Jonathan Osteen Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Jonathan Osteen Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Jonathan Osteen Biography tips us about his early life, Childhood Story, Parents – Dad (Joel Osteen), Mum (Victoria Osteen), Family Background/Origin, Girlfriend, etc.

In addition, Jonathan Osteen’s sister (Alexandra), personal life, lifestyle, and net worth.

Briefly put, this is a living chronicle of the son of a rich pastor who had to follow his dreams and his family heritage.

The story begins from his Early days in the Lakewood church to when he became a singer and a preacher.

To whet your desire in the intriguing episodes of Jonathan Osteen’s Biography, we put out the gallery below. It is a concise description of how the vocalist grew into adulthood.

Jonathan Osteen's Biography- Behold his Early Childhood Days to his Preaching in Church.
Jonathan Osteen’s Biography- Behold his Early Childhood Days to his Preaching in Church.

Yes, everyone knows him as the son of Pastor Joel Osteen of the Lakewood church. The young man is also an artist who sang popular gospel songs such as “feeling”, “Rush”, and “live in the wonderful.”

Regardless of his achievements, only a few gospel music lovers know the Biography of Jonathan Osteen. As a result, we have prepared the article for you. Without wasting time, let’s dive in.

Jonathan Osteen Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, Jonathan was born on the 20th day of April 1995 in Houston, Texas.

The son of the smiling preacher is the first child of his parents, Joel and Victoria Osteen. The couple has two children in their marriage. Below is the family with their daughter, Alexandra Osteen.

Meet Jonathan Osteen's Parents and his Sister, Alexandra.
Meet Jonathan Osteen’s Parents and his Sister, Alexandra.

Jonathan Osteen Early Life:

The US Celebrity grew up in Texas with his younger sister, Alexandra. No doubt he was three years older than her; she was his childhood buddy in the family.

The youngster who grew up in the Osteen household was loving and peaceful.

Jonathan Osteen’s mother (Victoria Osteen) was always there for her children, especially when the singer was born. Below is Jonathan as a baby with his mom in the photo.

A Rare Photo of Jonathan and his Mother, Exploring his Young Legs.
A Rare Photo of Jonathan and his Mother, Exploring his Young Legs.

Despite Joel Osteen, the singer’s father was a busy man. As he was always travelling and meeting with various people. Yet he still had daddy and child periods to bond together.

The Early Childhood joy of Joel Osteen With his son Jonathan, Having a Beautiful Moment Together.
The Early Childhood joy of Joel Osteen With his son Jonathan, Having a Beautiful Moment Together.

So we can conclude that Jonathan Osteen had a happy childhood. It was heaven with his sister Alexandra, as his parents cared for him. In contrast, it was nothing like the experience of the musician J. Cole, who grew up in a violent environment.

Jonathan Osteen Family Background:

So did the singer grow up in affluence or poverty? Let’s see. Joel Scott Osteen is an American author and pastor in the Lakewood church. In addition, he is also a televangelist with over 10 million viewers in Us and around the world.

While his mum, Victoria Osteen, is a co-pastor of her husband’s church. She has authored many books and has emerged as a bestseller multiple times. Besides, Victoria’s books are on Jeff Bezos’ Amazon company, and some are below.

With both Jonathan’s parents being bestsellers, their books sold over 40,000 copies. And that brings in a mass amount to care for the household very well. Thus you could say the Osteen family is wealthy.

Jonathan Osteen Family Origin:

Just like Shane Bieber’s parents, Jonathan’s father and his mother are Americans. While Joel Osteen is from Texas, Victoria comes from Alabama in the United States. So by road, the distance is 11 hours drive while by plane it takes 1hr.

Now to Jonathan Osteen, he was born in Houston, Texas. Hence, he is a full-blown American Citizen by birth and Nationality. The map below that shows his ancestry.

Behold the Ancestry of Jonathan Osteen.
Behold the Ancestry of Jonathan Osteen.

But then, let’s reveal some fun facts about the birthplace of the preacher’s son. Did you know Houston is where Jennifer Garner, the ex-wife of movie star Ben Affleck, comes from? Well, now, you know.

Jonathan Osteen Education:

With the Osteen family, we expect nothing less of the quality of education given to their child. But, we have no details about the Early elementary school of Jonathan.

But then it would be nothing like the Humble Public school his father, Joel, went to when he was younger. Indeed, times change, and that is the truth.

Yet, Jonathan Osteen went for his college degree at the University of Texas. However, fellow students noted that the young man was shy and kept to himself a lot. Thankfully, the lad was in his graduation gown.

Jonathan Osteen on his Graduation Day From the University of Texas.
Jonathan Osteen on his Graduation Day From the University of Texas.

Jonathan Osteen Biography – Musical Story from the Early Days:

Joel Osteen’s son started singing from an early age. As a matter of fact, the young boy was in his father’s church choir. Below is the young Jonathan with his father in one of his sermons.

Young Preacher's son With his Father a Wonderful Musical Performance.
Young Preacher’s son With his Father a Wonderful Musical Performance.

Even though Victoria’s boy loved music, he still had to take lessons to sharpen his voice. So after school, Jonathan Osteen went for practice with his choir in Lakewood church.

Would the young lad later venture into the same steps as his father? The following section will give us a clearer view of the bio of the aspiring gospel singer.

Jonathan Osteen Biography – Success Story:

After much practice in the Lakewood choir, it was the moment to step into the light. First of all, Jonathan Osteen formed a band in the church. Members of the band are Louie Garcia, Alexandra Osteen, and Louie Garcia.

It was called the LYA band. Not too long they released their debut song Feeling in 2016. It was beautifully done to fit the taste of youths, who find it appealing. See the photo below.

One of the First Songs of Jonathan Osteen, Feeling.
One of the First Songs of Jonathan Osteen, Feeling.

Months later, “Rush” was released, followed by Live in the wonderful and Do it Again. In sum, the Lakewood vocalist has written over 20 gospel music in his career. And these are available on iTunes and Spotify platforms.

Aside from gospel music, Jonathan is giving sermons like his father, Joel Osteen. Probably he will end up from being the preacher’s son to a Pastor himself. Listen as he speaks in one of his earliest sermons about God’s love.

In conclusion, the young child of Joel Osteen is paving a path for himself to be like what his father is- a pastor. Not just a Preacher but also a gospel musician like Kirk Franklin and CeCe Winans.

Jonathan Osteen’s love life – Who is he dating?

Well, fans of the Osteen household are curious to peek into the love life of the American musician. After all, the 27-year-old young man is good-looking and comes from a good family.

As the son of one of the famous pastors, Jonathan Osteen has been free of scandals. The preacher’s boy is more focused on his profession and duties at the Lakewood church.

Regardless of how focused one is on his career, the human longing to love another is always present. And so it is for the vocalist. Thus Jonathan Osteen’s girlfriend is Sophia Hahn.

Meet the Lead Vocalist of Lakewood Church's Girlfriend, Sophia Hahn.
Meet the Lead Vocalist of Lakewood Church’s Girlfriend, Sophia Hahn.

There is little we have on Jonathan’s girlfriend. But we know she is an American from Texas and has three beautiful sisters.

In addition, Sophia Hahn stays in Texas. Does it ring a bell? Because Joel Osteen’s son was born in the same state. They probably must have bumped into each other.

Anyway, we never know until they decide to share it with the world. It is a low radar relationship, but soon we will hear about Jonathan Osteen and Sophia Hahn’s wedding.

Jonathan Osteen’s Personal Life:

Aside from his music, the Texas-born loves to spend time with his family. So if Jonathan isn’t in church, the Osteen household goes on the beach and rowing together. Below is the household on one of such trips to Hawaii.

One of the Jonathan Osteen's Family Trips to Hawaii.
One of the Jonathan Osteen’s Family Trips to Hawaii.

Jonathan Osteen’s Guitar Practice:

When he is free, pastor Joel Osteen’s child uses his guitar. Apart from his melodious voice in singing, Jonathan is also a guitarist. And he makes perfect his strings in his spare periods.

Behold the Guitarist, Jonathan, in one of his Moments.
Behold the Guitarist, Jonathan, in one of his Moments.

Jonathan Osteen Lifestyle Facts:

For whatever reasons he has, the first child of Joel Osteen still stays with his parents. Probably to receive full mentorship or because Jonathan is not married yet. But we know that the LYA band vocalist is a simple young man.

In Texas, Houston, the family home in the River Oaks suburb. It occupies an ample space of over 17,000 sq on 1.86 acres. Behold the beautiful tower of Jonathan Osteen.

Jonathan Osteen's Place of Residence.
Jonathan Osteen’s Place of Residence.

The feeling musician’s house is a six-bedroom mansion with five fireplaces. Besides three elevators, a pool house a massive garage for the exotic cars to park.

Let’s not forget the impressive marble pillars and the backyard lawn. To sum up, Jonathan Osteen’s home is worth over $10 million. The House cost is almost the same as the Youtuber Austin Mcbroom’s home.

Jonathan Osteen Networth:

Although the son of one of the wealthiest pastors globally, this young man has carved a niche in music. As of 2022, Jonathan Osteen’s net worth is over $2million.

And much of his income comes from his passion for the music industry. In addition to his band performers, tours and sales all increase his worth.

Jonathan Osteen Family Facts:

A famous quote says families are the compass that guides us. Besides, they are also the comfort when we fail. And this has played through in the life of Jonathan Osteen. Hence let’s get to know about the members of the Musician’s household.

About Jonathan Osteen’s Father:

Joel Osteen has his birthdate on the 5th of March, 1963, in Houston. He is a pastor of the Lakewood church, which he took over from his parents. At the same time, Jonathan’s dad is also a bestselling author of many books.

The preacher is famous that the music legend, Kanye West, had to visit the Lakewood church. Also, the family had breakfast at the white house with the former President, Barack Obama.

Meet Jonathan's dad, Pastor Joel Osteen.
Meet Jonathan’s dad, Pastor Joel Osteen.

The Lakewood pastor is the best father any child would ever want to be a child to. Irrespective of his busy schedule at church, Joel Osteen takes his time to be there for his family. In Jonathan’s words, “he is proud to have a father like Joel”.

About Jonathan Osteen’s Mum:

Victoria Osteen has her birthdate on the 28th of March, 1961 in Alabama. The beautiful blonde is a co-pastor with her husband in the Lakewood church. In addition, she is an author with best-selling books.

Behold the Beautiful Mother of the Lakewood Singer, Victoria Osteen.
Behold the Beautiful Mother of the Lakewood Singer, Victoria Osteen.

The wife of Joel has done an incredible job raising her children, Jonathan and Alexandria. Despite her busy schedule with her writing career, her motherly work wasn’t lacking.

This also reminds us of the mom of Manny Machado, who went all the way to raise her son. Aren’t women a shoulder and a shield too? Jonathan’s mum is a perfect example of one who joggled her career and marriage.

About Jonathan Osteen’s Sister:

Alexandra Osteen is the younger sibling of Jonathan. Who is three years younger than her older brother. Victoria is a singer known for her popular songs, “what a beautiful name”, “Grace to Grace”, and “to my Knees”.

Alexandria Osteen the Younger Sister of Jonathan.
Alexandria Osteen the Younger Sister of Jonathan.

Unlike her brother, Alex is more outgoing and lively. Of course, they make perfect siblings cause she was Jonathan’s play buddy. And Alexandria followed in her brother’s footsteps to sing as well.

Jonathan Osteen’s Relatives:

John and Dodie Osteen are the Paternal Grandparents of the Jonathan. The couple were the founders of the Lakewood church before grandpa John passed away in 1999. See them in the gallery below.

Meet the Grandparents of Jonathan, John, and Dodie Osteen.
Meet the Grandparents of Jonathan, John, and Dodie Osteen.

While Jonathan’s maternal grandparents are Donald and Georgine Iloff. Donald Iloff is a mathematician and a member of NASA. And his wife, Georgine, was a Sunday school teacher.

Meet the Grandparents of Jonathan Osteen From his Mother's side, Georgine and David.
Meet the Grandparents of Jonathan Osteen From his Mother’s side, Georgine and David.

Untold Facts:

We have a lot about this American gospel singer. From his early childhood to his family and his love life, etc. But are there still some facts about Jonathan Osteen that haven’t been told? Let’s see in the next section below.

Jonathan Osteen Car Accident:

The lead vocalist of the Lakewood Church was in a car accident in 2018. It was a rear-end collision with a vehicle that had a couple, Tony Tran and Quy Vu. Thankfully, there was no life lost in the incident.

However, the couple took legal action against Jonathan. Their reason was that a phone distracted him while driving. How the matter came to an end wasn’t revealed, but we hope they are better now.

Jonathan Osteen’s Religion:

This is pretty much open knowledge. Of course, the young lad grew up in a very religious family with missionaries and pastors.

And like a responsible and obedient child, the vocalist of the LYA band follows in his father’s footsteps. So, Jonathan Osteen is a Christian with the Lakewood church.

The Osteen Family Bash:

Definitely, being in the spotlight puts you under a lot of criticism from people worldwide. And the Osteen household is not left out in this constant online scandal. Below is the picture that caused a stir on the web.

The Graduation of Jonathan That was Bashed on Social media.
The Graduation of Jonathan That was Bashed on Social media.

Of course, the photo is one of the excitement of the graduation of Joel and Victoria Osteen’s first child. What was indeed a thing of celebration was seen as the devil’s cause of the hook-up a sign they did.

We went down memory lane when singer Ariana Grande and British boxer Amir Khan were also bashed. Because of harmless pics that were seen as racist or inappropriate. You can never control the media, can you?

Wiki Summary:

The Table is a vivid description of Jonathan Osteen’s Biography in one glance.

Biography Inquiries:Wiki Answers:
Full Name:Jonathan Osteen
Date of Birth:20th of April 1995
Age:28 years and 11 months old
Education:University of Texas
Father:Joel Osteen
Mother:Victoria Osteen
Sister:Alexandria Osteen
Paternal Grandparents:John Osteen (died 1999)

Dodie Osteen
Maternal Grandparents:Georgine ILLOF

David ILLof
Girlfriend:Sophia Hahn

Lakewood church
Height:6 feet 1 inch
Birthplace:Houston, Texas
Profession:LYA Vocalist

Gospel Musician



The bio of Jonathan Osteen is the life story of the child of one of the famous American pastors, Joel Osteen. His family (notably his Dad, Joel) is the founder of the Lakewood Church, with his parents as co-pastors.

The LYA vocalist grew up in Texas, Houston, with his younger sister, Alexandra Osteen. She is a musician and also a part of the LYA band. Besides being preachers, Victoria and Joel are authors of best-selling books worldwide.

Apart from being an iconic singer, Jonathan Osteen is also paving the way to being a preacher, like his parents. Even though he grew up in riches, the young vocalist worked hard in his career.

Dear readers, we thank you for reading about the son of Joel Osteen. At childhood bio, we care about bringing you accurate stories of American gospel singers.

Kindly stay tuned for more articles from our articles from ChildhoodBiography. Without a doubt, the life story of the late Desmond Tutu and Shepherd Bushiri will excite you.

If you notice anything incorrect, let us know via comments.

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