Trevor Noah Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Trevor Noah Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Trevor Noah Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriends, Lifestyle, Net Worth, and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, this is a Life Story of a South African comedian. We start from his boyhood days, to when he became famous.

You probably know Trevor Noah as a hilarious stand-up comic or perhaps as a best-selling author. Be inspired as you follow through his life story.

Trevor Noah Childhood Story:


For beginners of his Biography, Trevor Noah was born on the 20th of February 1984, in the Soweto township of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality in South Africa to a black South African mother and a white European father.

Their union was illegal as the country was buried amid apartheid at that time. Noah’s parents tried to maintain their relationship secretly.

Nevertheless, his mother would face jail time and fines throughout his childhood while young Noah hid from the authorities.

It was a reign where racial oppression and segregation was the order of the day. The racial oppression was the destructive, racist system that Nelson Mandela fought against so hard.

Early Life and Growing-up years:

In accordance to the apartheid system, Noah was ‘coloured’. Once upon a time, his mum would throw him out of a commercial vehicle because she thought the driver, who is from another South African tribe, was going to kill him.

He always felt trouble fitting in because it was a crime to be born as a mixed-race baby. When in public, Noah’s mother would act like she wasn’t his mother to avoid arrest.

As a result making Noah often confused and in conflict with his society throughout his growing-up years.

Noah’s peers also took note that he could speak several languages fluently, imitate accents effortlessly, and had big ambitions for his career.

Trevor Noah Family Background:

While Trevor’s father lived comfortably in a nice neighborhood of Johannesburg, Trevor grew up with his mother’s family in the miserable black township of Soweto; because his mother found it difficult in caring for him alone. His Grand Mum, Nomalizo Frances Noah, practically raised him.

They experienced deep poverty with little to nothing except for the hope of a better tomorrow.

Trevor Noah Family Origin:

Noah’s mum, Patricia, is a black Xhosa, South African native with a Jewish ancestry while his Dad, Robert Noah, is a white European of Swiss-German descent; making Noah a multiracial personality.

He didn’t look at all like his dark-skinned mother and grandmother, and so the neighbours were convinced he was someone else’s child.

Trevor Noah is a polyglot; he speaks six (6) to eight (8) languages including English, German, Xhosa, isiZulu, Sotho and Afrikaans.

Trevor Noah Education:

Attending a variety of schools gave Noah a variety of educational experiences; especially in getting along with diverse groups of people.

At the end of Apartheid through his Mum’s job, Trevor Noah was able to attend a private, elite Catholic School (Maryland College Primary School). The school had kids who were black, white Indian, and colored.

Trevor Noah the Prankster:

Noah enjoyed being naughty and pulling pranks on others. Sometimes, he’d even pull pranks on his whole school. Once, he removed all the magnifying glasses from the classroom projectors.

Trevor Noah Expelled:

His education wasn’t always a smooth experience. Noah had to be expelled from Catholic school for bringing a knife for protection against bullies.

However, that wasn’t his first offense. Noah had to be disciplined often while in the Catholic school.

Noah didn’t care about being expelled. His mother taught him to question authority, and he did so eagerly. He saw Catholic school as a microcosm of apartheid: strictly enforced rules and power based on conjecture.

Noah Switches Schools:

After sixth grade, Noah changed schools, going to a government school instead. It was the first time he realized that people could occupy the same space and not be together.

White kids played together. Black kids played together. And there Noah was, in the middle with no group.

An Indian kid from his class took pity on Noah and befriended him. He took him around to the various black groups and had him speak their languages.

The black students wanted to know how he knew their tongues, and Noah said it was because he was black.

Trevor Noah’s High School:

Noah started eighth grade at Sandringham High School, a school mixed with different races and run like a charter school in America.

The school was large and represented every race of South Africa. He mostly hung out with the poor black students, but never got to see them outside of school.

Career Build-up:

Despite his traumatic experiences, Noah would find refuge in comedy and acting at an early age. He was quite ambitious and got his TV debut on a South African soap opera when he was still a teenager.

Some of his experiences growing up would become the subject of Noah’s comedic work, which would often look at the racial dynamics of his native country. Noah’s peers noted that the young performer had big ambitions for his career.

Trevor Noah Biography – Road to Fame:

Playing a minor role in an episode of a South African TV program called ‘Isidingo,’ saw the start of Noah’s Career at eighteen (18) years of age. Following, was the hosting of his youth-oriented radio show titled ‘Noah’s Ark’ on YFM.

Noah went on to host the educational TV series ‘Run The Adventure’ on SABC 2 from 2004 to 2006. Soon after, he served as the host few other Tv series and dating game show. He eventually got his TV show entitled Tonight with Trevor Noah.

Throughout his career, he’s continued to distinguish himself. His skill and talent blossomed, and Noah became one of the leading figures of stand-up comedy in his country. In 2011, he relocated to the United States.

Trevor Noah Bio – Rise to Fame:

Reaching a new milestone in his comedy career, Noah emerged the first South African stand-up comedian ever to perform on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 6th January 2012 and going on to hold the same distinction on The Late Show with David Letterman the following year, 17th May 2013.

At the end of 2014, he made his first appearance as a contributor for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Soon after, he had to replace Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show. He’s won multiple awards for his work on the show since his taking over.

Noah had to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2017. He has performed all over his native South Africa as a comedian in events and programs. Also touring in the United States and internationally as well.

Does Trevor Noah have a girlfriend? A wife? Anyone special?:

The answer to these questions is a bit complicated, but we assure to help you break it down.

Before he left South Africa, Trevor Noah was in a relationship with Dani Gabriel. They started dating in 2014 at a time, but they went their separate ways due to Trevor’s busy lifestyle.

In 2015, Trevor Noah started dating another lady, Jordyn Taylor, and which seemed they were a perfect match to many. Unfortunately, in 2018, Jordyn and Noah’s relationship came to a halt.

As of September 2020, FoxNews reported that Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly are in a ‘serious’ relationship and both are said to be living together.


About Trevor Noah Girlfriend, Dani Gabriel:

Dani Gabriel is a successful self-practising physiotherapist. Dani Gabriel supported Noah’s success and would travel around with Trevor anytime he was on tour.

The two lovebirds appeared to be happy and enjoying each other. Despite the split, according to her social media posts, Gabriel remains interested in his success.

Trevor Noah’s Girlfriend, Jordyn Taylor:

Based on the careers of Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor, both of them seemed a perfect match.

Trevor was Jordyn’s first serious relationship since she lost her beloved fiancé Vin Giuliano. Jordyn Taylor is a talented model and singer, with several song titles topping the Music Charts.

She is also a real estate agent with a net worth estimated to be around $2 million; her primary source of income is singing.

Trevor even took Jordyn to his native South Africa to meet his mother, brothers and grandmother. The reasons behind the breakup is not known, but according to Taylor, she loves Trevor so much.

Trevor is reportedly currently living in a two-bedroom apartment in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen; Jordyn’s home town from which he is hosting the “Daily Show” for the duration of the Corona Virus pandemic. We kind of smell something fishing.

Is Trevor Noah married?

Since Jordyn Taylor, Trevor Noah has publicly remained single, making himself a most eligible bachelor.

In an interview on The Howard Stern Show, Trevor Noah opened up on his attitude to love and marriage, sharing that he’s not opposed to marriage, he is just against living together.

In August 2019, it is reported that the comedian had spent $20 million on a Bel-Air bachelor pad (a home for bachelors).

His divergent views provide some insight into his decision to remain a bachelor. While he’s not ready to share his life with anyone yet, he’s not making a compromise on his happiness either.

Trevor Noah Family Life:

Although his family is not the conventional family setting that society conforms to; with father, mother, and children.

Trevor Noah would say that most of his life was and still is influenced by the values instilled in him by his parents. Especially his Grandmother, who practically raised him despite the deep want of resources.

Trevor’s Noah Father:

Robert Noah, who is Trevor’s Dad, was present in his life for a short time. The Super Dad is a white Swiss-German who was not allowed to be with his son in public due to the apartheid system in South Africa at that time. He moved to Cape Town when Trevor was just 13 years old, losing contact with Trevor.

Trevor would say later on that going to his father’s place felt like going to Disneyland and losing touch weighed him down.

Trevor reunited with his dad in his early 20s. His father showed him that he cared for his son, proving it with an album. The collection contained cutouts from newspapers over the years, showing Trevor blossoming as a comedian.

Trevor Noah’s Mother:

Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah, Trevors Mum, is a native of South Africa from the Xhosa tribe. She is a fiercely religious woman, stubborn, fearless, and an extraordinary teacher.

Also, she took her son to churches, a prayer meeting, Bible study and youth church, even when most blacks were cowering in their homes.

She later got married to a black South African, Abel Shigange. Trevor pays homage to the strength of his mother—who has quite a comedic presence herself—in a book titled, Born a Crime. He learnt a lot from his “Gangster” Mom as he would tell Oprah Winfrey.

Trevor Noah’s Grand Mother:

Nomalizo Frances Noah is Trevor’s granny. She has three (3) children and nine (9) grandchildren. Nomalizo practically raised Trevor and talks about him with a lot of fondness in her voice. She is a retired factory worker, and she housed Trevor and his cousins while growing up.

About Trevor Noah’s Stepfather:

Trevor Noah’s stepdad is Abel Ngisaveni Shigange. He was a mechanic who owned a workshop. Even though he was calm and straightforward to get along with, he could turn violent and dangerous in anger. He had two (2) Sons with Trevor’s mother.

His marriage to Patricia turned sour, and so Trevor’s mum got engaged in 2009. Abel found out that she was to get married to another man.

Filled with jealousy, he went to Patricia’s house and shot her twice, his two sons being present. He was arrested and pleaded guilty to the attempted murder charges.

About Trevor Noah’s Siblings:

Trevor Noah has two stepbrothers; Andrew and Isaac. Both of them are the sons of Abel Ngisaveni. Andrew played a vital role in saving his mother’s life when their father shot her.

Being 15 years of age, when the mom had a gunshot, he carried her body, which was gushing with blood, into the car and rushed her to the hospital even though he didn’t know how to drive very well.

This quick thinking on his part might have been what saved their mother from death, writes Trevor in his award-winning book,’Born a crime’.

About Trevor Noah’s Relatives:

Noah must have had Aunt(s) and Uncle(s) since his grandmum had Three (3) children. Not much is known of his cousins, but we know that Trevor and his cousins would share the couch while living with his mothers family.

Personal Life:

Just a little redirection away from Noah’s career life, we get to see that he loves soccer and is a massive supporter of Liverpool. He admits the honour of meeting one of his favourite players Mohamed Salah at a Reds’ pre-season fixture in New Jersey in 2018.

One of his favourite things to do is make people laugh. He is active on social media and with a significant presence on Twitter (@trevornoah) and Facebook. He also loves listening to music, taking pictures which he frequently posts on social media.

His Favorite Food includes Non-Vegetarian foods, while Yellow stone and Rome are his favorite Destination. Bole and Space cadet are his favorite colours. He loves sports cars too.

Trevor Noah Lifestyle:

It is known that the 36-year-old comedian, earns from his professional career as a screenwriter, comedian and TV Host. With earnings of a staggering USD 28 million per annum, according to Forbes in 2019, Trevor Noah has become the fourth highest-paid comedian in the world.

He has a net worth estimated to be $40 million US dollars as at the time of this writing.
For his love for sports cars, Trevor Noah currently rides a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ; worth $600000 US dollars.

He also owns a 10,044-square-foot home in pricey Bel Aire for a whopping $20.5 million US dollars.

Even though he currently lives in a USD 15,000 a month two-bedroom apartment in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, from which he is hosting the “Daily Show” for the duration of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Trevor Noah Books:

Noah is the author of the memoir mentioned above ‘Born a Crime’, which will be produced as a feature film starring Lupita Nyong’o.

He has also written, a book based on a South by Southwest installation that in turn was based on President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Trevor Noah Philanthropy:

In 2018, Trevor Noah established The Trevor Noah Foundation in his native Johannesburg.

The foundation provides South African youths with the tools, skills, and pathways to opportunity required to improve their lives and catalyze change in their communities.

Recently, he offered to pay the Salaries Of Twenty-five (25) Furloughed members of “The Daily Show” crew amid the industry-wide production shutdown prompted by the coronavirus pandemic until production resumes.

Trevor Noah’s Religion:

Despite growing up in a harsh environment, Noah had a strong Christian upbringing.

Though his mother would later convert to Judaism when Noah was about eleven (11) years, she never once tried to force her faith on Trevor.

Noah praises her for the noble character in raising him as a Christian despite her change in faith. Trevor is one of the most outspoken Christian celebrities.

Trevor Noah Facts:

Why Trevor Noah Wants to Date a Kardashian:

Once on The Ellen DeGeneres show playing a game called “Who’d You Rather,” behold! He let it slip that he might be interested in dating a Kardashian.

“I would have always loved to date a Kardashian, just for like a week,” he joked around with Ellen. Even though Ellen seemed to take it seriously.

A Pretty Good Ballroom Dancer:

Trevor Noah competed in season four (4) of the popular international franchise Strictly Come Dancing, known in the United States as Dancing with the Stars.

According to Noah, he had a love for Latin dancing, but it was his ballroom skills that truly impressed the judges.

Struggled with lousy acne as a teenager:

Noah had such low self-esteem when he was a child that made him shy away from cameras. Bad acne meant that he spent much of his time trying to keep out of the way when he was growing up.

He hit one million viewers in a single week:

In May 2019, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah had its best week ever, with a record one million viewers tuning in to watch the show.

Once spent a week in jail:

Noah took a junk car from his stepfather’s workshop and set off, but he was quickly run over by the police.

They found that the car’s registration didn’t match the car’s license plates, so they arrested him, thinking he was driving a stolen vehicle. Noah was imprisoned for a week and later released on bail.

Pretended to be an Albino while growing up:

Trevor and his family had to pretend that he was an albino to explain his lighter skin complexion and to prevent him from being reclassified by the Apartheid government and separated from his family.

His name ‘Trevor’ has no meaning:

The Xhosa culture defines names by specific meanings. His mother’s name Nombuyiselo,
for example, means “She Who Gives Back.” But what does Trevor mean?

Nothing; his mother specifically chose a name that had no meaning so that her son would have no fate and would be free to do whatever he wanted.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down the content of Trevor Noah’s Bio.

Trevor Noah Bio Data

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Trevor Noah
Date of Birth:20th day of February 1984
Place of Birth:Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa
Father:Robert Noah
Mother:Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah
Grandmother:Nomalizo Frances Noah
Stepfather:Abel Ngisaveni Shigange
Education: Maryland College Primary School and Sandringham High School
Hobbies:Listening to music, Soccer, Dancing, taking pictures and making people laugh.
Height:5 ft 11 / 1.81 m
Profession:Comedian, Political Commentator and TV host.
Nationality: South African
Languages:English, German, Xhosa, isiZulu, Sotho and Afrikaans.
Net Worth:$40 million USD
Salary:$28 million USD per annum
Social Media: @trevornoah (Twitter and Instagram), @Trevor Noah (Facebook)


Rounding up Trevor Noah’s Biography and Childhood Story, we get to see the considerable effect of Thinking Beyond Your Current Circumstances.

Although Apartheid made life unbearable for the blacks in South Africa, Noah’s optimistic mother, Patricia, didn’t let oppression stop her from showing her son the “activities meant for white people.”

Until this moment, Trevor is still very much respected across the world – even in America, where the Newsman of the year 2020 helped explain the country to itself.

We anticipate that you found this write-up heart-warming and enlightening too. Do well to share your experience with us.

We guarantee you more personalities biography facts with top-notch accuracy and fairness; rain, come shine. Stay connected with the stories of Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner!

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