Roddy Ricch Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Roddy Ricch Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Roddy Ricch Biography portrays Facts on his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Parents, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

This is a tale of notable events right from when Roddy Ricch was a child to when he became known.

Roddy Ricch Biography - Behold his Early Life and Rise.
Roddy Ricch Biography – Behold his Early Life and Rise.

Yes, everyone knows of his famous breakout single, Die Young“, which went viral on several media platforms.

Despite the accolades of his career, only a few have read Roddy Ricch’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Roddy Ricch Childhood Story:

Roddy Ricch Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts.
Roddy Ricch Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts.

For starters of his Bio, his real name is “Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr” and “Roddy Rich” is just a nickname. The American rapper was born on the 22nd day of October 1998 to his parents in Compton, California.

Roddy was one of the numerous children that were born of the union between his religious mother and father.

For starters, Roddy Ricch’s childhood story is uncommon- it was like a war front filled with different sorts of unpredictable violence.

Early on, he became affiliated with the Crip gang leading to his involvement in different kinds of dilemmas.

The severity of his involvement in street life got out of control and Roddy Ricch’s parents acted by kicking him out of their household at the early age of 15.

The scar from his past may have become the very reason why he seldom talks about his parents.

Before then, he spent most of his childhood years travelling from one place to another with his family.

The travelling adventures embarked by his parents when he was young later influenced the pattern of his music, many years later.

Roddy Rich Family Background:

The American rapper was born to parents from middle-class family backgrounds and one who took religion seriously.

Both dad and mum were able to afford him all the basic requirements he needed as a little boy.

More so, Roddy Ricch’s parents are of African American ethnicity with origin from Atlanta, Georgia.

The skin complexion of the veteran rapper echoes his family origin and ancestry, one which is believed to have its roots in Africa.

Roddy Rich Biography – Early Life:

Growing up at his birthplace, Roddy Ricch had a flair for music and began rapping at the age of 8. Back then, Roddy did not take music seriously and would only compose several raps in his leisure time.

His conviction to only venture into music as a hobby was intensified when he hit the street after he was kicked out of his home.

He took music seriously after leaving jail at a young age.
He took music seriously after leaving jail at a young age.

Eventually, the street caught up with him, and he was placed behind bars for two weeks. Spending some time in jail sharpened his cramped ideas for music thereby birthing a new personality in Roddy.

He wanted the world to hear his story, and he utilized music as the medium for passing his story across to the world, hence the genesis of his music expedition.

Roddy Rich Education:

Just like many other celebrities of the 21st century, education played an important role in ushering Roddy Ricch into the world of the entertainment industry.

First, he was enrolled to study at Carson Senior High School after which he went on to study at Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnet.

Roddy Ricch is an alumnus of Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnet.
Roddy Ricch is an alumnus of Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnet.

While in High School, Roody was amazed by the performance of Speaker Knockers, the South Carolina rapper who died at the age of 19.

He became a strong fan of Speaker Knockerz and therefore sought for a purposeful achievement in music. His conviction became even more clear as he was privileged to have met Knockerz before his death.

Early Career Life:

Roddy’s encounter with Knockerz left a lasting impression on him. This divine meeting led to the purchase of several recording equipments plus setting up a convenient space for his studio.

By the time Roddy was 16 years old, he had already begun making good beats thereby amassing experiences in western and southern music cultures.

Take a look at Speaker Knockers, the greatest influencer of Roddy's early music career.
Take a look at Speaker Knockers, the greatest influencer of Roddy’s early music career.

From his studio, Roddy produced his first famous song titled “Ricch Nigga” while he was still a teenager.

Roddy Rich Biography – Journey to Fame:

Before meeting his helper, the thoughts of giving up on music did cross his mind so many times. Roddy Ricch never imagined that he would make it big in the music industry.

His hurdles were too great a burden to bear alone. First, he had to hustle day and night to make ends meet.

Secondly, he had to allocate a specific time frame to each of his routines to attain a balance between his music schedule and other jobs.

It is often said that “old habits die hard, if you don’t kick them, they kick you.” So also, Roddy could not completely let go of the streets. He soon took a bigger break from music, returning to the streets.

In a bid to survive from the streets, Roddy consistently encouraged himself to never give up on his convictions as his hard work would eventually pay off. Of course, it did!

Roddy Rich Bio – Rise to Fame Story:

Roddy Ricch returned to music once again in the year 2017 with a full conviction of giving every ounce of hard work into his production.

Shocking as it may sound, his hard work began to yield instant results following the release of his first mixtape, “Feed Tha Streets”, which featured songs such as ‘Chase Tha Bag,’ ‘Hoodricch,’ and ‘Fucc It Up’.

Furthermore, his 2018 track “Die Young”, which he released in July, became one of his most successful singles. Roddy Ricch got famous because of this track.

The album cover of his most famous music 'Die Young'. Image: Amazon
The album cover of his most famous music ‘Die Young’. Image: Amazon

Fast forward to the time of writing Roddy Ricch’s biography, the rapper – just like Post Malone – has now become one of the most famous young music prodigies in America.

The youngster has put on a unique sense of rapping since his rise to fame.

His outstanding performance has earned him the 2020 Grammy Awards nomination for Best Rap Song as well as Best Rap/Sung Performance.

He also won the 2020 Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance.

There's our man at the 2020 Grammy Award.
There’s our man at the 2020 Grammy Award.

The rest, as we often say, is now history.

Roddy Ricch’s Girlfriend- Dating, Single or Married?

There’ve been increased inquiries about the rapper’s relationship life since his rise to fame. After intensive research, we’ve come to the conclusion that Roddy Ricch is single at the time of writing his biography.

Although Roddy has once been in a romantic relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Allie Kay. Their love story may have ended following the misunderstanding that happened between them in 2019.

She is exquisite! Isn't she? A glimpse at the radiance of Roddy's ex-girlfriend, Allie Kay. Attribute: Pinterest
She is exquisite! Isn’t she? A glimpse at the radiance of Roddy’s ex-girlfriend, Allie Kay. Attribute: Pinterest

What Caused Roddy Ricch’s Breakup?:

The last year of the decade (2019) was an unlucky year for Roddy and Allie’s relationship. That year, the rapper was charged with the crime of domestic violence, a development that led to his arrest in August (2019).

He was further booked for “felony” and released on a bail of $50,000 in January 2020.

The argument that resulted in the violence happened in his Los Angeles home when Roddy allegedly put his hands on his girlfriend and grabbed her amid a physical spat.

Did you know?… Roddy Ricch’s girlfriend, Allie Kay, was two months pregnant during the occurrence of the incident with her boyfriend.

Roddy Ricch’s Family Life:

You and I know the American rapper has been long been denied by his parents since the age of 15.

He practically grew up in the streets and worked his way to fame with virtually no parents and family members to celebrate with him.

Nevertheless, this section will throw more light on the rapper’s family members.

About Roddy Ricch’s Father and Mother:

Roddy Ricch’s mom and dad have been the least talked about by the young artiste due to the sour relationship that existed between them at the moment he was kicked out of the family home.

A proven fact is that his parents were very religious and traveled around places thereby exposing their child to different geographical locations when he was a little boy.

About Roddy Ricch’s Grandmother:

First and foremost, she is one of the most unforgettable relatives of Roddy.

The rapper’s grandmother who lives in Louisiana was responsible for taking Roddy alongside his mother to local churches in Louisiana.

This act stimulated his first love for music as he listened to the songs of the church’s choir.

About Roddy Ricch’s Siblings and Relatives:

The rate at which Roddy Ricch secluded himself from his family has made details about his brothers and sisters very difficult to attain.

Moreso, no information is known about Roddy Ricch’s uncles and aunts, as well as his nephews and nieces.

More so, looking into the rapper’s ancestry, no information is yet available about his paternal grandparents as well as his maternal grandfather and maternal grandmother.

Personal Life:

Who is Roddy Ricch, and What makes him tick?…

Sit back as we give you information about the personal life of the young American rapper outside his road and rise to fame biography facts. To begin with, Roddy Ricch’s persona is a blend of the Libra zodiac traits.

Although known to be a rapper, Roddy is also a basketballer and an avid basketball fan at a point in his life.

He even played the sport in high school but had to quit because of his height. Speaking of fanship, Roddy is a huge fan of LeBron James (not Rudy Gobert). When talking about his high school basketball games and hobbies, he said;

Yea! He loves basketball and plays well in the game as well. Image credit: Complex.
Yea! He loves basketball and plays well in the game as well. Image credit: Complex.

“used to be like Michael Jordan in high school, no cap.

I was a point guard, more like an Allen Iverson type, i ain’t gon lie. Jordan was a dunking type of ni**ga. I was more like that cross-a-ni**ga-up, breaking-his-ankles type situation.”

Roddy Ricch Lifestyle:

Starting off, Roddy Ricch’s success in the music world has earned him an estimated net worth of about $46 million during the moment of putting up this biography. The origin of his wealth stems majorly from his musical endeavors.

He made quite a ton of profit from his track – “The Box” which charted no. 1 on the Billboard. An analysis of his spending pattern shows that he lives quite an enjoyable lifestyle.

Owing to his reserved nature, Roddy frowns at disclosing his assets on social media platforms. He is yet to showcase his house, which many fans are anticipating to be quite gigantic and expensive.

Furthermore, He has been seen on several occasions posing with different brands of enjoyable cars. Below is a picture of one of Roddy Ricch’s cars- his black Royce Rolls.

His car suits him perfectly well. Image: Pinterest.
His car suits him perfectly well. Image: Pinterest.

Roddy Ricch Facts:

To wrap up our Roddy Ricch childhood story and biography, here are some lesser-known facts that will help you grasp a complete picture of his bio.

Eyes colour:

Roddy Ricch has a very peculiar and unique eye colour. His eyes balls are light brown and are often described to be emerald-and-acorn-coloured. Take a look at his unique eyes that singles him out from the appearance of so many musicians.

His eyes color are quite a feat to behold. Image credit: Headtopics.
His eyes color are quite a feat to behold. Image credit: Headtopics.

Roddy Ricch Religion:

Roddy Ricch’s parents made him a Christian right from the very day of his birth. Being born into a highly religious Christian home, he took church activities seriously and was baptized at the age of 7.

Barely a year after his baptism, he became privileged to meet Kendrick Lamar who attended the same church with him during his childhood.

Roddy Ricch Tattoos:

Roddy Ricch has inked several tattoos on his body. He designed a couple of tattoos on his left forearm.

More so, he tattooed his stage name “Roddy Ricch” and several other tattoos including the Rolls-Royce ink on his hand. Furthermore, Ricch tattooed the word “prolific” on his face.

A display of some tattoos inked by the youngster, Roddy Ricch
A display of some tattoos inked by the youngster, Roddy Ricch


Real Name: Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr.
Nickname: Roddy Ricch.
Date of Birth: October 22, 1998.
Place of Birth: Compton, California, U.S.
Age: 21.
Height: 5feet 7inches (171 cm).
Networth: US $1 Million.
Occupation: Rapper, Singer and Songwriter.
Labels: Atlantic Bird – Vision Entertainment.
Education: Carson Senior High School and Westchester Enriched Sciences Magne.
Roddy Ricch wiki.

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