Ray Hushpuppi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Ray Hushpuppi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Ray Hushpuppi Biography portrays facts about his Childhood story, Early Life, Parents, Family Life, Love life (girlfriend), Personal Life, Net worth, and Religion.

In summary, it is a complete analysis of notable events regarding his early days right until his fame.

You and I know he is a controversial Nigerian socialite who is popularly known for his luxurious lifestyle and colorful display on social media.

He likely has lots of fans and haters as well. Stay through as we unfold and enrich you with the fascinating life story of Hushpuppi.

Hushpuppi Childhood Story:

For starters, this controversial Nigerian, whose real name is Raymond Igbalode Abass was born to his father and mother who were Taxi Driver and Bread-seller respectively. His birthday is celebrated every 14th of June.

Even though his birth year is not verified, his prison details displayed that he was born in 1983. His other names include ‘Aja Puppi’ a.k.a  Aja 4.

Growing-up years:

Before his adulthood, he experienced a meager early life of struggle together with his household in the hustling-and-bustling City of Lagos. Living must have meant the survival of the fittest for his family.

Hushpuppi Biography – Family Background and Origin:

Sometimes referred to as a dark horse, his story starts from a humbling environment with his father, mother, and sibling. They were practically muddling their way through life.

His family roots are traced to Nigeria; where he was both born and raised. He is of the Yoruba ethnic group in Africa and speaks Yoruba (one of Nigeria’s grassroots tongues) fluently.

Hushpuppi Education:

Compared to those who grew up in Lagos at the time of his early life, Ray must have attended a public school for his primary and secondary education.

The Nigerian-born businessman would later move to Malaysia in search of a greener pasture. Speaking of which, do you think he did?

Hushpuppi’s Biography – Road to Fame:

Although though we know, he is a businessman, the kind of business that Raymond engages himself in is not known. Nevertheless, since he moved out of Nigeria to Malaysia, there has been a tremendous 360 degrees and sudden change. His Financial status skyrocketed.

Hushpuppi’s Bio – Rise to Fame:

The Malaysian businessman’s financial upsurge however came with its overwhelming display of the wealth he has since accumulated.

He has consistently, shown off on social media the arrival of any expensive purchase and luxurious lifestyles. Even he is overwhelmed by his quick change of status.

One must have to suspect that he has a photographer follow him everywhere, with the extent to which he parades his newly bought items and extravagant bling life. And of course, his show-off has won him massive fans and followers.

Unfortunately for Hushpuppi, his fame also stems from his continual arrest for his involvement in fraudulent activities and cybercrimes. He was recently arrested in his Dubai home and later extradited by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the United States on account of a cyber-heist.

Hushpuppi Cyber Crime Story:

Trying to figure out why one would choose to be involved in a Cyber-theft might not be easily understandable. In the case of Hushpuppi, Could it be a quick escape from the reality of coming from a humble background? 

It’s outrageous how Hushpuppi has amassed for himself so huge amount of money since his fraudulent activities.

In February 2019 alone, he made a whopping sum of about $14.7 million in his cybercrime which was said to spread through different bank accounts across the globe.

In a criminal complaint filed on 25th June 2020 by federal prosecutors in Los Angeles concerning computer intrusions, fraudulent schemes (including Business email compromise schemes called BEC), and money laundering plus a plot to steal €100 million from an English Premier League soccer club. He was arrested.

The incidence of his apprehension was not exclusive to him alone.  He had an accomplice, Olalekan Jacob Ponle, also called ‘Woodberry.

However, Hushpuppi has continued to repeat time and time that he makes his money through hard work and determination.

Hushpuppi’s Love life:

For the life of a billionaire, the bling Lagosian has refused to settle for either a wife or a girlfriend. He has had past relationships with many ladies.

The least of all his ex-girlfriend, Amiyah Dyme disclosed in dismay that Hushpuppi dumped her because she was not good for him. After which she blatantly called him a glorified thief.

Hushpuppi’s Family Life:

For Raymond, who should be about thirty-seven (37) years of age, his parents are still alive and must have enjoyed portions of the wealth amassed by their now illustrious son.

His siblings and other relatives too, who have all seemed to be invisible.

More about Hushpuppi’s Parents :

Just like we mentioned earlier, although much is unknown about his father and mother, we know that his dad was once a Taxi Driver in the City of Lagos.

In the same vein, his mum bakes bread and hawks them in others to make ends meet.

More about Hushpuppi’s Siblings and relatives:

we are still not sure about his siblings and relatives. Hushpuppi seems to be discreet about his family. His being discreet might be a means of protection from media and law enforcement agencies.

More about Hushpuppi’s Children :

Is it alright that the extravagant and bling Yoruba man is not married? He, however, has two (2) children, a boy and a girl from two different women.

Hushpuppi Personal Life:

His social media show-off, speaks volumes about his love for Gucci’s wears ranging from wristwatches, clothes, handbags, belts and down to his shoes. We could also add photography to his list of hobbies as obviously observed from his social media activities.

It is worthy to note that Hushpuppi loves to meet new people and is also a socialite. Ray, was at a time seen at Naomi Campbell’s charity event ‘Fashion for Relief’, hanging out in the company of many prominent celebrities.

Hushpuppi’s Lifestyle:

The self-proclaimed King of Gucci and real estate developer has made a name for himself from his spending habits. Hushpuppi has a Mercedes Benz Maybach, Rolls Royce and a Bentley.

As at August 2019, he reportedly bought a brand new red Ferrari; Novitec 812 N- Largo. The Ferrari was allegedly a limited edition, with only ten available in the world. Hushpuppi’s net worth is supposedly $20 million judging by his extravagant purchases of a private jet, luxury cars, amongst others.

Even though Hushpuppi supposedly has no home of his own for a living. He, however, has rented luxury houses in Thailand and Dubai; one of which cost about $66,000. Hushpuppi is also a social media influencer. He gets paid heavily to host exclusive parties around the world.

Hushpuppi Religion:

Even though the self-acclaimed celeb’s names depict a Christian background, we could tell that his parents must have been Christian. Most of his social media content also displays attributes and thanksgiving to God for his current status. Nevertheless, Raymond’s religion is Islam.

Hushpuppi Facts:

Rounding up our childhood story and Biography article, we present you details that you probably did not know with regards to the Nigerian socialite. Without hesitation, let’s kick off.

Fact #1 – Once a Gambler

Did you know? Hushpuppi was once a gambler. Could it be that was how he hit millions? His nickname Aja 4, portrays that he might have hit a lottery jackpot at some point.

Fact #2 – His Feuds with Celebrities

Celebrities he has fought with include Davido, Phyno, Tekno, Ice Prince, Eniola Badmus, Timaya, etc. He claimed that he was more productive than Davido and every other musician.

He further bragged about how he wears designer clothes while most Nigerian celebrities go about showing off fake wears. Just a few such as Tuface, Tiwa Savage, Wizkid among others have had no trouble with him.

Fact #3 – Name feature

in 9ice’s album -‘Living things’- released in 2016. Hushpuppi’s name appears amidst the track. The piece is believed to be promoting internet fraud.

Fact #4 – Social Media

With an Instagram following of about 2.5 million as at 11th July, 2020, he does loads of give-away and philanthropy.

Ray Hushpuppi's Biography Data

Biography InquiriesWiki answers
Full Name:Raymond Igbalode Abass
Date of Birth:14th of June 1983 (Year unverified)
Place of Birth:Lagos, Nigeria
Profession: Businessman and Estate Developer
Net Worth: $20 million (unverified)
Nationality: Nigerian
Hobbies:Travelling, meeting people and partying


Haven read our Hushpuppi Bio, you must have picked a few morals to his story. However, we would point out that in as much as he needed to change his impoverished condition, must it be achieved illegally?

Not to mention the numerous fans and followers he has amassed over time. Now that’s food for thought.

You will do sharing your experiences with us. We continue to assure you more biography facts with top-notch accuracy and fairness; rain, come shine.

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