Nick Cannon Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Nick Cannon Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Nick Cannon Biography portrays Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family Facts, Parents, Love Life, Lifestyle, and Personal Life.

Simply put, it’s a complete analysis of his Life Story right from his Early Days to when he became Famous.

Have you ever wondered about how talented the Hosts of America’s Got Talent are?

Then you would have probably watched Nick Cannon put up a great sense of judgment as one of the hosts of the show. Behold an image summary of Nick Cannon’s Life and Rise story below.

Nick Cannon Biography - Behold his Early Life and Rise.
Nick Cannon Biography – Behold his Early Life and Rise.

We all know his relationship with Mariah Carey and that Nick Cannon has gained world recognition through his multi-faceted entertainment endeavours.

However, most of his fans do not know of the earliest days of his Life Story. Thus, we present you with a well-detailed Biography of the American comedian and TV show presenter.

Nick Cannon Childhood Story:

Take a look at a rare childhood photo of the veteran American Comedian - Pinterest.
Take a look at a rare childhood photo of the veteran American Comedian – Pinterest.

First and foremost, the real name of Nick Cannon is Nicholas Scott Cannon. He was born on the 8th day of October 1980 to his mother Beth Gardner, an accountant, and his father James Cannon, a motivational televangelist in San Diego, California.

Nick is the eldest of two children born of the union between his parents.

Interestingly, Nick was raised by his paternal grandparents and often calls his grandfather “dad”. The young lad also spent some of his childhood days with his father.

While living with his dad in North Carolina, Nick learned how to set his own principles. He even credited his father for being a stable influence who instilled in him the man he is today.

Talking about his Childhood experience, little Nick also credited his grandmother for raising him well. He spoke about how she often stressed the difference between right and wrong.

Hence, he considers his grandmother as the first teacher that has helped him built his sense of morality as a little boy.

Nick Cannon’s Family Origin:

The black skin of the young American gives clear evidence of his African heritage. Even though nothing has been said about his ancestry, Nick is quite aware that somewhere along the line of his genealogy lies the reality of his African Family Origin.

Nick Cannon’s Family Background:

Being born into the family of a televangelist commands an all-out quest for virtue and morality.

As a result, Nick was restricted from watching television as well as listening to the radio. As a matter of fact, he was also restricted from wearing popular clothes that were worn by his peers.

His upbringing which could have resulted in several symptoms of depression turned out to become the gear of his career.

In the face of so many restrictions, the young American decided to keep himself entertained in his own way. Hence, he was inspired to compose his own song and record them on his boom box radio.

Nick Cannon’s Growing Up days:

Growing up with his father in North Carolina, Nick consistently practiced some of his songs and wrote down comedy.

By the time he was eight, he performed a stand-up comedy on his dad’s evangelical television show.

Of course, some people were happy and amazed by the courageous kid’s performance. However, other people criticized his talent and told him directly that he wasn’t funny neither was he a good singer.

Surprisingly, Nick did not allow their remarks and criticism to weigh him down. Rather he motivated himself and worked even harder to scale through the obstacle of criticism.

Young Nick Cannon grew up with full confidence and trust in his capabilities-  Pinimg.
Young Nick Cannon grew up with full confidence and trust in his capabilities-  Pinimg.

Nick Cannon Education:

While studying at Monte Vista High School in Spring Valley, Nick did not play sport. However, he utilized his joke-cracking skills to gain his class’s attention.

It would interest you to know that the American celeb was extremely good at gabbing that he was soon nicknamed the class’ clown.

See how innocent the comedian looks back in the good old days when he attended Monte Vista High School-  Viralscape.
See how innocent the comedian looks back in the good old days when he attended Monte Vista High School-  Viralscape.

More interestingly, Nick Cannon gradually talked his way into becoming a very famous student at his school. Hence, he became the president of the African Student Coalition.

At this point in his life, those who seemed to have looked down on his talent could not deny the validity of its result as seen in the youngster’s life.

Nick Cannon Biography – Early Career Life:

Subsequently, the young comedian decided to expand his coast and took his comedy shows to the road. Therefore, he started performing at comedy clubs at the weekends.

At the age of 16, Nick had already landed the privilege of performing at famous venues such as; The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Club, and The Improv.

Fortunately, Nick stumbled across a manager who connected him with some executives in Nickelodeon Kid’s TV network.

With consistent efforts and dedication, the young American soon became a series regular in the kids’ show around 1998. He co-hosted TEENick in Concert, Snick House and All That Music Festival, and More.

The talented American also acted in the kid's show, Snick House back in around 2000- Youtube.
The talented American also acted in the kid’s show, Snick House back in around 2000- Youtube.

Nick Cannon Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Do you know?… The first career path that breaks the dawn of Cannon’s professional career life was Music.

Barely 365 days after his graduation from high school in 1999, Cannon created a rap group called Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad.

With his friend Steve Groves, the group started to write and practice rap songs. Fortunately, the young American hit the jackpot by signing a deal with Jive Records in 2001.

Within the same period of landing a big opportunity in music, Nick also gained the privilege of participating in the hit movie Men in Black II in 2002.

The rare opportunity of casting in the movie was made possible by Nick’s role model Will Smith.

See how young he looked when he landed a role in the movie Men in Black II- IMDB.
See how young he looked when he landed a role in the movie Men in Black II- IMDB.

In due time, Nick responded to the call to fame and stardom when he landed a big role in the 2002 movie Drumline.

About 12 months after that, he released his debut self-titled album and was also cast for an important role in the 2003 movie Love Don’t Cost a Thing.

His appearance in drumline beckoned him into the light of fame- Wblk.
His appearance in drumline beckoned him into the light of fame- Wblk.

Nick Cannon Bio – The Rise to Fame Story:

At this point in his life, one cannot deny the fact that Nick has worked tirelessly to have made it far in life.

Starting up as a small-town boy and working his way up the ladder of fame is an act that is worthy of imitation.

During 2005, Nick Cannon recorded another huge success by creating his own record label which he named Can-I-Ball Records.

With his label, he produced his second music album titled; Entitled Stages. Nick also served as the host of America’s Got Talent from 2009 to 2016.

Back in the days, the American comedian became famous for serving as a co-host of America's Got Talent- Hollywood.
Back in the days, the American comedian became famous for serving as a co-host of America’s Got Talent- Hollywood.

Fast forward to the time of publishing his Life Story, Nick is often revered as the replica of Will Smith in his youthful days.

The truth is, Smith has also made a positive contribution to Nick’s success story. Hence, Nick has often, made efforts to record more achievements in his career life. The rest, as they say, is history.

Nick Cannon Dating History:

The American comedian seems to have been affiliated with no fewer than 19 women in his Relationship Life.

To mention a few, Nick has had a love affair with Nicole Scherzinger, Kim Kardashian West, Amber Rose, and Selita Ebanks.

The most notable lady amongst his lovers was Selita Ebanks. Nick dated Selita for three months after which he got her engaged.

Unfortunately, after five months of engagements, the lovebirds ended up separating in the month of October 2007.

He was once madly in love with Selita Ebanks that he got her engaged. Can you see how gorgeous they look together? - Zimbio.
He was once madly in love with Selita Ebanks that he got her engaged. Can you see how gorgeous they look together? – Zimbio.

Nick Cannon’s Wives:

Away from his dating experience and relationship flings, Nick decided to settle down and build a wonderful home.

Therefore, he tied the knot with Mariah Carey on the 30th day of April 2008. After eight years of marriage, the American comedian and his wife signed a divorce petition and went their separate ways.

Meet Nick Cannon's ex-wife, Mariah Carey- Jakartapost.
Meet Nick Cannon’s ex-wife, Mariah Carey- Jakartapost.

Nick Cannon’s Children:

The most wonderful experience that Nick ever had throughout his Relationship Life was the birth of his two children by his ex-wife, Mariah Carey.

Three years into their marriage, Nick and his ex-wife welcomed the birth of their fraternal twins. His daughter was named Monroe while his son was named Moroccan Scott.

Do you know?… Following his separation from Mariah Carey, Nick became entwined in another love affair with Brittany Bell. Their Relationship also led to the birth of Nick’s third child, Golden.

Surprisingly, Nick’s baby mama announced that she’s expecting another child for the American comedian in the month of June 2020. However, the veracity of her claims is yet to be confirmed by Nick Cannon.

The celebrated American TV presenter shares the picture of his three kids- Amomama.
The celebrated American TV presenter shares the picture of his three kids- Amomama.

Nick Cannon Family Life:

Seeing that his upbringing has contributed a lot to his career achievements, it is therefore important to talk about Nick Cannons Family Life.

Hence, below is the detailed information of each member of Nick Cannon’s Household.

About Nick Cannon’s Father:

The role of Nick Cannon’s dad can never be overemphasized in his Biography. First and foremost, Nick’s father, James Cannon, taught him how to live with principles.

Secondly, the American rapper got his first exposure to the media through his dad who gave him the privilege of performing on his TV shows.

He is always proud to show off his father, James Cannon- Xxlmag.
He is always proud to show off his father, James Cannon- Xxlmag.

James Cannon was a televangelist who ministers to people on television. His consistent words of encouragement made Nick grow up with positive affirmations in his Life Story.

About Nick Cannon’s Mother:

Do you know?… Nick Cannon’s mom, Beth Gardner, conceived him at the age of 17. At that time, she was yet unmarried and still in high school.

Hence, many people kept encouraging her to think about her academics and get an abortion. However, she disclosed that something from within kept encouraging her to have the baby. Hence Nick Cannon was born.

Take a good look at Nick Cannon's mother, Beth Gardner- DennyBurk.
Take a good look at Nick Cannon’s mother, Beth Gardner- DennyBurk.

Nick’s courageous mom still went on to complete her education after his birth. No wonder, the American musician spent some of his childhood living with his grandparents.

Fortunately, Beth Gardner finally rounded up her studies and became a full-fledged accountant. A feat that inspired Nick to have a spirit of never giving up.

About Nick Cannon’s Siblings:

Living a well-accomplished life, Nick has only one biological brother and no sisters of whom he could share his success with. In 2011, Nick’s younger brother, Gabriel Cannon had run-ins with the Los Angeles police for allegedly attempting to steal a piece of video equipment.

Fortunately, he was later released from prison. A few months after his release, he got to a job to work as the President of Marketing and Endorsements, by Veteran Business Owners and Partners of Send. He is currently working hard to make amends for his past mistakes.

Meet Nick Cannon's look-alike younger brother, Gabriel Cannon- Myspace.
Meet Nick Cannon’s look-alike younger brother, Gabriel Cannon- Myspace.

Furthermore, the multifaceted American celebs have made notables friends that are worth being called his brothers.

One of his most notable colleagues turned friend is the veteran American comedian, Kevin Hart.

About Nick Cannon’s Relatives:

The paternal grandparents of Nick Cannon are named James E. Cannon and Marie A. Scott. While his maternal grandfather is Melvin Hackett.

Unfortunately, the only known information about Nick’s maternal grandmom is her surname – Long. Furthermore, not much information is known about Nick’s uncles and aunts as well as his nephews and nieces.

Personal Life:

Taking up comedy right from his early days, Nick has always sorted for ways to make people laugh and feel relieved of stress.

By implication, his character and personality have been greatly influenced by what he does. It would be very difficult to spend some time with the American comedian and still feel a slight sense of solitude.

Being able to entertain others does not restrict Nick from entertaining himself. Hence, he has 8 Jack Russell Terriers and loves cats as well. When talking about himself, Nick discloses that his spirit animal is a lion.

Our veteran multifaceted celebrity has great interests in tennis and South Indian food. He once disclosed that outside the world of entertainment the only profession he would have delved into is Astronaut.

Cannon was born on October 8, which makes him a Libra. Some other celebrities who share the same zodiac sign as Nick Cannon include; Bruno Mars (October 8), Cardi B (October 11), Hugh Jackman (October 12), Kim Kardashian (October 21), Snoop Dogg (October 20), etc.

Nick Cannon Lifestyle Facts:

For a man of his caliber, Nick lives a fashionable Lifestyle just like is fellow American Comedian, Steve Harvey.

As a matter of fact, the veteran musician has amassed quite a fortune in his career endeavors. At the time of writing, Nick Cannon’s Net Worth is estimated to be a whopping sum of $60 million.

Nick Cannon’s House:

Earlier in his career life, Nick Cannon purchased a two-story building that occupied a land area of 2,173 sq. ft.

The luxurious five-bedroom mansion had cost him $421,000. However, Nick reportedly sold the house for an estimated sum of $603,500 in 2019.

At the time of writing this Bio, Nick has acquired a beautiful mansion in rural New Jersey. Although he did not purchase the house, he is currently renting it at an estimated sum of $11,000.

More interestingly, the property agreement has a “rent to own” clause embedded in it. Hence, Nick reserves an optional right to purchase the $3 million estates at his will.

A glimpse at the luxurious mansion that is inhabited by the family of the veteran entertainer- DailyMail.
A glimpse at the luxurious mansion that is inhabited by the family of the veteran entertainer- DailyMail.

Nick Cannon’s Cars:

It goes without an argument that the American celeb has stocked a lot of expensive brands of cars in his car collection.

The most notable cars in his collection are; a Maserati Quattroporte, a Range Rover, a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, and a Ferrari California.

Nick shows off his luxurious Ferrari 430 - Celebrity News.
Nick shows off his luxurious Ferrari 430 – Celebrity News.

Nick Cannon’s Untold Facts:

To round up the Biography of the American multifaceted celeb, here are five facts about Nick Cannon that would help you grasp a complete knowledge of his Life Story.

Nick Cannon’s Health Complication:

Did you know?… 2012 was indeed a horrible year for the popular American musician and rapper.

Unfortunately, Nick was hospitalized due to a mild kidney failure which was caused by lupus nephritis. With proper treatment at the hospital, the comedian recovered from the illness and continued with his entertainment endeavours.

Nick Cannon’s Activism:

Like many other celebrities, Nick Cannon is also an activist. Sometime in 2011, he took to the media to encourage teenagers to push for the dreams of their choice.

Since then, many young talents have emerged in the United States, thanks to his words of encouragement.

Cannon Controversial Feud with Eminem:

Back in the days when Nick and Mariah Carrey were still together in their relationship, Eminem made fun of Nick’s wife in his track titled ‘Bagpipes from Baghdad’.

Without a second thought, Nick responded to Eminem on his Twitter account. Their feud continued in several other episodes until the inevitable divorce of Nick and his wife in 2016.

Nick Cannon’s Religion:

Over time, many curious fans have often made inquiries about Nick Cannon’s Religious beliefs. Even in the light of the misunderstanding that arose between Nick and the Jews people, many have sought responses relating to his religious standpoint.

It is important to note that Nick is a Christian. He was raised in accordance with the belief of the Christian faith.

However, he once made a statement about the Jews which was considered to be an act of racial discrimination. The good news is, Nick, apologized for his actions as he did not mean to taint the image of Judaism.


Living in a world where most youths are influenced by the dealings of their society, Nick spent most of his youthful days in a notorious gang-ridden neighbourhood.

However, he made sure he avoided gangs and used his spare time to play basketball. Thanks to his absolute focus on his life conviction, Nick has now recorded success beyond his own imagination.

Biography Summary:

Below is the wiki knowledge base of Nick Cannon. The table will help you find information about him concisely and efficiently. Find below.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Nicholas Scott Cannon
Nick Name:Nick
Date off Birth:8th October 1980
Place of Birth:San Diego, California
Father:James Cannon
Mother:Beth Gardner
Siblings:Gabriel Cannon
Spouse:Mariah Carey (ex-wife)
Children:Monroe, Moroccan Scott, and Golden
Net Worth:$60 million
Salary:$10 million (annually)
Height:1.83m - in meters
6'0" - in feet


Undoubtedly, we’ve seen how Nick Cannon took up the pivot of his conviction to make grand achievements in a controversial world. His Life Story has proved beyond all reasonable doubt that nothing good comes easy.

And even in the struggle of life, there would always be people who would discourage you as well as those that will motivate and encourage you.

Thank you for reading our Nick Cannon’s Life Story and Untold Biography Facts. We hope you’ve learned a lot from our article.

More so, feel free to share what you think about Nick’s multifaceted career endeavours in the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to contact us if you find anything that isn’t right in our Nick Cannon’s Bio.

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