Tiwa Savage Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Tiwa Savage Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Tiwa Savage provides you with a true picture of her Life Story, right from her early days to when she became famous.

Truth be told, she is among the most Beautiful Nigerian Female Singers. Recently, however, we realized not many fans have read a concise article on Tiwa Savage’s Biography.

We’ve taken our time to prepare it and, without further ado, let’s begin.

Tiwa Savage Childhood Story:

For starters, her real name is Tiwatope Savage. The Nigerian Female Singer was born on the 5th day of February 1980 to her mother, Cecilia Savage, and her little-known father, Mr Savage in Isale Eko, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Little Tiwa wasn’t the only child, but rather, one amongst numerous children born of the union between her parents.

Just like many Nigerian families whose seek is to travel out of the shores of the country, the little girl was privileged to achieve that during her childhood days.

Tiwa Savage’s family, by the time she was eleven years old (the year 1991), got the opportunity to relocate from Nigeria to London. Ideally, the future music goddess was raised by her parents in London.

Tiwa Savage Family Background:

Although Savage has tried as much as possible to keep the information about her Family Origin private. One thing, however, is sure ⁠— the fact she was born into a wealthy family background.

Another intriguing reality of Tiwa Savage’s family origin is the fact that she hails from the Yoruba ethnic group in Nigeria- precisely Lagos.

Tiwa Savage Biography – Early Life:

There are undeniable truths about growing up in London. The Life Story of Tiwa Savage depicts that she had a multicultural experience in the capital of England.

First, Tiwa was raised in Lagos for eleven years and learned a lot about the lifestyle of Lagosians. Afterward, she moved to London with her parents thereby accumulating a whole deal of a new lifestyle.

Growing up in London, Tiwa Savage had to adjust to the new environment, which had a very different culture from where she had earlier lived.

Even though her quest for adaptation was challenging, it was not long until Savage was already living like she was born in London.

Tiwa Savage Education:

Like many of her peers, she also studied. In fact, education is one of the bedrock that has fostered the beginning of Tiwa Savage’s musical life. Yes, she started up music as a trombone player for her school’s orchestra band while in secondary school.

Soon, the upcoming singer did backup vocals for George Michael at the tender age of sixteen. Back then, top singers acknowledged her singing talent and requested that Tiwa worked with them.

Did you know?… She backed musicians such as Chaka Khan, Emma Bunton, and Mary J. Blige, to mention a few.

Tiwa Savage Biography – Early Career Life:

Many people had imagined that Savage would immediately delve into a successful career in music.

However, she didn’t proceed to pursue a career in singing as she enrolled to study accounting at the University of Kent. Upon graduation, Savage worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Notwithstanding, her strong convictions are never entirely cast away. On this note, Savage decided to drift back to her initial ambition and enrolled at Berklee College of Music.

There she graduated in the year 2007 with a degree in professional music.

Tiwa Savage Bio – Road to Fame Story:

After graduation from Music school, the future Naija celebrity singer took her next move and unleashed her full singing potentials to the world.

She opted into the UK edition of The X Factor. In the show, Savage advanced to the final 24. However, she didn’t progress to winning the competition as she was evicted.

Seeing how the whole circumstances unfolded itself at the competition, Tiwa knew that she needed to buckle up if she must succeed in the highly competitive world.

When reminiscing on her experience, Savage once expressed her sadness of not advancing to the final 12. Ironically, her biggest obstacle in the future wasn’t her opponents. Rather, the difficulty in dealing with the limelight.

Tiwa Savage Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

After her participation in the X-Factor, Tiwa Savage continued to advance in her singing career.

She contributed to the production of several other beautiful musics; And even did a collaboration with Fantasia Barrino, which earned her a Grammy nomination in 2010.

However, the Nigerian singer sought to record her name on the sands of time. Therefore, she moved to her home country and signed a deal with Mavin Records in the year 2012.

Fast forward to the time of writing Tiwa Savage’s Biography, the hot female singer has recorded numerous successful albums and track releases.

Today, her fame in the entertainment industry is echoed throughout the world by the feasible awards she had received.

Just like her female counterpart, Yemi Alade, Savage has received so much love from her fans. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tiwa Savage Love Life- Husband, Boyfriend, and Son:

Do you know?… Our veteran female singer and songwriter were involved in quite an amusing relationship since her Rise to Fame Biography Story.

Read on as we present you with interesting information about her Tiwa Savage Love Life.

Tiwa Savage’s Marriage:

The Nigerian superstar is single at the time of publishing this bio. Surprising as it may sound, she was once married back in the year 2013.

The truth is, Tiwa Savage’s husband was at first, her manager in the past. As her determination for developing a more fabulous establishment in music grew, she decided to join forces with Tunji Balogun her then manager.

Together, the two formed a record label which was named 323 Entertainment label.

As time passes by, their relationship intensified and became even more romantic. Soon, the two lovebirds decided to make the life-changing decision of tying the knot.

Tiwa Savage’s Traditional Wedding took place in Lekki, Lagos in November 2013. Subsequently, their White Wedding was held on the 26th day of April 2014 in Dubai.

Tiwa Savage’s Children:

The fruit of her marriage to her husband was the birth of her firstborn son. Tiwa Savage and her husband, Teebillz (as he is popularly called) announced to the public that they were expecting a child in 2015.

Fortunately, the Nigerian singer successfully gave birth to a beautiful child whom the couple named Jamil Balogun.

Tiwa Savage’s Divorce:

It is often said that nothing good lasts forever. In the year 2016, the love story of Tiwa Savage and her husband started to turn into a tragic drama.

At first, Teebillz accused the female singer of infidelity. However, our veteran musician didn’t sit back to accept the accusation. Without wasting time, she debunked all the claims and allegations made by her husband against her.

The complaints between the couples continued to increase. As such, they decided to get a divorce from their marriage.

One shocking thing about their divorce was that the lovebirds separated on a good note. As a result, they maintained a cordial relationship and still attend their son’s birthday parties.

Tiwa Savage Family Life:

Recall, we had earlier mention that Savage likes to keep her Personal Life private. However, below are some mouth-watering facts about Tiwa Savage’s parents and the rest of her family members.

About Tiwa Savage’s Mother:

Have you often wondered how the mother of our glamorous celebrity looks? Now here is the answer for you.

Tiwa Savage’s mom is Cecilia Savage. Unfortunate thou, her son-in-law once accused her of being a witch.

One unique attribute that Cecilia has shown the world is her profound support for her daughter’s music career since Tiwa was 16.

Among Tiwa Savage’s parents, it appears her mum is the closest and also the one who supported their child’s decision to venture into music at such a tender age.

About Tiwa Savage’s Father:

Many fans have consistently sought the name of Tiwa’s dad. But their inquiries often meet a dead end. As much as the Nigerian musician has kept silent about her father, she has nonetheless uploaded his picture on social media.

During the outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic, Savage made it a responsibility to ensure the safety of her family members. Her father was not left out.

Reports has it that she ensured the supplies of medical items to her dad to help protect him from the virus.

About Tiwa Savage’s Siblings:

Our Nigerian female songwriter has two brothers and one sister. Although their names are yet to be mentioned on the internet.

She has over time derived joy in uploading their pictures. Judging from the facial appearance of her siblings, it appears Tiwa Savage’s parents didn’t have her as the first child of the family.

About Tiwa Savage’s Relatives:

Little information exists about Tiwa Savage’s paternal grandfather as well as her paternal grandmother. This also includes her uncles and aunts. More so, the same exists for information about Tiwa’s brothers and sister(s).

Tiwa Savage Personal Life:

Do you know?… Tiwa Savage once revealed that the secret to her youthful looks is sleeping in a gas incubator once a month. Yes! You heard that right.

The Nigerian female musician, like many other ladies, does not joke with her looks. No wonder, she appears very elegant and exquisite. More so, her strong sense of humour may have been inherited from her parents.

Savage’s persona is a blend of Aquarius zodiac traits. She is a definition of a person who has successfully exhibited the characteristics of her horoscope. Her originality and vision for the future is unquestionable.

Today, Tiwa Savage’s Personality has dramatically influenced the success she enjoys in the entertainment industry. Notwithstanding, away from her musical endeavours, she is yet to disclose what she is most interested in.

Tiwa Savage’s Lifestyle:

As of June 2020, Tiwa Savage’s net worth was estimated to be a whopping sum of $9 million.

The veteran musician has worked very hard to attain the level of success she has acquired today. As a wealthy celebrity, Savage ensures she enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.

Tiwa Savage’s House and cars:

Our female celebrity utilized part of her wealth to purchase numerous assets that would guarantee her comfort. In the year 2017, she bought a mansion worth 75 million naira in Lekki, Lagos.

Furthermore, She also acquired a customized Mercedes Benz V-Class at a whopping sum of 60 million naira. Do you know?… It took Tiwa Savage 15 million naira to get her customized car delivered straight to her house when it landed at the shore of Nigeria.

Tiwa Savage’s Untold Facts:

To wrap up our Tiwa Savage Life’s Story, here are some lesser-known facts about her that will help you get a glimpse of her Biography.

Fact #1: She is a Philanthropist:

Tiwa Savage is not only a great musician, but she is also a good Samaritan. Over time, she has consistently organized campaigns to create awareness about cancer across Nigeria. Furthermore, she has held several fundraising events to build new schools in her hometown.

The veteran female singer also displayed her concern for the future of young Nigerians. On this note, she collaborated with Davido, Diamond Platnumz, Sarkodie, Lola Rae, and Mi Casa to produce charity music. The song was sponsored by DSTV and titled “Africa Rising”.

Fact #2: She also Acted in Movies:

Aside from her mind-blowing kinds of music, Savage has also acted in some exciting Nigerian movies.

First, she appeared in the 2011 Nollywood movie titled “For Coloured Girls”. Secondly, she was cast for the role of Sade Banjo in season 3 of Shuga – an MTV television drama series.

Fact #3: Tiwa Savage Religion:

The fact that her son bears the name ‘Jamil’, which means “beautiful” in Arabic’ doesn’t mean she is a Muslim.

The truth is, Tiwa Savage’s parents are Christian, and they raised her in the faith. Thou she spent her childhood years as a non-believer until July 2002, when she gave her life to Christ.

Legit’s report on Tiwa Savage religion reveals the following;

“Around the 16th day of July 2002… I gave my life to Jesus. Before that, I had gone through a tough time trying to find myself. First, I went through heartbreak, and then, I remember crying so much through that time. I felt lost until I felt the presence of God.
Giving my life to Christ made me a radical. Back then, I will preach to strangers on the train, telling them “Jesus sent me to you”. Sometimes I would also give my entire one-month paycheck to my church even when they asked for only 10%”

Biography Summary:

Below is the wiki knowledge base of the Nigerian singer. The table will help you find information about her concisely and efficiently. Find below;

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Tiwatope Savage.
Nick Name:Tiwa Savage.
Born: 5th February 1980.
Place of Birth:Isale Eko, Lagos State, Nigeria.
Parents:Cecilia Savage (Mother) and Mr Savage (Father).
Net Worth:$9 million (2020 stats).
Son:Jamil Balogun.
Husband:Tunji Balogun (Divorced).
Boyfriends:WizKid, Pato-Ranking, Don-Jazzy, 2Face etc (All Rumours).
Education: Berklee College of Music (Secondary School) and University of Kent.
First Job before Music:Royal Bank of Scotland.
Height:1.65 m (5' 4”).
Weight: 50 kg (110.23 lbs).


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