Adolf Hitler Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Adolf Hitler Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Adolf Hitler biography gives details about his Early life, Childhood Story, Parents- his father (Alois Hitler) and his Mother (Klara Hitler), Brothers (Edmund Hitler, Alois Jnr Hitler), Sisters (Paula Hitler, Angela Hitler, Ida Hitler) Grandparents, etc.

This life story provides facts about Adolf Hitler’s Wife (Eva Braun), Children, Personal life, Lifestyle, Net worth, Ethnicity, Religion, etc.

The account of Adolf Hitler’s biography begins with his early life in Austria. Next, we will reveal the start of his political career. And lastly, his last days before his death on Earth.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Adolf Hitler’s biography, we present his early life-to-rise photo. As you look at the pictures, you can see how he transformed into the German head of State.

From Early Life to Infamy: The Fascinating Biography of Adolf Hitler in Pictures.
From Early Life to Infamy: The Fascinating Biography of Adolf Hitler in Pictures.

Everyone knows Hitler as the dictator of Germany. He is the one who instigated World War 2, bringing so many pains to different countries. Besides, the Wolf is responsible for the murder of over 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.

Despite being famous for his tyranny, only a few have read the account of Adolf Hitler’s biography. So, we are preparing this article for you. As we take you on a journey in the leader’s life. Without further delay, let’s begin.

Adolf Hitler Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname The Wolf. Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th of April 1889 to his dad, Alois Hitler, and his mother, Klara Pölzl, in Austria-Hungary. Which is present-day Austria.

The world leader is the only surviving child of his parent’s marriage. We present the photo of Alois Hitler and his wife, Klara Pölzl.

Meet Alois Hitler and his wife, Klara Pölzl, Adolf Hitler's Parents.
Meet Alois Hitler and his wife, Klara Pölzl, Adolf Hitler’s Parents.

Growing Up:

Adolf Hitler had three siblings when he was growing up. And their names are Gustav, Ida, Edmund, and Otto.

But they all passed when they were little. It was a sad time for the young child, especially his brother (Edmund), who died of measles.

Apart from his blood siblings, Hitler had two half brothers and sisters, Alois Jr., Angela, and Paula. They are older siblings of the Wolf. Adolf Hitler, as a child, was full of joy and pure innocence. As you can see in the image.

Behold a Rare Photo of Adolf Hitler as a Child.
Behold a Rare Photo of Adolf Hitler as a Child.

Hitler’s family moved a lot when he was a young child. First, they were they stayed in Passau, Germany.

Later on, they moved to Austria and settled in Leonding in 1894. And three years later, they relocated again to Lambert in 1897.

Adolf Hitler’s Early Life:

From an early age, Hitler wanted to be a musician. He even took singing lessons when he was eight years old and joined the church choir. At one point in his life, the young boy wanted to be a priest. Indeed, it showed his pureness of heart.

Adolf Hitler as a child, was filled with smiles and laughter, as children his age are. But this countenance changed when his brother Edmund died. Hitler became a shadow of himself and turned into a problematic kid. He was always in trouble with his father or his teachers.

Adolf Hitler as a Child Became Problematic Both in School and at Home After his Brother died.
Adolf Hitler as a Child Became Problematic Both in School and at Home After his Brother died.

Like every parent, Alois Hitler wanted his son to join the customs Bureau. But, the young boy instead wanted to become an artist.

And this was one of the last issues he had with his father until his death. Depriving both of them of the father-son relationship.

You could say that the teenager wished for independence from his father’s Direction. Maybe if his dad had listened to want Hitler wanted, you would be reading about a singer. Other than the opposite of what the wolf turned out to be.

Adolf Hitler Family Background:

Alois Hitler was a farm worker who took care of bees. After some years, the civil servant took up a position in the customs service. And this was the occupation that he wanted his son to take over from him.

While Adolf Hitler’s mother (Klara Hitler) was a domestic worker. With both hard-working parents, they took care of the family. They were neither hungry nor homeless. Besides, their son’s education was adequately cared for.

Adolf Hitler Family Origin:

Where is the Warlord from? Before we know about his origin, we identify that of his parents. Alois Hitler was born in Austria, Döllersheim, while Klara Hitler is from Spital. And Adolf Hitler’s birthplace is in Braunau am Inn, Austria. Here is the map showing his hometown.

The Map Clearly Shows Adolf Hitler's Birthplace in Braunau am Inn.
The Map Clearly Shows Adolf Hitler’s Birthplace in Braunau am Inn.

So, Adolf Hitler’s nationality is Austrian. But what do we know about the hometown of the Wolf? Braunau am Inn shares a border with Germany. And his house has been used as a tourist centre for many people all over the world.

Adolf Hitler’s Ethnicity:

The Führer has his family race traced to Austria and Germany. This means that Hitler is an Austrian- German. Often their language differs slightly from the German-German tribe.

Adolf Hitler Education:

The young Adolf attended the Volksschule Lambach. A primary State school in Fischlham. Here is the picture of the centre of learning.

Adolf Hitler's Educational Background Shows he Attended the Volksschule Lambach Center.
Adolf Hitler’s Educational Background Shows he Attended the Volksschule Lambach Center.

After this, he wanted to attend a classical School and become an artist. But Alois (Hitler’s dad) refused and left for the Realschule. It is a German Secondary level of education in Austria-Hungary.

But the school report shows that Hitler performed poorly in-class activities. In a word, he was trying so hard to give his dad a reason for him to drop out of school. And when his father died, he left his Education.

Career Buildup:

During Adolf Hitler’s early life, he developed an interest in politics. At all times, the young man showed his loyalty to Germany. And together with his friends, they used the greeting heil. They were singing the “Deutschlandlied” instead of the Austrian anthem.

But before settling to be a full-time politician, Hitler was a labourer. Because he had gone to study at the school of architecture.

Adolf became a painter and sold watercolours of buildings in Vienna. Also, he had a passion for music and even attended performances, among which his favorite was Wagner opera.

Adolf Hitler Biography – Career Story:

In August 1914, during World War 1, Hitler joined the Barbarian army. He first served in the administrative quarters before becoming a dispatch runner.

And because of his bravery, Adolf was decorated with the iron cross and second class. In addition, he also received the black wound badge in 1918 on the 18th of May.

Behold the Army Dispatcher, Adolf Hitler, in world war 1 Among his Fellow-Soldiers.
Behold the Army Dispatcher, Adolf Hitler, in world war 1 Among his Fellow-Soldiers.

During this war, Adolf still used his painting works, drawing cartoons for the army. But, a Shell exploded in his thigh, and he was blind during a mustard gas attack and became hospitalized. While at the hospital, the young army veteran learned of Germany’s defeat.

The wolf was bitter about the defeat in the war. It was the German nationalist belief that the Jews were the ones who signed the amnesty. This was later called the November criminals. And the officer resolved to rewrite history, which was why he went into politics.

But who was Hitler’s inspiration in politics? The above section shows that Alois was a simple man who lived with his family. he was neither interested in political power. All he yearned for was for his son to be hardworking like he was.

After the war, the officer (Hitler) joined the German Workers’ Party. And because of his gift of speaking, top officials recognized him. And Adolf was the one that designed the party’s flag of a Swastika and white circle.

But Georg Ritter von Schönerer influenced the young adult. Hitler also admired Martin Luther King. Other persons who he adored were Gustave Le Bon, Arthur Schopenhauer, Georges Sorel, and Rudolf Bon.

Adolf Hitler Bio- Road to Fame:

Firstly, the army officer was not German by birth. Some historians agree it was a mistake to let Hitler serve in the army as his Nationality was Austrian. Hence, it posed a lot of obstacles in his political journey.

The ex-war dispatcher became the new party chairman of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP). With the new position, Hitler attempted his coup, called the Beer Hall Putsch. It was unsuccessful, and they put him in the Landsberg Prison for five years.

Members of the Beer Putsch Group With Hitler That Tried a Coup
Members of the Beer Putsch Group With Hitler That Tried a Coup

Adolf Hitler’s main purpose in joining politics was to end the Jews. And when his nationality posed a problem, he got rid of his Austrian birthright and became a full German.

At first, the public figure looked like he wanted to help solve the issues in Germany. But that was not the case as we read on.

Adolf Hitler Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

However, in 1929, when the stock market in the United States crashed, it affected so many Germans. With the economic decline, Hitler used the great depression to make promises to strengthen the economy for the people.

The Heil Hitler German Giving a Speech to his People.
The Heil Hitler German Giving a Speech to his People.

The Nazi party became the largest party in the parliament. And in 1932, Hitler became the Chancellor. Using his position, he signed a new law that removed basic human rights and arrests without trial. And on the 19th of August 1934, Adolf became the President of Germany.

Adolf Hitler in world war 2:

One year later, in 1939, the German leader declared Britain the enemy to be defeated. On the 1st of April, Hitler denounced the anglo-german agreement because Britain wanted Poland’s independence. And on the 3rd of April, he prepared for war to invade Poland.

The Head of Germany Giving Orders to Invade Poland.
The Head of Germany Giving Orders to Invade Poland.

Defeating Eastern Poland, the head of states went into battle with Norway and Denmark. The dictator launched attacks on the British Royal Air Force in southeast England. And on the 7th of September, Hitler began bombing London, Plymouth, and Coventry for months.

On the 7th of December 1941, the head of the German troops declared war against the United States. On the 18th of December, Hitler began killing the Jews. And this became a definite order from Adolf Hitler to carry out a genocide during the Holocaust. It resulted in the death of over 6 million Jews during this war.

The Holocaust of the Killings of Over 6 Million Jews.
The Holocaust of the Killings of Over 6 Million Jews.

Adolf Hitler’s Death and Defeat:

The Red Army, on the 23rd of April 1945, surrounded Berlin, where Hitler was isolated. After his wedding on the 28th to his girlfriend in Führerbunker, the leader was determined to avoid capture. And on the 30th of April, when the Soviet troops surrendered Adolf, he shot himself in the head with his wife.

The corpses of both Adolf Hitler and his dead wife were doused with petrol and set on fire. All the belongings of the dictator of Germany are burnt. But, although his death spread, a death certificate was not issued until 1956. Following several testimonies from 42 Witnesses.

Adolf Hitler's Death was a National News.
Adolf Hitler’s Death was a National News.

At the time of writing this article, Adolf Hitler is among the list of terrible leaders in the world. The Dictator joins the likes of Saddam Hussein and Xi Jinping. That left behind untold destructions and pains. And the rest is history, they said.

Adolf Hitler LoveLife- Inquiries About his Wife and Children:

Despite the bad leadership of the former president of Germany, he was not into so many women.

Throughout his 56 years on Earth, only one lady he was in love with was no other than Eva Braun. Here is the image of Hitler’s lover.

Meet Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler's Girlfriend.
Meet Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler’s Girlfriend.

Eva Anna Braun was born on the 8th of February 1912. she is a German photographer and a model for Heinrich Hoffmann. Besides, she is a native of Munich and is the second daughter of Friedrich “Fritz” Braun and Franziska “Fanny” Kronberger.

Adolf Hitler’s girlfriend Eva was a companion at 19 years. During the early relationship, she had attempted to take his own life twice. And she was the last person to stand by the Chancellor down to his death. However, she did not publicly appear with the head of state until 1944.

On the dawn of the 28th of April 1945, Eva married Hitler in a small civil ceremony in the bunker where he was hiding. Joseph Goebbels and Martin Bowman witnessed the marriage. But, the newlywed took their own lives in the underground bunker and the 30th of April.

Eva Becomes Adolf Hitler's Wife in the Bunker Marriage Before they Killed Themselves.
Eva Becomes Adolf Hitler’s Wife in the Bunker Marriage Before they Killed Themselves.

Eva Hitler died after taking a cyanide capsule. While the Nazi leader shot himself in the right temple with his pistol. At the time of their death, she was 33 years old, and Adolf was 56 years old. Braun was the only recognized lover of the German head of state.

Adolf Hitler’s Children:

During his regime, the party leader painted the picture of a celibate man who gave up his life for his country. Hence, Adolf Hitler had no children. There is no public knowledge about why he decided not to have kids.

Adolf Hitler’s Daughter:

A claim says that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is Adolf Hitler’s daughter. But, it is false and without proof. According to this theory, they have been photos or pictures of young Angela and Hitler. Here is the image that has been causing so many arguments.

The Picture Showing Adolf Hitler's Daughter.
The Picture Showing Adolf Hitler’s Daughter.

The report shows that the Führer died on the 30th of April 1945. At the same time, birth records show that Angela Merkel was born on the 17th of July, 1964. Thus, the dictator is not the father of the German Chancellor. Rather, she is the daughter of a pastor, Horst Kasner.

Personal Life:

The fuhrer loved to paint when he was not on the battlefield or issuing orders for genocide. In fact, he sold his drawings during his early Adulthood in Vienna. Here are some of Adolf Hitler’s paintings in the image.

Some Few photos of Adolf Hitler's Paintings of Vienna and its Landscape.
Some Few photos of Adolf Hitler’s Paintings of Vienna and its Landscape.

More so, during his early childhood, the wolf loved to sing. Even as an adult, the ex-army official was interested and music and Opera performance. And Adolf Hitler’s favourite song was my Merry Widow. You could even see him sometimes dancing to some songs.

And lastly, the Führer was a film addict. Some years before World War 2, he had the habit of watching three or two movies tonight. One of his favorites was Mickey Mouse and other American films. In a nutshell, the dictator did simple things like every ordinary person.

Adolf Hitler Lifestyle:

Motivated not to remain poor, the ex-president of Germany gathered many funds himself. Now let’s look at the sources of his income, one of which was siphoning money meant for the public. Also, another was from accepting donations from several corporations using deceptive ways.

More of Adolf Hitler’s role in ww2 was collecting thousands of gold from other nations. Some of those countries include the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. Also, from 1939 to 1944, his Army officials piled over $80 billion worth of gold and diamonds.

They gathered these treasures in an underground bunker in the Bavarian Alps. Before transporting them through U-boats. These diamonds and gold made up 50% of Wolf’s net worth.

The tyrant also forced the top officials to buy copies of his book. This was bringing hefty royalties into his purse. Besides, the Leader did not pay any income tax during his years as head of state. Before his death, Adolf Hitler’s net worth was about $300 billion. What did he use the money for?

Adolf Hitler’s House:

The Home of the Nazi Leader, Hitler.
The Home of the Nazi Leader, Hitler.

‘The Berghof’ was one of the Führer vacation homes in the Bavarian Alps. It is a condo with six bathrooms, five bedrooms, and a dining area with over 20 seats. More so, the house had ten fireplaces and a vast terrace.

Adolf Hitler Family Life:

What info do we have about the family of the Austrian- German? Indeed, Adolf Hitler’s Biography will be incomplete without learning about his father, mother, and siblings.

About Adolf Hitler’s Father:

Alois Hitler had his birthdate on the 7th of June 1837. He is an Austrian civil servant And works in the customs service. Alois’ mother’s name is Maria Schicklgruber, while the father’s origin remains unknown. Here is the image of Adolf Hitler’s dad.

A Rare Photo of Adolf Hitler's Father- Alois Hitler.
A Rare Photo of Adolf Hitler’s Father- Alois Hitler.

The dictator’s father was nowhere close to what his son became. Although before his death (Alois), their relationship was stressful. And it was because Hitler felt his dad didn’t allow him to become an artist.

The dictator of Germany no doubt missed his father after he died. After all, no matter how parents quarrel with their kids, it doesn’t mean they don’t love them. Besides, his leadership would have ended differently if Alois Hitler had been alive.

About Adolf Hitler’s Mother:

Klara Hitler is a native of Spital in Austria. She is the daughter of Johann Baptist Pölzl and Johanna Hiedler. The Führer’s mother was a very quiet and hardworking woman. See her in the picture.

Meet Adolf Hitler's Mother- Klara Hitler.
Meet Adolf Hitler’s Mother- Klara Hitler.

Adolf Hitler’s mother married her husband after his first wife’s death. It was very painful for her that almost four of her children died mysteriously. And the only surviving son Adolf was a monster in the end. Klara died of cancer after the pain of chemo sessions.

Nonetheless, Hitler’s mom was a very loving mother both to her children and stepkids. And the wolf was never the same after she passed away. Maybe that was the reason he became celibate.

About Adolf Hitler’s Siblings:

Adolf Hitler has six siblings in the Marriage of his parents. And they are Gustav, Otto, and Ida, with Edmund, but they all died when they were little children. The leader’s only surviving siblings are Alois Jr, Angela, and Paula.

Some of Adolf Hitler's Siblings- Late Ida Hilter (as the baby), Paula and Alois Jnr, and Finally Angela with Adolf.
Some of Adolf Hitler’s Siblings- Late Ida Hilter (as the baby), Paula and Alois Jnr, and Finally Angela with Adolf.

Angela had a daughter who was Adolf Hitler’s niece. And there were rumours he had a sexual affair with his half-niece. Nonetheless, Angela was unhappy with Wolf’s relationship with Braun and left the house. But he still left some stipends in his will for her.

While Adolf Hitler’s sister Paula was not on talking terms with him. But, until the 1930s in Vienna, she reunited with her brother, and he made her change her last name to Wolf. Even after his death, his friends still provided Paula with a means of sustenance to care for herself.

Alois Hitler Jr. was never in association with the leader. According to reports, he never had a good bond with his stepmother, Klara. Alios was arrested by the British at the End of World War 2. But he was released because he was not part of his brothers’ mass destruction.

About Adolf Hitler’s Relatives:

The relatives come from many ancestors, even as far back as 1600. Adolf Hitler’s family tree begins with Stefan Hitler, born in 1672, and Agnes Capeller. While Johann Georg is his step-grandfather, and Maria Schicklgruber is his grandmother.

Johann Georg and Maria Schicklgruber are the Grandparents of Hitler.
Johann Georg and Maria Schicklgruber are the Grandparents of Hitler.

Also, Adolf Hitler’s nephews are Heinz Hitler, Leo Rudolf Raubal Jr., and William Patrick Hitler. And these were the children of Alios Jr and Angela Hitler. But, Williams changed his last name to Patrick Stuart Houston because of his Uncle’s history.

Meet Adolf Hilter's Nephews, Heinz Hitler, and William Patrick Hitler Leo Rudolf Raubal.
Meet Adolf Hilter’s Nephews, Heinz Hitler, and William Patrick Hitler Leo Rudolf Raubal.

Is Adolf Hitler’s family still alive? The Chancellor’s parents (Alios and Klara) are dead. But the relatives have sworn to end the bloodline by not giving birth. It is sad how the actions of one person can ruin generations to come.

Adolf Hitler Untold Facts:

The history of the traitor of Germany no doubt leaves a hideous story behind. Despite that, there are many facts about Adolf Hitler that are yet untold. However, we will unfold the whole life of the Nazi leader.

Adolf Hitler’s Quotes:

One thing that made the artist stand out in the crowd was his ability to speak. It got him the position of the Nazi Chairman and the love of so many officials in Germany. And so, after his death, Hitler left behind some quotes that people remember him for.

Some of Adolf Hitler's War Quotes Before he died.
Some of Adolf Hitler’s War Quotes Before he died.

It is just like Vitali Klitschko had some words in his honor. Besides actors like Heath Ledger, Jennifer Lawrence, and President Donald Trump. Indeed, words are assertive that they leave a footprint on someone.

Is Adolf Hitler a Good Leader?

This question has been the basis of disagreement among many people. In the beginning, Hitler wanted the German nation with a strong military base and economy. And his first six years brought Germany out of the Great Depression.

But somewhere along the line, the leader left his main purpose. Instead of focusing on providing food for his citizens, he got military equipment. Besides, the Wolf became a power drunk. Who makes rules and regulations that destroy his country?

Adolf Hitler is rated as one of the worst heads of state in history at the end of his rule. After all, if you do not meet the aim of caring for your citizens, it makes your leadership bad. More or less when it is filled with killings of millions and war.

Adolf Hitler’s Inventions:

Indeed, the Nazis are famous for making equipment used in human destruction. But there are still other products that can be used daily. Some of them are the Volkswagen Beetle and anechoic tiles used in ships and submarines. That absorbs sound waves and avoids detection.

The Inventions of the Nazi Leader.
The Inventions of the Nazi Leader.

Hitler also made use of the first functional helicopter to pave the way for other planes in the future. Besides, the Germans, under his control, developed anti-ship missiles. And the production of Steel jerry cans is used to hold a liquid like oil, fuel, and water. Here are some inventions of the leader.

Although the son of Alois might have been a brutal dictator, he still had the mind to expand his economy. At first, he was successful but turned from the parts of good to become a Warlord.

Adolf Hitler Tomb:

The German Leader committed his own life in 1945, as earlier stated. The Soviet Forces kept his remains, but it was done secretly. After so many years, researchers tried to establish Adolf Hitler’s cause of death.

The Russian federal archives retained his skulls and jaws. While they buried his other body beneath a parade ground in Magdeburg, Germany. But in 1970, they removed the body and burnt it in an incinerator. And the ashes were thrown into the sewage system.

Is Adolf Hitler a Banned Name?

In Germany, they banned the name, Adolf Hitler. But, in the United States, it is permitted. Even a couple gave their children Adolf Hitler, Joyce Lynn Aryan Nation, and Heinrich Hons. It is the parent’s choice to know the meaning of the name they give to their kids.

Adolf Hitler’s Final Words:

They kept the paper record in the National Archives exhibit Hall in April 1946. These documents had been in Germany before they were released to the Americans. And they are being used as the centre of tourist attraction.

The Documents Bearing the Last Words of Hitler.
The Documents Bearing the Last Words of Hitler.

The dictator’s last words were written by his 25-year-old secretary Gertrude Junge at midnight. According to accounts, the terms have become his final sayings on earth before his death.

Adolf Hitler’s Tattoo:

Radek Rousal, an upcoming MMA fighter, was banned from making his debut in sports. And it was because his body was filled with Nazi symbols. Here’s an image of the athlete.

Radek Rousal, the Athlete that was Banned Drawing Adolf Hitler.
Radek Rousal, the Athlete that was Banned Drawing Adolf Hitler.

Undoubtedly, most people show their love by tattooing their fav with their faces. But Adolf Hitler’s History brings up the evil legacy he left behind. It is not a splendid memory like that of Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, and Mohammad Ali.

Is there a Movie About Adolf Hitler?

There have been some clips about heroes and villains. It is the same way future generations learn about the horrors of most heads of state. Hence, in so many cinemas, they have been movies about the leader of the Nazi leader. And some of them are the rise of Hitler and Jojo rabbit.

A List of the Movies About Adolf Hitler.
A List of the Movies About Adolf Hitler.

The producers of this drama try to show the world the evil leadership of Adolf Hitler. It is the same way most directors make videos about Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez, and Alpo Martinez.

Adolf Hitler’s Religion:

The Führer came from a family whose mother was a Catholic and an anti-clerical father. But when he became an adult and left home, he never attended mass or received any sacraments. Although before the end of his life, Adolf Hitler was a practising German Christians.

The Wolf did not believe in God and opposed Christian ethics. In a brief word, he only selected some teachings that suited him. But despite his Christianity, the Nazi belief was his priority.

Biography Summary:

The table shows the details of Adolf Hitler’s Biography in a single look.

Full Name:Adolf Hitler
Nickname:The Wolf
Date of Birth:20th of April 1889
Age:134 years and 11 months old.
Ethnicity:Austrian- German
Father:Alois Hitler
Mother:Klara Hitler
Brothers:Edmund Hitler(lt)

Alios Jnr Hitler
Sisters:Ida Hitler
Paula Hitler
Angela Hitler
Nephews:Heinz Hitler, Leo Rudolf Raubal Jr., and William Patrick Hitler
Niece:Angela Maria "Geli" Rauba
Profession:Germany Head of State
Religion:German Christians
Height:5 feet 8 inches
Weight:150 pounds
Crime Committed:Mass Killing of Jews
Started the World War 2
Date of Death:30th of April, 1945
Wife:Eva Braun


Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th of April 1889 to his dad, Alois Hitler, and his mother, Klara Pölzl, in Austria-Hungary. He has two brothers (Edmund Hitler and Alois Jnr Hitler) and three sisters (Paula Hitler, Ida Hitler, and Angela Hitler).

The Führer is the fourth child in the marriage of his parents. But Adolf is one of the surviving kids of his mother and father. The Wolf at first wanted to be an Artist. And in his Early life, he painted some pictures of the Vienna Landscape.

Hitler served in the army in Germany as a dispatcher. And the veteran was forever angry at the defeat of the Germans troops. According to him, the Jews were the enemy that gave them away at the battle.

Nonetheless, the Wolf nursed his great hatred for the Jews. And began the idea of eliminating them from the German race. Thus to please his blood thirty self, Hitler set world war 2 in motion.

Adolf Hitler’s Girlfriend was Eva Braun, who he later married before his death on the 30th of April 1945. The Nazist had no child to carry on his lineage. But he had a niece, Angela Maria “Geli” Raubal, and three nephews, Heinz Hitler, Leo Rudolf Raubal Jr., and William Patrick Hitler.

Thank you for reading the account of Adolf Hitler’s Biography. In Childhood Bio, we do our best to bring accurate and precise versions of Politicians in the World. If you notice any incorrect info, let us know via comments.

Cole Daxton is a talented Childhood Biography Storyteller with a passion for uncovering the untold stories of some of the world's biggest celebrities. With a keen eye for detail, Cole Daxton has spent years delving into the Early Years and Success Stories of some of the most famous people in the world.


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