Chris Cuomo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Chris Cuomo Childhood Biography Story
Chris Cuomo Childhood Biography Story.

Our Chris Cuomo Biography provides you details of his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family Facts, Parents, Love Life (Wife, Children), Lifestyle, and Personal Life. Simply put, it’s a complete analysis of his Life Story right from his Early Days to when he became Famous.

Of course, we can not dispute the fact that Chris Cuomo has climbed up the ladder of fame through journalism. However, only a few individual knows about the hurdles of life Chris has passed through in his Life’s Story.

Our team has put together a comprehensive Biography of Chris Cuomo from his Childhood days to his glorious fame. Now without further delay, let’s begin with his Childhood Story.

Chris Cuomo Childhood Story:

Starting off, Christopher Charles Cuomo was born on the 9th day of August 1970 to his mother, Matilda Cuomo, and his father, Mario Cuomo in Queens, New York. He is the youngest of five children born of the Union between his dad and his mom.

As the last-born child of his household, Chris enjoyed the love and affection of his parents as well as his elder siblings. Being born into a wealthy family was indeed a blessing for Chris whose Childhood flourished with everything he wanted as a little boy.

Chris Cuomo Family Origin:

Although he was born and raised in Queens, New York, Cuomo is of Italian descent. A look at his genealogy shows that his paternal grandparents were natives of Nocera Inferiore and Tramonti which are renowned cities in southern Italy.

Furthermore, Cuomo’s maternal grandparents hail from Sicily which is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the 20 regions of Italy.

Our famous journalist would have learned to speak his ancestral dialect – Italien – if he had grown up in Italy. Nonetheless, his family roots will always be a part of his Biography irrespective of the language he speaks.

Chris Cuomo Family Background:

One interesting fact about Cuomo is that he was born into a Family Background that has built up a leadership portfolio over time. He was only 12 years old when his father, Mario Cuomo was elected governor of New York City.

Many years later, his elder brother Andrew Cuomo also ascended the office of New York’s governor.

It was as if the characteristics of leadership runs through the veins of his Family. No wonder little Chris was able to unconsciously learn about the ethics of leadership from his father and brother.

With time, Chris and his entire household moved into the Governor’s Mansion in Albany where they lived till his father left office in 1994.

Chris Cuomo Early Life:

Growing up in New York, Chris didn’t get the chance to spend enough time with his father who was now entwined in political matters. In the absence of his workaholic dad, Chris was often taken care of by his eldest brother, Andrew.

The benevolent efforts of Chris’ dad to effectively solve pressing issues relating to his people triggered an unchangeable passion in Chris. He began to sort for ways in which he can also provide a solution to people’s problems.

Hence, Chris decided to pursue a career in Law and become a voice that can help a lot of individuals.

Chris Cuomo Education:

His dream of becoming a voice for the masses would have only remained a dream if he didn’t work towards achieving it.

On this note, Chris enrolled at The Albany Academy in New York and proceeded to Yale where he obtained his undergraduate degree.

Sometimes life ends up blowing a man in circles until he is fully ready to face destiny. This time around, Chris furthered his academic pursuit in quest of attaining a degree in law.

Of course, he accomplished his quest at Fordham University and obtained his Juris Doctor (J.D) in the year 1995.

Upon graduation, Chris might have felt a great sense of accomplishment as he was only one step away from attaining a successful career.

Chris Cuomo Early Career Life:

Getting a job was quite easy for Chris who had selected a lucrative aspect of law – Wall Street lawyer – in New York. He soon became one of the most sought-after bachelors in New York and was listed among people magazine Most Beautiful People.

As time goes by, Chris lost interest in law as he finds it unsatisfying. He then decided to take a turn and jump into journalism. Being an established and famous lawyer made it easy for Chris to obtain a temporary job at CNBC, MSNBC, and CNN.

Chris Cuomo Biography – Road to Fame Story:

Taking a break from the law and starting up a career in journalism came with a huge challenge for Chris; His family disapproval of his decision. Chris’ dad felt that journalism was not a basic form of public service.

Therefore, it would have been better if Chris remained a lawyer rather than forge ahead as a journalist.

In the face of his family scepticism, Chris continued to thrive. He was focused and fully determined to make a great accomplishment in his new career.

Hence, Chris became a correspondent for Fox News where he covered a lot of controversial problems relating to social issues.

Chris Cuomo Bio – Rise to Fame Story:

In no distant time, Chris’ became a co-anchor of ABC 20/20 and covered a lot of interesting stories. His stories included coverage on Heroin addiction, bullying, child custody, homeless teens, and earthquake to mention a few.

Chris’ success was quite outstanding that his father was left with no choice than to applaud him for his achievements.

Fast forward to the time of publishing this Biography, our famous journalist has worked with different News Broadcasting stations notably CNN. Along the line, Chris has received numerous Awards for his job well done in the Communication Industry.

Working with CNN was quite fulfilling for Chris Cuomo. There he met one of the most trustworthy TV anchors and Newscaster, Don Lemon. The two became friends and in no distant time, their names became famous in journalism. The rest, as they say, is history.

Chris Cuomo Love Life – Girlfriend, Wife, and Children:

Our American television journalist has dated only one girlfriend turned wife since his Rise to Fame. Hence, he is married at the time of writing this Bio.

Although Chris was revered as a very handsome young man while he was still working as a lawyer, he kept his priority straight. He didn’t bother himself with matters of the heart until he met Gotham magazine editor Cristina Greeven.

The young journalist stood speechless before his newfound love as his heart made a dramatic beat like the samba drums of Brazil. He and Cristina started dating and soon decided to get wedded. The two got married in a Roman Catholic Church in the year 2001 at Southampton, New York.

Chris Cuomo’s Children:

The newly wedded couples lived in harmony and understanding. Truth is, it was a lot easier for them to understand each other’s schedules since they both worked in the Communication Industry.

With time, Chris was blessed with two beautiful daughters; Bella and Carolina Regina as well as a son; Mario Cuomo. Our celebrated journalist lives with his wife and his three children at his residence in Manhattan.

Chris Cuomo Family Life:

Although Chris has made it this far owing to his efforts and hard work, he has however received several kinds of support from his household. Below is detailed information about each member of his family starting with his mother.

About Chris Cuomo Mother:

Chris’ mom is Matilda Cuomo. She was born on the 16th day of September 1931. Early on, she worked as an educator until she ascended the office of the First Lady of New York from 1983 to 1994.

Just like every member of the Cuomo family, Matilda was geared up to helping a lot of people. On this note, she became a life long advocate for children, women, and families.

Do you know?… Matilda Cuomo was the founder of Mentoring USA non-profit organization. Her heroic contributions earned her an induction into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in the year 2017.

About Chris Cuomo Father:

Mario Matthew Cuomo is Chris Cuomo’s dad. Honestly, Mario has made quite a remarkable achievement in his lifetime. Born on the 15th of June 1932, Mario worked through the hurdles of life so as to become resourceful for his Family.

Before his death in January 2015, Mario served as an attorney and then advanced his career by delving into politics. He was a three terms serving governor of New York City during his lifetime. The fact still remains that Chris and his siblings took their resilence nature from their father.

About Chris Cuomo Siblings:

Being the youngest of the family, Chris Cuomo grew up to become a wonderful personality, thanks to the support of his elder siblings. Chris has three elder sisters namely; Margaret (a radiologist), Maria (a movie producer), and Madeline (a lawyer).

Chris also has an elder brother named Andrew Cuomo who has made a huge accomplishment in the world of politics like his father. As a matter of fact, Andrew is like a father to Chris and has served as the New York governor for three terms.

About Chris Cuomo Relatives:

Moving on to the ancestry of our celebrated journalist, his maternal grandparents were Charles Raffa and Mary Gitto. While his paternal grandfather and grandmother are Andrea Cuomo and Immaculata Giordano.

Chris has also been blessed with many beautiful nieces. However not much is known about his nephews, uncles, and aunts. Some of his most notable nieces include; Cara Kenedy, Mariah Kenedy, Catie Cole, Amanda Cole, Marianna Cuomo Maier, and Michaela Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo Personal Life:

In spite of being a fully licensed attorney as well as a full-time journalist, Chris Cuomo still spends some personal quality time away from work. Sometimes, he goes to the beach to cool off with his wife and children.

A look at Chris’ horoscope shows that he is a blend of the Leo zodiac traits. He is confident, dominant, and has a sense of accomplishment. Chris has an interest in gyming and works very hard to keep his body fit.

Chris Cuomo Lifestyle:

At the time of writing Chris Cuomo’s Life Story, his Net Worth is estimated to be a whopping sum of $12 million. Fortunately for our celebrated journalist, he earns an annual salary of $6 million from CNN.

Chris Cuomo Networth:

As a millionaire, Chris and his entire family live a luxurious lifestyle. He and his wife purchased a mansion worth $1.3 millionnaire in 2001 which they later sold for $2.9 millionnaire in May 2019. The house was a five-bedroom mansion spanning 3000 square feet.

In June 2011, the Cuomos purchased a luxurious apartment at the rate of $2.995 million. To add to their assets, Chris also owns a series of flashy cars that he uses for mobility. Unfortunately, he crashed his 1969 Pontiac Firebird convertible in 2016.

Chris Cuomo Facts:

To wrap up our Chris Cuomo’s Life Story, here are some lesser-known facts about him that would help you grasp his Biography fully.

Fact #1: Family Health Ordeal: The Corona Virus Turmoil:

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic that has claimed the lives of thousands of people, Chris Cuomo made a shocking announcement on march 31st 2020 that he had been diagnosed with the Virus. After breaking the news to the general public, he went into self-isolation and started broadcasting his show from home.

The virus had an adverse effect on Chris who claimed he started hallucinating about his dead father as a result of the disease symptoms. Unfortunately for Chris, his wife and his 14-year old son were also tested positive of the virus.

Fact #2: Religion:

Chris was raised as a practicing Catholic like every other member of his family. No wonder his wedding was held in a Catholic church. As much as he holds on to his faith, Chris ensures that his belief is always supported with reasons and ethics.

Fact #3: Trivia:

The CNN journalist once remarked that he was a mistake. Reason being that he is 16 years younger than his eldest sibling. The truth is, Chris Cuomo felt that if his parents really wanted him, they wouldn’t have given so much age gap before giving birth to him.

Biography Summary:

Below is the wiki knowledgebase of Chris Cuomo. The table will concisely and efficiently help you find information about him. Find below

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Christopher Charles Cuomo
Nick Name:Fredo
Date of Birth:9th August, 1970
Place of Birth:Queens, New York
Father:Mario Matthew Cuomo
Mother:Matilda Cuomo
Siblings:Andrew, Margaret, Maria, and Madeline Cuomo
Relatives:Charles Raffa and Mary Gitto (maternal grandparents)
Andrea Cuomo and Immaculata Giordano (paternal grandparents)
Wife:Cristina Greeven
Children:Bella, Carolina Regina,and Mario Cuomo
Net Worth:$12 million
Annual Salary:$6 million
Height:In Meters - 1.88 m
In Feet - 6′ 2″


The Cuomo family is successful and they all share similar traits- which is determination. Chris’ dream didn’t become a reality through magic. It took sweat, determination and hard work. Tell us what you think about the American television journalist in the comment section.

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