Kim Jong Un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Kim Jong Un Childhood Story

CB presents the Full Story of a Supreme Leader who is best known by his North Korean nickname “Great Successor”. Our Kim Jong Un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you a full account of notable events from his Childhood time to date. The analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON screen little-known-facts about him.

Yes everyone knows he succeeded his late father, Kim Jong-il as the supreme leader of North Korea. However, only a hand few consider his biography which is quite interesting. Now without further adieu, let’s begin.

Kim Jong Un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Early Life

Kim Jong Un was born on 8th day of January 1984 in Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, North Korea. He was born and the third and youngest son to his late mother, Ko Yong-hui (an opera singer and actress) and late father, Kim Jong-il (former North Korea supreme leader). Below are his late parents.

The Story of Kim Jong Un Parents

Kim grew up with his elder brother (Kim Jong chul) and sister (Kim Yo-jong), both of whom came from the same parents. Growing up, both brothers (Kim Jong Chul and Kim Jong Un) had a high affinity for Europe which influenced their parent’s choice for their education.

Kim Jong Un and his elder brother, Kim Jong-chul went to a boarding school in Switzerland near Bern. First reports claimed he attended the private English-language International School in Gümligen under the name “Chol-pak” or “Pak-chol” from the year 1993 to 1998. In school, Kim was described as a shy but good student who was awkward with girls, indifferent to political issues BUT got along well with his classmates. Back then, he was guarded by a Chaperone who is an older student.

Kim Jong Un Childhood Photo- Schooling Days' Facts

Also during his schooling days, Kim Jong Un was described as a well-integrated and ambitious student who liked to watch students play basketball. Kim had a fascination with the American National Basketball Association during the 1900’s. He got engrossed in watching the NBA, taking Chicago Bulls as his favourite team and Dennis Rodman rather than Michael Jordan as his hero.

Kim Jong Un Childhood Facts- His love for Basketball

As time went on, Kim Jong Un’s basketball addiction had a negative influence on his grades. His school attendance rating was at some point reported to be poor due to having too much interest in watching rematch and highlights of his basketball hero, Dennis Rodman. However, a shift in the direction of future leadership proclaimed by his father made Kim Jong Un return to North Korea where he saw a new chapter to his life and future.

Kim Jong Un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Rising to Fame

Kim Jong Un was favoured by his father over his elder brother, Kim Jong-chul as regards who was to be the future leader of North Korea. The first reason was born out of the fact the fact that  Kim Jong Un showed signs of toughness as a kid. As pictured below, his salute as a toddler was really SHARP.  The second reason portrays to the fact that his direct elder brother Kim Jong-chul had a feminine character in him which showed lack of toughness and leadership as seen in the photo below.

Why Kim Jong Chol was rejected as heir to the throne of North Korea

Without a doubt, Kim Jong Un as a child was “exactly like his father”. Again, his father, Kim Jong-il reportedly took a liking to Kim Jong-un, noting that he saw a temperament similar to himself in his little son. This created a new lifestyle for Kim Jong Un which denotes him always having mean looks and never smiling as seen in the photo below.

Young Kim Jong-un In Military Uniform

As he grew up, Kim Jong Un established a much closer relationship with his father unlike his elder feminine brother, Kim Jong-chul and even his eldest half-brother Kim Jong-nam who came from another mother. Their father-son relationship is seen in the picture below.

Why little Kim Jong Un was favoured for the throne more than his elder brothers

Kim Jong Un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Why his Eldest Brother has Rejected the Throne

Kim Jong-un’s eldest half-brother, late Kim Jong-nam (Killed at a Malaysian airport in 2017), had once been the favourite to succeed, but reportedly fell out of favour from their father in 2001. Falling out of favour came when he was caught attempting to enter Japan on a fake passport to visit Tokyo Disneyland. This came with legal issues and brought shame to his family, hence the decision from his father.

Why Kim Jong-nam got dethroned as the future leader of North Korea

Kim Jong Un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: His way to the Throne

Kim Jong-il began to prepare his favourite son, Kim Jong-un for succession to leadership in 2010, thus making him attend the Kim Il-sung Military University (named after his grandfather) in the capital of Pyongyang in the mid-2000s. Upon his father’s death in December 2011, Kim Jong-un assumed power.

The Story of how Kim Jong Un Assumed Power

He was believed to be in his late 20s at the time. This was when he became popular to the world. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Kim Jong Un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Relationship Life

Behind every great man, there is a glamorous first lady. Ri Sol-ju or Lee Seol-ju pictured below is the wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong Un and his wife- Ri Sol-ju

Little is known about her from official North Korean sources but outside sources have speculated more about her background. According to a South Korean analyst, Kim Jong-il (Kim Jong Un’s late father) had hastily arranged their marriage after suffering a stroke in 2008. The two lovebirds married in 2009.

Kim Jong Un and Ri Sol-ju Marriage Photo

However, On 25 July 2012, North Korean state media reported for the first time that Kim Jong-un is married to Ri Sol-ju.

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service once revealed that the couple is believed to have three children, though this is not known for certain.

Kim Jong-un and Children - Ri Sol-ju or Lee Seol-ju.jpg

Dennis Rodman, the basketball star who occasionally visits the family, has said the second child is a girl named Ju-ae. However, South Korean sources speculated that they could have many children. Ri Sol-ju has appeared numerous times in public with her husband (Kim Jong-Un).

What You Dont know about Kim Jon Un's wife, Ri Sol-ju

In April 2018, Ri Sol-ju title was elevated in state media to “respected first lady” which was considered a significant honour and the first time the title has been used since 1974.

Kim Jong Un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: His Capital punishments

Killing his Uncle: Jang Song-thaek was the vice-chairman of the National Defence Commission and allegedly led the country while Kim Jong-il (Kim Jong Un’s father) was sick.

A key policy adviser to Kim Jong-un and second in command. Jang Song-thaek was convicted of treason in 2013 and was brutally executed on Kim Jong-un’s order after he was stripped of all his posts.

First, two of his trusted deputies were killed — publicly, by machine guns. Their bodies were incinerated with flame throwers. Jang Song-thaek was then executed in the same place, and in the same way.

How Kim Jong Un kills People

Chinese state media, however, say Jang Song-thaek was actually torn apart by a pack of 120 dogs.

Ordering his Aunt to be Poisoned:

The Story of how Kim Jong Un killed his AuntAfter killing his uncle, Kim Jong-un ordered his aunt, Kim Kyong Hui be poisoned because she complained when her husband Jang Song-thaek was executed. This is according to claims by a North Korean defector.

Kim Jong Un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Killing his Ex-Girlfriend

How Kim Jong Un killed his Ex-Girlfriend- Hyon Song-wol

Kim Jong-un’s ex-girlfriend, Hyon Song-wol was among a dozen well-known North Korean performers who was executed by firing squad in August 2013 according to South Korean reports.

Hyon Song-wol, a singer and rumoured to be a former lover of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Reports suggested she was arrested on August 17 for violating domestic laws as regards involvement with the opposite sex. Hyon Song-wol was machine-gunned three days later with her immediate families forced to watch and then sent to prison camps.

It is pertinent to note that Hyon’s band was responsible for a string of patriotic hits in North Korea, including “Footsteps of Soldiers,” “I Love Pyongyang,” “She is a Discharged Soldier” and “We are Troops of the Party.” Her popularity reportedly peaked in 2005 with the song “Excellent Horse-Like Lady.” 

Kim Jong Un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Executing General for Sleeping on Duty

How Kim Jong Un executed General for Sleeping on Duty

North Korea once executed his vice-premier for showing disrespect (sleeping) during a meeting presided over by him. The minister, General Hyon Yong Chol, was believed to have been executed with an anti-aircraft gun in Pyongyang. Another high ranking officer was also executed along with General Hyon Yong Chol for coming up with his own idea to improve agricultural production which goes against what Kim Jong Un wants.

Kim Jong-un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Personal Facts

  • Kim Jong Un is a big drinker and never admits defeat. He loves Johnnie Walker whisky.

Kim Jong-un Alcohol and Whisky Preference - Personal Facts .jpg

  • Jong-un smokes Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes. The supreme leader once spent £70,000 on cigars and cigarettes, and £88,000 on machinery to roll home-grown tobacco which he is proud of.

Kim Jong-un cigarettes Preference - Personal Facts .jpg

Kim Jong Un loves to smoke cigarettes each time he poses to watch his nuclear activities in action. As seen in the photo below, Kim claimed his hydrogen bomb is capable of striking anywhere in the United States during Trump’s regime.

Thanks to him, his country to have one of the highest levels of male smokers in the world.

  • In 2009, reports suggested that Kim Jong-un was a diabetic and suffered from hypertension. Kim Jong-un did not appear in public for six weeks in September and October 2014. State media reported that he was suffering from an “uncomfortable physical condition”. Previously he had been seen limping. When he reappeared, he was using a walking stick.
  • In September 2015, the South Korean government commented that Kim appeared to have gained 30 kg in body fat over the previous five years, reaching a total estimated body weight of 130 kg (290 lb).

Image result for kim jong Un fat

  • Kim Jong-un was made a daejang” which is the equivalent of a four-star general in the United States. His country people hardly mentions him by the name. The first time it happened was at on 27 September 2010 where North Korean media had mentioned him by name and despite him having no previous military experience.
  • Kim Jong-un made three foreign trips since he assumed office as Supreme Leader of North Korea. Kim went to China twice, and South Korea once (as at the time of writing).

Kim Jong Un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Claims to have Cure of all Diseases

Kim Jong-un once claimed to have succeeded where the greatest minds in science have failed. He claimed to have produced a single drug which he said can prevent and cure Aids, Ebola, Sars and Mers.

The official Korean Central News Agency said it’s scientists developed miracle drug called Kumdang-2 from ginseng and other ingredients.

The Story of Kim Jong Un's Miracle Drug- The Cure of Aids, Ebola, Sars etc

North Korea claimed the same drug cured deadly bird flu outbreaks in 2006 and 2013.

Kim Jong-un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Alleged Assassination Attempt

Kim Jong Un Alleged Assassination Attempt- The Untold Story

In May 2017, the North Korean government stated that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States and the South Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) hired a North Korean lumberjack who worked in Russia to assassinate Kim Jong-un with a “biochemical weapon” that was both radioactive and nano-poisonous, and whose effect would have been delayed by a few months. North Korea said that it would seek extradition of anyone involved in the assassination attempt.

Kim Jong Un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Relationship with Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman won the NBA rebounding champion for a record 7 times between 1992–1998. This makes him the best rebounder in the history of the game.

Kim Jong-un Basketball Idol Dennis Rodman NBA Records - Relationship Facts

These years, 1992- 1997 happened to be a time Kim Jong Un was in school, a time he was actively involved in watching the NBA. Back then, Dennis Rodman was his basketball hero.

Upon supreme leader of North Korea, Kim contacted Rodman who went with his travel party to North Korea. They were the first known Americans to have met Kim.

Dennis Rodman Visit To Kim Jong-un As First American - Relationship Facts.jpg

Below is the feminine Kim Jong Chul, brother of the North Korea leader, pictured in a Dennis Rodman shirt. The ruling family are said to love basketball and once insisted on Rodman to teach them how to be like him during his days.

How Kim Jong-un Brother Kim Jong Chul became a fan of Dennis Rodman

Kim met his idol and meet him, establishing a solid friendship with the Dallas native so much so that Rodman told him, after a few days ” Kim, you found a friend for life “.

How Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodaman became friends for life


It didn’t take time before a deeper relationship got born between Rodman, perhaps the best rebounder that basketball has ever had, with what is today indisputably the most controversial and controversial political leader in the world.

North Korea Basketball Team Instructor Dennis Rodman.jpg

North Korean basketball team hires him as an instructor, at the suggestion of the Supreme Leader. Rodman used his friendship opportunity to ease tensions between his country United State and Kim’s North Korea. However, all his efforts was said to have failed. In his word…“North Korea is not as bad as the Western Media describes them”.

Kim Jong Un Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Family

FATHER: His Father Kim was born in Vyatskoye, Russia, when it was still part of the Soviet Union. By the early 1980s, Kim had risen to become the heir apparent for the leadership of North Korea and assumed important posts in the party and army organs. He is known to have succeeded his father, Kim Il-sung (died in 1994) who is said to be the founder of North Korea.

MOTHER: Ko Yong-hui born on the 26th day of June, 1952 in Osaka, Japan is the mother of Kim Jong Un. She happens to be third wife of her husband whom she met in 1972.

Kim Jong-un’s mother was an opera singer and actress. She is thought to have campaigned for Kim Jong-un to be his father’s successor before her death in 2004. Ko Young-hee before her death was known as “The Respected Mother” who is the most faithful and Loyal subject to her late husband and former leader.

Kim Jong-Nam: He happens to be the eldest son of his father who was born on 10 May 1971 and died a day to valentine’s the 13th February 2017.

From roughly 1994 to 2001, he was considered the heir apparent to his father. As stated earlier in this article, Kim Jong Nam was thought to have fallen out of favour after embarrassing the regime in 2001 with a failed attempt to visit Tokyo Disneyland with a false passport.

Kim was exiled from North Korea since 2003. He later become an occasional critic of his family’s regime. He died at the age of 45 on the 13th day of February 2017 after an assassination in Malaysia.

Kim Jong-chul: This is the second brother of Kim Jong Un. His is known to be the older half-brother was Kim Jong-nam born on 25 September 1981. In 2007, Jong-chul was appointed deputy chief of a leadership division of the Workers’ Party of North Korea.

Kim Yo-jong: She was born on 26th day of September 1987. Kim Yo jong is the youngest sister of Kim Jong-Un and youngest daughter of late leader Kim Jong-il, her father.

She was appointed by her brother as the Vice Director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK). Kim is sometimes accompanied by his younger sister Kim Yo-jong, who is said to be instrumental in creating his public image and organising public events for him.

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