Cooper Kupp Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Cooper Kupp Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Cooper Kupp Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Father (Craig Marion Kupp), Mother (Karin Kupp), Family Background, Wife (Anna Marie Croskrey), Siblings – Brother (Ketner Kupp), Sister (Katrina Kupp), Grandparents (Jake Kupp and Carla Kupp), Uncle (Jeff Kupp), etc.

This article about Kupp also explains his Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, Education, Tattoo, etc. More so, the athlete’s Salary Breakdown, Net Worth, Zodiac, Personal Life, and Salary Breakdown, etc.

This is the life story of the young American whose family is one of only five in NFL history to have three ancestors selected in the sport. Was Cooper going to live up to the name his father, Craig Kupp, and his grandfather, Jake Kupp, left behind? We will see.


Our version of Cooper Kupp’s Bio begins by unveiling notable events of his boyhood years. Next, we’ll explain the fantastic receiver’s early career. Finally, we’ll tell how Kupp rose to become one of his country’s NFL Football wide receivers.

Childhood Biography hopes to whet your autobiography appetite as you read this piece of Cooper Kupp’s Biography. To begin going that, let’s show you this gallery that tells a story – of his childhood to national team rise. 

Cooper kupp Biography- from his boyhood to when he became famous.
Cooper kupp Biography- from his boyhood to when he became famous.

Everyone knows him as a wide receiver with a three-year letter-win in football. He, a one-hit wonder, led his high school Davis to victory and won the State Tournament championship four times during his senior year. And he received the offensive player of the year award.

Yet we found a knowledge deficit when writing the story about the amazing footballer. The truth is, only some fans have read about Cooper Kupp’s Bio. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Cooper Kupp Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nicknames “Clutch Kupp and white rice.” And his full names are Cooper Douglas Kupp. The footballer was born on the 15th of June, 1993 to his Mother, Karin Kupp, and Father, Craig Marion Kupp, in Washington, U.S.

The master Pro NFL player arrived as the firstborn of 2 children. All the kids were born into a marital union between their parents- Craig Kupp (Father), and Karin Kupp (Mother). Although they never gave their son the world’s riches, the spirit of reverence was their gift to him.

Cooper Kupp's Parent with wonderful smile Father- Craig Marion Kupp- Karin Kupp
Cooper Kupp’s Parent with wonderful smile Father- Craig Marion Kupp- Karin Kupp

Growing- Up:

Cooper Kupp was born in Yakima in Washington, Dc. The young lad came from a house that had athletes. In history, his one of only five in the NFL family to have three generations selected in the draft. That is why you can see from his early childhood that he already had sports gear.

A Rare Childhood Photo of Cooper in his NFLF gear.
A Rare Childhood Photo of Cooper in his NFLF gear.

White rice didn’t grow up as an only child. Cooper Kupp’s siblings are Katrina Kupp (sister) Kobe Kupp and Ketner Kupp (brothers). These three have been with the NFL sports star from his early years. And as kids, they have made so many memories together.

There are cases where siblings grow up without respect and love among themselves. But that’s not the case for the Kupp boys. As the photo shows, they loved and treated their only sister like a princess.

Behold the Kupp Siblings - Katrina in front, with Kobe, Ketner, and Cooper Behind her.
Behold the Kupp Siblings – Katrina in front, with Kobe, Ketner, and Cooper Behind her.

Douglas was very close to all members of his family. But most especially Cooper Kupp’s mother Karin Kupp, and his little sister, Karin was his world. It is very typical. After all, the boys are attached to the females in the house.

If there are words to describe how the footballer grew up, the answer is the wide receiver had a loving household. Cooper Kupp’s parents and siblings were in harmony, and Yakiama, their hometown, was also peaceful.

Early Life:

Cooper Kupp didn’t chance upon his career at all. It is vital to note that the American comes from a family of footballers. Jake Kupp, his grandfather, and his father, Craig Kupp, left a legacy in NFL sports before retiring.

So Clutch Kupp is making the third generation to follow in their footsteps. Thus, you can imagine that football was in his bloodline with such people in his family. And that is why from childhood, his career began.

Young Cooper with his fellow sportsman at an early age.
Young Cooper with his fellow sportsman at an early age.

The days the first son saw his father on the field as he played the quarterback was his favourite moments. Yet, we need to find out if he got to see his grandfather in action. Nonetheless, the photos of the former legend must have put Cooper into action.

The wide receiver didn’t need other athletes to be his idol but his household. Imagine getting your dad and granddad to train him for his role in NFL. It is indeed it is Cooper Kupp’s family legacy, and he wanted to continue the line.

Copper Kupp Family Background:

Firstly his father was an athlete in the NFL. And Craig Kupp was a quarterback in football. Cooper Kupp’s father was a former New York Giants QB who was paid a handsome fee during his time in the sport. And he retired gracefully as his name was in the hall of fame.

After retirement, Cooper Kupp’s dad went into pastoring full-time. While there is no exact knowledge of what his mother does for a living. We can conclude that Karin Kupp was a supportive wife and mom.

Cooper Kupp’s family didn’t come from a low-income level. However, his parent’s resources were available for his use in his career. But the noble son insisted on working for his money and building his legacy.

Copper Kupp Family Origin:

The Pro Electric wide receiver holds American nationality. Which is the same for Cooper Kupp’s parents- Craig and Karen Kupp. He was born in Yakima in Washington, the United States. Here is the map that shows the family’s origin.

The hometown of the NFL Reciever.
The hometown of the NFL Reciever.

What do we have about Cooper Kupp’s birthplace? Firstly, Yakima is a city in Washington. It’s in the fertile Yakima Valley, known for its wineries and apple orchards. The Museum has exhibits on local history, including wooden wagons in the 1930s.

Cooper Kupp’s ethnicity:

This Californian-born athlete has an interesting ancestry. Cooper Kupp’s family has German and Norwegian lineage from his father’s side. So this makes the receiver a white American.

Cooper Kupp Education:

The future NFL star attended and graduated from Davis High School in Yakima, Washington. It is the center that Cooper Kupp’s parents chose for their first son. It was initially known as the North Yakima High school. And is the second senior secondary center in his hometown.

The Learning Center Cooper Kupp's Parents go to when he was of age.
The Learning Center Cooper Kupp’s Parents go to when he was of age.

While in school, just like Cooper Kupp’s father (Craig) was in football and basketball. And he joined his school team, which is the Davies boys. But Douglas concentrated more on his favourite sport earning him a massive title.

Cooper Kupp Biography – Early Career Life:

The newbie athlete played wide receiver and defensive back at Davis High school. Douglas finished his senior season with 60 receptions and 18 touchdowns. At first, the NFL star received no scholarship but later got an offer from Eastern Washington and Idaho State.

Kupp with his teammates as he holds his ball.
Kupp with his teammates as he holds his ball.

Kupp won the Offensive Scout Team Player of the Year. In the 2013 season, Cooper was named to the All-Big Sky Conference First-team and received the conference’s first-ever freshman of the year award.

Douglas was the first freshman to be named first-team All-American. And on January 9, 2014, the College Football Performance also honoured him with the 2013 FCS Wide Receiver Award. The athlete was excellent on his pitch, like his father, Craig Kupp, and his grandfather, Jake.

Cooper Kupp Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Although this player came from a legendary NFL family, it wasn’t a smooth ride for him. Despite his performance, coaches had no eyes on him for most of his early career. Cooper Kupp’s parents didn’t use their influence to build a mansion for their child. It must have been difficult for him not to get the first-class treatment as expected.

Cooper also wanted to avoid accepting financial help from his parents. Nonetheless, it is a good quality it provided some hurdles for the newbie. So he had to work and at the same time go to his training.

Regardless of the obstacles, Kupp attended the 2017 Senior Bowl. NFL analyst Bucky Brooks stated Craig’s son was the top performer at the Bowl. And at the end of the pre-draft, he was projected to be the eighth-best wide receiver by experts and scouts.

What’s more? On the 9th of June 2017, the Rams signed Kupp to a four-year, $3.83 million deal with a signing bonus of $954,760. And the Pro Football Writers Association also named Cooper Douglas to the 2017 All-Rookie Team. And the Pro Football Writers Association also named Cooper Douglas to the 2017 All-Rookie Team.

Cooper Kupp Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

After his first three seasons in the NFL, Washington signed a three-year, $48 million contract extension with the Rams. The Eastern Washington teammate finished the 2020 season with 92 receptions for 974 yards.

Cooper Kupp was named NFC Offensive Player of the Month for September and October. While he scored his first career Super Bowl touchdown, an 11-yard reception. While receiving three crowns in his name.

Behold Cooper the NFL king with his crowns on him.
Behold Cooper the NFL king with his crowns on him.

And the Davis alums won the Super Bowl MVP. While together with T. J. Watt and Davante Adams, he was ranked fourth on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2022.

When writing this Bio, Cooper has won the NFC championship twice. Become the PFWA NFL Player of the Year (2021), an All-American four times, etc. The receiver is tolling the path of victory like Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes. And the rest is history, they said.

Cooper Kupp Wife – Anna Marie Croskrey:

There is only one woman the NFL star has been in love with all his life. And it is no other than Anna Marie Croskery, his friend from early childhood. Here is the photo of the footballer’s wag.

Meet Kupp's Girlfriend, Marie.
Meet Kupp’s Girlfriend, Marie.

Anna Croskery was born on the 22nd of March 1994 in Kennewick, Washington. And her parents are Nathan and Veronica Croskrey. With three siblings, Matthew and Aaron, and a girl named Sarah.

Moreso, Cooper Kupp’s girlfriend is also an alumnus of Richland High School in Richland. Besides, she also has a degree in Public relations from Eastern Washington University. In the cause of the research, we also found that Anna is also into sports in track and field events.

The wide receiver decided to join NFL stars like Russell Wilson and Devante Adams to become a husband. After proposing to his girlfriend, they exchanged their vows at an exquisite Oakshire Estate & Airfield wedding. Cooper Kupp’s parents and his siblings were also present.

Photograph of Kupp's wedding.
Photograph of Kupp’s wedding.

Cooper Kupp’s Children:

The footballer has two amazing kids. His firstborn is Cypress Stellar Kupp, a girl. While the second son is Cooper Jameson Kupp. Cypress Stellar Kupp was born in 2018 in the United States of America. See the photos of Cooper Kupp’s children here.

His amazing kid Cooper Jameson Kupp and Cypress Stellar Kupp
His amazing kid Cooper Jameson Kupp and Cypress Stellar Kupp

The American Los Angeles enjoys a healthy marriage with his wife and kids. After hard work on the field, Cooper Kupp’s family is all the athlete wishes to spend time with.

Personal Life:

Before we proceed to get to know more about the NFL superstar. Who is Cooper Kupp?

The 2021 offensive player of the year isn’t one of the best receivers for nothing. That’s because he works out a lot by training his body to become a beast on the field.

Kupp is always training his body to be fit and healthy.
Kupp is always training his body to be fit and healthy.

Craig Kupp’s first son adores his wife and two kids outside the field. If you go through his social media account, almost his family fills his entire photos. Let’s remember the dog in the house, that is also a part of their lives.

Also, the sportsman takes a break by golfing with his buddies. After all, research shows it helps reduce stress and anxiety. As well as increasing the mental ability of the player.

Simply put, Kupp is always concerned about the career that has brought him to the limelight. That is why the NFL athlete trains his body after hanging out with his family.

Cooper Kupp Lifestyle:

The pro wide receiver loves spending time with his family and loved ones. Moreso the American footballer gets to have a wholesome vacation with his wife, Anna Croskery. As the image shows the couple enjoys each other’s company.

Photograph of him having a good time with his family, what an amazing Lifestyle.
Photograph of him having a good time with his family, what an amazing Lifestyle.

Cooper kupp’s Car:

The NFL Player loves good and flashy cars. That is why he has a massive car McLaren 720S which is worth $305,000 To 318,000 million Dollars. The machine almost looks like a mini-jet as he sits in it.

His car McLaren 720S
His car McLaren 720S

Douglas loves the good things in life. And that is why he puts all his efforts to make sure his wife, Anna, and his children, Cooper Jameson Kupp and Cypress Stellar Kupp be comfortable as long as money can buy them.

Cooper Kupp Family Life:

So far in this bio, you have no doubt that the wide receiver got his talents from his generations. This means that the probability of becoming a footballer in another family would have been impossible.

The Kupp Household always show up for their son and brother.
The Kupp Household always show up for their son and brother.

Thus, we can agree that Cooper Kupp’s family gave his whole career with their sacrifices. Hence he owes them his success, so let’s get to know more about them. As we begin from the head of the home- his dad.

About Cooper Kupp’s Father :

Craig Kupp is also into sports but is retired. He was born on April 14, 1967 (age 55), in Sunnyside, Washington. Cooper Kupp’s dad attended Selah High School, where he competed in football, basketball, and tennis. Moreso, He was a former NFL quarterback.

Copper Kupp's dad - Craig Kupp with a wonderful smile.
Copper Kupp’s dad – Craig Kupp with a wonderful smile.

Cooper Kupp’s father had a fifth-round draft pick by the New York Giants in 1990. Before playing for the Phoenix Cardinals and the Dallas Cowboys in 1991. In a word, the head of the home had an imposing record in football before retiring.

Even with the end of service in sports, Cooper Kupp’s dad continued being active. Instead, he volunteered his time to God as a pastor. At the same time helping his son’s future in his favourite game.

About Cooper Kupp’s Mother:

The pro player’s mom is Mrs Karin Kupp. She was a part of the women’s soccer team from 1987 to 1990. Moreso. Cooper Kupp’s mother is his favourite in the family. Most of the time, they are always playing and having fun with each other, so you wouldn’t think they are mom and son.

See how comfortable Cooper is playing with his mother, Karin.
See how comfortable Cooper is playing with his mother, Karin.

Cooper Kupp’s mother was also enshrined in the Lute Hall of Fame. At the time of writing this bio, she works as a fitness teacher. Karin has instilled the fear of God in her son, and today they are the bedrock of his foundation.

About Cooper Kupp’s Brother:

The super bowl MVP’s younger sibling is Ketner Kupp. Not surprising he is also a player in the NFL sport. Moreso, Cooper Kupp’s brother was born on November 15, 1996. See him in the image here.

Behold Coopers' Brother Ketner Kupp.
Behold Coopers’ Brother Ketner Kupp.

Ketner’s position is a linebacker for Eastern Washington. And the Los Angeles Rams signed him as a free agent in 2019. Cooper Kupp’s brother took part in training camp and preseason games. With him in the game, his offspring will likely make it the fourth generation in the NFL.

About Cooper Kupp’s Sister:

The Walter Wayne 2015 award winner’s only sister’s name is Katrina Kupp. She is an alumnus of Davis High School. Also, the only girl in the Kupp family won the Columbia Basin First-Team All-Conference honours.

But, while everyone adores the MVP athlete, here is what Katrina says about her older brother. Apparently not only are his fans awestruck by their favorite sportsman, but his sister is also his number one follower.

Undoubtedly, Cooper Kupp’s sister is obviously on the career path because of her brother. And the super bowl footballer always makes sure his sister has everything

About Cooper Kupp’s Grandparents:

Jake Kupp and Carla Kupp are the grandmamma and dad of the offensive player of the year. The NFL history in the family wouldn’t be possible without Cooper Kupp’s grandparents. Before we continue any further, see them in the image here.

The Living Legends-Cooper's grandparents, Jake, and Carla Kupp.
The Living Legends-Cooper’s grandparents, Jake, and Carla Kupp.

The MVP’S grandfather is 78 years old and is also an NFL legend. Moreso, he was a lineman for the University of Washington. Before he got drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 1964 NFL.

While Cooper Kupp’s grandmother was born and raised in Sunnyside, Washington. Carla Kupp is 76-year-old is a devoted Christian who loves going to church every time.

Untold Facts:

In the concluding section of Cooper kupp’s Biography, we’ll unveil more facts you might not know about him. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Cooper Kupp’s Salary/ Net-worth:

The NFL super player is a teammate of the Los Angeles Rams that is part of the National Football League. The footballer has a current Net Worth of around $3 million as of 2023.

In addition to the signing bonus, among other sources like endorsements. Without a doubt, Cooper Kupp’s net worth comes from his recently renewed contract with the LA Rams. Per his renewed contract with the team, Douglas gets a yearly salary of $15,750,000.

Cooper Kupp’s Religion:

The 2021 offensive player of the year isn’t only famous for his profession but his family’s faith. From his grandfather, Jake, down to his dad, Craig, are all lovers of God. Here is one of the photos of them praying before a meal together.

See how the entire household bows together to pray before a meal.
See how the entire household bows together to pray before a meal.

Cooper Kupp’s family shows that praying together makes staying together the glue bonding. So even after becoming wealthy adults, Cooper and his wife, Anna never left the Christian faith.

Cooper Kupp’s Tattoos:

Because of his religion, the NFL receiving player has no drawings on his body. So Cooper is not among athletes like Odell Beckham and Aaron Donald, who are footballers with inks.

Wiki Summary :

This table breaks down the content of Cooper Kupp’s Biography.

Full Name:Cooper Douglas Kupp
Nickname:Clutch Kupp and white rice
Date of Birth:15th of June, 1993
Place of Birth:Yakima in Washington, Dc
Proffession:American football (Wide Reciever)
Age:30 years and 10 months old.
Education:Davis High School in Yakima, Washington
Father:Craig Kupp (Father)
Mother:Karin Kupp (Mother)
Siblings:Katrina Kupp (sister) Kobe Kupp and Ketner Kupp (brothers)
Sun Sign (Zodiac):Cancer
Height:1.88 m
Wife:Anna Marie Croskery
Children:Cypress Stellar Kupp, a girl. While the second son is Cooper Jameson Kupp
Net Worth:3 million dollars


Cooper Kupp was born in Yakima, Washington, U.S. June 15, 1993. And his mother is Karin Kupp while his dad is Craig Kupp. The footballer has two siblings- Ketner Kupp and Katrina Kupp. While other sources add Kobe Kupp as an additional brother.

Douglas is an NLF player who is playing for the Los Angeles Rams. The athlete started playing football at the age of 9. Cooper Kupp’s dad was the one who gave him his first lessons in the game.

Jake Kupp, was an ex-offensive lineman for the University of Washington. That is to say, Cooper Kupp’s family are all athletes. Craig Marion Kupp is a former American quarterback in the football leagues.

Moreso, Douglas attended and graduated from Davis High School in Yakima in 2012. And has many awards to his name- Super Bowl champion (LVI), First-team All-Pro (2021), and Jerry Rice Award (2013) to mention a few.

Additionally, Cooper Kupp’s wife is Anna Croskrey and they have two wonderful kids. Their first daughter Cypress Stellar Kupp and Cooper Jameson Kupp. While his nationality is American.

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Kindly let us know via comments if you notice anything that doesn’t look right in this memoir about the NFL star who Rams owe a finer send off.

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