck.

Hunter Schafer’s Net worth

Hunter’s modeling career has seen her collaborate with numerous fashion houses, leading to a substantial accumulation of wealth from her work in fashion and now television. Her primary sources of earnings are through her modeling and acting careers, with no other significant streams of revenue.

As per information acquired from various sources, Hunter’s total net worth stood at $6 Million, Monthly Income $25,000. Given her involvement in several promising projects on the horizon, it’s expected that her net worth will see an upward trend in the coming year.

Hunter Schafer Religion :

Explain your thoughts on your profile’s religion. Have you seen them in places of worship? Is there any childhood photo of them worshipping? What are their views on religion? Are they vocal about religion?

Wiki Summary :

This table breaks down the content of Hunter Schafer’s Biography.

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Hunter Schafer has proved herself as a remarkable and impactful presence in the world of entertainment. She has effectively utilized her previous modeling experiences, especially in her remarkable performance in the hit show “Euphoria,” winning over audiences worldwide. From her stylish individuality to her advocacy work, Schafer’s multifaceted life and career make her an intriguing personality.

Her story of transition and life as a transgender woman serves as a source of encouragement and strength for many, simultaneously challenging traditional norms and eradicating prejudices. As her influence continues to grow in the entertainment field, it is evident that Schafer’s career trajectory is only heading upward.

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