Joyce Meyer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Joyce Meyer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Joyce Meyer’s Biography tells you Facts about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family Background, Brother (David Hutchison), Children (Laura Marie Holtzmann, David Meyer, Daniel B. Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollom), etc.

Again, we’ll break down info on Joyce Meyer’s Lifestyle, Personal Life, Net Worth, etc. Finally, Childhood Biography gives you factual details about the preacher’s  Earnings, Religion, and other Untold Facts about her.

In a nutshell, this bio breaks down the complete History of Joyce Meyer. We’ll give the story of a girl who was sexually, verbally, and emotionally abused by her father.

Joyce Meyer did not allow her experiences to define her. Instead, she worked hard to become a successful preacher.


Our Version of Joyce Meyer’s Bio begins by telling you notable events of her Early Life and Family Background. After that, we’ll give you a summary of her preaching and writing career. Finally, we’ll tell how she became successful as a Christian teacher, Author, etc.

To enhance your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Joyce Meyer’s Biography, we present a gallery of her Early Life and Rise. Behold the childhood years and rise of a Christian preacher with a splendid gift of changing lives through her books.

Joyce Meyer Biography - Behold her Early Life and Rise.
Joyce Meyer Biography – Behold her Early Life and Rise.

Yes, everyone knows Joyce is an American Bible teacher, author, and motivational speaker. She is a woman that has written more than 100 books over the years.

Interestingly, over 12 million people have read her work. Also, she is one of the New York bestselling authors.

Despite the many praises to her name, we realize a knowledge gap in her history. We found that few of her fans have read a concise piece of Joyce Meyer’s Biography. Therefore, we have prepared it, and it is pretty interesting. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Joyce Meyer Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, she holds the Gemini sign. Joyce Meyer was born on the 4th day of June 1943 to her parents, and her birthplace is St Louis, Missouri, United States.

From what we’ve gathered, Joyce Meyer is not the only child of her parents. Both Joyce and her brother (David Hutchison) were born to the marital union between their Father and Mother. Now, let’s introduce you to one of Joyce Meyer’s parents – her Mother.

Nothing can be more beautiful than a caring mother. Behold the picture of Joyce and her mum with beautiful smiles.
Nothing can be more beautiful than a caring mother. Behold the picture of Joyce and her mum with beautiful smiles.

Growing-Up Years:

Sense of self-pity and multiple personality disorder shaped the childhood of Joyce Meyer. The issue came as a result of constant abuse from her father, which we will explain in her family background section. The fear of her torturous existence had a lasting impression on her.

Joyce Meyer Early Life:

Growing up was quite horrible for Joyce because of the atrocities she experienced from her father. Little by little, Joyce Meyer developed a derogatory sense of her person. She attended school but could not concentrate on her studies. Joyce was ill-mannered and unmanageable.

A sense of guilt and negative thinking was the order of the day in Joyce’s life. In fact, she became the type who sees everything with suspicion. That was all her behavioral abnormalities until she received a message from God and began teaching a bible class.

Joyce Meyer Family Background:

The American preacher hails from a middle-class household, one greatly affected by her father’s negligence and carelessness. Joyce Meyer’s Dad was a soldier and her Mum was a homemaker who took care of her and her sibling.

Joyce’s father’s abuse brought a tough experience to her early life. He started maltreating her when he returned from World War 11. Her father also hurt her mother when she started protecting Joyce from him.

Joyce Meyer Family Origin:

The American Bible teacher holds United States Nationality. This is because Joyce Meyer’s parents had her in St Louis, Missouri, in the United States by birth. Upon research, we found that Evan Peters and Sean Gunn (both Actors) are from this part of the US.

This map explains the American preacher's origin. Joyce Meyer's Family have their origin in St. Louis, Missouri, a town in the United States.
This map explains the American preacher’s origin. Joyce Meyer’s Family have their origin in St. Louis, Missouri, a town in the United States.

In addition, Joyce Meyer’s town (St Louis, Missouri) is known for the Gateway Arch, the tallest monument constructed in the United States. Also, it was from here that the Europeans set out to conquer the Wild West.

Joyce Meyer Ethnicity:

The St Louis-born is a white American. Put simply, Joyce Meyer is among white citizens of American descent.

Around 332 million people living in the United States belong to this ethnic group. More so, Joyce’s ethnicity makes up 61.6 percent of the United States population.

Joyce Meyer Education:

In terms of education, Joyce Meyer graduated from O’Fallon Technical High school when where she completed her secondary education in the year 1961. She further went to Life Christian University, Tampa, FL, where she achieved her Ph.D. degree in theology.

Interestingly, she gained an honorary doctorate in Sacred Theology from Grand Canyon University. Also, an honorary doctorate in Divinity from Oral Roberts University because of how love for Christian teachings.

 Career Buildup:

According to our research, Joyce Meyer revealed she received a personal message from God in 1976 while driving to work. It was the encounter that ushered her into a career as a preacher. Also, Joyce said that she discovered love in God’s word during her encounter.

Joyce Meyer became a bona fide member of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in St. Louis, where she started teaching the Bible in an early morning class at a local cafeteria.

Also, She became an active participant in the Life Christian Center, and they made her an assistant pastor.

Joyce Meyer Bio – Road to Fame Story:

The American preacher’s teaching of the bible gained much popularity, which increased her prominence and reputation. Because of the high demand for her teaching, she started a 15-minute radio program on the local St. Louis radio station, and her fame grew.

Joyce Meyer Biography – Success Story:

Joyce Meyer resigned from the post of assistant pastor in 1985 and established her ministry. They named the ministry ‘Life in the Word’. Also, the number of radio stations increased to six more. Chicago to Kansas City started airing their own radio broadcast.

In 1993, The American writer and her husband Dave Meyers ventured into television as well. Initially, Superstation WGN T. V in Chicago and Black Entertainment Television aired her program under the name of ”Enjoying Everyday Life”. It is still on the air today.

Photo of Joyce Meyer anchoring her program (Enjoying Everyday Life).
Photo of Joyce Meyer anchoring her program (Enjoying Everyday Life).

Joyce has written over 100 books, one of which is called Battlefield of the Mind, published in 1994.

Interestingly, the preacher has 12 satellite offices with over 1000 workforce and its headquarters in Missouri. She is one of the New Yoke bestselling authors.

Joyce Meyer’s Love Life:

Joyce married her first husband, who was a per-time car salesperson after her senior high school. According to our research, their union lasted for only five years due to frequent cheating on the account of her ex-husband. However, their marriage produced two children.

Luckily for her, she met her second husband, Dave Meyer, years after her divorce. He was a design engineer when he met and married Joyce on January 7, 1967.

The preacher’s husband is currently the vice president of Joyce Meyer’s ministry and an American pastor.

Do you notice the happiness and love that exist between these two? Meet Joyce Meyer's husband, Dave Mayer.
Do you notice the happiness and love that exist between these two? Meet Joyce Meyer’s husband, Dave Mayer.

Joyce Meyer’s Personal Life:

So what keeps the Christian teacher busy when she is not writing books and hosting television shows? Now, let’s illustrate a rundown of the activities of the best-selling American author.

For starters, Joyce organizes and manages various international and national conferences to educate and motivate people. she encourages them to enjoy every aspect of their life to live happy, and successful life.

The preacher also creates time for working out with her husband. She encourages people to create time for exercise in other to live a healthy life.

Also, Joyce always motivates people who are finding it difficult to start something new that it is never too late to start.

Joyce Meyer’s foundation:

She created the ‘Hand of Hope‘ Foundation intending to ease the suffering of the needy, providing food, shelter, and medical care.

Joyce’s foundation is also involved in disaster relief supplies in any country around the globe that is affected by disasters.

Also, Joyce Meyer co-founded the St. Louis Dream Center in the year 2000. The main focus of this center is to take care of people in distress. They mainly target the needy, hurt, and lost through the love of Jesus Christ.

Joyce Meyer Lifestyle:

Regarding the way she lives, she is someone who loves enjoying her wealth and her life. Joyce lives a flashy attitude, a life characterized by the display of flashy cars, expensive houses, private jets, etc. She also enjoys reading, writing, and planning.

It is no news that Joyce Meyer is one of the richest pastors in America, with a net worth of about $8 million. Asides from her estates, publishing houses, houses, and cars, they say she has at least one private jet she uses for her missionary works and ministrations.

This picture depicts the summary of the American preacher and the author's lifestyle.
This picture depicts the summary of the American preacher and the author’s lifestyle.

Joyce Meyer Family Life:

The American Bible teacher, Joyce Meyer, grew up in a family of 4. We will bring you details about members of her family.

About Joyce Meyer’s Father:

For starters, Joyce Meyer’s father served in the army. He was among the soldiers who fought in World war II.

However, Joyce has a sour relationship with her father for constantly abusing her sexually, mentally, emotionally, and verbally as well. The name of Joyce Meyer’s Dad remains unknown to date.

Gladly, the preacher’s father gave his life to Christ and became a dedicated Christian before his death. It will interest you to know that Joyce’s father became baptized in his daughter’s ministry. she confessed it to be the best father’s day she has ever experienced in life.

Did you notice the overwhelming happiness on Joyce's face? It was a prayer answered seeing her father being baptized a new man.
Did you notice the overwhelming happiness on Joyce’s face? It was a prayer answered seeing her father being baptized a new man.

About Joyce Meyer’s Mother:

Joyce Meyer’s mother was a home keeper who took care of Joyce and her brother when their father was serving in the army during World War II.

Joyce’s mum tried severally to protect her daughter from the abusive father but ended up being abused likewise. The name of Joyce Meyer’s Mum remains unknown to date.

The rare picture of Joyce and her beautiful mother at a young age
The rare picture of Joyce and her beautiful mother at a young age

About Joyce Meyer’s Brother:

The name of the Author’s brother is David Hutchison. He is her only sibling, and he is also 10 years younger than her.

David joined the army at 17 years old. It was there his sergeant introduced drugs to David, claiming it will help him cope with the horror of war.

He eventually got married as a drug addict. However, Hutchison has a son with his wife and divorced her afterwards.

He ran away after the divorce. Sadly, David died alone in an uncompleted building and was discovered by a homeless man thirty days after his death.

About Joyce Meyer’s Children:

The best-seller author has four grown children, (Daniel B. Meyer, David Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollom, and Laura Marie) eleven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. However, the children have a close-knitted relationship with their parents.

A happy family is everything. This family is an example of one
A happy family is everything. This family is an example of one

Interestingly, her second daughter, Sandra Ellen McCollom, took after Joyce as an author. she is the author of the book called “I Tried Until I Almost Died“.

Her children are all married happily married to their heartthrob. They are also involved in her foundation.

About Joyce Meyer’s Relatives:

Even Though we are yet to know most of her relatives, she certainly has a few extended family members in St Louis, Missouri. Worthy of note are her Nephews, Cousins, and In-laws.

Untold Facts:

As we approach the final stage of Joyce Meyer’s Biography, we’ll unveil more info about her you might not know. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Joyce Meyer Religion:

The American preacher believes in God and practices Christianity. Joyce Meyer and her family take their religion seriously.

They are Born-Again Christians that teach the word of God and also practice it. Their spiritual rebirth makes them devout and vibrant Christians.

Joyce Meyer Cancer:

The preacher revealed how she relied on the power of God’s word when she had cancer. However, she had breast cancer 33 years ago.

“It was a quick-growing type of cancer,” she says. Joyce Meyer believed in God, and he healed her completely with no form of treatment.

Joyce Meyer Salary:

The Christian teacher’s monthly salary is worth over $114, 444.44. This converts to $26, 410.26 per week, or $3, and 762.56 per day. Remember, the median household income in the United States is $56,516, according to 2015 data from the US census.

Joyce Meyer Bible:

The preacher’s most preferred Bible version is the Amplified Bible. According to her, she prefers using this version when she is teaching the Scripture.

Joyce Meyer Outreach:

Joyce Meyer owns an outreach organization called Hand of Hope Outreach. The primary aim of the outreach is Anti-human trafficking, Book translation, caring for children’s homes, disaster relief, feeding programs, Refugee relief, water relief, domestic outreach, feeding programs, etc.

Dave and Joyce Meyer with kids from Hands of Hope outreach
Dave and Joyce Meyer with kids from Hands of Hope outreach
Full NameJoyce Meyer
Nickname:née Hutchison
Date of Birth:4th of June, 1943
Age:80 years and 10 months old.
Birthplace:St Louis, Missouri.
Siblings:David Hutchison
Husband:Dave Meyer
Father Occupation:Army
Mother Occupation:Home Keeper
Education (school attended):O'Fallon Technical High school
Ethnicitywhite American
Christian NameJoyce
Height5 feet 7 inches
Fathers HeightUnknown
Net Worth8 Million Dollars
(2021 stats)
NationalityUnited State


Joyce Meyer came to the world on the 4th of June 1943 to a marital union between Parents. The preacher’s birthplace is St. Louis, Missouri, and she has one sibling, a husband, and four children. The woman of God also has eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

The American teacher spent her childhood days in St Louis, Missouri. The city is the second-largest city in Missouri. It is also known for its beer, baseball, etc. From an ethnic point of view, Joyce Meyer is a white American.

Regarding Joyce Meyer’s educational background, Joyce is a product of the Life Christian University, Tampa, FL.

She also has doctorate honors from two different prestigious Christian universities, Grand Canyon University and from Oral Roberts University.

So far, Joyce Meyer has enjoyed supernatural growth in her career as a teacher of God’s word, a feat that has made her known worldwide.

With the enormous support she gets from her family and congregation, the best author has shown that she is all out for the gospel of Christ.

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