Manny Pacquiao Childhood Story Plus Untold Življenjepis Dejstva

Manny Pacquiao Childhood Story Plus Untold Življenjepis Dejstva

CB presents the Full Story of a Filipino professional boxer and politician best known by the nickname “Pac-Man”. Naša zgodba o otroštvu v Mannyju Pacquiau in neizkušena dejstva o biografiji vam prinašajo popoln pregled pomembnih dogodkov iz svojega otroškega časa do danes. Analiza vključuje njegovo zgodnje življenje, življenjsko zgodbo pred slavo, družinsko ozadje in osebno življenje. Še več, druge OFF in ON-Screen malo znane dejstva o njem.

Da, vsi vedo njegov super boks rekord in mehke rjave oči. However, only a few consider Manny Pacquiao’s biography which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Manny Pacquiao Childhood Story Plus Untold Življenjepis Dejstva: Zgodnje življenje in družinsko ozadje

Manny Pacquiao se je rodil na 17th decembru 1978 v Kibawe v Bukidnonu na Filipinih. Bil je drugi otrok, rojen iz sindikata med svojo mamo Dionezijo Pacquiao in njegovim očetom Rosalio Pacquiao.

Manny grew up in a single room shack at Tango village in Kibawe alongside his elder sister Sidra as well as two younger brothers Bobby and Rogelio. His family at the time were arguably the poorest in the village who could not afford to eat the popular staple food – Rice but subsist on Bananas and root crops.

In the same light, Manny and his siblings spent the better part of their formative years wearing ragged clothes and never had an idea of what a television looked like. It was only a matter of time before the young boy who practised boxing as a hobby took big steps at fighting his way out of the shackles and manacles of abject poverty.

Manny Pacquiao Childhood Story Plus Untold Življenjepis Dejstva: Izobraževanje in ustvarjanje kariere

Manny je imel osnovno šolo na osnovni šoli Saavedra Saway, kjer je študiral šesti razred. Medtem ko je bil v šoli znano, da je prijeten otrok, ki se je predal disciplini svojih učiteljev.

“You can’t educate children without discipline. Sometimes I beat them to make them behave. I am proud that I was Manny’s teacher”.

Notes Manny’s primary school teacher, Constancia Pelayo.

The boxing prodigy was still in elementary school when his father left the family. Consequently, Manny (aged 13), was forced to drop out of school as his mother did not have enough money to support his education. Thus began Manny’s journey to make an amateur career out of boxing which he figured could help him generate money in addition to selling bread and water on city streets.

Manny Pacquiao Childhood Story Plus Untold Življenjepis Dejstva: Cesta do slavnih

Armed with the courage of his convictions, Manny began boxing in at an open-air park in General Santos where he beat all-comers.

His quest for stiffer competition saw him move to Davao City (150Km away) where he fought higher-ranked opponents to establish himself as the best junior boxer in the southern part of Philippines, within the space of three years.

Manny Pacquiao Childhood Story Plus Untold Življenjepis Dejstva: Rise To Fame

1994 was an eventful year for Manny who was sent by  ‘talent scout’ Yolanda Parcon to meet businesses man – Polding Correa in  Philippines capital, Manila. Upon arrival, Polding who had earlier promised to Make champions out of promising fighters arranged that Manny be brought to L&M Gym in Sampaloc where he trained.

A year later, Manny ended his 60-4 amateur career by making his professional debut on the 22nd of January 1995, in a light flyweight division fight that saw him defeat Edmund “Enting” Ignacio. His breakthrough came in 1998 when he defeated Chatchai Sasakul of Thailand to clinch the World Boxing Council (WBC) flyweight title.

Hitro naprej do danes se zgodovinsko šteje za prvega boksarja, ki je osvojil boksarske naslove v več utežnih razredih.

Manny Pacquiao Childhood Story Plus Untold Življenjepis Dejstva: Povezava Life

Manny je poročen s svojo ljubljeno ženo Jinkee Jamora od leta 2000. Prinesemo vam dejanske podrobnosti o njihovem zakonskem odnosu.

Manny se je srečala z Jinkee Jamora v 1999-u, ko je bila v nakupovalni center lepotni svetovalec. Za razliko od Mannyja, Jinkeen je dvojček, rojen v družini srednjega razreda na 12th januarja 1979.

Thiers je bil nad glavo pete ljubezen, kot je razvidno iz njihove hitro odločitev, da se poročite sedem mesecev kasneje na 10th maj 2000.

Njihova poroka je blagoslovljena z neverjetnimi otroci 5. Vključujejo:

  1. Emmanuel Pacquiao JR. “Jemuel” (Born in 2000) works as a model.

  1. Michael Stephen Pacquiao, rojen v 2001-u, je ljubitelj glasbe.

  1. Mary Divine Grace Pacquiao, rojena v 2006, je prva hčerka družine.

4 Queen Elizabeth Pacquiao born in the year  2008 is the only US citizen amongst her siblings owing to the fact that she was born in Los Angeles.

5. Nazadnje pa vendarle ni Izrael Pacquiao, rojen v letu 2014.

Manny Pacquiao Childhood Story Plus Untold Življenjepis Dejstva: Pomembna področja njegovega življenja

Verjetno je res, da svet nikoli ni poznal vsestranskega boksarja, kot je Manny, ki je kot boksar, ustvaril kariero v naslednjih prizadevanjih:

  1. Vojaška: Manny Pacquiao je vojaški rezervist, ki je vstopil v rezerve Filipinov v 2006 in dosegel polni polkovnik v decembru 2017.

  1. KošarkaManny prav tako dobro igra v košarki kot trener in igralec od 2014-a.

  1. Politika: On the political scene, Manny formed his own party called ‘The People’s Champ Movement‘. He rode on the party to win a legislative seat as representative of the Sarangani province in May 2010. He won a second term unopposed in 2013 and in 2016, won a seat in the Philippines Senate. Given Manny’s budding popularity it would not be long before he becomes president of the Philippines.

4. Religion: Manny je trdo jedro, rojen-spet krščanski, ki nekoč trdi, da sliši glas in Bog in videl konec časa.

Po njegovih besedah;

“I even heard the voice of God. When I heard the voice of God, I am trembling and melting. I feel I have died. It was an amazing, amazing experience”

Azijski Christian Bill: Manny Pacquiao je nekoč predlagal zakon o dnevu državnega praznika, ki ga je v filipinski senat podpisal zakon. Zaradi svoje priljubljenosti je bil njegov predlog zakona izpolnjen brez kakršnega koli nasprotovanja in je zdaj sprejet v vsej Aziji.

Zakon danes praznuje krščanstvo in spoštovanje učenja Svetega pisma.

Manny Pacquiao Childhood Story Plus Untold Življenjepis Dejstva: Zabava

“The People’s Champ” has taken out time from his various endeavours to feature in movies. They include his first lead role in Violett Films’ “Lisensyadong Kamao” (Licensed Fist) followed by “Anak ng Kumander” (Son of Commander) and superhero/comedy film entitled “Wapakman”. Asides movies he has put up appearances in TV shows that include “Pinoy Records”, “Totoy Bato, as well as the sitcom, “Show Me Da Manny”.

On Related entertainment endeavours, Manny in 2006 released a musical album called “Laban Nating Lahat Ito” in his native language, Taga. He also recorded a cover of Dan Hill’s “Sometimes When We Touch.”

Manny Pacquiao Childhood Story Plus Untold Življenjepis Dejstva: Podjetja 

Manny does no longer have endorsement deals as his boxing career is fast coasting to permanent retirement. However, he does have businesses that make him smile to the bank. They include Roadhaus Economy Hotel, Pacman Wildcard Gym, JMP Shalom Travel and Tours, as well as Pacman H20. Others are Team Pacquiao Store, MP Princess Digital Printing Solution and Pacman Beach Resort.

Manny Pacquiao Childhood Story Plus Untold Življenjepis Dejstva: Družinsko življenje

Manny odraščal v družini članov 6-a, prinašamo vam podrobnosti o svoji družini.

About Manny Pacquiao’s father:  Manny’s father was a hardworking figure who earned the upkeep of his family by clambering no fewer than 70 trees a day to gather coconuts among other menial jobs before leaving his family.

Manny never had a close relationship with Rosalio for decades after he left owing to the fact he once killed and ate Manny’s pet Dog.

“killing the dog was “even worse” than walking out on the family [Rosalio] took the puppy I found and killed it. To a young boy that was unforgivable – it was stealing something I loved, which is far more terrible than stealing money. More than 20 years passed and I couldn’t forgive him.”

Piše Mannyja v svoji avtobiografiji.

The duo were however united in 2009 when he visited the United States to watch one of Manny’s fight.

“I was not bitter or mad any more. I forgave him immediately. Too many years had passed and we both suffered greatly because of one horrible moment in our lives … It was like a soul cleansing to me, like a hundred-pound sandbag had been taken from my shoulders.”

About Manny Pacquiao’s mother: Manny’s mother Dionesia Pacquiao is the woman responsible for keeping her family together after Manny’s father left. She initially never supported her son’s early boxing endeavours as she desired that he would become a Catholic priest someday. Nonetheless, she’s her son’s biggest fan.

About Manny Pacquiao’s siblings: Manny’s elder sister is Isidra Pacquiao-Paglinawan. Malo je bila znana o njej do 2010-a, ko je policija napadla njeno hišo s sumom na nezakonite igre na srečo.

Naslednji je njegov mlajši brat Bobby Pacquiao, nekdanji profesionalni boksar, ki v športu ni nikoli uspel dobro, saj je imel le 31 bows, iz katerih je 15 izgubljen, 3 pa se je spopadel z žrebom.

Tam je tudi Rogelio Pacquiao znan kot Roel. Je začinjen politik, ki je nekoč služil kot svetovalec v mestu General Santos.

About Manny Pacquiao’s half-siblings: Manny ima pol sester, ki so rojeni njegovi materi iz prejšnjega razmerja. Med njimi sta Liza Silvestre-On ding in Domingo Silvestre.

Manny Pacquiao Childhood Story Plus Untold Življenjepis Dejstva: Nadimke

Manny’s nickname “Pac-Man” was derived from his surname as well as his ability to gobble up opponents like the game character “Pac-man”. The “Pac-Man”  also has other Nicknames that sing praises of his boxing prowess.

The nicknames include “The Mexicutioner”, “People’s Champ” and “Pambansang Kamao” (National Fist). He is known as “The Mexicutioner” owing to the fact that he has beaten great Mexican boxers in the course of his career.

Nacionalnega pomena so nadimki Ljudski šampion in Pambansang Kamao (National Fist). Obe imeni predstavljata ljubezen, ki jo imajo ljudje Filipinov za človeka, za katerega menijo, da je nacionalno zaklad.

Manny Pacquiao Childhood Story Plus Untold Življenjepis Dejstva: Dejstva o osebnem življenju

Manny je tisti, ki se je boril za boljši del svojega življenja. Kot otrok se je moral boriti za jesti in kot profesionalec, se boril, da ostane pomemben. Kljub temu, nikoli ni izgubil svojega človeškega dotika skozi vse svoje bitke, kot je očitno pri darovanju polovice £ 80million sreče, ki ga je dobil od svojega slavnega boja z Mayweather v dobrodelne namene med drugimi filantropskimi prizadevanji. Po njegovem mnenju:

“I believe this world needs new heroes. The biggest fight in my life is not in boxing but it is now to end poverty in my country”.

Away from philanthropy, Manny is a humble and principled sportsman who never ceases to identify with his roots. Moreso, Unlike most professional boxers, he hates trash talk because it doesn’t go well with his moral principles.

“Fights should happen without the trash talk and it’s a good example to the children who idolize the fighters. In my life it’s my experience that the best promotion has been the Shane Mosley fight because everybody is friends”.

Njegov hobi vključuje poslušanje glasbe, druženje s prijatelji in prizadevanje, da bi družbo postalo boljše mesto.

PREVERJANJE PRAVICE: Hvala za reading naš Manny Pacquiao Zgodba o otroštvu plus neizmerno biografija dejstva. At OtroštvoBiografija, prizadevamo si za natančnost in pravičnost. Če v tem članku vidite nekaj, kar se ne zdi pravilno, prosimo, dajte svoj komentar oz kontaktiraj nas!

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